Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 48 - War Contract! Impossible Challenge

Chapter 48: War Contract! Impossible Challenge

If Chen Rui entered the Super System’s status bar now, he could see that the translucent human body had undergone some strange changes, but he was fully focused on Lance now.

Lance who entered the <Berserk> state seemed to be imposing, but his heart was terrified. His attacks were dodged or interrupted by No. 64; whereas the opponent’s counterattack could always hit accurately at the difficult spots that were hardest to defend. Lance felt kind of helpless. Although his power had nearly doubled after <Berserk>, it did not achieve the expected effect at all; he was still under the control of his opponent. No. 64 seemed to be disadvantaged, but his rhythm was not messed up at all. He seemed to be brewing a power and waiting for an opening. Once he grabbed the opening, it must be a deadly attack.

What made Lance feared the most was that his <Berserk> state couldn’t last long. It was almost over, and he was about to enter an enfeebled state with his strength greatly.

“Poom!” Chen Rui blocked the next attack. He felt that his opponent’s strength was reduced sharply, and he noticed that Lance’s inflated muscle suddenly shrank a lot. He suddenly understood the situation, he erupted all his suppressed power to begin a fierce counterattack.

The audience was surprised to see that Lance who had used his <Berserk> talent not only didn’t settle No. 64, but he was helplessly suppressed by his opponent instead. When Lance’s momentum was greatly reduced, and he finally couldn’t get up anymore after a heavy punch, the last hope of the audience who bet on Lance was crushed; the few people who bet on No. 52, however, were cheering happily.

After Chen Rui defeated Lance, he was gasping for air. Although the ability of <Astral Form> could speed up the recovery of energy, his energy consumption was also huge. Fortunately, those wounds had quickly scabbed, and the recovery was good. However, the most serious wound at the ribs still needed more time to heal.

Lance had fallen to the ground weakly and felt that his body was in pain and powerless. He tried to get up a few times, but it was unsuccessful. He was forced to risk it all and use <Berserk> because he was passively controlled by his opponent. Yet, No. 64’s endurance was beyond imagination. Even if he didn’t use <Berserk>, he would still end up the same way following the previous rhythm.

Lance originally wanted to give a fatal blow to No. 64 through the power of <Berserk> state. He didn’t expect his opponent to not be affected. Instead, he couldn’t withstand it, and he was eventually defeated by one fatal blow.

Seeing No. 64 approaching step by step, the centaur with the evil reputation of “Bloody Hand” seemed to see the usual scene where he tormented his opponents. He shuddered and hurriedly shouted, “Don’t kill me! I admit defeat!”

In fact, the rules of the arena were to determine the death within 2 hours. Within 2 hours, unless Arux agrees, surrendering was invalid. Lance noticed it was the first time for No. 64 to participate, so he thoughtfully used his remaining strength to gamble.

Sure enough, No. 64 paused. Seeing Lance begging for mercy, the audience shouted, “Kill him! Kill him!”

“Sir, please spare my life.” Lance couldn’t bother the shame, slowly stood up and laid before his opponent. No.64 hesitated for a moment and slowly turned away. While Lance was begging for mercy, his eyes showed malignant intent. He suddenly jumped up and the claws that had been charging was aiming at Chen Rui’s brain. Before the movement could be completely unfolded, there was a sharp pain in his throat; he was struck by a fierce karate chop.

Lance looked stunned, and his throat made a “Keke” sound. Finally, he fell to the ground and no longer make a sound.

Chen Rui might not be very clear about the rules at the arena, but he clearly remembered the words that the poison dragon said again and again, “In an actual battle, the enemy will never show you mercy. The only way to survive is to kill your opponent.”

Lance’s sneak attack was suicidal; he became the first enemy to die in Chen Rui’s hands.

The audience calmed down and looked at the masked man slowly withdrew his hand, picked up the cloak on the ground, and put it back on the body. He remained silent for a moment, then he lifted both his fists that represented victory. The atmosphere of the arena was instantly lifted. A lot of people were shouting, “No. 64! No. 64!”

Everyone thought that the No.64 deliberately led Lance to sneak attack, then he ended Lance’s life with a final blow.

Under the thunderous cheers, Chen Rui wasn’t happy at all. On the contrary, the moment of silence was him enduring the disgust and discomfort for covering in blood the first time. He kept reminding himself with determination, If there is any more cowardice or carelessness in the future battle, then the body that will fall to the ground will be mine!

At the moment after he raised both his hands, Chen Rui was completely integrated into the character of Aguile. He was also fully integrated into the Demon World where the strong was respected, and power was everything. In order to survive, and in order to control his own destiny, his brave heart that would never retreat would always be burning until the end of his life.

This quality change spiritually might not enough for Chen Rui to break through the “Alkaid” state immediately, but it was definitely a necessary condition for entering the “Mizar” state in the future.

