Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 241 - The Creation of Cake! A Joyful Birthday Dinner!

Chapter 241 The Creation of Cake! A Joyful Birthday Dinner!

The show of Red Spirit or Blue Lava could wait, so Chen Rui wasn’t in a hurry. Since the weather was fine, he took his fiancée and a group of friends and relatives to Yunze Mountain in the north and had a picnic.

Originally, Athena proposed to go to the blue lake, but Paglio was sick of the place where his buttocks got calluses and refused to go. Thus, they eventually decided to go to the Yunze Mountain.

Since the sheriff’s mansion hadn’t been completed. Paglio, who had been staying in the arena’s basement everyday, felt very annoyed. Although he often went out to linger at pubs and eat hot pot, he still felt quite uneasy. In contrast, Roman was much well behaved. As long as Delia was present, he could surprisingly settle down. Perhaps I should find this stubborn dragon a mate?

However, the taste of this dragon seemed to be a little special. He seemed to want beautiful and hard scales, sharp and clean teeth and the like. The heavy-tasting mate standard made several audience speechless.

However, being able to gather and talk about life (ridiculing and drinking in reality) at a pretty place was indeed a nice day.

Isn’t it boring if life is too tense all the time?

Seeing the scene of everyone drinking happily, Chen Rui felt a special serenity in his mind, as if returning to the days when he took his girlfriend and a few buddies to hike and barbecue during university. His face couldn’t help but smile.

Compared to his lover Athena, the contract partner Paglio and the servant Dodo, Roman and Delia were also included in the ranks of partners. Relationships between people were wonderful. Sometimes, it didn’t require any special reason or explanation for them to be close.

Although the guy who was a wife-con and widow-con seemed unreliable and immature, he was a badass character who could sacrifice himself for a friend, unlike a villain like Casillas who would backstab.

“My dear uncle-in-law, when will your barbecue be ready? If you don’t treat me well now, how are you going to pursue my charming aunt in the future?” Roman said as he removed the meat stuck between his teeth. He clearly ate dozens of barbecues just now, but it isn’t enough to fill his crazy appetite. Could the [Analytical Eyes] be wrong? This guy is actually a Gluttony Royal Family?

Chen Rui shook his head and withdrawn the positive evaluation he had for this guy just now. The face of the guy was clearly marked with the word “shameless” in extra bold, black font. Since Chen Rui joked about accompanying him to the capital to become his uncle-in-law, Roman had been using this to sow dissension in front of Athena from time to time.

Although Athena said it more than once that she could tolerate the addition of a noblewoman, the older and younger princess and the maid in Chen Rui’s harem, her words and behaviors were the opposite. Besides, this silly girl disliked Isabella, who used voodoo on Chen Rui, so she would never allow her man to get together with such a woman! Even if it meant she could be Roman’s aunt!

Surely, as soon as Roman said that, it was almost a reflex that uncle-in-law felt a pain in his waist which was pinched a little by Athena. His poor muscles performed a difficult 360 degree twist and made him cry in pain. He wished he covered the barbecue with poison so that this unthankful guy who ate his barbecue became mute.

During this painful yet pleasurable outing, two tri-horned rhinos approached violently. After the buses stopped, two people jumped down from above and walked aggressively toward them.

Seeing the leader, Chen Rui’s heart was tense as the other party was clearly coming after him.

If it was for a fight, even if Shea came personally, Chen Rui could relax because Paglio was there. The problem was that the other party didn’t come for a fight, so Paglio could only be an ornament.

Number of enemies: Two people in costume.

Mini BOSS: A loli in princess costume

Thug: A succubus in maid costume

“Chen Rui! I’ve been looking for you for a long time yet you’re here having fun alone!” Little loli was obviously unhappy as if this human owed the princess tens of millions of black crystal coins.

Alone? Is your math worse than Dodo? Chen Rui stood up helplessly. However, Athena was much faster than him and greeted, “Alice!”

