Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 30 - Special Training Began

Chapter 30: Special Training Began

“Come on, let me try that secret technique.” Paglio devoured everything in the hot pot including the soup. He then turned over to the opposite side, gesturing Chen Rui to make a move.

“Be careful!” After defeating Ganke effortlessly the last time, Chen Rui was also a little eager to try. He opened his palm and shouted with a deep voice, “<Aurora Shot>!”

A huge white light spurted out from the palm. Paglio’s eyes lit up and, he did not avoid. His left hand waved like lightning and the <Aurora Shot> was actually easily grabbed by him physically. He then grabbed it in his hand and “Poof!”, the big light ball disappeared without a trace.

Although Chen Rui knew that <Aurora Shot> couldn’t harm Paglio, he didn’t expect it to be like a toy in Paglio’s hand. He secretly activated <Analytical Eyes>. Sure enough, the comprehensive assessment of the poison dragon was shown as “Unable to Determine.”

However, Paglio looked at the palm that easily resolved <Aurora Shot>, and he was surprised. He saw a few small cracks on his tough skin, seeping out some green blood.

“I was a little under-prepared just now, but your attack is very special. It isn’t like a single blow of pure power or magic. Its destructive power is far above the two and it could break my defense.” Paglio seemed to think of something, and his expression was dignified. He said, “Chen Rui, your strength improves very fast. I am starting to believe in the grand master’s inheritance now. In my opinion, that Wukong Master is definitely not as simple as an alchemy grand master. His own combat power is likely to have reached Demigod or even higher level!”

Chen Rui secretly shook his head. Just a demi-god? He had already jumped out of the Three Realms, and he was not even within the Five Elements – only if the grand master truly exists.

After listening to Chen Rui’s explanation about “grand master’s inheritance” and the ability for further awakening, Paglio’s eyes lit up, “This kind of inheritance is somewhat like the bloodline awakening of the royal family; the further it progresses, the more powerful it gets. With your current strength, it’s approximately the recruit level of Intermediate Demon, maybe even weaker.”

When Chen Rui heard that it was just Intermediate Demon, he looked disappointed. Paglio saw his look and said angrily, “You should be content! It is like you are born with the power of Intermediate Demon now. Besides, you are a human, along with your inheriting power, your potential is far better than ordinary demons. Even those royal families are incomparable to you! Hmph, of course, except for the dragons, the children of the dragons are born with at least Demon King’s strength.”

Chen Rui curled his lips. So what if they are at Demon King level? Getting into adulthood needs to take thousands of years. Besides, fertility is pathetic. Yet, according to Paglio, this starting point is already quite high. The future seems especially bright.

Paglio was quiet for a moment, then he dampened Chen Rui’s enthusiasm, “Although your strength barely meets the minimum standard of Intermediate Demon, your combat experience and skills are so terrible. It can’t fully exert its original strength. You can bully a Lesser Demon, but if you encounter an Intermediate Demon with equal strength, you will definitely lose. If you want to quickly master the power and improve your combat effectiveness, you must take special training.”

The original strength of the poison dragon was equivalent to the Demon Overlord which belonged to the top powerful characters. Due to the seal and the weakening of power, he could only use up to the Demon King’s power. Even so, it was definitely not what Chen Rui could rival.

Chen Rui nodded. There was a shine of determination in his eyes. In fact, strength was well-respected no matter which world was it. Although he temporarily settled in the Dark Moon City, the situation wasn’t positive. Alan regarded him as an arch-enemy; Joseph’s strength was even immeasurable. There would be more powerful enemies in the future. If he had no power, he would be slaughtered by anyone.

Although the use of wisdom could achieve temporary success, wisdom would be ineffective in the face of absolute power. So, power was the foundation of survival. Currently, the Super System had already provided the best opportunity, he must use his effort to grab it!

When he possessed power, and he used it together with wisdom, that was only the kingly way

Chen Rui’s determined attitude made Paglio very satisfied. Although the signing of the symbiotic contract was a last resort, and there was still some suspicion that he was deceived, ​​the poison dragon’s perspective had begun to change: this human being has a strong inheritance of ancient times and his potential is limitless. If one day, his strength rises to the top and work with me, that is the true sense of partnership.

“Boom! Boom!“

“Damn Paglio! You actually sneak attacked me!”

Poison dragon sneered, “Innocent-acting guy, where is your cunningness? Do you think that battle is posing a stance before fighting? Whatever means that can knock down the opponent is the strongest mean. Who cares if it’s a sneak attack? Yet, don’t worry. I will suppress my power to the state of Intermediate Demon. I won’t kill you!”

“Aiyo! We agreed not to hit face!”

“You actually attacked my groin! Are all dragons so despicable!”


The poison dragon’s training style was very simple; there was nothing fancy; he merely pursuing the most practical things. Under the premise of protecting yourself, the crueler and more effective attack was the strongest.

