Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 19 - Progress 100%! Powerful Potioneer

Chapter 19: Progress 100%! Powerful Potioneer

With everyone looking, Chen Rui looked at the potion in his hand and walked over to Master Aldas. He let master smelled it and received a few whispers, only then he brewed an antidote in a flurry. He drank it first, then clench his teeth and drank Sandro’s poison.

One second, two seconds… One minute, two minutes had passed. The human was still alive. Instead, he looked surprised. It seemed Master Aldas’s antidote worked. The audience immediately cheered. Regardless, at least the reputation of Dark Moon City was saved. Only those who bet on the human being poisoned to death had a bitter face.

Of course, Chen Rui was surprised because the Super System’s startup progress that had been stagnant actually rose to 91.5%!

The effect was not bad. It actually rose 1.5% with the condition of high completion progress!

The two referee masters looked at Chen Rui who was safe and sound, then they looked at Sandro. Sandro had a big surprise. He never thought Aldas was so powerful that he was able to analyze the poison’s composition solely by smelling.

“Hmph, he was just lucky.” Sandro’s surprise only lasted for a few seconds, and he immediately began to brew a potion. It was just a trial just now. The human apprentice was obviously a novice, so he didn’t have to worry about speed. He could configure a complex poison with a peace of mind.

Ten minutes later, Sandro’s new poison was introduced again, and Chen Rui could only barely mix a portion of the recipe. Even the amateur audience could tell from the anxious look of Aldas that the situation wasn’t good.

Like the previous one, Chen Rui took the potion again nervously; accepted the analysis and guidance of Aldas; then he first drank the brewed antidote then drank Sandro’s poison.

The result once again stunned the genius potioneer and the potion masters. After a while, humans were still up and running, and the startup progress of the system had reached 94% while the audience was cheering.

Chen Rui could barely hide his excitement within: Let the storm gets heavier!

In order to provoke Sandro’s desire to win, Chen Ruil looked had a painful look at the third poison trial. He slowly sat on the ground with his hands holding his stomach while his body slightly shivering. The subtle and detailed performance style made the audience anxious. Even Athena couldn’t help but stand up in worry.

When everyone was focusing, the human stood up again unsteadily. After staggering a few steps, he finally stood firm and wheezed toward the table. He revealed a look as if he almost died.

Athena and everyone cheered, except the little loli at the side shaking her head gently: Using the human’s words, his acting lacks connotation. He is at most a side-character level. If it was me, I can at least get Oscar’s nomination…

“That is impossible!” Sandro’s face was full of disbelief. He clenched his teeth and yelled.

He had been titled as the genius for nearly a hundred years. When his name shocked the nation, that miserable dark elf was still an apprentice somewhere. If it wasn’t for the oath to create a new poison, he would have long been a master. Even those potion masters gave him their respects.

Such a mediocre person who relied on the support and funding of Princess Royal to reluctantly pass the master-level assessment, how could Aldas cure the new poison of his, as a master-level genius that secretly developed for years to succeed in creating this new lethal poison!

It was a known fact that detoxification was more difficult than poisoning. Especially in such a situation, it was subject to time and material constraints. Was it possible for some people to give earlier Aldas the new poison that he secretly developed for many years so that Aldas could research its antidote? That hypothesis was obviously impossible.

Like many other cities in the Demon Realm, the Dark Moon Estate’s residents were highly territorial. Although Chen Rui was a human, and he was being treated with hostility; for now, this apprentice represented the Dark Moon in the eyes of these audiences whereas those from the capital were foreigners, so they booed at Sandro.

“With such a weak body still dares to challenge Master Aldas!”

“What genius is that? He can’t even rival with our weakest apprentice in the Dark Moon. Go back to the capital city and train before you come!”

“I think that his poison can’t even kill a worm. If I was me, it will be easier than that human!”


Being titled as the No. 1 genius for years, Sandro never experienced such contempt. He was furious that his face was ashen. The most powerful strike back for now was to have the human poisoned until they were nothing left of him so that the audience could shut their damn mouth.

Sandro took a deep breath, his ego was gone completely. Finally, he calmed down. Since Aldas was a pro that hid his light under the bushel, Sandro should also go all out and use his full potential to defeat the opponent.

This time, Sandro wanted to configure his highest achievement in these years, Soul-Eating Poison. After the research was successful, it was tested on a venomous wyvern. The result was even the wyvern couldn’t stand the poison. It was very difficult to configure the Soul-Eating Poison. Even with Sandro’s current level, it had a certain chance of failure which was accompanied by great danger. Yet, Sandro couldn’t care that much anymore. He wanted to prove to everyone that he was the most outstanding genius potion master, and the rest of geniuses were just his stepping stones!

Looking at Sandro gasping just now, Chen Rui was worried that this guy suddenly had a heart attack or even had a suicidal accident like Aldas at that time. Currently, the Super System has reached 98%, just a little bit more… Brother Sandro, the revolution hasn’t succeeded yet. Comrade, you still need to work hard. You must hold on to it!

If Sandro knew that Chen Rui was still cheering for him, he would be so touched with blood oozes out from his nose, mouth, and eyes; but at this time, the lich was completely focused in brewing the potion. It was undeniable that this lich who was supposed to be skilled in magic really had an extraordinary talent in pharmaceutics. When he got into the groove, his anxiety and anger gradually calm down, leaving focus only.

