Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 12

New Beginning (4)

At that moment. 


A bright light poured from the book into Kang-jun’s head. 

Pasususu – 

At the same time, the book turned into dust and scattered. 

[Draw In Customers is a skill to make people interested in coming to take a look. This skill is useful in attracting customers to the goods or services provided…] 

A lot of information passed through his head at a high speed. 

[The management skill Draw In Customers has been learnt.] 

‘Ohh! A skill!’ 

Kang-jun was delighted. 

He opened the book without thinking and never thought he would acquire a skill.  It was also a management skill! 

‘This can draw in customers?’ 

Then it would be a tremendous help when making money. 

Right then, another welcome message appeared in his field of vision. 

[Base construction: 100%] 

[Room 406 has been completed.] 


The base was completed. 

Kang-jun turned and walked towards Room 406.  A dazzling light was pouring from there. 

[Mission 2 has been completed.] 

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level…] 

After the last message, Kang-jun’s surroundings blurred into a dreamlike quality. 


His vision was obscured and then he was lying in a completely different place. 

“T-this is?” 

A shabby single bed. 

Kang-jun jumped up. 

Room 406.  A goshiwon room. 

The ratian club he was holding in his hand had disappeared. He wore the clothes he had fallen asleep in. 

“What? A dream?” 

It really felt like a dream. Engaging in fierce fights with ratians and building a base was just like a dream to Kang-jun. 

Of course, it was just the feel. He knew that the dream was actually the world of Hwanmong. And now he had returned to reality. 

He looked at the clock and saw that it was 12.30 p.m. He had fallen asleep at 5 a.m. and got seven and a half hours of sleep. 

The time he spent fighting the ratians passed in reality as well. 

“Hap! I slept well.” 

Kang-jun started stretching. 

Apart from going to Hwanmong, his body got enough sleep so he felt very refreshed. 

[The door to Hwanmong will open three days later.] 

[100 black magic energy will be consumed so please fill it up before then.] 

[Black Magic Energy 0/180] 

‘After three days?’ 

It wasn’t held on a daily basis. On one hand, that was good news. 

He gave up the advantage from levelling up, but dreaming about fighting every night was a terrible thing. It might vary in the future but three days was enough time to rest comfortably after a fierce battle. 

Lee Kang-jun 

Lv.3 (Exp 00.00%) 

[Management] Beginner 

Health: 130/130 

Black Magic Energy: 0/180 

Strength: 6 

Agility: 7 

Intelligence: 4 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 

The status window floated on one side but it didn’t interfere with his vision or cause any mental confusion. It felt natural. 

He reached level 3 as compensation for the mission. 


-Draw In Customers (Inferior): Consumes 10 black magic energy. 

In addition, he had the Draw In Customers skill. 

’10 black magic energy is needed.’ 

But at this moment, something else was more important to Kang-jun. 

Both legs were fine! His reconstructed body and restored leg had stayed like this in reality. 

Kang-jun jumped up. 

Surely it wasn’t still a dream? No. This was obviously not a dream. He knew it was true but it was still really hard to believe. 

Kang-jun alternated between moving both legs aimlessly.

“Hahaha! It is working fine! Really okay!” 

Tears flowed from Kang-jun’s eyes as he screamed like a maniac. 

One of his legs had been injured due to a hit and run accident. That leg had now returned to normal. 

It had caused him much frustration in the meantime. He spent days wallowing in despair. But not anymore. 

Both legs were working fine so he was happy. But there was even more. 

Kang-jun stared at his head in the mirror. 


Unbelievable! An impressed sound escaped his mouth. 

He had started suffering hair loss after the hit and run accident. It had escalated in recent years and now he was almost bald. Anyone looking at his head from behind would be reminded of an elderly person. 

Hair was regrowing on his head. Mysterious silver hair! 

“Silver hair…?” 

On a closer look, the silver hair had a band of azure through it. It looked like flour had been sprinkled over the jewellery. 


Kang-jun couldn’t stop laughing. 

What happened? 

Was this real? 

‘Kang-jun oppa! I told you not to take off your hat.’

‘Oppa is tall and has a handsome face but your head is a little… Yes, why don’t you wear a wig?’ 

‘Wigs are made very well these days. Then women will like Oppa. I will introduce you to a friend of mine.’ 

‘Just wear a wig.’ 

Many women had said these types of things to him. The women were trying to help but Kang-jun didn’t find it comforting at all. Rather, it just caused a bigger wound. But now he didn’t need to be hurt hearing it anymore. 

No, there was no reason to hear such words. He had never seen anyone else with such mysterious silver hair. 

‘Isn’t this too conspicuous?’ 

Silver hair would naturally get noticed. He felt the energy of a celebrity every time he looked at the hair. People passing by would stare at him. 

‘Damn! I need to wear a hat again.’ 

Kang-jun had a bitter smile. 

In fact, attracting people’s attention everywhere wasn’t a pleasant thing. There would be dislike, envy, admiration or even disgust in their eyes. 

Still, Kang-jun decided not to wear a hat. He had lived wearing a hat like a criminal, so he didn’t want to do it anymore.

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