Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 175

Chapter 175: A True Resting Place (2)

“Lucan! On behalf of the Celestial World, I want to sincerely thank you for protecting the western area.”

"We have once again confirmed that the guardian of Hwanmong is the enemy of the demonic gods.”

The four chief gods thanked Kang-jun politely.

Kang-jun smiled.

"If the demonic gods bother you again, tell me anytime.”

“Ah, no. Well, we will do so.”

Dianas laughed bitterly.

It was a bit strange for the Celestial World to ask for cooperation in dealing with the demonic gods.

However, Kang-jun was an exception.

Before him, they had no pride.

The western area had almost been turned into a ruin and countless angels would have become slaves to the demonic gods. It was Kang-jun who stopped this.

As they had said, the enemy of the demonic gods was Kang-jun.

They gazed toward Kang-jun and said,

“Lucan! As you wished, the memories of your household members and all your bases in Hwanmong have been returned to their previous states. Only their memories of hell and the Celestial World have been removed.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Kang-jun nodded.

It was easier if they didn’t retain their memories of hell and the Celestial World.

Once Kang-jun returned, he would now be able to meet Hayun as before and enjoy life with Shakan and Keljark.

The same was true for his household members in Hwanmong, including his military advisers Keirun and Aniel.

Kang-jun would visit them one by one.

Then Dianas smiled and said,

"In order to ensure that there aren’t any inconveniences on Earth, I will send four angels from the Celestial World there again. The Celestial World will cooperate as much as possible, so feel free to tell them if you need anything.”

"I will. I look forward to accepting your sincerity.”

In fact, ever since Kang-junbecame a Hwanmong Ruler, he was no longer constrained by the limit between reality and Hwanmong.

In other words, if he wanted to go to reality now, he could.

He was no longer constrained by space and time.

Therefore, he could fly to the Celestial World at any time to communicate his will.

He didn’t need the angels but decided to accept them as a sign of sincerity. Moreover, when he thought about it, the angels were probably required.

It was comfortable to be able to communicate with words without bothering to fly to the Celestial World.

Kang-jun gazed at them and said,

"Now, I will leave the Celestial World. I don’t want to interfere with the work of the Celestial World. If you need my help, don’t feel burdened to ask.”

Instead of the chief gods, Kang-jun was the one saying this.

However, the chief gods couldn’t accept his words.

"It is great that you’ve said so. The Celestial World is ready to cooperate with Hwanmong at any time.”

"I will do so."

Kang-jun nodded. He finished conversing with the chief gods and decided to go back to reality.

[Are you sure you want to enter Earth from Hwanmong?]


Of course, this was something that was dependent on Kang-jun’s will.

For a Hwanmong Ruler who had the power of immortality, life on Earth was nothing more than a game.

However, Kang-jun felt reality was more precious than entertainment.

Having infinite abilities didn’t always mean being happy.

Rather, it was a hollow feeling.

Sometimes he wouldn’t be able to withstand the lonely feeling.

Therefore, his people were particularly precious.

He would be lonely without them.

Even the sealed demonic gods were important beings who helped Kang-jun to keep him company.

However, the real Earth was the most thrilling place.

He wasn’t sure why, but he couldn’t help smiling at the memories of those times of frustration and despair.

So, once the work in the Celestial World was finished, he felt like going back to reality to rest.

Reality, not Hwanmong, was the real resting place for him.

‘Yes! Return to Earth reality.’

[The power of Hwanmong will return you to Earth reality.]

Kang-jun closed his eyes as the message popped up, then he was moved to a different place.

“You woke up.”

Hayun smiled brightly and welcomed Kang-jun.

As always, the dazzling smile reminded Kang-jun that he had returned to reality.

She pointed to a window and said,

“Look. The first snow is falling down.”

She didn’t seem to remember that Kang-jun and the Celestial World had a great war or that she had gone to hell.

How long had Kang-jun been apart from her?

He didn’t know it had been this long.

“Oh! It is the first snow.”

Was it already winter? No, it wasn’t winter just yet. Kang-jun didn’t know how much time had passed on Earth in the meantime.

However, what did it matter?

Regardless of how Earth changed and how much time flowed, Kang-jun could live wherever he wanted.

He could also avoid any inconvenience due to the support team that the Celestial World sent.

However, it seemed like it had only been a few months.

"It is the first snow, so did you want to do anything?”

Hayun naturally nodded.

"There is a lot. I want to go on dates, walk down the street, buy delicious food and watch movies.”

“Okay. Let’s do all of it.”


“Of course.”

Kang-jun smiled. This was the taste of living.

It was more interesting than reigning as a god.

That might be because he had originally been a human.

Anyway, while he was on Earth, Kang-jun decided to forget that he was a Hwanmong Ruler.

He couldn’t forget it completely, but he would try to live as human-like as possible.

He wasn’t going to fly or use the transparency magic unless it was inevitable.

He would feel the pleasure of driving the Venta S Class with Hayun.