Master Kemp looked at Chen Rui, and he subtly awared that something was wrong, but he couldn’t pinpoint which part was wrong.

Since Sandro’s second failure, Master Kemp began to pay attention to the actions of the human apprentice. From the clumsy movement and unfamiliar approach, Chen Rui was definitely a novice. The “antidote” that was brewed slowly just seemed to be a few of the most basic recipes. It was impossible to be used in such a level of life and death battle. Besides, the configuration of “antidote” by this guy was even messier and unreasonable. Some were even poisons. He truly didn’t know what advice did Aldas give, but it just happened to cure Sandro’s deadly poison!

Just as Master Kemp being puzzled, Sandro finally completed the configuration of the Soul-Eating Poison. The genius potioneer who had his fighting spirit aroused performed quite perfectly this time as the configuration was successful at once.

Sandro carefully held the potion in his hands, feeling the strong confidence of being a genius returning to him. He firmly believed that even a real dragon downed this potion, it was impossible to have nothing happened!

It was just that Sandro seemed to have forgotten that there was a kind of dragon that was the so-called “origin” of poison. Although Soul-Eating Poison was powerful, it was far from reaching that height – besides, even the horrifying poison from the dragon couldn’t do anything to some rookie apprentice!

When Chen Rui took the potion and went to Aldas again according to the script, Sandro spoke, “Wait!”

“Before both of you died, I have something to say.” Sandro looked at Aldas and Chen Rui with a sly look. “Aldas, I know you aren’t injured! You made your apprentice take part is entirely because you’re envious of my talent, so you want to humiliate me in public!”

Sandro’s speech used <Magic Echo> and resounded throughout the arena. The surrounding was immediately calmed.

“Aldas, first of all, I must first admit that you are a genius who has been underestimated. You cured my first two deadly poison by your apprentice’s hand. With your talents, you shouldn’t stay in this poor and ugly town! Unfortunately, you are extremely idiotic that you actually refused the invitation of the two masters and the kindness of the Regent. So, you have to die today!”

Those words were very arrogant, completely ignoring the presence of Princess Royal Shea. The audience was angered after hearing that Sandro despised the Dark Moon City.

Joseph’s eyes narrowed slightly. Sandro came to the Dark Moon City to challenge was really instructed by Regent Obsidian. Not only to expel and eliminate Aldas, but also to remind Princess Royal. It seemed that Princess Shea’s activities these years gradually attracted the attention of the Regent. What Regent Obsidian needed was a captive animal that could be slaughtered at will, rather than a beast that could strike back at any time!

Joseph’s sight sneakily moved to Shea’s face. Princess Royal didn’t show any anger or panic on her face; She still watched calmed at the stage like a block of never-melting ice.

“With just your death wasn’t enough to pay for your humiliation. I want the people close to you to suffer unimaginable pain!” Sandro’s tone was extremely ghastly. “Aldas, why don’t you drink this bottle of Soul-Eating Poison yourself, I’ll keep your apprentice’s life, but I will castrate him then give it to a homosexual demon so that he’ll be as good as death…”

F*ck! Chen Rui had goosebumps all over. I didn’t expect Sandro to be so vicious. Since the soul-crossing, he was having a strong murderous intention to a person for the first time. In any case, this bastard must die!

Sandro’s expression was getting increasingly sinister and suddenly grinned, “Oh right, Don’t you still have a sister that was lost since young. I will do my best to find her and train her to be the cheapest wh*re. If I got bored, I can still use her like a poison trial subject. It’s such a wonderful idea to just think about it.”

Aldas’s eyes instantly became fierce and blue electric sparks started to appear on his body. It was clearly a sign of an outbreak.

Sandro was fearless. Lich himself was a magic-talented race. Moreover, once Aldas physically harm him, Aldas would be judged as lost in this battle of life and death which was equivalent to a death penalty for the dark elf.

The vast majority of the audience didn’t understand the rules. Looking at the situation, it seemed to be turning into a physical fight; their interest greatly increased and their cheers were even louder.

“Master!” Chen Rui noticed the situation was going wrong, so he went to Aldas’s side and whispered, “If you want this bastard to die, listen to me. I have a plan!”

Aldas recollected his mind and temporarily suppressed the anger in his heart, “What plan do you have?”

Chen Rui leaned closer to Aldas’s ear and told him his spontaneous idea. Aldas, who was initially angry became fascinated and looked at Chen Rui with a strange face. The human apprentice nodded firmly at him, pretending to listen to the master’s instructions. He then walked Sandro in a few steps and said loudly, “Master just said that you are trash, pretending to be a genius and deceived the entire empire for many years. He can simply make a fart and poison you to death! As for this potion… it’s just like supplements; it doesn’t have much toxic.”

While saying, he came to the table, simply mixed a few bottles of potion and drank it as an antidote. He then raised his head and downed the entire bottle of Soul-Eating Poison.

Everyone’s eyes were concentrated on the human apprentice. They saw Chen Rui’s body trembled a little, and his face turned strange.

What kind of expression is that? He actually looks very excited? Including Sandro himself was stunned. Was it truly a supplement just now?

Of course, Chen Rui’s excitement wasn’t for that reason, but it was because the Soul-Eating Poison just now was really effective! The Super System’s progress had finally reached 100%!

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