Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 251 - Chrysanthemum Wrecker

Chapter 251 Chrysanthemum Wrecker

Chen Rui went through the formalities and put on a brand new mechanic robe. The badge on his chest also became a double star, representing a true mechanic. He also looked exceptionally spirited.

When he walked out of the certification office and came to the lounge, he saw a young man talking to Kia. Kia looked a little impatient and wanted to leave, but she was pestered by the man.

“Kia!” Chen Rui greeted and stepped forward.

“Sir Arthur!” Kia quickly took a few steps back and stood behind him, taking the opportunity to escape from the man’s pester.

The man’s face was skinny and arrogant, as if the phrase “I’m fucking badass” was written on his face.

Race: Great Demon (Mutated). Comprehensive Strength Assessment: D, Physique: D, Strength E, Spirit: D, Agility: E-.

Chen Rui frowned, “Who are you?”

The man felt the breath of Higher Demon from Chen Rui. After looking at the mechanic attire on him, he was even more dismissive, “Ignorant guy, I haven’t even asked who you are!”

“Sir Arthur is a new senior consultant hired by Mr. Dior Custer.” Kia quickly explained, “This is a disciple of Master Leo, Sir Savice, a popular contestant in winning the mechanic contest.”

It turns out that this is the Savice. He is as arrogant and unscrupulous as the information.

“Senior consultant?” Savice’s face was even more scornful, “It’s just a guy hired by Dior. Didn’t Dior invite me over for dinner tonight? My single sentence can make Dior fire you immediately! If you’re smart, fuck off. Don’t disturb me from talking to this woman. Otherwise, even if you lick my shoes later, it’ll be too late.”

Kia frowned, “Sir Savice, sorry. I’ve already told you just now that my physique is special…”

Initially, Old Gauss never revealed Kia’s devour physique as he wanted Kia to seduce Dior by playing hard to get.

After Old Gauss disappeared, Robert defected to Falamo’s side, so Dior had to attempt building a relationship with Savice. Ever since Savice saw Kia, he couldn’t forget about her and even proposed to get Kia as a condition of exchange. Although Dior was obsessed with beauty and pursued her vigorously, in the face of the benefit of being the family’s heir, he chose the latter without hesitation.

However, although Dior wanted to use Kia as a tool to win over Savice, Kia was Dark Moon’s after all, so he couldn’t make the decision. Besides, Savice hadn’t really hooked up, so he was naturally reluctant to throw out the biggest bait.

Now that the person-in-charge from the Dark Moon had finally come, Kia knew that under such interest, Arthur would definitely make the choice to sacrifice her. She happened to run into Savice here. As she couldn’t bear the nag anymore, she simply mentioned about the devouring physique she had so that he would give up.

“Don’t take me as a child. Do you think I’ll believe it?” Savice sneered, “What if you’re Dior’s mistress? I’ve already known the fight of heirs in the Custer Family. As long as I agree to sign the agreement with that guy and participate as his supporter, even if I want to sleep with his wife, he’ll hand it over without hesitation!”

“That sentence, I will bring it back to Madam Anna untouched. Although she’s just a daughter of concubine, she still represents the finance minister’s reputation.” Chen Rui waved the recording stone in his hand while saying calmly. Savice’s face changed suddenly, “However, if you only want Kia, I can make the decision since I’m considered her… owner. Without a doubt, Dior can’t make the decision, but I definitely can!”

Chen Rui wasn’t wrong.. He was Kia’s legitimate owner. Besides, Shea’s order also made a special request for Kia to fully obey.

Kia couldn’t help but tremble. The most worrying thing really happened. Savice saw her expression with his own eyes, and he took a different look at Chen Rui, a “high grade consultant”. “If you give me Kia, I can consider agreeing to Dior’s request. You’re also a mechanic, so you must know that my teacher is Master Leo. If you follow me, you’ll be much stronger than staying in the Custer Family.”

“Great!” Chen Rui glanced at Kia with a pale face and smiled, “However, I must remind you that the devouring physique she mentioned is true. I can swear by the Demon God.”

“You really are a tactful guy. It doesn’t matter if the physique is real. I have a way to deal with such a woman.” Seeing that he could get his hands on Kia, Savice revealed a wicked smile, “She’ll be a good toy.”

