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Chapter 587 - Magic Glove

Chapter 587: Magic Glove

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Klein sighed softly. It seemed like humans were always more complicated creatures. Looking at it from one perspective, everyone’s conclusion was very one-sided.

“It’s the same no matter who tries. Do you think you can get hurt just because I can’t get hurt? Kid, get out of the way! Don’t interfere with my matters here!”

Macbeth stuck out his tongue. He was no longer young, but he was still treated like a child. He was naturally unhappy.

Taking advantage of Klein’s lack of attention, he snatched the glove from Klein’s hand and quickly put it on his left hand.

Just now, the smart Macbeth had basically learned the few incantations. As long as he could make the glove obediently cooperate with him, it would be enough!

And the glove seemed to really have spirituality. It knew that at that moment, Macbeth had no intention of causing trouble. Instead, he sincerely wanted to help others.

Therefore, it cooperated and Macbeth easily put on the glove!

Macbeth rushed in front of the protective net at lightning speed. He didn’t have any other abilities, but his running speed was absolutely incomparable to anyone else!

Before Klein could react, he had already used his gloved hand to touch the red protective net!

Gray and James widened their eyes in shock. They never expected that Macbeth would be even more surprising than they had imagined.

“Macbeth, be careful. Not only can this protective net dissolve your muscles, it might also cause you more serious damage!”

Before James could finish his sentence, he heard a strange sound.

It sounded like an ear-piercing sizzling sound, with something else mixed in. It was the dull sound of something hitting the flesh.

The two sounds were mixed in different frequencies, causing one’s scalp to go numb. Immediately after, a strange smell was transmitted over. Something had been burnt to a crisp!

At that moment, Klein came back to his senses and hurriedly ran over to check the situation.

He realized that Macbeth had already used all his strength to pull the red protective net with one hand.

At that moment, Macbeth suddenly felt a piercing pain. It rushed from his fingers to the soles of his feet in an instant!

The most unbearable pain didn’t seem to be this pain. Instead, it was the discomfort of having his entire body filled with a strange power, as though his blood was about to explode.

At that moment, Macbeth felt that he had indeed acted rashly, but it was too late for regrets.

His hand was still subconsciously tearing at the red protective net, and at that moment, it seemed like a medium-sized hole had been torn out of the net.

“Quickly let go. If this continues, your body won’t be able to withstand the power of the red magic and will gradually melt! Quickly let go!”

Klein was really getting anxious. He reached out to grab Macbeth’s shoulder, wanting him to let go.

However, Macbeth felt as though his hand was only attracted by the protective net. It was too late for him to let go.

He could only do his best to tear it apart again. This feeling of riding a tiger and having no way out was too terrible.

“Don’t bother about me. If I can really tear open a door for you to pass through, it would be worth it even if I die!”

Since it was too late to regret, he would do his worst and show his strongest side!

At this moment, Macbeth’s head was covered in sweat from the pain, but his hands still couldn’t stop. In fact, his final tearing was a subconscious act of self-liberation.

His hands were firmly glued to the red protective net. If he wanted to break free, he had to increase his strength to the maximum.

At that moment, even Klein didn’t know what to do.

At that moment, Macbeth had already torn a large hole in the protective net. With Klein’s strength, Macbeth was finally out of the control of the red magic.

Due to the immense inertia, the two of them quickly fell back, landing on the ground with a plop.

James and Gray widened their eyes in shock as they looked at the situation in front of them.

Only then did they dare to gather around and check the situation. They realized that Macbeth didn’t seem to be in a good state.

There was some red substance stuck tightly to one of his hands.

“Klein, how do we know about these substances? If this goes on, one of his hands will be burned to nothing!”

Klein frowned tightly. These things were like flames. Once they burned, it would be difficult to extinguish them.

“Use your feet to step on his hand. Step on all of these things!”

At this moment, Macbeth felt his hands and feet go numb, and the immense pain he felt previously had lessened significantly.

Hearing Klein’s words, Macbeth’s eyes widened in shock.

‘What? He actually used such a method. Isn’t this too cruel?!’

Before Macbeth could stop them or refuse, the two with very strong mobility placed Macbeth’s arm on the ground and kept stepping on it.

“Oh my god, it hurts so much. Can you two be gentler? My hand will be crushed by you sooner or later!”

“Shut up, stop talking nonsense. If you still want to protect your hand, just let us step on it!”

As expected, the simplest and most violent method was the most effective. After a series of operations, the red strands on his hand were like bugs that were hit by a strong impact and escaped.

Finally, they burrowed into the ground and disappeared…

At that moment, all the sticky substances on the glove had disappeared. Everyone’s hearts were finally at ease.

At that moment, Macbeth felt that his arm was once again in intense pain.

He felt that his hand was really going to be crippled, and a mournful expression appeared on his face.

Macbeth looked at them and said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have disobeyed all of you. Do you think that my hand can still be preserved after acting so rashly?”

Klein felt his heart ache. He raised Macbeth’s arm and carefully took off the glove.

After that operation, if it had been a glove made of other materials, it would have been completely damaged.

But the magic glove was intact. There wasn’t even a scratch on it. It was indeed a mystical substance.

Macbeth’s hand was probably not as lucky. It was already a bloody mess, and it was a tragic sight.

James hurriedly took out the medical kit to treat his wound. It was just some external injuries that didn’t affect his bones or muscles.

Indeed, it was only because Klein dealt with it quickly that the most serious consequences weren’t caused.

He sighed softly and looked at the large hole that had been pulled out before him. Then, he patted Macbeth on the shoulder.

“Thank you very much. Your actions have indeed helped us greatly. Although it was indeed a little reckless, you are indeed a very strong hero!”

When he heard the word ‘hero’, Macbeth’s eyes lit up. He had always been a small figure who had mixed in with the affairs of the world. He had never thought that this person would one day be called a hero.

“Then, does this tunnel mean that I have opened it? This operation can be considered quite successful, right? Aiyo, can you be gentler? It hurts so much!”

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