Seeing Athena, little loli’s angry face suddenly burst into a bright smile which convinced Chen Rui that there was a chameleon skill in the Lucifer Royal Family’s bloodline talent.

“Athena, do you mind that I interrupt?”

“Why would I? Come, this barbecue is for you.” In Athena’s mind, Alice’s position was equal to Delia. Since her good friends were all here, it was always better to have more.

“Are these… all your friends?” Alice looked curiously at the strange faces around her. They don’t seem to be from Dark Moon City as their responses are calm. Otherwise, no one won’t be disrespectful when they see me, the little princess.

Athena nodded. As soon as Alice heard that they were friends, she bowed generously in front of everyone, “Everyone can call me Alice. Can Kia and I join you?”

It could be seen that little loli was actually a good master as she also brought Kia in, yet… It looked like Kia’s authentic master was barbecuing.

Chen Rui rushed to introduce, “These are all Athena’s good friends from the Warlock Fortress who came to Dark Moon recently. This is Paglio, this is Nicole, and this asshole is Lennon. This is the younger sister of the Dark Moon’s Lord, Princess Shea, the little princess Alice, that… is Kia.”

“Drink this bottle of alcohol, then you’re part of our group.” Paglio didn’t forget the little princess who knocked out Chen Rui and kissed him at the side of the Blue Lake. He grinned and threw over a bottle of alcohol.

Alice’s eyes brightened. She could see that the criminal gang named “Athena’s Friends” was vaguely led by Paglio. She took the bottle with a smile, “Thank you Brother Paglio!”

Paglio grinned and said nothing about this title. Actually, Alice liked this kind of atmosphere. Little loli was a very sensitive little girl. She saw too much falsehood and insincerity. So, she could clearly tell that these people really didn’t care about her identity.

Little loli had been controlled protectively by her workaholic sister for a long time. She was envious of those small social circles with equal status and no misgivings. Now, besides Athena, there were so many friends who didn’t care about her identity, so her heart was naturally excited. She didn’t care about the advice about not eating anything given by strangers. She immediately gulped when she received it.

Chen Rui quickly got up and stopped, “Little princess, you can’t drink!”

This isn’t a feast at the palace. If little loli goes back drunk and is seen by her sister, wouldn’t she look for me, the culprit and accuse me of abduction and incitement?

Alice’s eyes widened. As she wanted to get angry, she sudden;y thought that she couldn’t be too brash in front of these new friends. Therefore, her widened eyes instantly became watery, “Actually … today is my birthday. Can’t you fulfill a little wish of mine…”

Athena next to her was startled, “Little princess, your birthday…”

Alice hugged Athena with her body trembling slightly. She had an obvious sobbing tone, “Athena, you know this. My sister didn’t remember my birthday for three years straight…”

Athena’s eyes softened. She patted little loli’s back and told Chen Rui, “Little princess is right. Princess Royal has been too busy, so let’s just make her happy.”

Chen Rui thought of his days where he had multiple birthdays “with his shadow and the moon”, so he felt pitiful as he nodded, “Fine. It’s only for this time.”

As Athena said, I’ll let her be happy for once today.

Alice’s eyes lit up while she was hugging Athena, and her wailing sound immediately turned into cheers. She jumped three feet high, opened the stopper, and gulped half the bottle in one breath. Roman, who wished the world to be in chaos, immediately applauded while Paglio also raised his bottle.

At the instigation of two unscrupulous alcoholics, Alice lifted her head again and downed the bottle. Although the alcohol percentage wasn’t very high in these fruit wines, the aftereffect was particularly strong. Soon, Alice’s face became red. Looking at several empty bottles on the ground, Chen Rui was quite stunned with little loli’s capacity for alcohol.

When these abominable instigators are being questioned by Princess Royal, the scapegoat must be me… Chen Rui shook his head aside speechlessly.

With her lovely appearance and good drinking behavior, along with constantly calling them brothers and sisters, Alice quickly mixed into the small circle well. On the other hand, Kia looked oddly tamed as she didn’t say a word. She was just helping Chen Rui like a true, loyal and honest maid.

