Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 224 - The Unexpected Cardinal

Chapter 224: The Unexpected Cardinal

“Impossible! You’re clearly a member of Beelzebub Royal Family!” The red light in Guradam’s eyes was obviously shaking, “Otherwise, how could you use the God-Eating Mask?”

“It’s just like the masked one isn’t necessarily the Beelzebub Royal Family; a mysterious mask with the ability to devour isn’t necessarily the God-Eating Mask.” Chen Rui obviously played a riddle to cover up the artifact, which made Guradam’s mind even more confused.

Guradam hissed, “What did you do to the fountain of vitality!”

“I was thirsty, so I drank it all. It’s that simple.” Chen Rui walked toward Guradam step by step. “You should worry about yourself.”

Guradam sneered, “So what if you an’t affected by the silver box’s power! With your current strength, you can’t hurt me at all!”

Chen Rui said with confidence, “I heard that corpse necromancer will hide their soul essence in some kind of container. As long as the soul essence isn’t destroyed, they can always be resurrected. If I can find this container and use my territory’s power to devour the soul essence, can you survive? Haven’t you been unable to leave here? Then, I can be sure that the container is within these treasures!”

Guradam was startled secretly and sneered, “What can you do even if you know about this? There are so many treasures, how would you know where I hid it? By the time you find it, my magic would’ve been restored to the point that I can kill you! We can do nothing to each other now. If you’re smart enough, leave here with your companions immediately, or else…”

“You’re wrong. I don’t need to know where it’s hidden. I just have to take all of it.” Chen Rui waved his hand and a few things at the bottom of the fountain of vitality suddenly disappeared. Then, he walked to the front of those boxes and waved again. The boxes disappeared one by one. Immediately afterward, mountains of gems disappeared again. Guradam finally couldn’t stand it anymore. This guy isn’t even using space equipment at all but some sort of space magic that is said to be lost! Even more frightening is that the space of this magic seems to be infinite!

Guradam black smoke was like wind, and it quickly flew to the bottom of a treasure mountain. He quickly grabbed a small bottle from within. At that moment, Chen Rui also caught up. He waved both his hands and the mountain of treasure disappeared without a trace.

After a while, the entire treasure was evacuated. Except for the phylactery in corpse necromancer’s hand, there was nothing left. It was quite neat.

Facing the empty hall, Roman and Delia, who had been a little numb, were shocked again. They could only smile bitterly while looking at each other.

“My treasure!” Guradam screamed madly. The black smoke under his feet extended and wrapped around Chen Rui, “Damn guy! I’ll turn you into a wrath and tortured you with the fire of soul forever!”

Although Guradam yelled fiercely, he didn’t dare to use his spiritual body to attack. He had experienced the immeasurable, scary devouring force from “Glorfin’s” territory. Based on the territory, his real strength should be Demon Overlord. If his strength were’t sealed for an unknown reason, I wouldn’t be able to rival, and my hope for revenge would also be slim.

“Although I can’t kill you, I can kill your companions now and follow you until my magic recovers. I said…” Guradam was roaring when he felt a strange liquid splashed to his body. Originally, he was only a black smoke spiritual body. However, this liquid had a strange breath that even the spiritual body could feel. It seemed to be an extremely powerful breath of life. It was full of constant rebirth and prosperity. It was definitely good for ordinary people, but it was the scariest poison for an undead!

Guradam made an earth-shattering cry. The phylactery in his hands that was covered with that liquid was also heated. It burned burning his hands that he almost dropped it accidentally. That container was closely linked to Guradam’s life so the poor corpse necromancer had to desperately wrap the bottle with his black smoke. It felt like his hands that were made with condensed ice were grabbing a burning red iron ball. The dark smoke on Guradam’s body became thinner in the blink of an eye, and the red light in his eyes was extremely dim, as if he was greatly damaged.

“Glorfin” actually hid such an ultimate move! What kind of liquid is that? It’s so terrifying! Guradam didn’t dare to stay. He desperately picked up the hot phylactery and rushed out of the door.

“Glorfin Beelzebub, I will never let you go! I will curse your soul with the most vicious spell!” The scream of corpse necromancer echoed on the way to escape.

Chen Rui looked at the empty medicine bottle in his hand and shook his head regretfully: 1 million aura is gone.

However, speaking of it, splashing the highest grand master-level black potion – resurrection potion at an undead was like splashing sulfuric acid on a child. It was too cruel.

Although the damage of resurrection potion to the corpse necromancer was severe, Chen Rui wasn’t sure that Guradam wouldn’t kill him after recovering magic power. Therefore, they should definitely not stay at this place for long. Since they got everything they wanted, it was better to leave immediately.

Chen Rui came to Roman’s side and held him up. Dodo also stretched his body to lift up Delia.

“I can’t describe you with words anymore.” Roman smiled bitterly, “It seems that I’m not even qualified to be a follower. It was you who have been filling the pit.”

Before Chen Rui spoke, Delia said, “Are you a human or Beelzebub Royal Family? Are you Glorfin or Richard?”

