Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 243 - Father-in-Law’s Suggestion

Chapter 243: Father-in-Law’s Suggestion

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Zhang Che really wanted to ask, Is that Zhen Manting an ex-girlfriend father-in-law dumped? Otherwise, why did she pick on me so harshly?

Of course, Zhang Che didn’t dare to ask that. He was afraid he’d get beaten, yet wouldn’t be able to retaliate…

“But you don’t have to worry, either. I’m guessing the reason she came here this time was purely to annoy me. She wouldn’t go to the extent of acting out against a junior like you. Moreover, our Huang family isn’t afraid of their Zhen family, and you didn’t do anything wrong, either. What can she do?!” Huang Juyun spoke grandly, as if he really wasn’t afraid of the woman.

Zhang Che kept to himself. He couldn’t bear to burst his future father-in-law’s “confidence”.

-When a woman’s temper flares, would she care if I was a junior or not?

-Especially since I’m already your Huang family’s tacitly acknowledged son-in-law, and you, father-in-law, dumped that woman heartlessly in the past. I’m only worried that she’ll play her cards illogically.-

“Don’t worry, Uncle Huang. My conscience is clear, nor am I afraid of others coming to find trouble with me. If someone really dares to stir up trouble out of nothing, I’m not someone so easily bullied, either.”

Huang Juyun burst out in laughter, “You’re right! If others dare to make trouble with us over nothing, we’ll just deal with them fiercely! As long as we have no dirt on ourselves, who or what are we afraid of?”

After a short pause, Huang Juyun changed the topic and said, “Although, it would be best if you don’t leave Bei Du during the next few days. It’ll be troublesome if the Nine Military Bureaus need your assistance in their investigation and you’re nowhere to be found.”

Zhang Che could tell that Huang Juyun was actually more apprehensive of the Nine Military Bureaus. After all, they all belonged to the same system, and knew of each others’ background. In some matters, it would be hard to fight back if they weren’t the ones in the right.

He could also tell that, although the Department Head Xu Lingkong seemed friendly and amiable, someone who could rise to such a position was definitely not simple.

Thus, it could only mean that he was a smiling tiger.

In any case, from Zhang Che’s point of view, both Xu Lingkong and Zhen Manting weren’t kind souls. One of them hid a dagger underneath his smile, while the other was a vengeful woman through and through. Neither were easy to deal with.

-But I’m no sheep waiting to get slaughtered, either. If anyone really dares to step over my head and shit all over me, they better be prepared for their whole family to get thrown into the latrine pit!,- Zhang Che thought to himself. He was no longer his previous self. He totally had the capability for that.

“Oh, right, Xiaoche, what future plans do you have? Are you still going to attend school?” Huang Juyun suddenly asked after a short silence. “If you want to continue school, I can go talk to Bei Du University. With your current strength, it’s definitely no problem for you to enroll into their beastmaster major.”

Zhang Che shook his head, “Forget it. I don’t think there’s any meaning to that.”

“Mhm. I think so too,” Huang Juyun nodded. “Why not join the army? Temper yourself in there, and I can use this opportunity to help you rise up in the ranks.”

Zhang Che felt deeply moved. He knew that Huang Juyun was planning on nurturing him as his successor.

However, the problem was that he had too many secrets that couldn’t be exposed. It’d be fine if he became truly strong, but now that he was neither here nor there, it would be extremely easy for some of his secrets to be exposed if he encountered any danger.

He hesitated for a while, and shook his head in rejection in the end.

“This… let’s talk about it in the future, Uncle Huang. I prefer to be free. It’s too restricting for me to join the army; it’d be hard for me to adjust to it.”

Huang Juyun nodded, “That’s fine. You’re still young anyway. No hurry.”

After another short pause, he continued, “Although… Tielan, that girl seems to have imparted that sword style to you?”

Zhang Che immediately felt awkward when Huang Juyun suddenly talked about this. It felt like he was caught in the act.

Huang Juyun noticed the uneasiness on Zhang Che’s face. He chuckled, waving his hand, “It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t mean anything by mentioning it. I only wanted to tell you to follow my subordinate’s team and go train in the beast world a few days from now. Mainly to train your close combat skills.”

Zhang Che was taken aback. -Although now that I possess herculean strength, and my close combat ability is definitely not low by any means, surely developing my close combat skills isn’t as good as getting a few powerful subdued beasts, right?-

Huang Juyun understood Zhang Che’s doubts. He explained, “Don’t look down on developing your own combat ability. It could be what saves your life in some dangerous situations. Hmm, I’ll tell you this. Once a beastmaster rises to high-tier, the soul force in their spiritual sea starts to greatly strengthen their physique, including strength, speed, defense, and many other things. Do you understand now?”

Zhang Che was astonished! He really had no idea about this.

In that case, his future father-in-law’s intentions were very obvious.

His physique was already well beyond that of a normal human’s. When his beastmaster level rose to high-tier, and his physique was further tempered by his soul force, wouldn’t he truly become a human-shaped exotic beast?

If he wanted to make good use of this advantage, then honing his combat ability would become something very necessary!

Since Huang Juyun wanted to have his subordinates bring him along, they must surely be the Huang family’s elites. Their combat attainments and experience were definitely much higher than ordinary beastmasters.

As for having father-in-law personally bring him into the beast world… that was impossible. He was the senior military official of a city, with tons of affairs weighing on his shoulders. Where would he find the time to train him?!

Zhang Che immediately felt greatly tempted.

He could feel that his strength was actually still increasing. Although the degree of increase was minimal, it was still increasing nonetheless. By slowly accumulating the increases as the days passed, they would reach a point that would shock even him!

In that case, developing his close combat ability became a matter of extreme importance!

Thinking about it, when he went to steal the Unicorn in the Bei Mei region previously, if his combat skills were better, he would have been able to force his way out of the base faster. The dangers he would have had to face would have been minimized, as well.

Seeing Zhang Che thinking without speaking, Huang Juyun didn’t urge him, either. He only looked at him from the opposite seat, smiling faintly as he waited for his reply.

After a good while, Zhang Che nodded heavily. He answered, “Uncle Huang, I agree to this, but-” Huang Juyun’s eyelid twitched. Zhang Che continued, “I promised Tielan to accompany her until her school term starts. So, do you suppose the training in the beast world could wait until her school starts?”

Huang Juyun was startled for a moment, before bursting out into laughter. “No problem! The training will begin in August, then. Relax and keep Tielan company for these two weeks. The silly girl was worried sick during the days you were gone.”

Zhang Che nodded heavily. “Mhm, I’ll treat her well. I will never let her down in my life. Rest assured!”

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