Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Evil Lair (2)  


Kang-jun stared at the empty space where the woman had been. 

‘She got away?’ 

Signs of Lotuna couldn’t be seen anywhere. Even the severed wing was gone. 

Four consecutive Heavenly Cuts! 

It consumed 160 points of black magic energy, yet Lotuna wasn’t killed. Kang-jun felt somewhat despondent. 

‘What is with that woman?’ 

Then Kang-jun found something shiny on the ground. 

Lotuna had dropped an item while fleeing. 

[Advanced black magic energy potion] 

[Restores 300 points of black magic energy.] 

‘Advanced black magic energy potion?’ 

In the meantime, he had only found the lowest grade potions. All monsters dropped items. 

The lowest grade potions recovered 40 points. 

A low grade potion recovered 80 points. 

And he heard there were intermediate potions but he hadn’t seen them yet.  

Yet today he had somehow obtained an advanced potion. 

It was able to restore 300 points of black magic energy at once. 

'It is too much black magic energy.’ 

300 points was double 160 points. 

Currently he possessed two low grade black magic energy potions. 

'I will leave the advanced potion for an emergency.’ 

He had spent a lot of black magic energy fighting Lotuna and now only had 60 points left. 

If he wanted to fight a boss, he needed to recover some black magic energy. 

Snap! Snap! 

Kang-jun pulled out a low grade black magic potion and drank it. 

It restored 80 points so he had 140 points of black magic energy left. 

'This should be in my pocket.’ 

Kang-jun placed the advanced black magic potion in the left pocket of his coat. 

It was unusual but he couldn’t feel the weight or size whenever he placed something in his pocket. 

It could only contain one item at a time. 

He had three outer pockets and two inner pockets on his coat. 

And there were four on his pants. 

It was a total of nine inventory spots. 

Kang-jun filled this inventory with black magic energy and health potions. 

Fortunately, nodes or items dropped by monsters would automatically move to the nearest warehouse if Kang-jun didn’t pick them up. 

Therefore, Kang-jun only kept a minimum of items in his inventory pockets. 

[The 1st floor of the Kwangho building has been occupied.] 

[210 nodes have been gained.] 

[The lowest grade health potion has been obtained.] 

In the meantime, Germuz and Rodiam had occupied the 1st floor and were heading down to the basement. 

Kang-jun stayed at the entrance of the building for a while, just in case Lotuna returned. 

However, a long time passed and Lotuna didn’t return. 

[The basement of the Kwangho building has been occupied.] 

[The Gale Gauntlets (Rare) have been obtained.] 

Germuz and Rodiam finished occupying the basement. 


Germuz immediately ran up to him with something. It was a black, shiny piece of equipment. 

[Gale Gauntlets] 

-Rating: Rare 

-They have a strong durability and won’t break easily. 

-Attack speed will increase by 10%. 

“Lord! I found these.” 

Germuz handed Kang-jun the Gale Gauntlets with a devoted expression. 

‘A rare item?’ 

They had an option to increase attack speed by 10% when worn. 

‘The option is good but I don’t need them.' 

Kang-jun previously used gauntlets while fighting, but it was inefficient to wear them after learning Heaven’s Blood Sword Style. 

Then Kang-jun saw that Germuz’s gaze was fixed on the gauntlets. 

‘Would he like to have this?’ 

These were a perfect item for Germuz. 

Attack speed +10%! That alone would double his combat capabilities. 

Kang-jun handed the Gale Gauntlets to Germuz. 

"I don’t need them so you wear these.” 

Germuz was startled and waved his hands. 

“Ah, no. Something precious like these...” 

His eyes were still staring at them with desire. 

"It can’t be helped if you don’t accept them. Rodiam, do you want them?” 

“Hehe! I will receive them, ong.” 

As Rodiam approached, Germuz was shocked and snatched the gauntlets from Kang-jun’s hands. 

“Lord! This weapon isn’t suitable for a cat. I will use them well, Lord.” 

Germuz grinned as he held the gauntlets. Kang-jun just smiled. 

"Put them on.” 


Germuz threw his old gauntlets on the floor and equipped the Gale Gauntlets. 


The sparkling, black gauntlets looked great. 

“How is it?” 

"Huhuhu, my power is soaring Lord.” 

Germuz’s eyes became intense. Kang-jun nodded. 

"Then shall we head towards the 2nd floor?” 

“Yes, Lord!” 

Germuz cried out excitedly. On the other hand, Rodiam was annoyed at Germuz. 

"Those are mine. Give them to me, nyang.” 

“Kukuk! This cat guy! Follow behind quietly!” 