“Of course I’m a human. My real name is Chen Rui.” Chen Rui said in a very flashy way. He felt like Yekai from books written by Gu Long [1], “As for the poor Glorfin, we’ll let the corpse necromancer curse as he likes.”

“Chen Rui…” Delia looked at him seriously, “Do you know why I want to ask clearly?”

If it was Roman who asked him, Chen Rui would’ve made fun of it. However, if he used that attitude toward Delia, it wouldn’t be a joke but a flirt. Thus, he had to shake his head honestly.

There was a hint of warmth in Delia’s eyes, “As a team member, I just want to know the real name of my team leader.”

Chen Rui smiled. The harvest from this Silent Night Wetland trip was really big as it wasn’t just treasures.

That silver box was very weird. It was like the God-Eating Mask initially. Itcouldn’t be stored in the storage space. Chen Rui had to pack it into the backpack that Dodo initially “lived”. The same was true for Delia’s “round mirror”. It couldn’t be kept into space equipment, so it was also packed into a bag.

Chen Rui and his team left the treasure hall and went up the stairs to the upper hall. Along the way, Chen Rui used his knowledge in dragon inscription to avoid many traps. Under the function of a <Return to Starting Point>, the party returned to the first floor very quickly. After walking out of the first floor of the underground cave, the familiar jungle finally entered their sight.

They’ve finally avoided danger with a lot of effort and walked to the entrance of the forest.

Delia and Roman had gradually recovered from the influence of the silver box, but at present, the trio and Dodo were already wounded and exhausted.

Delia suddenly looked cautious. Her body stopped and blocked before Chen Rui and Roman. At that moment, a horrifying power came to their faces. The strength of this power was above the Guradam’s magic territory in the hall! If it was hit directly, let alone Roman, even if Chen Rui had the characteristics of <Regeneration> and <Astral Form>, he would probably shatter.

“Poom!” The terrifying power hit a thing firmly. That thing was exactly the round “mirror” Delia got from the treasure. Unsure what method she used, that “mirror” turned into a small round shield and actually blocked that terrifying attack. However, that power was too strong. Although Dalia relied on the shield to block it, she couldn’t stand still. She staggered a few steps back and vomited blood, dyeing her veil red.

“Who are you?!” Roman held Delia and shouted furiously.

“Let’s go…” Delia ignored her serious injury, “It’s Broc…”

Chen Rui and Roman were taken aback together. Broc!

Broc actually appears at such a critical time. It’s literally <Doom>!

A cold snort sounded. In the fog ahead, a man’s figure gradually became clear. A black power spread across the ground like a giant hand and dyed the ground black with the man as the starting point.

Chen Rui made a decisive decision and pulled Delia and Roman passed an inscription behind him. They were about to run away, but the black on the ground had quickly extended to surround the three. They felt that their feet were extremely heavy. It wasn’t only gravity but also a strange power that made Chen Rui and others couldn’t move.

Chen Rui could feel that this power was even stronger than the territory’s power previously!

This man was tall and handsome. He was wearing silver armor while his long blue hair and white cloak fluttered in the wind. He looked very formidable. However, after taking a closer look, there were actually densely packed spots on his face as if it was pockmark.

Chen Rui and Broc’s “relationship” was quite “intimate”; while his relationship with Christina also arose from this. If it weren’t for Christina’s timely appearance and the use of Nirvana blood, Chen Rui would have died in this cruel, vicious man’s hands. Certainly, Broc also remembered clearly the ant who countered his strongest <The Eye of Incubus> and severely damaged him with poison.

Broc’s blue eyes had long been replaced by the black of <The Eye of Incubus>, which was the source of the black territory on the ground. The stern eyes full of murderousness first looked at Chen Rui. The invisible pressure gave Chen Rui the feeling like a frog being staring by a poisonous snake. He hurriedly calmed his mind with the calm mind formula secretly to suppress the fear.

“Shouldn’t you honor your elder brother? Delia.” Broc’s sight stayed on Chen Rui for a moment. Then, he looked past Roman and focused on the small round shield in Delia’s hand. His eyes became heated, “No wonder part of the attack was countered. It turned out that you’ve obtained the Illusive Shield! Then you must’ve thought you can get rid of the <Soul Shackles> of your master, I?”

Hearing the word “master” at the back, both Roman and Chen Rui’s eyes were angered almost at the same time: This Broc, even used <Soul Shackles> to enslave his own sister. Not only that, Roman’s father was also killed in Broc’s hands. There were both new hatred and old grudges.

“Both of you leave first!” Delia ignored Broc, “1 minute, if the two of you are still here, I’ll commit suicide.”

“That’s so touching, Delia, my sister. Don’t you hate men the most? Other than the incompetent Belphegor, why did you hook up with an ant?”

“Broc, why is your face so bumpy? Are you not recovered from the poison yet?” Chen Rui spoke suddenly, asking with a lot of concern, but Broc’s face changed.

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