Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 26 - Aura? Blacksmith’s Waste Ores

Chapter 26: Aura? Blacksmith’s Waste Ores

Ever since Chen Rui came to the Demon Realm, he stayed in the lab most of the time. As he had always stayed in his house in his past life, he didn’t feel uncomfortable. For now, because of the aura, it truly gave him the motive to shop for treasures.

Aldas didn’t care about it, he waved his hand and gestured Chen Rui to do as he pleased. Anyway, this human being was a special apprentice. It was better to let him go than consuming the poisons like supplements.

Chen Rui pondered, and brought along Slee who was familiar with the city. Previously, he came out occasionally as an attendant for little princess or Athena. Now, for the first time, he brought along an attendant to shop. Walking on the streets, the undisguised human suddenly became the focus of everyone.

A lot of demons pointed at him along the way and wagged their tongues, mostly about the challenge at the arena previously. His performance at the Master’s Challenge had more or less gained Chen Rui recognition from a small part of demons, but most demons still showed some vigilance and hostility toward the human.

“Hey! Human, your flesh looks quite delicious.” Finally, an ugly-looking demon couldn’t help but block the way and provoke.

“Hmph! What a fool,” Chen Rui wasn’t the weak human anymore. He quickly observed the onlookers around with his peripheral vision. He wasn’t feared and sneered calmly, “Let me tell you something. After the previous challenge, my body has mutated. My blood and flesh are filled with toxins. If you want to be poisoned to death, come on and try. Yet, before that, try the poison that I’m giving you first. “

As he said, the finger in his cloak sprung a cloud of powder; with his current strength, the strength was as if it was shooting from a ballista. The demon was covered with the powder. He immediately felt itchy all over his body and scratched desperately. Soon, many lines of blood marks were scratched on his body by himself. He rolled on the ground, but he was unable to stop the itch.

“Do you still want to eat my flesh?” Chen Rui deliberately asked, and the guy shook his head desperately.

“Do you want to detoxify?”

The demon quickly nodded. Chen Rui waved and some liquid fell on the guy. The guy felt that the itch gradually disappeared. As he was about to revenge, his body suddenly became weak and powerless. Then, the itch turned into pain, as if every inch of muscle was being torn. He immediately cried in pain.

“Those who dare to offend the people from Aldas’s lab will have to pay the price!” Chen Rui deliberately gave a strange smile and immediately said loudly, “Princess Royal issued a command not long ago that I am already a member of Dark Moon City. The deliberate provocation by this guy is despising Princess Royal and Master Aldas! Compared to poison him to death, I prefer to listen to this wonderful scream. Let him scream for two days and two nights. If he dares to mess with me again, I’ll make sure not even his bones will be left!”

Two days and two nights! The surrounding Demons looked at the pathetic appearance of the unlucky guy, and they were afraid. The few guys who wanted to try suddenly dismissed the idea. It seemed that this human was more vicious than ordinary demons. He was indeed someone from the Aldas’s lab.

After the Master Challenge, the heroic deeds of the dark elf master’s fart poisoned Sandro into ashes was widely circulated in the Dark Moon Estate. Someone even exaggerated and claimed that he had witnessed the Master Aldas poisoned a dragon to death with a certain gas from his buttocks.

Contrary to Aldas’s shameful feeling, the dark elf master had reached a whole new level of reverence in the hearts of everyone.

The poisoning means and wording were long-prepared by Chen Rui. He even deliberately got a few poisons from Aldas. Such punishment to warn others had an obvious effect indeed. Under the propaganda of a living advertisement, the image of the human apprentice being sinister and cruel was quickly spread. Along the way, there were no more demons asking about the taste of human flesh. Chen Rui also adapted under various kinds of gaze.

Seeing his master shocked the demons, the imp was proud. Along the way, he introduced Chen Rui to the current situation of the Dark Moon City.

Demon Realm used to have seven royal families. After battling, only three royal families of Lucifer, Mammon and Asmodeus were left. The rest either lay low or surrendered to the strong to preserve their bloodline.

The Dark Moon Estate was originally one of the most prosperous estates of the Fallen Angel Empire. However, the Beezelbub royal family who had disappeared for many years suddenly revived in the Dark Moon City four hundred years ago, led by a powerful demon named Glorfin. Beezelbub. Glorfin was holding the artifact of the Beezelbub Family, the “God-Eating Mask”. His power was tyrannical. He blatantly killed the Dark Moon Lord and several strong demons. He quickly controlled the entire Dark Moon Estate and began to invade the nearby Red Spirit Estate, subsequently subverting the entire Fallen Angel Empire.

Midnight Sun. Lucifer the Great led the army to attack the Dark Moon. With Lucifer Family’s artifact, “Sword of Fallen Angel”, he went one-on-one with Glorfin at the arena. The heavily-injured Glorfin used the power of artifact to escape, then his whereabouts were known ever since. This rebellion was also settled.

After this war, the Dark Moon Estate no longer prospered like the old days. Following the death of the Lord of Midnight Sun, the Regent Obsidian expelled his nephew, Grimm who was supposed to inherit the throne to be the lord at Dark Moon. He then used multiple ways to monitor and control, making the Dark Moon to further decline. Although after Princess Royal, Shea inherited the throne, she rectified and reformed greatly, she still couldn’t get rid of the poverty from its root.