Germuz kept on rubbing his gauntlets. Rodiam formed two tight fists. 

“I won’t give them to you, nyang.” 

"They aren’t for you.” 

"They suit me better, nyang.” 

For reference, Rodiam used ‘ong’ as an honorific while ‘nyang’ was for those he thought were lower than himself. 

Kang-jun laughed as he saw the huge ogre and small cat arguing with each other. 

"What are you doing? Don’t fight and pay attention.” 

“Yes, Lord.” 

“Understood, ong.” 

Germuz and Rodiam regained their focus after Kang-jun’s lecture and immediately rushed towards the 2nd floor. 

[The 2nd floor of the Kwangho building has been occupied.] 

[302 nodes have been gained.] 

[The 3rd floor of the Kwangho building has been occupied.] 

[Hardened Leather Coat has been obtained.] 

Germuz was equipped with the Gale Gauntlets! Kang-jun cleared the 2nd and 3rd floors in an instant. 

“Lord! An armoured jacket has come out.” 

“Oh! Really?” 

Kang-jun was delighted. 

[Hardened Leather Coat] 

-Rating: General 

-An armoured coat made of hard leather. The impact from the enemy’s physical attacks will be reduced. 

-Contains eight pockets. 

This was an equipment that Kang-jun required. Although it was a general grade item, it gave him more defense than the previous coat and there were three more pockets.  

“Huhu, it is okay.” 

Kang-jun immediately wore the leather coat. 


In this case, he didn’t need to change clothes like he did in reality. 

When he touched the new equipment, it would automatically change and the inventory items would be moved. 

The result was that he now had 12 inventory spaces. 

[The 4th floor of the Kwangho building has been occupied.] 

[350 nodes have been gained.] 

[The 5th floor of the Kwangho building has been occupied.] 

[428 nodes have been gained.] 

Up to the 5th floor, the number of slimes increased but they weren’t that threatening. 

However, the situation changed on the 6th floor. 

Suddenly, the slimes started producing flames and poison. 

Fortunately, Rodiam continued to use his heal so it wasn’t that difficult. 

Unlike when he was fighting, Rodiam used it in a timely manner whenever Germuz and Kang-jun was suffering from poison or the flames. 

As he was occupying the 8th floor, Kang-jun rose to Lv18. 

“Now there is only the roof. Smash the door!” 

"Yes, Lord! Leave it to me.” 

Kwang! Kwa kwang! Kwaang! 

Germuz destroyed the rooftop door with a few smashes. 

A large space was revealed. 

There was a huge slime that was 10 metres tall. 

Kang-jun laughed coldly. 

"You were hiding in a place like this?” 

"Kukukuku! Fool. Sovereign Lucan! You could have survived if you accepted my offer! You came here to die.” 

Kajel burst out as he sprang up. 

His mouth was filled with sharp teeth! 

Two spherical bodies popped out from between. 

Chuaaak! Chuaaak! 

The odd spherical bodies. They were Kajel’s clones. 

"Kukukuku! Stupid Lucan! Ready!” 

“Kikikik! Kill!” 

The spheres shot out flames from their mouths. 

“Germuz! You will deal with them. I will handle Kajel directly.” 

“Kukuk! Leave it to me, Lord!” 

It wasn’t easy for Germuz to deal with the spherical bodies that were emitting flames. 

Still, Germuz had tireless physical strength and prevented them from interfering with Kang-jun. 

Kang-jun was fighting with the 10 metre tall slime called Kajel. 

“Kakakaka! Little Lord! Now you will realize how dumb it is to go against me.” 

Dozens of tentacles shot out from Kajel’s body towards Kang-jun. 

Chwack! Chwack! Chwack chwack chwack! 

Kang-jun moved rapidly with Aura of the Wind and cut off the tentacles. Then the severed tentacles turned into small slimes and rushed at Kang-jun. 



The slimes shot out flames and poison. 


The tentacles acted like living organisms. In addition, they would turn into slimes if they were cut. 

‘It won’t end like this. I have to attack the main body.’ 

Kang-jun avoided the tentacles and approached Kajel’s body. The number of tentacles suddenly increased and wrapped around Kang-jun. 

Kajel had a happy expression on his face. 

“Kukakakat! You can’t run away now. I will swallow everything without leaving behind a single bone.” 

Kajel ran forward with his huge mouth gaping open. Kang-jun had no room to avoid it. He was surrounded by tentacles on all sides. 

However, Kang-jun had been waiting for this time. The moment that Kajel was about to reach him. 

‘Heavenly Cut!’ 


A line formed in front of him. 

