Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 222 - Armistice Agreement

Chapter 222: Armistice Agreement

The corpse necromancer’s voice revealed a strong hatred, “It seems that you know the dragon, but unfortunately, he and I are enemies. In this case, let’s settle both old and new grudges now!”

“Really?” Chen Rui looked thoughtful, “Then, let’s talk about another thing. Your current approach is just to devour flesh with your spirit. As a Demon Emperor powerhouse, master of necromancy and dark magic, you don’t have to use such a troublesome method to deal with us. Even when we were upstairs, you never used magic. Also, the resurrected corpses were just an illusion. They had no real combat power. So, I’ll wildly guess that for some reason… you can no longer use magic?”

Guradam’s eyes were shining red and the black smoke began to spread again, gradually coming closer. Chen Rui seemed to not see it. He still maintained his rhythm of speaking, “Although you have created a projection on the upper layer by some method, your actual body hasn’t been able to leave this place. As far as I know, every corpse necromancer has a most important phylactery. Then, if I continue to assume, is your phylactery here… or perhaps it’s in this pool?”

Guradam suddenly laughed creepily, “Interesting reasoning! Interesting guy!”

After staying with a pair of super-reasoning sisters for a long time, I must be infected more or less! Chen Rui didn’t look modest at all, but he was secretly terrified. Since he would die regardless, might as well try his luck.

“You’re very clever, but you’ve guessed a lot of things wrongly…” Guradam’s dark smoke had sealed Chen Rui from every direction. Roman and Delia who were outside tried to rush out several times, but were forced to come back. Dodo’s two eyes emerged from the backpack and saw at his master being surrounded by the black smoke in horror.

“Before turning you into a skeleton, I’ll tell you one thing.”

Guradam said coldly, “I haven’t lost my power to use magic. It’s just that I don’t know what method you used at the hall upstairs just now to devour my magic territory, so I can’t use magic temporarily. At that time, I could only use projection to exert my spirit to devour that woman. Then, all of you stupid guys started to kill each other… For you to come here, it really surprised me. Not only can I leave now, but I can also get this huge amount of treasure!”

“So that’s the case. No wonder you only devoured Akui and the resurrected corpses had no strength at all. They were purely for bluffing. If Casillas and we worked together to deal with you, we might have escaped.” Chen Rui frowned, “Based on what you said, your original plan was just to continuously absorb souls to escape with your actual body, but you never thought about getting these treasures…”

“Before that, I really can’t leave here. At that time, I just wanted to use my soul power to completely transfer my actual body to the projection outside… The reason you talk so much is nothing more than to delay time. Unfortunately, this pool is a fountain of vitality. The longer it takes, the faster my magic power recovers!”

Guradam’s eyes flashed in red and a large amount of smoke spread around, even the entrance was blocked, “You all have no chance. All of you will die here!”

Fountain of vitality. That pool is actually a fountain of vitality! As soon as Chen Rui was distracted, Guradam’s black smoke had tightly wrapped around him.

As Guradam was about to devour Chen Rui’s consciousness with his spirit, then tearing off Chen Rui’s flesh, he suddenly felt that the scene changed and he appeared in a void. There was a huge fiery red ball in the center, exuding terrifying destructive strength. Even Guradam couldn’t help but tremble in the face of this strength.

There were a lot of other strange spheres floating around the fireball around in a strange rhythm.

“Welcome to my… territory.” A familiar voice appeared in the void and Chen Rui’s figure gradually became clear.

Territory! Guradam was taken aback. The power of the “territory” is something that only someone with at least Demon Emperor-strength could have. Even if this guy defeated the Great Demon King, Casillas with his secret skills, how can he have territory when his strength is clearly Demon King. Besides, this territory faintly reveals a kind of law which even my Demon Emperor-level pseudo-territory can only look up to!

“Lies! This low-class hallucination can never deceive me, Guradam!”

Guradam’s eyes flickered and a wavy circle of spirit rippled around him, but the void around him remained unchanged. The corpse necromancer was slightly surprised. He waved his hand, and a black spear appeared out of thin air and penetrated Chen Rui immediately. However, Chen Rui didn’t look any different. He just shook his head, “You still don’t believe it?”

