Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Battle Field (1)

Cho Sang-jin freaked out at Kang-jun’s words. 

‘Wahh! It really is him.’ 

He was instantly stunned. 

A really tough man! He would rather meet a ghost then see that man twice! A human that he would avoid even more than ghosts. 

Cho Sang-jin’s legs trembled and he could barely stand as he thought about the incident with Kang-jun a few days ago. 

It wasn’t a dream or reality. He clearly remembered it, no matter how insane it seemed. His body remembered it vividly. The pain of having his fingers broken one at a time and that horrifying moment when he died. 

A fantasy! He didn’t want to suffer that gruesome fantasy again! No, maybe it wouldn’t be a fantasy but reality this time. 


Cho Sang-jin’s eyes shook like a madman as he stared at Kang-jun. Then he immediately gave a 90 degrees bow to Kang-jun and shouted.

“H-Hyung-nim! I deserve to die for my sins. A hyung I knew asked me to fill in the numbers for some pocket money.” 


“R-really. I didn’t know Hyung-nim was involved. Please forgive me.” 

Cho Sang-jin had retreated to another karaoke bar since that day. There was only one reason. He feared encountering Kang-jun again. He never dreamed that he would meet Kang-jun again here. Cho Sang-jin was very unlucky. 

Then Kang-jun sent a look to Cho Sang-jin and said. 

“You should live life nicer. Don’t enter groups to intimidate people.” 

“Yes, Hyung-nim. I will live a nicer life.” 

“Stop now that you know.” 

“Yes, Hyung-nim. I will really live a nicer life.” 

Cho Sang-jin obediently followed Kang-jun’s words. He immediately sat down like he didn’t have any strength. 

It was natural. Kang-jun had already absorbed his energy. Thanks to that, he had four points in black magic energy. 

That was enough. Kang-jun absorbed black magic energy from Cho Sang-jin. He didn’t hesitate to absorb the energy every time he encountered bad guys. 

This was how he gained the black magic energy. He wouldn’t use it against anyone good. 

A person wouldn’t be able to change themselves so easily. Despite receiving the punishment field, Cho Sang-jin wasn’t someone who could become good overnight. 

Kang-jun no longer had any interest in Cho Sang-jin. In addition, he didn’t want to fight with Lee Bong-cheol’s group. Usually Kang-jun would be afraid of them, but now they were just nuisances flying around. 

‘I need to start selling quickly. I need to make 1.5 million won today.’ 

In the meantime, Lee Bong-cheol was shocked when he saw Cho Sang-jin cringing in front of Kang-jun. It was the same for the other people next to him. 

The boss of Cho Sang-jin’s gang, Hwang Seong-gil grabbed him by the shoulders. 

“Cho Sang-jin! Are you crazy?” 

“Seong-gil hyung-nim, I will fall. Hyung-nim should also be careful.” 

“What are you on about?” 

“I’m sorry. I can only do this much.” 

Cho Sang-jin got to his feet and quickly staggered away. An awkward gait like a man who was in a hurry. He didn’t look back as he disappeared. 

‘Is that guy really crazy?’ 

He couldn’t understand Cho Sang-jin’s behaviour. In addition, he had cringed away and called that other person Hyung-nim. But something even stranger happened. Lee Byeong-cheol standing in front of Kang-jun literally collapsed to the ground. 

“W-why am I so dizzy?” 

“Euh! My leg cramped all of a sudden…” 

Flames burned in Hwang Seong-gil’s eyes as he stared at Lee Bong-cheol and his men collapsed on the ground. 

“You bastard! What did you do to them?” 

“There was only a small number of you. It is nice. I’m glad that you resisted.” 


“But something really scary is going to happen to you now.” 

Kang-jun smiled coldly at Hwang Seong-gil. 

He had absorbed the energy from the annoying Lee Bong-cheol gang. So everyone had fallen to the ground. 

Hwang Seong-gil was the only one who was okay. 

[The target has resisted.] 

[Would you like to open the battle field? Yes/No] 

It meant Hwang Seong-gil had considerable combat capabilities. 

This fight was inevitable. 

‘Yes! Open the battle field.’ 

Kang-jun exclaimed while looking at Hwang Seong-gil. 


The space around them started to distort. 

[The battle field is open.] 

[1 black magic energy has been consumed.] 

In contrast to Cho Sang-jin, Hwang Seong-gil had a sturdy body and fought well. 

He had a small services office doing lucrative jobs. There were things like demolition services, forced evictions, illegal debt collection and taking care of petty disputes at the market like today. 

In Lee Bong-cheol’s original request, he would have finished the work and gone back by now. The situation had become strange. 

‘Where is this place?’ 

A dark space. However, he could see clearly in front of him. 

A youth with silver hair. His silver hair was moving like wind was blowing through it, and a cold light seemed to be coming from his eyes. 

Hwang Seong-gil’s body trembled with foreboding. 

“You bastard! What are you doing? Where is this place?” 

“This place. It is the place where you are going to die.” 

This was the first time Kang-jun had used the battle field. 

The time limit was five minutes. If he didn’t win then it would be a defeat. And then Kang-jun’s black magic energy would be given to Hwang Seong-gil. 

Therefore, he had to win no matter what. 

Having a large amount of black magic energy taken would incapacitate him. 

[You can summon your household to the battle field.] 

[Available to Summon] 

Ratian infantry: 2 

Ratian archer: 1 


He already knew Hayun could be summoned, but he didn’t know about the creatures from Hwanmong. Summoning the ratians would only consume one black magic energy, while Hayun would consume five. But now wasn’t the time to save his black magic energy. He needed an unconditional victory. 

‘Summon all!’ 

The ratians appeared right in front of Kang-jun. 



The ratian infantry were armed with clubs while the archer had a bow. 

It wasn’t just them. 

A girl in a white dress and neat black hair. 


Hayun posed naturally like she had always been there. But Hwang Seong-gil was spooked as he stared at her. 

Kang-jun didn’t need to explain to Hayun why she was called here. Her resentful feelings came back the moment she entered the battle field. 

Of course, the target was Hwang Seong-gil. Entering the battle field itself gave her hostility. 

At this moment, Hwang Seong-gil was completely Hayun’s enemy. 

“I won’t forgive you!” 

Hayun’s hair became wild and her clothes changed colour. Her eyes subsequently turned red. 


Hwang Seong-gil flinched back with shock. 

Syuok – bam! 

Meanwhile, something flew out of nowhere and embedded into his thigh. The pain of something sharp digging into his flesh? 

‘Ugh! A-arrow?’ 

Hwang Seong-gil wasn’t in a normal state. 

A ghost suddenly appeared! And a rat head monster shot him with a bow. 

Where was this place? What on earth was going on? 


Hwang Seong-gil couldn’t even resist and started to flee.

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