It seemed like a piercing ray of light. 


It was the end. Half of the giant slime was gone. 

Huduk! Hudududuk! 

The tentacles that persistently headed towards Kang-jun and the spherical bodies fell down. 

"Kkuck! S-so strong! I-I can’t believe it...” 

Kajel recoiled. Kang-jun was amazed by the true power of Heavenly Cut. 

He had been expecting a fatal wound to a certain extent. 

But he hadn’t expected that it would slice Kajel’s huge body in half. 

Was this the power of Heaven’s Blood Sword Style? 

‘If that is the case?’ 

Kang-jun felt cold with fright. Lotuna, who he met at the entrance, suddenly crossed his mind. 

Kang-jun had used Heavenly Cut against Lotuna four times and only two of them had hit. 

Nevertheless, Lotuna had only received a slight injury. 

‘The huge Kajel was ended in one blow so what is her identity?’ 

No matter how he thought about it, something was strange. 

“Lord! Look at this.” 

Germuz pointed to something on the ground. Kajel’s massive body shrunk and turned into a slime the size of a child. 

He had a bizarre form with no nose, round eyes and a mouth. 

"He looks fun, nyang.” 



Rodiam started hitting the slime. He noticed Kang-jun and cried out. 

“Ohh! Please spare me.” 

“Who are you?” 

"As you can see, I am Kajel.” 

“Is this your original appearance?” 

"How can that be? My source of power was destroyed by you so I will naturally become weaker.” 

“Hrmm, is that so?” 

“Hehe! If you spare me, I will swear my loyalty to you.” 

Kajel laughed subserviently. Kang-jun was cynical. 

Kang-jun would accept a strong subordinate. 

Their loyalty would become solid after joining. 

However, Kang-jun was reluctant to accept someone who couldn’t even tolerate hits from Rodiam. 

"Do you know any other sovereigns?” 

“I’m not sure. I don’t know.” 

“Then you should die. Rodiam! Get rid of him!” 

Rodiam raised his sharp claws and stepped towards Kajel. Kajel hurriedly exclaimed. 

"W-wait a minute!" 

"Did you remember something?” 

"That's not it... I really don’t know anything about other sovereigns. I was just trying to intimidate you but it was a lie.” 

“Then I guess you have no reason to live.” 

Kajel desperately begged. 

“Sovereign Lucan! I might not know the sovereigns, but I know about evil spirits. And if I eat an Essence of Darkness then I can regain my strength. Please give me a chance to prove my loyalty.” 

Kang-jun currently had eight Essence of Darkness. 

He got five through the last mission and another three were dropped by monsters. 

In addition, he would receive 10 Essence of Darkness as a reward for Mission 10. 

It was a total of 18. 

It was worth sacrificing one if Kajel could regain his power. There was something he was still unsure about. 

Kang-jun asked Kajel. 

"You said you know about evil spirits? Then do you know someone called Lotuna?” 

"Lotuna... I don't know.” 

"Don’t you know about evil spirits? It was a lie.” 

“No. There is no one with that name in the area.” 

“That is impossible. Didn’t I meet her?” 

Kang-jun described Lotuna’s appearance. Kajel thought for a moment before speaking. 

"The appearance is similar to a succubus. I am a little bit forgetful but I would know if there was a succubus with that name nearby.” 

"Then what is Lotuna?” 

“I’m not sure. To be honest, I only know the ones up to the 14th floor.” 

Kang-jun was startled. 

"Then Lotuna might be from a territory that has more than 15 floors?” 

“Yes. If so, she is probably a demon rather than a evil spirit.” 

Demon? Kang-jun shook his head. 

‘No. That is impossible.’ 

If Lotuna was a demon then she wouldn’t have run away. 

‘A sword style that contains the invincible strength of the heavens!’ 

He recalled the message that appeared when he learnt Heaven’s Blood Sword Style.  

'Is it due to that?’ 

Then Kang-jun shook his head with a smile. 

No matter how strong it was, a demon wouldn’t be defeated by a skill used by a Lv17 person. 

Maybe he just didn’t remember Lotuna’s name. 

“Kajel! I will accept you as my subordinate. However, I will be watching you in the future.” 

“I-I’ll give you my loyalty, Lord!” 

[Kajel has joined your household.] 

[Kajel will become your faithful subordinate in the world of Hwanmong.] 

[Mission 10 has been completed.] 

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.] 

[3,000 nodes have been given as compensation.] 

[10 Essence of Darkness has been given as compensation.] 

Level up! He was now Lv19. 

Kang-jun returned to his base at Yugang building with a glowing smile.

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