After being knocked down by Paglio multiple times, Chen Rui who had a swollen face began to suspect that the poison dragon was deliberately fooling him and protested strongly. Paglio couldn’t bother so much, and continued his coaching job happily –

his happiness was built upon others’ suffering.

“Take out your guts! The more you’re afraid, the faster you die!”

“Stabilize your center of gravity!”

“Don’t just rely on your eyes! Judge with your feelings!”


After multiple waves of abuse, Chen Rui’s progress as a fighting rookie was quite obvious. “Alkaid” was the first and most fundamental Star Pulse, focusing on the training of “body”. It was similar to “Body Cleansing” of the initial evolution. Yet, “Body Cleansing” was just a passive transformation. What he needed was to first master the use of his own strength, and further quenching and strengthening his body.

Although Chen Rui had a strong power in his body, he couldn’t control it. During the battle with Ganke, he was merely relying on the power of his ultimate move <Aurora Shot>. For now, under the high-intensity training of Paglio, the huge force was emerging like breaking out of its shell. It gradually spread all over his body. He could clearly feel the flow of Star Power.

Star Power centered around the “Alkaid” part and cycled the entire body endlessly. As long as he could grasp the rhythm of this cycle, he could utilize his Star Power freely.

After discovering that, Chen Rui was suddenly spirited. The pain in his body seemed to be reduced a lot, and he was getting more and more concentrated. Paglio didn’t know that the human had the <Astral> traits, so he was shocked secretly. The intensity of his training should actually be the limit of Chen Rui’s current strength. Unexpectedly, the human’s endurance and recovery ability were far beyond imagination. He was still vigorous now. Also, his speed of comprehension and progress was quite amazing; his the intensity of defense and counterattack was even getting stronger and stronger.

There was another strange point. Generally speaking, when faced with an enemy higher level than himself, there would be a rank-pressure. The individual with lower rank would be unable to exert all the power. The poison dragon once secretly turned his power into Greater Demon, but this rule seemed to have no effect on Chen Rui.

Poison dragon was more unrelenting, knocking Chen Rui to the ground again and again with the smile in his eyes getting increasingly obvious: The stronger my future partner it is, the better it is. The future of this guy is definitely worth looking forward to!

Only when the human couldn’t get up from the ground, Paglio ended the special training. Although his appearance was miserable, Chen Rui’s gain was indeed not little. The Star Power in his body gradually changed from passive to active activation. The Experience Value which had never changed finally progressed, becoming 1%. It was a good start. It seemed that special training was necessary to be continued.

It was just that when he was leaving, the irritating look of the poison dragon showing “such an easy fight” made Chen Rui annoyed.

On the way back, only he remembered that he focused on the special training and forgot to learn about Dragon Inscription. Since he didn’t understand the last inscription he learned, he would wait for next time. The gain today was surprising enough.

The recovery effect of <Astral> was effective. This was the main reason that he could endure the poison dragon’s special training for a long time. Of course, the poison dragon didn’t use all his strength. When the tri-horned rhino arrived at Dark Moon City, Chen Rui’s injury was basically recovered.

Upon returning to the lab, he was surprised to find Athena and Alice waiting for him for a long time.

Didn’t Athena go out two days ago? Oh right, today is the “antidote” day, why is Alice here too? Did she know about the “poisoned” thing from Athena?

At this time, Chen Rui’s injuries were almost recovered, but the bruise on his face wasn’t completely cured and his clothes were really dirty. When Athena saw his appearance, she suddenly became furious, “Chen Rui, who did this? I’ll kill him for you!”

You can’t beat that guy… Chen Rui mumbled in his mind. He saw Athena’s angry look and felt warm in his heart. He then shook his head and said, “Nothing, I accidentally fell down.”

“Don’t lie to me, how is this falling down?” Athena thought of something and her anger was worse, “Did Alan send someone to do this? Such a despicable guy who would only play tricks at the back! I have long found him not pleasing to the eyes. I’ll beat him now to avenge you!”

“Wait!” Chen Rui quickly stopped Athena, “Don’t go! It’s not related to him!”

“How did you become so timid? You don’t even dare to say the truth?” As Athena was about to scold Chen Rui for his timidity, she suddenly thought of the wisdom and courage of this human in the face of the poison dragon, and she had nothing to say. Alan is incomparable to the poison dragon right? There must be something behind this.

“We, humans have this saying, great plans can be ruined by impatience. We can’t influence the big picture due to impulsiveness. If you have a big conflict with Alan now, it will make the situation of Princess Royal more passive.” Chen Rui could only convince the violent girl with the overall situation and framed Alan along the way, since he and Alan were irreconcilable.

As soon he said that, Athena’s anger gradually faded. Alice, who was originally curious nodded desperately and agreed, but she asked, “Chen Rui, since you are a smart person, why are you participating in tomorrow’s Sky Arena?”

“Tomorrow? Sky Battle?” Chen Rui was shocked. “Why I didn’t know that I’m participating? Who told you that?”

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