Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 8 - Snow White Revenge

Chapter 8: Snow White Revenge

Knowing Alice could use <Mind Reading>, Chen Rui couldn’t help but shock: So, she knows everything? including Super System and crossing?

“Don’t worry,” Alice looked at his shocked expression happily. “My <Mind Reading> power is still weak. I can only tell if you are lying. I can’t read specific things, for example, whether you have a crush on Kia, I can’t read it.”

When he heard that she couldn’t read the specific thoughts, Chen Rui immediately took a sigh of relief and began to wonder if Alice could really read minds. As for what she said after about having a crush, there was no need to explain. Kia was indeed a siren that could kill someone easily. Not to say that she didn’t like him, even if she did, he wouldn’t be with her for his life. He would give the honor of being a human dried meat to someone else.

“Okay! <Mind Reading> uses too much spirit energy, I need to rest for a few days after using it. I won’t waste it on you.” Alice stretched out. “I’m so tired. It’ll be nice if someone could tell me a story now.”

The idlest one still complain about being tired? Chen Rui despised Alice’s hard work: Nor matter how, it’s better to believe that she does have the <Mind Reading>. This little loli is a little female demon. It’s better to amuse her for now.

Thus, Chen Rui told little loli the extra funny version of “The Demon King and the Princess”. This boring little story was her cup of tea. She was so interested in it that her eyes were beaming. In the end, when she heard that the demon king suicide, she was dissatisfied with it. She strongly urged to change the protagonist of this story into an evil human warrior and a kind female demon.

Chen Rui scratched his head. He was now an “apprentice” to Aldas. It was equaled to devote himself to the Demon Realm, so he should be considered as a traitor to the humans. He could only blame this sad soul crossing. If it was the world above the ground, he might earn a fortune, at least he could become a silver spoon kid with Arthur’s identity.

However, this was the Demon Realm. He could only try to sustain his life first. Maybe there was a chance to escape to the human world. At that time, he might say something to little loli profoundly: Sorry, I am undercover.

At this moment, Kia came back with a basket full of fruits. The Jade Dragonfruit looked similar to dried walnut. It was much bigger, thinner skin and sweet flesh. Chen Rui tasted it and it tasted like pistachio and also kind of similar to pecan. This fruit really could really make people hooked on to it. No wonder little loli insisted to come to the blue lake.

Soon, Athena also returned to the mountain top, with a few fish and two goat-like prey, which had been stripped clean. The fish was caught in the stream in the mountains as the water in the blue lake was too poisonous. There was no living thing in it.

“That’s weird. It has only been two months. How did the prey nearby decrease so much?” Athena was confused, “I’ve only found this. Not sure whether it’s enough…”

Six fish and two “sheep” are not enough? Chen Rui was shocked: A total of four people, three women, and a man, are all of you taotie [1]?

Athena and Kia’s actions were agile. They finished cutting the food instantly, then penetrated them with iron rods, peeled and cleaned. They even started a pile of fire. It was quite warm and comfortable.

When they were grilling food, Chen Rui finally could show off. Although he was an otaku, he lost his parents since young, so he had a strong self-care ability. He even had a nickname of “Little God of Cookery” in the university.

The condiments that little loli brought were complete. Chen Rui had a certain understanding of these strange ingredients when he was arranging them. After a little try, he became more skillful. After tasting the grilled fish made by Chen Rui, all the barbecue tasks fell on him. Even Kia was impressed. Little loli boasted that she had an exceptional insight to bring Chen Rui along, but Athena didn’t say anything; she continued consuming the food at a rapid speed.

Chen Rui now knew why Athena said that the food might not be enough. Judging from the exaggerated table manner, she could most probably finish all of them by herself. While Alice was busy talking, Athena had swept away the food on the plate. Alice was too slow. She saw a few skewers of fish that Chen Rui just barbecued and she was about to grab it, but she noticed her gaze was strange. Finally, she said embarrassedly, “You should eat it first; give it to me later.”

It was rare for the little female demon to expressed kindness. Chen Rui shook his head with a smile and handed it to her. Alice smiled sweetly, received it and continued biting the food.

The atmosphere reminded Chen Rui of the past when he barbecued with a few close friends in an outing during university times. Unfortunately, life is like calling on a phone, one of us will die first. His life on the earth has already ended. Whether it was his friends or his ex-girlfriend, he won’t be able to see them anymore.

Alice took a few bites of grilled fish. Noticed that Chen Rui was lost in his thoughts, she threw a Jade Dragon Fruit on his head and laughed. “Chen Rui, can’t believe that your grilled fish taste so good. I might consider to take you as my toy boy.”

Chen Rui just picked up the fruits and took a bite. Listening to the sentence almost made him swallow the shell: Does this loli know the meaning of the “toy boy”?

Athena’s focus was all on the food, so she was indifferent. Only Kia gave Chen Rui a glance as a warning but didn’t make a sound. It seemed that they were used to the little loli’s astonishing words. After eating for a while, under the threat and seduction of Alice, Chen Rui was forced to shift from a chef to a storyteller and began telling stories.

