Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 32 - Accidents During the Special Training

Chapter 32: Accidents During the Special Training

Chen Rui finally took a sigh of relief when he saw Athena landed safely. He came forward, frowned and said, “It was too dangerous. Even if it was a demonstration, you don’t have to do that.”

When Athena saw his nervous look, she suddenly felt a little happy and said with a smile, “What are you afraid of? Come on and try, I will teach you. This griffin has a long back. It shouldn’t be a problem to carry two.”

Initially, when Chen Rui was on the ground, seeing Athena riding and flying effortlessly, he thought it might not be hard. Then, he asked her for some tips, and he wanted to start his official flight test.

Who knows that only after a trial he understood the difference between theory and practice. He took a lot of effort to let the griffin squatted down and finally rode it. Then, the griffin got up and started running. The speed that he personally experienced was much faster than he felt when watching from the side. Chen Rui who was too nervous strengthened his grip on the griffin feathers, and he actually pulled the feathers out. He lost his balance and fell backward.

Athena who was behind him wasn’t close to him; she kept a little distance. She never expected such change; she couldn’t dodge it and Chen Rui bumped into her arms. She instinctively held her hands at her back to remain stable lest both of them fall.

Athena was dressed in a shorty robe today. She coincidentally did not wear leather armor, and she did not carry her greatsword. Chen Rui felt that his head touched between two towering, soft and warm lumps, and there was a slight female scent. “Deng!,” his head instantly felt a kind of congestion. Athena was also shocked at once. The griffin didn’t bother so much. It was aching after its feathers being pulled and running faster and faster.

As the griffin was too fast together with the strong inertia, Chen Rui had no time to explain. He could only let his head maintain the balance by lying between her breasts while he desperately trying to hold onto something to keep himself from falling. Finally, the beast flew into the sky.

The flying rookie finally calmed down and heard Athena grinning her teeth and said, “Douchebag, what are you doing! Let go of your hands!”

Chen Rui finally recollected his minds. It turned out that not only his head was lying between her breasts, but one of his hands was also tightly gripping on her shockingly tender thigh. Athena’s face was flushed. It was her first time being so intimate with the opposite sex. He even had his head buried in that “place”! Despite the strong winds, the warmth and scent of the man let the swordswoman who was usually manly shudder weirdly.

Chen Rui felt helpless: This is definitely an accident! I truly didn’t do it intentionally!

He didn’t have any perverted thoughts against Athena, but with such awkward posture and such texture, it was impossible to have no reaction at all. Unless he was worse than a beast…

“I’m sorry!” Chen Rui said so, but he didn’t dare to let go, lest he would lose his balance and fall when he let go. He could only slowly move his head, but unexpectedly, it agitated Athena even more. He could clearly sense that the strong heartbeat behind her chest; his heartbeat was also accelerating involuntarily.

“Douchebag!” Athena’s face was as red as it was almost bleeding. They were now in the sky. She was also afraid that he would fall. She used one hand to support the weight of the two, then she slowly extended the other hand to push his back slightly forward. Finally, he was away from the critical position.

Chen Rui who had just returned to a normal posture was extremely embarrassed. Although it wasn’t intentional, the fragrance just now was unforgettable. As he was about to apologize, he heard Athena said, “Stop talking nonsense; we’re in the sky! Learn to fly first if you don’t want to die!”

Chen Rui reluctantly removed the warm feelings of her breasts from his mind, and he began to focus on learning to ride the griffin. As he was a novice, his commands and the execution of the demonic beast couldn’t be consistent. He always couldn’t make the griffin do the correct move as he wished. When he was worried, he suddenly thought: the accident happened just now was too sudden. I actually forgot to use <Analytical Eyes>!

Chen Rui immediately activated <Analytical Eyes>, got close to the griffin’s ears and began to communicate. The griffin’s intelligence wasn’t high. After promising a bunch of food, the human quickly got its approval.

Gradually, Athena’s shame and anger were turned into surprise. In a short time, Chen Rui, who was a clumsy flying rookie previously, was now able to control the griffin more freely! She couldn’t bother about being angry with the incident just now. She emphasized the essentials while correcting his mistakes.

After the griffin flew a few laps, it landed stably under Chen Rui command.

Chen Rui noticed in <Analytical Eyes> that Athena’s comprehensive strength was shown as E. It was the same as him. It was clear that Athena wasn’t Joseph’s opponent. I remember that Athena said that she had reached the peak of Intermediate Demon. According to Paglio’s evaluation, the Alkaid state was likely to be equivalent to Intermediate Demon. However, among Intermediate Demons, the difference in strength was also quite huge. At least for now, he was far from being Athena’s opponent.

Athena noticed that Chen Rui didn’t need company anymore, so she suggested him to ride alone. After the previous lesson, coupled with good communication with the griffin, Chen Rui finally managed to fly the demonic beast into the sky.

