Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 227 - Unanimous Decision Of Relatives And Friends

Chapter 227 Unanimous Decision Of Relatives And Friends

Dark Moon City, Arena’s Hall.

Athena rushed over after receiving the news from Vasasha.

At the entrance of the passage, Athena unexpectedly saw the poison dragon that should’ve been confined at the Blue Lake, was casually leaning against the wall while drinking wine. Beside him, Dodo was holding a tray, carefully acting as a waiter. Certainly, Dodo took a sip or two from time to time.

Athena looked surprised, “Paglio, your seal has been removed?

Paglio saw that Athena was happy from the bottom of her heart, so he grinned and gestured to the side, “Yeah… that guy is inside. He not only took more than half of my treasure, but he also brought back a woman. Remember to keep an eye on him. Also, hold his money bag tight, so he can’t find another woman again outside.”

The stingy poison dragon was clearly avenging against Chen Rui’s 0.1% share of treasure. Surely, when Athena heard he brought back a woman, she frowned and walked in.

Soon, Athena’s scream of excitement came from the room. The woman who he “brought” back was actually her good friend Delia, who she hadn’t seen in three years. There was also Roman beside her.

Although Delia was wearing a veil, Athena recognized her quickly. Since she was reunited with her old friend, she seemed very happy.

Chen Rui shook his head, “Athena, you’re clearly prioritizing your friend over your lover. Seeing that I’m back, you didn’t even bother me…”

There weren’t only Delia and Roman in the room but also Arux, Royce and Vasasha. Athena looked at Chen Rui’s bitter smile, walked over and pecked on his face in front of everyone, “Is this enough?”

Just now, Athena kissed him uncontrollably because she saw him returned safely. Although her action was open, her cheeks were still red after the kiss. She was talking to Delia as an excuse to hide her shyness.

Roman was whistling and raising a commotion when he accidentally saw the Evil Blue Tear worn on Athena’s neck. His eyes flashed a little as he looked doubtful. Before he could speak, the shy Athena had pulled Delia to the room inside to have a girl’s talk as if she was trying to escape.

Chen Rui touched his face, and his heart was heated: This little girl is getting more and more open, but I like it.

Seeing Roman stretched his neck and looked into the room, Chen Rui walked over to him, “Hey, what are you looking at?”

Roman answered thoughtfully, “I’m watching Athena…

“You bastard! Still not satisfied after having Delia! You really have an interest in Athena!” Chen Rui’s voice suddenly rose, “Athena is mine!”

Roman saw that Athena and Delia were looking at them, he quickly explained, “No, I’m just looking at her…”

Chen Rui didn’t wait for him to finish and said aloud, “Could it be that it’s true when you said by the lake that you would kill me and seduce Athena? Don’t you only like someone else’s wives and widows?”

With this roar, even Royce and others shifted their attention on Roman. Roman didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at once, “Listen to me Uncle Chen Rui, leader. Can you keep your voice down? Do you want everyone in the Demon Realm to know? I don’t mean it that way. Besides, how am I able to kill you?”

During the battle at the Silent Night Wetland’s treasure, Roman witnessed Chen Rui’s various incredible skills, especially the ultimate move of scorching dragon. Even Roman didn’t dare to take it directly. The reason why Delia and Roman were loyal to Chen Rui was that apart from their friendship, but strength was also a very important reason.

“No, I’m going to expose your past misdeeds to Delia and Athena now!” Chen Rui strode into the room without giving Roman the chance to explain. After muttering a few words, Athena grinned and laughed for a while while Delia’s depressed mood also got better.

“Fuck! This is bad.” Roman recalled when he bragged to Chen Rui that he hooked up with thousands of women and his mind was blanked. Then, he saw Chen Rui who complained about his bad deeds, came out of the room very soon. Unexpectedly, Chen Rui waved his hand and something shiny was thrown toward Roman…

Roman caught it and saw that it was exactly the necklace. Only then he understood that this guy had already discovered his intention and fooled him for fun.

“I still need Paglio’s treasures for something important, so I can’t share them with you yet. This Evil Blue Tear can be regarded as compensation.”

“It really is the Evil Blue Tear!” Roman’s eyes lit up, “This is the strongest secret treasure of my Belphegor Royal Family after the Breeze Shadow Boots. How did you get it?”

Chen Rui pointed at Royce and Vasasha aside, “Thanks to my two powerful subordinates, who worked hard. They used some special secret method to detect the whereabouts of Evil Blue Tear. Finally, it got into my hands.”

“Special secret method?” Roman could tell that Royce and Vasasha were Great Demons, but not Belphegor Royal Family, so he wondered, “What secret method can sense my family’s secret treasure, Evil Blue Tear? Why don’t I even know?”

The so-called secret method was simply “rolling on bed”. Royce pretended not to hear and continued to talk to Arux next to him. Vasasha was shy, so she blushed when Roman asked that question. Fortunately, her skin was originally red, so it wasn’t obvious for a while.

“Since it’s a secret method, of course it’s their secret. Why are you asking so much? Try it on quickly. Delia and Athena are still waiting for you to wear this beautiful secret treasure.” Chen Rui laughed. This Evil Blue Tear was a women’s necklace. When he got it, he also hesitated. However, for , he had no choice but to hide in the room to wear it. For that, he was constantly laughed at by Athena.