“What is this? Such a cute demonic beast!” Little loli thought everything was cute when she was in a good mood, then she threw a piece of barbecue to Dodo. Dodo was secretly warned by the owner not to reveal his strength without authorization. However, he naturally wouldn’t refuse food and immediately swallowed it. Subsequently, little loli got more excited as she threw stuff and even threw a bottle of alcohol over.

This made Sir Dodo, who had been serving as a waiter and secretly drunk, touched that he shed tears. As a Demon King-level demonic beast, under the bribe of a bottle of alcohol, he began to flatter the beautiful, touching princess, which made the slightly drunk little loli laugh aloud.

Chen Rui thought for a while and took out a strange magic item which he made after consulting Master Tata. The function was – baking.

That’s right! It’s baking.

Fire magic circle added with temperature control… and a lot of other messy stuff that resulted in an oven in the Demon Realm.

After knowing the purpose of this item that was designed with a lot of effort, Master Tata almost grabbed Chen Rui to try this boring thing with his head. However, as someone who crossed over, he easily defeated the dark goblin master with a few words.

“The true mechanics aren’t to destroy life but to benefit life!”

“This is the true meaning of mechanic!”

“For example, the most widely used magic lamp at present is the one made by Martin Niming, a master mechanic 70,000 years ago. It looks simple, but it’s passed down through ages! As the saying goes, there are wisdom in seemingly stupid things.” When the dark goblin master and dark elf master were thoughtful, Chen Rui once again brought up a blockbuster, saying his “teacher” once imagined designing a vehicle propelled by magic that can be used by all ordinary people; designing items that clean clothes with magic…

“Instead of making tools for killing and fighting, why don’t we use the art of craftsmanship to benefit future generations?” Both top masters, who were fooled, had their eyes lit up. Actually, Chen Rui’s objective was very simple, which was to make cakes for Athena to taste. However, he didn’t expect this remark would become the fuse that ignited the Demon Realm’s “industrial revolution” in the future.

Well, coming back to the main topic. After using a special crop powder’s yeast and a suitable temperature to bake, a simple cake is ready.

In fact, the oven had only been around for less than three days. Chen Rui had been secretly experimenting as he wanted to surprise Athena. After failing countless times, Chen Rui finally made the oven recognize him as its master, and he finally mastered the temperature.

The fragrance attracted everyone’s attention including Athena. After the golden cake was out, Chen Rui mixed fresh milk with a special Demon Realm plant – white oil flower. Then, he used the prepared homemade piping bag to create simple patterns and text on the cake.

“Alice… happy… birthday.” The annoying nephew aside read it aloud and everyone understood.

Alice’s face became even redder with excitement. She had drooled over this fragrant thing for a long time. She even thought of how to rush up to grab a large piece for herself previously. She didn’t expect that it was made for her.

“Alice, how old are you this year?”

“Such a rude guy. Don’t you know that a woman’s age can’t be asked casually?” Alice glanced at the inquirer Chen Rui with a contemptuously and boldly categorized herself to the rank of “woman” rather than a teenage girl.

Chen Rui shook his head and said, “That’s too bad. The birthday cake isn’t perfect anymore, so we might as well omit those important rituals after.”

“That…” Alice heard that there was an important ritual related to the “cake” named as birthday. After blushing for a while, she gently rubbed her the corner of her skirt and said, “I was 13 last year.”

Who asked you about last year? Chen Rui was speechless. Forget it. Isn’t it just 14? A standard loli.

After inserting 14 candles-like flammable plants, little loli whispered her wish. Then, she blew forcefully according to Chen Rui’s instruction and extinguished all 14 “candles”. At the same time, that soft Demon Realm version cream was gently blown toward the annoying nephew’s face at the opposite side and stuck on his face. Obviously, the uncle-in-law was intentional.

The next step was the cake distributing session. Seeing everyone smiling and sharing the birthday cake she cut with her own hands, Alice’s eyes suddenly became a little red.