The story chosen by Chen Rui was the famous “Snow White” on earth. However, as soon as the story was finished, the evil queen in the story was despised by Alice. Her comment was that it was too retarded. Especially the poisonous apple, it could still spit out after eating it. If it was her, the girl named Snow White could never escape the palace in the first place. Not only that, even the prince would be poisoned to death. After that, she would conquer the other country, unite it into one and had her name praised for eternity.

Athena was most dissatisfied with the protagonist, Snow White. The swordswoman’s theory was that even if the queen had magic, Snow White could choose to practice sword! Even if she needed to flee to the forest, she should seize and enslave the seven dwarfs. At the critical moment when the queen wanted to marry the prince forcibly, she could be the heroine that saved the man. After she fought hard and killed the queen, she hid in the mountains with the prince in the end, create a righteous ardor legend of sword and magic.

Kia also voiced out her opinion. Since the magic mirror said that Snow White was the most beautiful woman, then why didn’t she charm every single man in the kingdom to deal with the queen. At least she should entice the prince to provoke the war between the two countries, be an example of femme fatale.

Chen Rui summarized the three versions, full of sweat: one was the empress version. Represented by Wu Zetian. The similarity was 80%; the other was the heroine version. Represented by too many characters in the martial arts novels. The similarity was immeasurable; the last one was the femme fatale version. Represented by Daji and Baosi. The similarity was 90%.

After the grand master Wu Cheng’en, grand master Anderson again burst into tears. At the time when Chen Rui was embarrassed, the trio unanimously requested firmly for retelling.

It was completed. How do I retell? Chen Rui became more helpless after being urged. After much thoughts, he ultimately edited the ending and came out with a sequel: At this critical moment, Snow White knew that the apple was poisonous. In order to paralyze the queen, she deliberately ate the apple. Later, she acted mad; secretly accumulating strength; she even seduced the prince of the neighboring kingdom. Eventually, uniting the power of the forest and the prince, she defeated the queen once and for all.

This simplified Hamlet version sequel was still unsatisfying. The audiences still pointed out a few retarded scenes but it was barely acceptable. Chen Rui wiped the sweat from his head and secretly vowed that if he could return to the earth, he would comment more encouragement posts when he read online novels as it was not easy to be an author.

The trio was still actively discussing, especially Alice and Athena, they occasionally fooled around. Chen Rui didn’t dare to speak for the sake of safety. He stayed far away from the trio and continued his chef’s job. As a fan of novels, he could remember at least 800 stories but the three female demons could really toss someone around. If every story was like Snow White, it would be exhausting just thinking about it.

When the barbecue was done, the three girls seemed to be full. They no longer fought for the food. They gather together, and their voices were getting lower and lower. They became silent slowly, even the most active Alice was the same. They seemed to have fallen asleep on the ground.

The beauties are asleep, wolf, no… a man is still awake. Can I do something?

Chen Rui shook his head firmly – certainly, the blackhearted princess is trying to prank me again. She knows that her body is not good enough, so she involved Athena and Kia for the show. If I’ve done anything, even if I try to escape, I will fall right into her trap. The best move is to wait until the little loli loses her patience, then her prank will collapse itself.

Having said that, little loli’s acting wasn’t good. Her breath was too long and too fake. There were a lot of flaws. Athena wasn’t good either. Her posture was too weird. She was actually hugging the sword tightly. Poor Alan was truly miserable. He couldn’t even compete with a sword. The most successful one was the succubus. Her back arching posture was too attractive. This time the award went to Kia.

Chen Rui was judging from his professional otaku’s perspective, then he gradually felt that something was wrong. He put down the barbecue and stood up. At this time, the four tamed tri-horned rhinos began to become uneasy; they were making heavy snorting.

Notifications in Chen Rui’s mind began to sound, and the Super System’s startup progress was increasing automatically. It started slowly and got faster and faster, 20%, 30%… it kept increasing to more than 80%!

Even with the various poisons in Aldas’s lab, it could only reach less than 20%. Why was there such horrifying virulence here that could boost the system progress so rapidly?

He was supposed to be happy that Super System startup progress accelerated. However, when Chen Rui’s eyes looked over the quiet, mirror-like blue lake at the foot of the mountain, he suddenly thought of something and immediately started having cold sweat.

A mild breeze blew, then a short-haired man suddenly appeared around Chen Rui, holding a few skewers of barbecue on his hands.

The man’s hair was black; brownish-yellow skin; strong physique; wore a weird dark-colored robe; the body seemed to be surrounded by strings of strange symbols that emitted a faint glow.

“You came.”

That question stunned the man and he asked, “Do you know me?”

Chen Rui pouted at the blue lake and asked, “Poison dragon?”

“You should address me as the ‘Great Poison Dragon” or the ‘Master Poison Dragon’.” The man grinned and showed his white teeth.

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