The victorious Chen Rui received the money bag handed over by the succubus which included today’s participation fee and more than 100 black crystal coins that he earned from betting on himself. He ignored the succubus’s wink, kept money bag in the storage and left.

1 black crystal coin became more than 120. That was a great earning indeed. Back then, after the Master Challenge, Shea only rewarded him with 5 black crystal coins while the purple crystal coins that the “generous” Master Kemp gave seemed like nothing now.

The key now was to get the statue made of fluorescent stone, then his harvest tonight would be perfect.

Chen Rui came to the house where he signed up and saw that Arux was sitting on the sofa, holding a wine glass relaxingly while the lich, Keithahn was standing beside carefully.

“Sir Arux, I’ve killed Lance as promised. Please honor your promise.”

Arux stared at the statue for a while and coldly said, “I don’t like to deal with a secretive people. Take your mask off!”

“Is sir backing out?”

“So what if I back out? Besides, I’m not talking about the statue but your mask! Do you want me to do it on my own?” Arux’s tone was insistent.

Chen Rui was secretly vigilant. He quickly thought in his mind and made a decision, “Sir Arux, I don’t need the statue but the mask… Please forgive me, it is an oath; I can’t take it off now.”

Arux wasn’t moved at all and his eyes gradually became shaper, “The oath is your business. It has nothing to do with me. I am commanding you to take off your mask now! Otherwise, I will uncover this nasty mask off your corpse.”

Arux wasn’t suspicious of Chen Rui’s identity. He just wanted him Chen Rui to take off the mask for his liking. Although the arena had its rules, but here was Demon Realm. The will of the strongmen represented the rules. It was useless to reason.

Chen Rui’s heart sunk. Arux can’t be compared with someone like Lance as their difference in strength is too great. Escaping is a problem even if I try desperately. What should I do? Is everything going to be exposed like this? With the grudges between Joseph and his party, taking off the mask might still result in death.

As the lich, Keithahn around Arux was going to threaten a few words, he saw that No. 64 was laughing without the slightest scruple. He then hurriedly shouted, “Ignorant guy, you dare to despise Sir Arux!”

Chen Rui just recalled one of the things about Arux in the information. He decided to gamble and stopped laughing, “Arux, with that sentence, you are my enemy! I am now officially challenging you!”

Arux brows raised. Keithahn who was standing beside thought that he heard wrongly. An early stage Intermediate Demon guy actually took the initiative to challenge a Greater Demon?

He then heard No. 64 coldly said, “I’ve already lost the glory of my family and our family name. I once vowed to the Demon God that I will never take this mask off before I recover my deprived glory. Anyone who disrespects this oath is my enemies!”

The most important thing for the demons was the inheritance of their family. The demons who were deprived of their family names were, in a sense, crueler than death. Chen Rui’s reason was pretty demon-like. Generally speaking, the other party would not refuse.

“Loss of family name and glory…” A strange look flashed through Arux’s eyes, then he sneered with disdain, “You want to challenge me? Unfortunately, your current strength is pathetically weak. I only need a finger to completely eliminate you. You aren’t qualified for it!”

Chen Rui’s brain was thinking quickly. When he thought of the poison dragon being sealed, he suddenly had words, shook his head and said, “I’m being cast by a seal. My power and talent can only be awakened level by level through a life and death battle. That is the main reason I come to the arena! Although I am no match to you now, I can let that disdainful smile disappear from your face forever if you give me two months! If you dare not accept the challenge, you can kill me now and then uncover the mask from my corpse to satisfy your pathetic curiosity!”

Those provocative words made Arux raised his brows. He slowly stood up. He instantly emitted an intimidating pressure. Keithahn shivered in fear by the side. Chen Rui noticed that his plan worked, and he calmed down instead. He had experienced Shea’s trials of “murderous intentions” several times, and its terrifying degree was a few times higher than this. Also, he had poison dragon’s special training, so he was naturally not afraid facing Arux’s murderousness. His eyes were firmly looking at Arux’s eyes.

“Very good! Very good look in your eyes! I accept your challenge!” Arux suddenly smiled and showed his white fangs. His laughter was still as sonorous as clashing gold and iron. He then nodded, “Interesting guy, I will give you two months!”

While speaking, Arux’s pupils were emitting bright light and a blazing fire appeared. A flame-covered scroll appeared in front of Chen Rui, and golden words faintly appeared on it, “I don’t know where your confidence comes from. You should be a Great Demon with mutated bloodline. However, even if you use your battle form, it is not worth mentioning in my eyes. I don’t have two forms, but I have a special talent; this is it, the war contract. Sign the contract now. If you don’t accept the challenge two months later, I can find you anywhere!”

Chen Rui was just quick-witted in the face of emergency that he thought of such stalling tactic. He never expected that Arux had such a special talent; it was too late even if he wanted to back out now.

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