Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Trampling those with Gold Spoons (3)

‘This...of all people!’ 

Colt guessed the identity of the female ghost. 

He already heard from the inferior ghost that Sovereign Lucan had an advanced ghost called Hayun. He didn’t need to ask why she was here. 

'Dammit! This is bad. She isn’t someone I can beat with my strength.’ 

Normally Colt wouldn’t have jumped into this alley so carelessly. However, he had been so disappointed by Sovereign Herod that his judgement had blurred for a moment. 

'Anyway, she should be avoided.’ 

Colt immediately turned and ran towards Yugang building. 

It was the territory of Sovereign Herod so he could survive if he reached it. The advanced ghost couldn’t chase him inside. 

He only managed to get a few steps before being blocked by Hayun. 

“Get lost!” 

Colt grabbed a dagger and stabbed it towards Hayun’s neck. 


Hayun just snorted. She avoided the dagger and moved her arms around Colt like a snake. 



Colt’s arm broke and the dagger dropped to the ground. Hayun then went behind Colt and grabbed his head. 



His neck was broken and Colt’s body slumped. 

Hayun dragged Colt by his hair into the Dafeng building. 

The inferior ghosts watching from a distance trembled with fear. 

After a while, they arrived at Room 406. 

Kang-jun was resting after a shower when someone knocked on the door. 

Knock knock. 

“Who is it?” 

“Hayun. I have him.” 

"Come in." 

Hayun opened the door and entered. Her hands were holding Colt’s bloody head. 

Anyone seeing this scene would freak out. However, Kang-jun didn’t even blink. 

It wasn’t surprising, but Hayun and Colt’s spiritual bodies couldn’t be seen by ordinary people. Even if Hayun could look human in the Dafeng building, there was no need to worry about this being revealed to others. 

“What’s wrong with him. Is he dead?” 

“I just briefly stunned him.” 

Although the neck was broken, a ghost couldn’t die. They needed to be destroyed. 

"Wake up." 

Hayun snapped Colt’s neck back into place. 


Colt’s body trembled. He painfully opened his eyes. His head was pushed back to reveal a surprisingly naive-looking youth in his early 20s. 

“Ohh! T-this place?” 

Colt gave a pained moan. Then he stared at Kang-jun with a shocked expression. 

"Are you Sovereign Lucan?” 

"That is what I am called.” 

"I can see a sovereign’s appearance with one glance.” 

Colt said while bowing. 

"I can guess why you caught me. But don’t think that you will find anything out from me. I’m not a good person but I’m not bad enough to betray my lord.” 

Kang-jun simply stared at Colt. 

"There is no need for anything else. I want to know the status of Herod’s troops. You will tell me.” 


Colt didn’t say anything and closed his eyes. Hayun huffed angrily. 

“Bah! I will show him an even more bitter taste.” 

Kang-jun raised his hand. 

“Wait, Hayun. I will take care of Colt so don’t touch him.” 


Hayun nodded and stepped back. Meanwhile, Colt looked at Kang-jun with confusion. 

"How did you know my name?” 

"That isn’t the only thing I know. You are greatly disappointed with your lord, Herod.” 

“Heok! What on earth is going on?” 

Colt’s eyes were startled. 

Kang-jun had a strange smile on his face. 

Just a moment ago. 

[Your charisma has displayed an ability.] 

Surprisingly, this message had popped up the moment he saw Colt. 

It was followed by... 

[Colt is currently filled with anger and disappointment towards Sovereign Herod.] 

[In addition, Colt is impressed by your high charisma.] 

[If you show generosity to the impressed Colt then he will follow you.] 

Therefore, Kang-jun stopped Hayun from torturing Colt. 

It was amazing no matter how he thought about it. 

Why did this message appear? He had never seen it before. 

‘It might be my rise in level.’ 

It was possible considering Keirun’s words. He said that charisma would give Kang-jun specific strengths. 

Whatever the reason, Kang-jun welcomed it. A new subordinate was a good thing. 

Kang-jun immediately gave Colt a gentle gaze.

“Colt! Herod has failed you. He doesn’t deserve to be a sovereign. Why are you following such an unscrupulous person?” 

In fact, Kang-jun didn’t know why Jung Kwang-hyeon was unscrupulous. He just said it based on the contents of the message. 

That alone made Colt’s expression change to astonishment. Then he sighed with resignation. 

"Phew! I really didn’t know he would do that type of thing. How dare he use black magic to enslave and rape innocent women! Sob! It is the one thing I can’t tolerate.” 

Colt cried out while shedding tears. 

Meanwhile, Kang-jun’s expression had turned crazy. 

“Jung Kwang-hyeon! That garbage fucker!” 

Black magic energy could only neutralize a person. But using the punishment or battle fields could turn them into slaves. 

Kang-jun knew about this more than anyone else. 

Kang-jun never thought that Jung Kwang-hyeon would use it for such despicable goals. It would be the same in the future. 

“Sob! I might be a ghost wandering the world, but I lived happily with my wife a long time ago. At that time, I was a knight. However, the lord that I served seduced my wife. I raised my sword towards the lord in resistance and ended up becoming a ghost...” 

Kang-jun listened to Colt’s story in silence. 

Sometimes those in Hwanmong were from different worlds. 