Chen Rui noticed little loli was a little emotional, and he remembered that he seemed to have forgotten to sing her a birthday song. He spontaneously brought up a prized guessing game of “dividing a cake for 5 children with 3 cuts”. Since they were from different worlds, the answers were naturally different and mostly weird. As a result, naturally everyone got a prize. In contrast, he didn’t get to use the original answer and the spoof answer – “kill a child with the knife and cut it crosswise”.

With the hint of Athena’s jealous eyes, Chen Rui shook his head. The profoundly righteous fiancee is even jealous of little loli now. It seems that the road to harem is still a long way to go. He whispered to her ears, promising that her birthday cake would look better and have more patterns, only then his authentic girlfriend revealed a sweet smile.

Roman had the best hearing. After eavesdropping the young couple’s private words, he immediately avenged by reprimanding his leader and also uncle-in-law for valuing sex over friendship, seemingly exaggerating Chen Rui’s wrongdoing.

Chen Rui simply recorded the birthdays of everyone present and promised to give a cake on everyone’s birthday, only then he calmed the public anger. When he asked Kia, the seductive maid, who had been pretending to be obedient, finally showed a rare astonishment.

“I have too?”

Chen Rui nodded, reluctantly improving the welfare of the captive and also a maid. Although Princess Royal gave a special order and even gave the sex toy, Dark Will, I have no time to deal with you now. After I pass this … hehe …

However, if I really go according to Shea’s plan… that’s a bit too cruel… Forget it. I’ll think about how to arrange or dispose of this succubus when the time comes.

After some joyful noise, the outing that had been turned into a birthday party came to an end. The drunk Alice staggered toward Chen Rui and her breath smelled of alcohol went straight into his nostril, “Brother Chen Rui, I’ll tell you a little secret. Today actually… isn’t my birthday.”

Cheh! I already knew it! Chen Rui protruded his lips and pretended he didn’t know: This little girl still has a little conscience after all for truthfully admitting her crimes. However, the whistleblower, Athena also said that in the past few years, Alice really wasn’t happy on her birthday.

Before Chen Rui came to the Dark Moon, Shea, who was surrounded by the estate’s affairs and pressure from the capital, indeed didn’t have time to organize her sister’s birthday. At most, under the reminder of Old Gauss, she’d send a gift or ask Old Gauss to hold a small birthday party on behalf.

“However, I’m really happy. I haven’t been this happy before… Can we celebrate like this on my actual birthday next year?”

Chen Rui nodded, “Of course, I promise to make a more beautiful, big cake for you.”

“Thank you, brother…” Alice’s body fell to the side toward him. As Chen Rui held her in a hurry, the cute red shoes tiptoed and the cute face covered with an alcohol smell approached Chen Rui’s face. “Pat“, she actually kissed him.

The Dark Moon’s little princess, in the presence of the sheriff’s genuine girlfriend and her personal friend, and everyone present, kissed the sheriff.

After that kiss, the alcohol acted. The little loli finally couldn’t withstand it anymore and fell asleep in the arms of Chen Rui.

At that moment, Chen Rui felt that eyes from all directions were focused at him. He felt helpless: What is that? Using alcohol as an excuse to flirt? I was actually being kissed forcefully again in front of everyone?

Hold on. The word “again” is accurate. From Paglio’s playful eyes, the stubborn dragon must have thought of the stunning stick last time. Fortunately, he didn’t do something disgusting like pinching his nose and calling me brother.

Chen Rui’s eyes glanced past the indignant (more of envious) Roman and the frowning Delia. Then, he glanced past the strange-looking Athena and he shivered. No! I must shut that dragon’s mouth about that incident… Athena cannot know of that!

In the end, someone simply ignored Dodo and fixed his on Kia’s slightly surprised face.

What expression is that? As if she found out some secret… or adultery?

The problem is, I have nothing to do with this little princess… but I can’t ever clear myself off that suspicion anymore.

Chen Rui wanted to cry even more: Should I kill this maid? That’s too cruel.

Forget it. In the future… I’ll think about that later.

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