Joseph Alvin, the finance officer of Dark Moon City, was the eldest son of the Red Spirit Lord, Josh. On the surface, the Alvin Family was funding the Dark Moon Estate, but it was actually to control the economy of Dark Moon. Today, the only Chamber of Commerce and half of the shops in Dark Moon City were controlled by Joseph. Even the Dark Moon’s food supply was mostly from the support of the Alvin Family. Obviously, it was a treacherous mean by Obsidian to control the Dark Moon Estate via the Alvin Family.

In terms of military, although the first general George Wales’s daughter, Athena was in the Dark Moon, the army of the estate was in the hands of Karon Family’s Alan. Initially, the Karon Family supported the Crown Prince, Grimm, but they later submit to Regent Obsidian. The military power that truly belonged to Shea was the Imperial Guards headed by Kaguron.

It was the mess left by the Crown Prince, Grimm but it was also forced by the situation. The 2 most important things: the economy and military were in the hands of others. Shea still couldn’t do anything until now.

Athena wasn’t elaborate with most of the things. Chen Rui didn’t understand until now that Shea’s situation was worse than he thought. He suddenly understood the reason why Princess Royal was cold and strong. Perhaps this was the only way to support the burden left by his father.

There are many burdens in life. Some aren’t the burden that we have to carry.

If the Lord of Midnight Sun was still alive; if Grimm could inherit the throne, the once gentle sister in the little princess’s eyes wouldn’t need to wear the cold mask. It’s just that the mask might have become a part of her now, and it’s likely that it couldn’t be removed anymore.

Chen Rui recollected his thoughts and asked the imp, “Slee, is there a store in the city that sells strange things? For example, special materials or ores?”

“The store with strange things…” Slee showed a thoughtful look, and his eyes suddenly lit up. “There seems to be such a store, but that store… If master just wants to look at ores, there should be some in the blacksmith shop in front.”

“Well, let’s go to the blacksmith shop first.”

This was one of the only two blacksmith shops in the city. The name was a little scary; it was called the ‘Guillotine’; it did carry the unique feature of the demon. The owner of the blacksmith shop was a strong centaur. The three guys in the store who were smithing were also centaurs. Additionally, there was also an imp that acted as a servant.

The power of the centaur was well-known among the demons. In addition to playing a powerful role in the battle, some centaurs could become a skilled blacksmith.

Noticed that there was a customer, the imp who had the gift of gab immediately greeted him. When he saw Chen Rui’s look, he hesitated for a moment and said, “Human… you are the human at the arena!”

The Master Challenge had been a heated topic within the Dark Moon Estate, so Chen Rui was immediately recognized.

Slee was kind of proud seeing the surprised look on someone of the same race, and he introduced, “This is my master, Chen Rui; the apprentice of Master Aldas.”

“You became a human’s servant?” The imp was even more amazed, but he immediately had a disdainful look. Demons advocated power; this human was rumored to be powerless; even weaker than the imps of the lowest rank demons. I can’t believe this fool from the same race actually recognized this human as his master! It’ll be worth showing off if he is recognized as the servant of Master Aldas.

“Kakan, what are you doing!” The centaur boss came out. He sized Chen Rui up and said scornfully, “Weak human, what do you want from Zach’s blacksmith shop? We have no herbs that you want!”

Last night’s battle built Chen Rui strong confidence, so he naturally didn’t care much about the contempt from these guys. He said, “I am instructed by Master Aldas to pick some special ore to refine poisons, that’s why I’m here.”

The title of the fart king master was very useful. Although Zach didn’t understand the connection between ores and poisons, he still didn’t dare to be neglect. He immediately took Chen Rui to the place where ores were piled up.

Since <Analytical Eyes> couldn’t play a role in such selection, Chen Rui activated the <Aura Conversion> skill, select one by one through touching. <Aura Conversion> consumes 1 aura each time for 30 minutes.

Chen Rui selected for a long time, but he did not find anything good. Zach was impatient looking at the side, then he suddenly saw a weird expression on the human’s face. Chen Rui grabbed a piece of ore that was pitted by crystals and asked, “What is this ore?”

Zach looked indifferent when he saw it, “This can be considered as semi-waste ore. As the dark-yellow crystal is very troublesome. It takes a lot of effort to extract it. Moreover, if it isn’t extracted properly, the residue will affect the iron’s purity.”

Waste ore? Chen Rui’s heart was moved. When I touched the ore just now, the conversion skill showed a corresponding prompt, but I don’t know how effective it is.

He thought of an idea and said, “I will do a small experiment to determine if this strange crystal is something that the master needs. If it is damaged, I can compensate you.”

Zach nodded. This ore was also a semi-waste anyway.

Chen Rui took out some powder, sprinkled it on the crystal and put his hand on it. Zach only saw that the crystal slowly disappeared and turned into powder at the end without the ore being damaged. His eyes almost popped out, The stubborn crystals that are hard to remove with strong hit are actually removed thoroughly by the human effortlessly? And not even a single bit is left!

In Zach’s eyes, the potioneer’s ability was even more mysterious. Even an apprentice had such a strange ability!

The powder used by Chen Rui was actually a smokescreen. The one that was working was the <Aura Conversion> skill. What made him ecstatic was that the one that could actually be converted wasn’t the ore but these crystals which were regarded as waste. They actually provided 25 points of aura!

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