Colt had served sovereigns that were all different types of species. His cherished desire was to serve a good sovereign. Of course, Kang-jun had heard similar things from Keirun. 

Anyway, it was easy to see why Colt was so furious and disappointed with Jung Kwang-hyeon. 

‘Tsk. They are habits I can’t stand.’ 

Jung Kwang-hyeon had charges for sexual assault and drug use before, and this unscrupulous behaviour had continued after he became a sovereign. 

‘Just wait, Jung Kwang-hyeon. Sooner or later, I will send you to hell.’ 

Right now, it was time to accept Colt as a subordinate. Kang-jun gave Colt a soft smile. 

"How about it Colt? If you want, I will accept you into my household.” 

Colt’s eyes shook violently. He seemed genuinely distressed. 

"Are you serious? You will really take me?” 

“Of course.” 

At that moment. 

[Colt has joined your household.] 

[Colt will become your faithful subordinate in the world of Hwanmong.] 

Kang-jun grinned. 

"Colt, you are now part of my household. Don’t call that trash Herod your lord anymore.” 

"Yes, Lord. I will devote my loyalty to Lord.” 

Colt bowed with a tumultuous expression. 

On the other hand, Hayun was watching with a surprised expression. In the end, she just smiled and said. 

"Then he is my direct subordinate. Right?” 

"Be nice. Don’t bother him unnecessarily.” 

Hayun might look innocent, but Kang-jun knew that the ghosts feared her for a reason. 

Sure enough, Hayun gave Colt a sharp look. 

"What are you doing? Report anything you know to Lord.” 

“Yes! I understand.” 

Colt proceeded to tell Kang-jun everything he knew about Herod. 

The next day at 12 pm. 

Jung Kwang-hyeon had spent a late night with Choi Mi-young and was only waking up now. 

Choi Mi-young left in the morning. She probably had to work at the clinic downstairs. 

Originally, he would have worried about Choi Mi-young pressing charges against him for sexual assault. 

However, Jung Kwang-hyeon didn’t worry. She was currently a thoroughly subdued slave. 

‘That damn Colt dared betray me!’ 

Jung Kwang-hyeon grinded his teeth together. 

A message had appeared last night while he was busy with Choi Mi-young. 

[Colt has left your household for Sovereign Lucan.] 

He had been engrossed in Choi Mi-young’s body at the time. 

But now he was filled with angry thoughts. 

‘Oduk! He left a golden spoon for someone covered in dirt?’ 

Jung Kwang-hyeon had an ominous feeling but shook his head. 

‘Kul! Kuku! Those ridiculous bastards! I’ll show them who I am. All of them will bow like dogs before me.’ 

He laughed at the thought of stepping on them like bugs. 

After a while, Jung Kwang-hyeon stopped to get a cheque from the bank. 

Today he would gain ownership of the Dafeng building. Interestingly, the owner of the goshiwon was the landlord. 

‘Huhu, the owner of the goshiwon has decided to hand over the building. Then I will close down the goshiwon.’ 

It would be easy to win the war in Hwanmong without shedding any blood. 

He gave an elated smile as he drove towards the realtor’s office. 

He braked and waited for the light to change. 


His smartphone rang. The caller was the real estate agent. Jung Kwang-hyeon answered with a smile. 

"Oh, I've almost arrived. I just stopped by the bank on the way.” 

-I am sorry, Boss-nim. 

“Why are you sorry?” 

-The owner of Dafeng has decided to think a little bit more about the contract. 

“What? Why did their mind change all of a sudden?” 

-I am embarrassed. It seemed that someone else offered the owner more money. 

"Then we will also offer more money. Three billion won. I will give it without any conditions if the contract is signed today. 

-My phone call isn’t being received. It seems like it will be hard to finalize the contract today. But don’t worry. I will somehow persuade them tomorrow or the day after... 

"What are you on about? Are you going to be like this? Aren’t you receiving a commission fee? Don’t speak those words and sign the contract today.” 

-That is a little hard, Boss-nim. 

"Shut up. You incompetent bastard. Just wait there.” 

He was furious at not being able to sign the contract today. 

Jung Kwang-hyeon decided to use the punishment field. 

‘I will step on that incompetent person.’ 


He unconsciously stepped on the accelerator. 


This! The signal hadn’t changed yet. He hit the stopped car in front of him. 


Jung Kwang-hyeon wasn’t having a very good day. 

In that time, Kang-jun sold socks at the market. 

Today was his last day in that spot. 

From tomorrow, he would be selling women’s underwear in the centre market that had a floating population that was 10 times more. 

It cost 6 million a month. 

It was expensive but he was fortunate to obtain such a good place. It was rare for such a position to be available. 

At first, he had been against the idea of selling women’s bras and underwear. However, his thoughts changed after selling socks for the last 10 days.  

There was no need to be embarrassed when it came to money. 

In his experience, women in their 20s and 40s were normally hired to sell underwear. If Kang-jun used his skills then he would be able to obtain money from the customers. 


At that moment, he received a phone call. 


-Yes, Boss-nim. This is the realtor Kim Seok-chul

"How is it?" 

-It is like Boss-nim said. The owner said they would wait a few days and won’t sign a contract with Jung Kwang-hyeon today. 

"Thanks for the good work." 

Kang-jun smiled widely.

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