He excitedly rode the griffin in the sky, overlooking the scenery of the land; he really had an impulse to sing a song. He then tried the flying tips that Athena gave. It was indeed handy.

Athena witnessed Chen Rui riding the griffin in the sky easily like a veteran; he could freely make a series of moves. She almost thought her eyes were blurred.

Is this guy acting from the beginning? Is he deliberately trying to take advantage of me? Yet, based on the current situation, it was clear that he was adapting step by step and correcting the common mistakes that I pointed out. It seems that this human is indeed flying for the first time, but his ability to learn and adapt… is too scary!

What was even more unbelievable was the most difficult thing about the beast-taming – communication ability. Yet, this difficulty wasn’t a problem for Chen Rui. The man and the beast seemed to be partnered for many years. Their rapport was getting better and better, almost reaching the state of ‘Man and Beast as One’ that only a skilled beast-tamer could achieve.

“This guy…” Athena massaged her breasts that still had a peculiar feeling. She felt that her heartbeat was a little fast, and her face was slightly warmed up.

Only after Chen Rui was satisfied in flying, he slowly landed. Athena stepped forward, examined for a while and nodded, “I have to admit that your talent in the beast-taming is far better than me. There shouldn’t be a problem in participating in the competition. Yet, what you have now are just some flying basics. The real challenge is during the battle. Unfortunately, the sky is getting dark. There is no time to do more special training. In any case, even if you have a comprehensive plan, you must not be careless tomorrow.”

Although the swordswoman was showing a poker face and spoke coldly, Chen Rui still heard her concerns in her words. He took out two sugar pills apologetically and said, “By the way, these are the antidotes that I asked from the poison dragon today. It can last for 3 months. We don’t have to go every week anymore. The little princess had already eaten it; you eat one first, then let Kia eat one. I will find a way to completely detoxify as soon as possible.”

The special training in the future definitely couldn’t let Athena come along, so he simply extended the effective time of the “antidote” to avoid hassles.

Athena wasn’t just his friend, but also the daughter of the Empire’s First General. She was also Alice’s best friend and someone who Princess Royal valued a lot. In order not to threaten the symbiotic contract’s ally, also to protect himself, this little lie had to continue.

Unless… he actually went along with Paglio’s plan to “get her”, but Chen Rui had long decided to give up the plan. He didn’t want to deceive Athena from the beginning, not to mention that he had power now. He could go to the Silent Night Wetland alone. He no longer needs to take advantage of Athena in the future.

However, Athena was beautiful, cheerful, generous and passionate. It was reasonable for Chen Rui to have feelings for her, but he didn’t have any extra energy for it now. As for the tiny lie about being poisoned, he would ask for her forgiveness after Paglio dispelled the <Lock of Light and Dark>.

Seeing Athena took the sugar pill silently, Chen Rui knew that she was still holding a grudge. He quickly apologized, “What happened just now…”

At that moment, the vision of analysis that hadn’t disappeared suddenly changed. Athena’s initial E-class strength instantly rose to D-class. Chen Rui was shocked. He saw Athena’s skin had turned red and a vague horn appeared on her head. Before he could react, he was slammed to the ground by a move similar to suplex.

Chen Rui was taken aback, but Athena’s control of strength was very on point. The seemingly fierce and quick move only made his body gently touched the ground, but it didn’t hurt his head.

Then, unexpected things happened.

Athena jumped with her back facing Chen Rui, and when she fell, her head fell right onto his chest. Luckily, at that time she had recovered to her normal state, otherwise, the two curved horns on her head would be really painful for Chen Rui. Even so, his chest felt suffocated, but he still resisted the use of Star Power eventually.

Athena’s head slammed hardly onto his chest Chen Rui, then she reached out to his thigh to touch for a while. To be more precise, it was a few rough pinches. Only then, she jumped up, dusted her hands and said fiercely, “That’s it! We are even now! Don’t tell Alice or anyone else about what happened today! Otherwise, I will not let you go!”

Chen Rui was stunned as he saw Athena leaving with the griffin and forgot to get up at once — This is too manly! She actually used such a way…

I thought Athena and I are getting along well. Who knows…

Did the little princess’s blackhearted aura made me neglect Athena’s “mightiness”? It’s like the hidden Pippen beside Michael Jordan? No, that metaphor is too awkward. What about Yang Paifeng around Mu Guiying? It’s not right as well; it’s too far-fetched… Chen Rui was debating in his mind. He was breathing in the faint fragrance that was left. His mind couldn’t help but get wild; the only feeling he could be certain was the warmth of the soft breasts when they were in the sky.

In fact, Chen Rui didn’t know that when Athena turned and left, her ears were blushing.

If someone was at the opposite now, they wouldn’t believe that this blushed face was Athena, the female demon who was famous for her valiance in the Dark Moon City.

“No! The man I love must be stronger than me!” Athena kept reminding herself in her heart, but her cheeks were still hot.

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