Seeing Chen Rui’s interested look, he took out something, “This is a magic item that I’ve worked hard to invent recently. It has many functions and it’s enough to make the toy beg for her life… If I’m bored of her already, I might give her back to you alive.”

Chen Rui took a look at the thing, and he was taken aback. This thing is actually… some kind of sex toy! Besides, it’s even “electric-powered”?

This so-called mechanic genius is truly a “lewd genius”!

Similar to this guy’s perverted mentality, the function of this thing wasn’t for fun but to abuse. The model and that weird design… is indeed perverted. If it was forcibly used on women, it would definitely be worse than dying.

Kia’s facial expression changed a lot, and her body started trembling slightly. The main purpose of Savice taking out that perverted thing was to see her expression. His abnormal mentality was greatly satisfied. He was already imagining how to enjoy this superb succubus.

At that time, Savice suddenly felt his hand became lighter and the “sex toy” disappeared.

“Okay! Kia, let’s go!” Chen Rui took Kia’s hand and turned away.

Savice was stunned. Then, when he finally reacted and wanted to scold, his body suddenly shook, as if he was swept by some force. He couldn’t move for a moment.

Immediately after, there was a sudden pain in a part of his buttocks as if it was severely torn apart by a huge thing. Suddenly, he made a world-shaking cry and dropped to the ground. He tried to cover his ass, but he couldn’t move his hands.

The impact and depth were quite terrifying, even his pants were penetrated forcefully. Besides, that thing was actually turned on, and it automatically started the movement that made the pervert more painful. Yet, his body lost its ability to move! He was shrieking at once, and his clothes on his back began to stain with blood.

“This is for you on behalf of the Custer Family and finance minister. Don’t forget that I still have a recording stone.” Chen Rui looked at the shivering Savice in disgust and sneered, “I don’t know how good the soundproofing of the lounge is. You can shout as loud as you can for help and let everyone see the heroic posture of the capital’s genius with his ass penetrated by something he made.”

Savice’s body shivered even more. His entire body was cold sweating due to the pain and fear, but he endured it and didn’t dare to scream loudly. The wickedness of Arthur, who was in front of him, was terrifying. If everyone really saw him in such a shameful look, even if Arthur was severely punished, he, the genius, would become the laughing stock in the capital.

Such turning of the tide gave Kia a look of disbelief. Then, she was pulled by Chen Rui and walked out involuntarily.

Savice’s body still couldn’t move. He just hoped that the paralysis would disappear quickly. The grievance in his heart could hardly be expressed in words. He vowed to take revenge, on Arthur, on Kia and on the entire Custer Family.

Chen Rui closed the door of the lounge, hung up the do-not-disturb sign and led Kia out. Coincidentally, he bumped into two acquaintances, Monroe and Fini who came to the capital with him.

Fini saw Chen Rui and said in surprise, “Arthur, why are you here?”

Chen Rui smiled slightly, “I just passed the mechanic certification.”

“Wow! That’s great!” Fini looked envious as she saw his new mechanic attire and badge.

“Did you see Savice… a skinny monkey-faced guy?” Fini glanced at the lounge’s door, “I heard the maid saying he seems to be here. Master Leo seems to be looking for him.”

Chen Rui looked like he just realized something, “So that skinny monkey face is Savice. Just now he showed me a newly-invented magic item called… “Chrysanthemum (it means butthole in Chinese) Wrecker” but he seemed to have gone downstairs, saying that he wanted to find a place to test it himself.”

“Crysthanamum Wrecker?” Fini asked curiously then smiled, “You also call him skinny monkey face? Yet, don’t let him hear it. That annoying guy isn’t only arrogant but also petty. However, I’m not afraid of him. If he dares to bully you, tell me and I’ll help you out. Is this your woman?”

Chen Rui took a look at Kia, whose hand was being held and nodded vaguely, “By the way, I still have something to do, so I’ll leave with my companion first. All the best, Fini. I’m sure you’ll be a mechanic soon.”

“Okay. I come here often with my grandpa. I hope to see you again next time.”

Chen Rui bid farewell to Fini and quickly left the Mechanics Association while holding Kia’s hand.

After leaving the block, they slowed down. Kia pulled back her hand gently and said, “Thank you.”

The succubus originally thought that her fate was inevitable. If it was Old Gauss, he would definitely sacrifice her to win over Savice. Unexpectedly, this man made such an unexpected decision. He not only made Savice completely give up on her, but he also punished the pervert with that cruel method. It was just that she couldn’t figure out why he did that.

