Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 211 - Consecutive Advancement

Chapter 211: Consecutive Advancement

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Zhang Che couldn’t help but stare in awe as he saw the Seven Star Silver Beetle struggling to crawl forward.

This fellow’s body was punctured with a hole as big as a bowl, and yet it could still move. Its vitality was truly something.

However, that was it.

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus finally caught up from behind and walked up, stomping down at the Seven Star Silver Beetle’s back. No matter how tough this insect’s silver armored defense was, when several dozen tons of weight suddenly stomped down at it, its body could only snap and spatter.

“What the heck, this thing can’t be eaten!” Zhang Che was aghast. Preys killed by the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus wouldn’t drop a beast card; this fellow was truly doing bad deeds with a good heart!

Luckily, the Seven Star Silver Beetle’s vitality was extremely strong. Despite its body bursting from the stomp, its remaining head was still wiggling around. It wasn’t dead yet!

Zhang Che hurriedly had the Purple Crystal Tortoise shoot out another bone spike, rushing to puncture its head before its imminent death, directly turning it into a streak of light. Following which, the streak of light condensed under the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ feet.

“Hoo, that was close. I almost lost a dark gold-quality beast card!” Zhang Che let out a long sigh of relief. He gave a death stare to the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, then started praying in his heart, -Haa, I hope it’s an armor-type beast card!”

After the beast card dropped, Zhang Che was greatly anticipating it.

It could be said that the Seven Star Silver Beetle had no unique characteristics at all, other than its defenses. As such, it was highly likely that it would be a defensive tool-type beast card.

What Zhang Che lacked the most right now was a better defensive-type beast card. No matter if it was the Maneater Leech King card or the Swamp Crocodile King card, the highest quality among them was only at gold-quality, and none of them were actually battle armor-type. Their defensive strength weren’t as high as battle armor-type cards.

{TLN: Maneater Leech King and Swamp Crocodile King cards are both leather armor types. Zhang Che was talking about steel armor, although the Purple Crystal Tortoise has a skill to transform into one.}

If the Seven Star Silver Beetle card was a defensive equipment-type card, it would be better than the two aforementioned, no doubt. Despite it being a low-tier card as well, dark gold-quality was still dark gold-quality. It wasn’t something silver or gold-quality could compare to.

The Cold Abyss Flood Dragon flew forward, riding the clouds, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus stepped aside embarrassedly, revealing the dark golden card with two hexagrams underneath.

Zhang Che directly jumped down from about a dozen meters in the air, dissipating some of the impact with a bend of his knees, then quickly ran forward, picking the beast card up and checking its attributes.


[Seven Star Silver Beetle]

Level: Two Star (Level 18)

Quality: Dark Gold

Type: Defensive Equipment Type

Characteristics: Balanced Physical and Elemental Defenses

Weakness: Ill-protected Against Lightning Elemental Attacks

Innate Attribute: Energy Reflection. Except Lightning Elemental Attacks, is Able to Nullify 20% of Energy Attacks

Skill: Shield Form. Instantly Transforms into a Silver Large Shield After Activation, Greatly Effective Against Uni-Directional Physical Hits, and Able to Nullify 50% of Energy Attacks

Potential: E Rank


Zhang Che’s guess was right. The Seven Star Silver Beetle card was a defensive equipment-type, as expected. Although there wasn’t a halo attribute, its overall attributes were pretty good.

The only thing that worried Zhang Che was that this thing was actually unable to defend against lightning elemental attacks. Could it be because it had the properties of metal, and thus could conduct electricity?

Thinking of that, an image of himself appeared in his mind. Wearing a shimmering silver battle armor, slaughtering his way forward mightily, and suddenly a high voltage electrical cable fell on his head, and his entire body started emitting blue sparks…

“Tsk, tsk. That image is too beautiful…” Zhang Che couldn’t help shivering. It seemed like when he faced enemies in the future wearing this armor, he had to be careful of exotic beasts with lightning attributes.

Zhang Che had no plans on employing this beast card for now. Many of the beast cards in his spiritual sea were close to rising to the next quality tier. It was better to wait until those unsuitable beast cards to advanced first before he swapped them.

After all, the value of a beast card would be very different with a difference in one quality tier!

Currently, Zhang Che wasn’t lacking in defensive strength, either, and thus chose to equip this Seven Star Silver Beetle some time in the future.

After putting the beast card away, Zhang Che had the Purple Crystal Tortoise sink into the ground and retrieve the two bone spikes. Afterwards, he brought his subdued beasts and pets to look for larger exotic beasts.

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus was still famished, and nearly made a huge mistake earlier. Zhang Che had no choice but to think of letting it have a full meal.


Over the next four days, Zhang Che swept through the surrounding exotic beasts with the majestic mountain as the center, obtaining a bunch of different beast cards. Although most of them were bronze and silver-quality, their levels were not low. Most of them were at mid-tier level.

Perhaps the pressure emanating from the ferocious beast’s skeleton was too much. Zhang Che didn’t obtain any more dark gold-quality or higher beast cards. Even gold-quality cards weren’t common. He only obtained three over the next few days.

What troubled him more was that although he hunted over a hundred exotic beasts during these four days, he still felt as if rising to Tier Five wasn’t something he could accomplish in the short-term.

“Looks like I still have to remain here for a long time. How worried must mom and Miss Tienan be…”

Although Zhang Che really wanted to leave the beast world immediately and return home, his gut told him that it wouldn’t be easy for him to return here again.

Zhang Che really desired the ferocious beast’s skeleton. He wanted to bring it back, even if only a small part of it.

-So, I’ll remain here and work hard. I’ll return home once I rise to Tier Five!- Zhang Che decided to himself.

Although there weren’t any huge harvests during the last four days, two beast cards in his spiritual sea completed their advancements back to back, providing a tiny consolation to Zhang Che.

First was the three-star Maneater Leech King card. This silver-quality beast card had finally increased to gold-quality.


[Maneater Leech King]

Level: Three Star (Level 28)

Quality: Gold

Type: Defensive Equipment Type

Characteristics: Super Strong Overall Defense

Weakness: Lacking Resistance Towards Fire Elemental Attacks

Innate Attribute: Auto Regeneration. It Can Self Regenerate After Receiving Damage, The Speed at Which it Regenerates Depends on the Severity of Damage

Potential: D Rank

Cultivating Directions: …


After advancing to gold-quality, the Maneater Leech King’s attributes didn’t change much. Other than its basic defenses rising an increment, there was only another auto regeneration innate attribute.

-No skill, bad!-

However, the auto regeneration attribute that was useless in Zhang Che’s eyes would probably draw envy from the other beastmasters if they learned of it!

Other people didn’t have Zhang Che’s rainbow crystal. When their subdued beasts were hurt, if they didn’t have any beast card restoration fluid, the time needed for them to recover to peak condition by just remaining in the beastmaster’s spiritual sea would make anyone desperate. It would take at least half a day, and up to half a week. There was no way for them to continue fighting.

How could the beastmasters who were always out battling in the beast world possibly bring beast card restoration fluid around with them? Moreover, each and every beast card had different attributes. The restoration fluid they needed would require different ingredients in order to get the best possible restoration effects.

As such, Zhang Che could not sympathize with the harsh survival conditions of most beastmasters. If his subdued beasts or pets were injured, no matter how light or heavy, they only had to return to his spiritual sea for a few minutes and they would recover to their peak condition quickly from the nourishment of the rainbow energy. His sustained battle strength would be almost unaffected, if at all.

Other than the Maneater Leech King, the other card that advanced was the Rotten Ent Prowler.

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