Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 241 - “Bribing” Future Father-in-Law

Chapter 241: “Bribing” Future Father-in-Law

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Luckily, Huang Juyun soon arrived, saving Zhang Che from further “torture”.

Rushing here all the way from Qian Wei City, Huang Juyun didn’t take things slowly and indicated Zhang Che should follow him to the study for a talk after greeting his parents.

After entering the study, Huang Juyun directly dove into the main topic, asking, “Tell me, what happened after you were sucked into the black door?”

Zhang Che didn’t directly answer the question. Instead, he asked one of his own, “Uncle Huang, do you still remember me telling you about the matter about me eating a strange spiritual flower in the beast world?”

Zhang Che felt that he needed to talk about that demonic flower first, because he kept feeling there was some huge secret behind it, and it was very likely that it involves the safety of every person on Mercury.

Huang Juyun was slightly taken aback. He nodded, indicating for Zhang Che to continue.

“Actually, I didn’t eat the spiritual flower, but was nearly eaten by that strange spiritual flower…” Zhang Che started talking about his experience in the southeastern swamp in the beast world behind the Qian Wei City spatial gateway. Of course, he wasn’t silly enough to talk about the rainbow crystal. He only said that he suddenly woke up when he realized the demonic flower was about to consume him, and subsequently winning the battle of souls.

Huang Juyun’s brow started furrowing. He didn’t pursue on how Zhang Che managed to triumph over the demonic flower’s soul. After all, it was but a plant, no matter how powerful it was. How strong could its soul be? Naturally it wouldn’t be a match for a human soul.

What he paid more attention to was the origin of the demonic flower.

“So, you getting sucked into the black door is related to that demonic flower?”

Zhang Che nodded. He continued, “That’s right. When I got pulled in, that irresistible force seemed to latch directly onto every cell in my body. I couldn’t move at all. It was only afterwards that I thought of the possibility that it was a kind of mysterious strength the demonic flower had hidden in my body.”

Huang Juyun’s expression grew serious. He seemed to have caught a glimpse of the truth of this mysterious disappearance incident.

“Then, how did you struggle free from the vacuum from that mysterious force in the end and escape from it?”

This was the most crucial part. Zhang Che focused himself and said, “Uncle Huang, I once spotted a divine bird with golden lightning all over its body and a wingspan of over a hundred meters in the beast world behind the Qian Wei City spatial gateway.”

-Huh? What is he talking about?-

Huang Juyun looked at Zhang Che doubtfully as the latter continued, “I saw that divine bird again after I was nearly consumed by that demonic flower. At that time it was chasing a huge dragon and it seemed to have taken a glance at me when it flew through the sky.

“After I got sucked into that spatial tunnel-like plane by that mysterious vacuum, I suddenly thought of that glance the divine bird shot at me. Afterwards, I suddenly felt a surge of strength in me and it directly pulled me out from that tunnel.”

Zhang Che, who was lying through his teeth, had no idea that he had almost hit the nail on the head about the truth of the matter. Well, that was if he were really discovered by that divine bird after his body got altered by the demonic flower.

Huang Juyun fell silent for a long while. He spoke with a stern look, “Don’t tell anyone else about this matter… right, did you tell Tielan and the others about this?”

Zhang Che hurriedly shook his head. “Why would I? I know this is no small matter. I wouldn’t tell anyone who shouldn’t know about it.”

When they were done talking about this somewhat serious part, Huang Juyun revealed a faint smile and asked, “Tell me, where exactly did you go when you came out of that spatial tunnel, and how did you return here afterwards?”

Zhang Che didn’t hide much. He told him about his arrival at an area filled with prehistoric ferocious beasts, and gaining benefits from the side through a stroke of luck, pretty much picking up a legend-quality beast card on the ground.

Well, the legend-quality beast card Zhang Che was referring to was the Purple Crystal Tortoise…

He even brought out the beast card and showed it to his future father-in-law, leaving the latter envious of his luck.

“This really is a case of one bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster!” Huang Juyun exclaimed. He could already guess what happened afterwards. Zhang Che relied on this legend-quality beast and his caution, slowly but surely walking out of the beast world.

“Although, when I finally walked out of that dangerous area after much difficulties, I was astonished! The people I encountered on my way back were actually foreigners with blond hair and blue eyes! When I exited the safety zone, I discovered that I was no longer in Hua Xia, but the Ou Lu region!”

Zhang Che felt that his ability to lie through his teeth was really getting better and better. There wasn’t even a slight pause when he made up his story.

Of course, this was also the story he had prepared well in advance. Even his mother and Huang Tielan were told that he reappeared in the Ou Lu region.

“After I exited the beast world, I discovered my personal terminal was broken. I had no way to contact others. In the end, with the help from local Chinese, I bribed a local official from the city administration with a four-star gold-quality beast card to take the sky shuttle back to Hua Xia.”

There were a few dozen sky shuttle flights scheduled every day between the continents. Zhang Che wasn’t worried about them investigating. They would never be able to find out anything.

“Right, Uncle Huang, I also obtained a decent beast card in the beast world over there. I’ll give it to you; treat it as a little token from me.” As he spoke, Zhang Che retrieved the six-star dark gold-quality Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon card from his pocket, offering it to Huang Juyun with both hands.

Zhang Che couldn’t use it anyway. Using it to bribe his future father-in-law was definitely necessary.

He guessed that this future father-in-law of his didn’t have any other powerful subdued beasts other than that seven-star gold-quality fire phoenix. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to be helpless against that spider boss.

Although the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon wasn’t as strong as that fire phoenix, it was still a powerful beast, nonetheless. It should be very useful to Huang Juyun.

As expected, when he saw that dark golden beast card with six hexagrams in Zhang Che’s hand, even Huang Juyun was surprised, despite his experience.

“Xiaoche, how could Uncle take your things? It’s better that you keep it for yourself. That way, you’ll have a powerful subdued beast when your beastmaster tier rises to Tier Six.”

It would be a lie to say Huang Juyun wasn’t moved, but how could he bring himself to thicken his skin and accept a junior’s belongings?

Zhang Che felt it was necessary to show his future father-in-law his strength. He brought out the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword.

“Uncle Huang, I’m really not in need of this beast card. Moreover, who knows when will I be able to use it? Just take it. It’s just a little token from me.”

Huang Juyun was truly astonished by now. -What kind of bullshit luck does this kid have?

-Could it be that those legendary figures who emerged to meet a historic destiny are also something like this?-

Huang Juyun immediately remembered that his Huang family wasn’t blessed with male offspring. He only had a daughter, while those two sons of his elder brother were good-for-nothings. When he and his brother were old, who would take over and hold up the family?

-Since this kid is so outstanding and also has an affinity with Lanlan, I can focus on nurturing him.-

Thinking of this, he no longer felt uneasy. He nodded and accepted Zhang Che’s bribe, then stood up and said, “Alright, Uncle will accept it then. It’s getting late; you go rest first. Don’t worry about what happens tomorrow. Just repeat what you said today and you’ll be fine.”

“Alright, thank you Uncle!” Zhang Che was overjoyed inside. It seemed like this problem was likely over. Going to the relevant departments tomorrow was most likely just a mere formality.

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