Chen Rui shook his head, “It’s nothing. It’s just that pervert made me annoyed, so I gave him an unforgettable lesson.”

That guy would probably never forget this lesson.

Kia looked at him for a while. For no reason, she felt that this slightly ugly face was much more pleasant to the eyes than those handsome looking guys. She carefully asked, “Yet, we’ve offended Savice completely now… What do we do next?”

“Don’t worry, I have my own way. You’re just my assistant, so I’ll carry full responsibilities.” Chen Rui laughed, “Your job is now… I haven’t been to the Dark Shadow’s capital. Since you’ve been in the frontline for so long, it should be fine for you to be a tour guide right?”

“Of course I can.” Kia smiled. It wasn’t as enticing as usual, but it seemed more beautiful.

After Chen Rui and Kia strolled for a long time and tried the famous snacks in the Dark Shadow’s Capital, they slowly returned to the alternative residence.

In the alternative residence, Dior was already anxious. When he saw the two, he quickly greeted, “Sir Arthur, what happened? Savice not only rejected my invitation tonight very badly, but he also asked me to be careful!”

Chen Rui shrugged, “Because… I deliberately inspected the so-called capital’s genius and felt that he can’t be the ultimate winner of the contest. Besides, he’s unbearably shady, so I helped you to teach him a lesson.”

“What?!” Dior thought he had heard wrong and shouted, “You taught him a lesson? Are you crazy?”

“I’m not crazy. I did it for the reputation of the Custer Family and the finance minister.” Chen Rui took out a recording stone and Savice’s voice sounded, which was the best part in the second half.

“As long as I promise to sign an agreement with that guy to participate as his supporter, even if I’m going to sleep with his wife, he will hand it over without hesitation!”

Dior looked sour. Not only because of Savice’s words, but also because Chen Rui had completely offended Savice and buried his last hope at the same time.

Seeing Dior’s awful look, Chen Rui laughed, “Don’t worry! I have a candidate, and he’s definitely better than someone like Savice. If you’re lucky, there is even a great chance of winning the contest. Otherwise, why would I give up on Savice?”

Dior’s hope was ignited again when he heard that, “Who is it?”

Chen Rui pointed at the newly acquired mechanics badge on his chest, “I!”

“You?” The fire of hope that Dior just ignited immediately extinguished.

What if you’re a mechanic? A rookie mechanic that has only been certified probably won’t even pass the preliminary round.

“Relax!” Chen Rui said with confidence, “Do you know why Princess Royal sent me? It’s exactly for this mechanics contest! At such a critical moment, do you think she will send an idiot who will only cause trouble? Being an apprentice and getting certified is just to let our opponents be sloppy!”

These lies actually made Dior slightly believe in him. Then, he heard Chen Rui added, “Although the registration is closed, I believe you must have a way to let me participate. So, go ahead and get prepared.”

“Okay!” Dior clenched his teeth. Given the situation, the relationship with Savice had clearly broken completely, he could only try anything at desperate times.

In these three days, Chen Rui gave Dior a large list of materials in the name of special training and asked him to acquire them.

Dior had already signed the supporting contract with Chen Rui and handed it over to his father, Croz, so he couldn’t change anymore. In other words, they were tied to the same boat. Therefore, Dior obviously didn’t dare to neglect Chen Rui’s demand. However, most of the materials requested by Chen Rui were very rare, and he only managed to acquire a large part of them in a hurry, but there were three extremely rare materials that he couldn’t acquire at once.

Nevertheless, Chen Rui was already laughing up his sleeve. These materials were all needed for the artifact “Thunderous Sound”. With Dior’s “assistance”, he had assembled most of the materials including the recipes. Now, there were only those three ingredients and the 10 million auras needed for the “Thunderous Sound” blueprint.

Unfortunately, the whereabouts of requiem fruit and flower of mist were still not found.

However, “special training” wasn’t a lie. Chen Rui had been immersed in the refinery these days, using the linked training ground to continue improving his craftsmanship. Although he had reached the master-level, the mechanics participating came from all parts of Demon Realm. Some of them must be hidden talents, so he had to be careful.

Three days had passed. The highly anticipated mechanics competition had finally begun.

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