Guradam reluctantly tried several more magic and none of them succeeded. Finally, he began to face this Demon King-level “territory” seriously.

“How are you able to have this type of territory?! Who are you?!” The corpse necromancer confirmed that he couldn’t damage his opponent, and he was finally moved.

“Actually… the traps around the treasure are all Dragon Inscriptions!” Chen Rui continued to reveal shocking news, “Have you thought about it? Why was I able to solve all the traps?”

The corpse necromancer couldn’t stay calm and shouted, “You’re a dragon? Impossible! Without considering the black flame which might be just another special skill. Yet, the territory that devoured magic power was clearly depended on the Beelzebub’s God-Eating Mask! You obviously are a Beelzebub Royal Family!”

“You don’t have to care who I am.” Chen Rui said pretentiously, “You just have to know your current situation. Surrender or die.”

“Stop boasting! You have no right to threaten me!” The corpse necromancer sneered proudly, “No matter your origin, you’re just a weak Demon King now. If you can really exert the power of territory, you would have killed everyone easily earlier! This territory is just an empty shell. You’ve no control at all!”

“Empty shell?” Chen Rui smiled. Indeed, he was now under the “side-effect” period of <Scorching Dragon Possession> and couldn’t use any skills. However, the functions of the Super System itself weren’t affected. The storage and exchange center could still be used. This also included <Star Devouring>.

Although Star Devouring still had quite some amount of Glorfin’s soul that was undigested, for now, betting on this was Chen Rui’s only hope. By now, he had exhausted his last bullet.

Guradam suddenly felt that the surrounding space had changed. The solar system disappeared instantly and the distorted space at centre formed a strange bottomless blackhole. This blackhole exuded a scary attraction. Guradam felt that his soul was devoured involuntarily at high speed. He continuously used a few methods in fear, but he couldn’t stop that horrifying force. The black smoke around him had become blurred. At the last moment, the blackhole gradually disappeared and changed back to the original solar system.

“I can’t control the territory?” Chen Rui’s figure reappeared and said with a mockery in his voice, “Would you like me to repeat your choice?”

Guradam felt that most of his soul had been devoured, and he was extremely fearful: This guy really has the power to control the territory. Besides, this territory is too horrifying!

“I admit that you’re strong, but your strength is limited at here only.”

The arrogance in the corpse necromancer’s tone had disappeared and he seemed very cautious, “It should be due to some kind of seal that you who only have Demon King-level strength on the outside. You can obviously only perform territory in the conscious world. This is not all of my soul. So, even if you devoured this part of my soul, as long as the phylactery is present, you still can’t eliminate me! After my magical power recovers with the help of the fountain of vitality, I can still kill you!”

The corpse necromancer was telling the truth. However, if this part of the soul was really devoured, then the damage to himself would be huge. It might take a long time to recover. During this time,the corpse necromancer’s combat power would greatly reduce, and it’d be difficult to resist actual strong enemies.

Actually, the corpse necromancer didn’t know that not only was Chen Rui strong on the outside, but weak on the inside, but this “sealed powerhouse” who had a territory was also nervous. Certainly, Chen Rui wanted to devour the corpse necromancer completely. It was just that the warning that Star Devouring was about to overflow had just appeared in the Super System. If he wanted to completely devour this part of Guradam’s soul, he’d suffer a scary backfire that might cause his consciousness to collapse.

Currently, both of them were afraid. If the corpse necromancer had really determined to give up this part of soul, then the loser must be Chen Rui.

“We can reach a temporary armistice agreement that will take effect before we leave this place.” The corpse necromancer added when he saw Chen Rui’s pondering face, “As long as you let me go, I’ll give you half of the treasure. By the way, I want to remind you that your companions are already under my control. If you agree to a truce, all of you can leave safely.”

“It sounds good. Actually, I only need the 3 most important things.” Chen Rui certainly agreed to the agreement, but he would never trust the words of the corpse necromancer. Therefore, he shook his head, “Yet, why should I believe in you?”

“How about swearing under the name of the Mammon Royal Family?” The corpse necromancer saw Chen Rui shaking his head, then he said while clenching his teeth, “Then, I’ll use the name of Guradam! You must also swear under the name of Beelzebub Royal Family and the artifact!”