Kang-jun pulled Hayun into his arms.

"There is something to do before that.”

He had really wanted to see her. Hayun couldn’t imagine how hard Kang-jun had been trying to revive her.

“Eh? In the morning...?”

Hayun protested only half-heartedly.

After a while, Kang-jun came out to the living room and saw four cats.



There was a cat native to South Korea, a British Shorthair, a Scottish Fold and a Russian Blue.

The cats were from different countries.

They were very cute and pretty.

"Where did they come from, Colt?”

Colt, who was preparing ingredients in the kitchen, scratched his head and replied,

“I don’t know. They’ve just been sitting there, so I let it go since looking at them makes me feel better.”

Like Colt said, a very mysterious aura was coming from the cats.

Kang-jun instantly recognized it as celestial energy.

The celestial energy was coming from the cats.

(What are you guys? Angels?)

The cats flinched before jumping up and turning into angels with wings.

They were beautiful men and women.

Of course, Colt couldn’t see them because it was only revealed to Kang-jun.

The four angels turned into people who looked good enough to be celebrities.

The angels scratched their heads and said,

(The chief gods commanded us. We are to support Lucan in everything but should stay inconspicuous to others.)

So, they chose the form of a cat.

Kang-jun also thought it would be nice if there were cats in the house.

(It is a good idea, but there is no need to feel so conscious around me. You have come to Earth, so it isn’t so bad to enjoy living as a human.)

(It can’t be helped since it was a command from the chief gods not to appear as humans.)

(Why did they give that order?)

Then the female angel replied,

(Our appearances stand out, so that can confuse humans.)

(That is probably the case.)

Did the chief gods intend to avoid having unhappy humans falling in love with the angels?

Kang-jun nodded.

(Okay. I will respect your will as long as you’re comfortable.)

(Thank you.)

The angels smiled like they were glad and returned to being cats.

At that time, Hayun came out into the room and saw the cats.

"What are these cats?”

"They will be with us in the future.”

“Really? Hohoho! I will feed them right now."

Hayun liked the cats a lot.

They seemed embarrassed as she approached and stroked them one by one.

No matter what they looked like, they were still angels.

However, they had to be prepared for such things after turning into cats.

They had no choice since they looked like normal, cute cats.

Those limpid eyes...

They had gazes that gathered attention to their cuteness.

Hayun’s eyes glowed intensely as she started to hold the cats in her arms.

Tickle, tickle.Bubibubi.Suuk, suuk.

As she stroked their fur and rubbed their chins, the cats showed how good they felt at the expressions of affection.

“What do I do~! So cute!”

Kang-jun was happy after seeing Hayun so excited.

‘Okay, the angels are doing well.’

If Kang-jun said that, they would receive a great prize when they returned to the Celestial World.

After eating breakfast, Kang-jun watched a movie with Hayun before stopping by the pork belly store Shakan operated.

Shakan had the door of the shop open and was cleaning.

“Oh! Welcome, Lucan. How did you know that meat was coming today?”

"Call me Kang-jun here, instead of Lucan.”

"Ah, that's right. Kang-jun?”

The red-haired Shakan laughed.

He also didn’t know about what happened in the Celestial World.

Kang-jun kept the war with the Celestial World a secret from Shakan.

Once again, ignorance was bliss.

Moreover, if Shakan knew that the Celestial World didn’t dare go against Kang-jun, he would no longer be able to regard Kang-jun as a friend.

Shakan knew that Kang-jun was more powerful than a transcendent but not much beyond that.

So, he treated Kang-jun as a comfortable friend.

It was the same for Kang-jun as well; it was good to have friends.

In the future, he should get more ordinary human friends on Earth.

It would enrich his life as a Hwanmong Ruler.

Then Shakan laughed while holding a bottle of soju in his hands.

"Hahaha! It is the first snow, so how about we drink?”

Kang-jun was dumbfounded, so he asked Shakan,

“Don’t you get tired of eating meat and drinking all day?”

"No, I can eat meat and drink for my three meals a day.”

Shakan was originally a dragon. So, of course, he liked meat.

"Have you picked a human name?”

Shakan wasn’t a human name.

He had decided to live on Earth, so he wanted a human name.

"I have. I am now Sang-hoon. Jeon Sang-hoon! I decided to just roll the dice.”

“Sang-hoon? That isn’t a bad name.”

"And Keljark’s name is Ji-eun. Kim Ji-eun.”

“Oh! Really? That name is good as well.”

Keljark was a top demon king. She named herself Kim Ji-eun because she also wanted to live like a normal human on Earth.

Thanks to Kang-jun, both of them had become Korean.

By the way, how would he handle the immigration forms of a top dragon and a top demon king?

Kang-jun didn’t worry about it.

Han Yeon-soo and the Black Dragon Law Firm would take care of it.


In the meantime, the pork belly started sizzling.

"Come on, have a drink.”


Shakan- no, Sang-hoon started pouring out the alcohol.

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