Roman turned his head around and surely saw that the two ladies in the room were looking at him with earnest eyes. He finally understood Chen Rui’s “sinister” intentions, but a smile appeared on his face, “I’ll tell you one thing. The secret treasure of the Belphegor Royal Family isn’t used like this.”

Speaking, Roman’s emitted a faint light and the necklace gave out a strange light too. After being manipulated by Roman for a while, it turned into a pair of light blue glasses.

Roman put on the glasses and winked at Chen Rui coolly, “As you wish, my evil leader.”

It turns out that it can transform! Chen Rui, who wanted to make fun of Roman, patted his head in frustration: It’ll be good if I know it can be turned into a glasses. Wasn’t I being laughed at by Athena for nothing?

Athena pulled Delia and walked over while looking at Chen Rui with a smile. She was clearly gloating. Chen Rui walked over. As he was about to make a vengeful intimate move, he saw Athena let go of Delia’s hand and walked over. She said in a low voice, “There’s an important thing, my father has come to the Dark Moon.”

Chen Rui stunned: Athena’s father, the first general of the empire, George Wales actually came from Warlock Fortress to the Dark Moon!

“My father came secretly this time for our matter.” Athena bit her lip gently, “He received news at the Warlock Fortress saying that I was being deceived by a sly human in the Dark Moon City with certain methods…”

“It must be Sergey!” Chen Rui frowned, “How can that bastard distort the truth. It’s obviously you that deceived the mind and body of an innocent human by some means at Dark Moon.”

Athena punched him and coquettishly said, “Stop messing around. My father arrived at the Dark Moon 2 days ago. I confessed to him the things between us. He resolutely disagreed and even said he’ll take me back to Warlock Fortress. I kept trying to delay until Alice gave me an idea yesterday… ”

When Chen Rui heard little loli’s name, he knew that it was something bad, so he asked quickly, “What’s the idea?”

“It’s… to tell my father that I already have your child…” Athena’s cheeks heated. She whispered, “Could I really have one already?”

Despite being mentally prepared, Chen Rui was startled. This must be another unhealthy book that has the plot of ‘what’s done is done’! Facing Athena’s hopeful question, he could only smile bitterly. We haven’t even ‘papapa!’, how would we have a child? We’re not like medusa that can get pregnant after drinking some liquid…

“What did your father say?”

“My father… changed his mind.” Athena blinked her eyes and added innocently, “He decided to kill you before taking me away.”

It’s surely like that… Chen Rui was speechless for a while. The little loli might have a good intention, but she’s definitely the king of bad things. Besides, in such a way, I’ll definitely be seen guilty for deceiving Athena’s heart and body with schemes.

Athena saw Chen Rui’s downcast look and asked anxiously, “What should we do now?”

“Let me think…”

Chen Rui was a little troubled, then a voice had sounded, “What is there to think about? If he dare to kill Paglio’s companion, I’ll kill him now!”

It’s the poison dragon! Chen Rui and Athena were both surprised. Then, they saw that Paglio, Roman and others were listening attentively to the conversation between them. Their conversation just now must have been heard by these guys.

Athena was shy, but her eyes glared, “Paglio, are you going to kill my father?”

“Since it’s your father, then I’ll reluctantly make him half-dead and throw him out of Dark Moon.” Paglio patted his chest, “Relax, Chen Rui! No one can take Athena away when I’m here.”

“Enough!” Chen Rui quickly stopped the proud Paglio. This guy is obviously making things worse. He is absolutely unreliable.

Athena has always admired his father, George since she was a child. The relationship between the father and daughter is very good. The empire’s first general and father-in-law must not be offended. The problem is that father-in-law’s loyalty to Princess Royal is well known. Therefore, many secrets can’t be revealed to him now. Perhaps I’ll get some facts clarified first, then I will try to get approval.

Chen Rui suddenly thought of a western comedy that he watched: “Meet the Parents” [1].

It was about the future son-in-law meeting his future father-in-law. As a result, everything was in chaos, but finally, the future son-in-law succeeded. It seems that this film even had a sequel.

In other words, the ugly son-in-law will have to meet his parents-in-law sooner or later.

“I have an idea.” This time it was Roman who spoke. This guy also had a bad intention. He said with a strong curse, “I propose that everyone go with you to see General George, at least we can help you collect your corpse or something.”

The poison dragon immediately voted in favor and set the eyes on Royce and others. Chen Rui didn’t know if it was the Dragon’s Demeanor intimidation or they just wanted to watch his misery, the 3 servants actually raised their hands without integrity. Delia’s hand was raised earlier by Roman.

“Let’s go! Let’s go!” Dodo actually took the initiative. The slime waiter who had been secretly drinking was obviously drunk, so he joined in the commotion with unclear speech. Ultimately, he couldn’t stand still as his onion’s body turned into a pool of transparent liquid that laid on the floor softly.

“Since everyone agreed, it has been decided.” Paglio was afraid that the world wouldn’t be in chaos and grinned, “Since we’re at it, let’s go now!”

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