The last name in the Demon Realm represented dignity and glory; whereas the first name was the root of a person. Thus, such oath was the heaviest.

The Beelzebub Royal Family and my real name? Chen Rui sighed “heavily” and the God-Eating Mask appeared on his face, “I guess I really can’t hide. My name is Glorfin Beelzebub.”

“I, Glorfin Beelzebub swears by the God-Eating Mask that I agree to the armistice agreement with the corpse necromancer, Guradam. If I break my promise, my body will be completely destroyed, my soul will be completely devoured, the artifact will fall into the hands of others and the Beelzebub Royal Family will never be restored!”

Guradam was taken aback by the deadliness of this oath. He was finally relieved, and he also made a deadly oath.

He didn’t know that Chen Rui wasn’t swearing, but stating the facts. Poor Glorfin’s body was truly gone, his soul was almost digested and his artifact had fallen into the hands of a human. As for the last sentence, if Glorfin knew, he would clench his teeth and scold: This man is too noxious. Not only that he robbed my soul and artifact, he even cursed the Beelzebub Royal Family to never be restored…

After the oath, Chen Rui moved his mind and Guradam felt that the scene had changed. He had returned to the treasure hall. He was indeed released from that terrifying territory.

Due to the constraints of the oaths, both of them stopped any further action. Guradam also withdrew the black smoke covering Delia and Roman and said coldly, “Our agreement only takes effect here. After today, I’ll look for you sooner or later, Glorfin Beelzebub!”

Delia and Roman were ready to face death after being covered with Guradam’s smoke, but they unexpectedly escaped. They knew that it must be Chen Rui, so they were grateful. Suddenly, they heard the last sentence from the corpse necromancer and looked shocked, “Glorfin!”

400 years ago, Glorfin Beelzebub rebelled at the Dark Moon, and he almost subverted the Fallen Angel Empire of the Lucifer Royal Family. It wasn’t a big news that the Beelzebub was eventually defeated by the Lord of Midnight Sun, but it was definitely a huge event that was marked on the history of the Demon Realm in the past few hundred years.

“King of Beelzebub… no wonder you have the God-Eating Mask!” Roman looked like he realized something. Delia wanted to ask about Athena, but after thinking about it, she finally held herself back.

Chen Rui smiled bitterly and didn’t explain. Besides, he couldn’t explain it now.

The King of Beelzebub? Guradam saw Roman’s expression and nodded secretly. Then, he heard Chen Rui saying, “There are 3 items that I must get. As for the remaining…”

“3?” Guradam was a bit surprised, “You are indeed the king of Beelzebub. Initially, I wanted to give you half of the treasure… Why not take as much as you want of the remaining. As long as you can , you can take it all! However, that’s limited to before you leave!”

Who said I don’t want the other half! Chen Rui scolded. The corpse necromancer is obviously pretending to be generous. Yet, considering the capacity of the storage has increased greatly in the Alkaid state, I can keep everything if I want to.

However, Guradam isn’t a kind soul. I should find what I needed the most first.

“Okay!” Chen Rui sighed, “Delia, go and get your family’s secret treasure first. Roman, take whatever you want.”

Delia’s eyes lit up. She immediately activated <The Eye of Incubus> and walked toward the signal. Roman nodded at Chen Rui: Regardless of his Beelzebub’s identity, human’s identity, it has nothing to do with me. I just have to know that he is my partner.

“Guradam, you should be very familiar with this place. The first thing I need to find is the secret treasure of taurens…”

Chen Rui described the appearance of the Eye of Sauron. Guradam had turned these treasures around over the years. He hoped that Chen Rui would get what he wanted and leave earlier. Therefore, he thought for a moment and told him that it was in the third box on the left.

Chen Rui walked over and opened the box. There were all kinds of strange objects in it. After a while, he finally found the Eye of Sauron. This fist-sized red crystal looked like an eye. The pupil seemed to be alive, and it seemed to have some changes.

With this thing, Paglio can break free from the <Lock of Light and Dark>! Not only that, the taurens at the underground world of Mountain Xilang can also lift their unknown curse. Chen Rui immediately put the Eye of Sauron into his storage.

“The second thing is a silver box.”

When Chen Rui said the characteristics of the silver box, Guradam immediately blurted out, “No!”

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