Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 13 - Iceberg Sister Princess Royal

Chapter 13: Iceberg Sister Princess Royal

Soon, Kia woke up too. While the group riding tri-horned rhinos back to Dark Moon City, Chen Rui was shocked by Alice along the way and was dispirited. Alice was very satisfied with her “victory”, and she was on cloud nine.

Upon their arrival at the city gate, the Sheriff General Alan stopped the four of them again because Princess Royal wanted to summon Chen Rui. He let them go to the palace’s council hall as soon as possible. When the demon general conveyed the order, there was jealousy in his eyes – this man who was originally a prisoner. Why is he so lucky to be valued by the Master Aldas. Now, he is even personally summoned by Princess Shea!

Chen Rui learned from Athena that Princess Shea was a resolute and ruthless ruler; she had the demeanor of the Lord of Midnight Sun. Everyone in Dark Moon City extremely revered her. He knew that once the news that he was accepted as an apprentice by Aldas spread, it would catch the attention of Princess Royal; but he did not expect to be summoned so quickly, so he was a little anxious.

Upon entering the palace gate, Alice took him to the side and said fiercely to his ear, “Don’t tell my sister anything I said along the way today, otherwise, I will castrate you!” ”

Although her threat was still sturdy, Chen Rui noticed that the little loli was finally scared. Thank God. What Athena said is right. This weird little princess still has a nemesis.

Chen Rui endured the itchy feeling at his ears and deliberately whispered a question, “So, I don’t have to be responsible for you anymore? Or the child in your stomach…”

“Don’t you dare to say!” Little loli gave a murderous stare. “Are you daydreaming? Athena was there. If you really dared to do anything to me, your hands would be incapacitated by now!”

Chen Rui showed a sudden realization on his face, “Oh, it’s like that! Initially, I thought it was impossible, but little princess’s acting was really amazing. It’s like it was real along the way, I almost believed in it confusingly.”

“Acting?” Alice immediately understood the meaning of that word and asked with concern, “What I said just now…”

“Don’t worry! Even if Princess Royal tortures, threatens… or lures, I will not say anything! If little princess won’t believe, you can try using <Mind Reading>.” Chen Rui imitated Athena to pat his chest. Unfortunately, his chest muscle development was far less than the violent girl, no matter how hard he patted, there weren’t any curves on it.

Little loli still didn’t know that her lies were exposed and she patted Chen Rui’s shoulder satisfactorily as if a president meeting a soldier: “It’s okay. I believe in you. After this, remember to make a few more burr puzzles… I will not treat you badly.”

Chen Rui directly ignored the last few words of little loli. They came before the council hall, a cold-looking grim reaper gave Alice a bow, “Princess Alice, please wait outside, Princess Shea must first summon this human.”

“Thanks for your hard work, Head of Imperial Guard, Kaguron.” Alice’s disguise was indeed strong. She was the epitome of a fair lady at that moment.

Kaguron nodded and went to Chen Rui. His grimness gaze didn’t change at all and said, “Human, come with me.”

Chen Rui followed Kagulon into the council hall. The council hall was very spacious and the furnishings were very simple. On top of the steps at the center stood a young woman with a crown and pleated skirt. That was Princess Royal, Shea, the most beautiful woman of Dark Moon.

When Chen Rui saw Princess Royal, his first reaction was to be shocked by her beauty. Perfect, this was the closest adjective he could think of. Regardless of the appearance and temperament, she was perfect. As compared with her sister, Alice was just an immature child. As for the so-called celebrities and stars in his previous life were just vulgar; not worth mentioning.

If one had to pick out a flaw, that would be the princess’s cold temperament. The pair of amethyst-like eyes were exuding faint coldness.

Chen Rui once chose royal sister in a vote of “Does otaku like royal sister or loli” in one cyber cafe without hesitation, and added a comment of “Mighty Royal Sister”!

Obviously, she was the goddess among the royal sisters, the royal sister among the goddesses; the iceberg royal sister!

Princess Royal saw the human’s absent-minded look and frowned. The Aldas who was on the side coughed softly and made Chen Rui suddenly wake up. He quickly arranged his thoughts and bowed his head – although this is a usual man’s response, this is not a goddess but a female demon king, my life is still in her hands. I’ll be in trouble if I irritate her.

There was a man on each side of Shea. Aldas was at the opposite of a whitehaired elder; his face was dry; his eyes were squinting which made him seem to be dozing off; there were three long horns that curving backward on top of his head.

“Your Royal Highness, the human is here.”

“Kaguron, guard the entrance of the council hall from now. No one is allowed to enter, even if it’s Alice.” Princess Royal said coldly.

Kaguron bowed and immediately retreated.

Shea’s sight fell on Chen Rui, “Human, your name.”

Chen Rui composed himself, trying to bow like Kaguron and said, “Your Royal Highness, my name is Chen Rui.”

Shea asked coldly, “This is your first name. What about your last name?”

Chen Rui was stunned. He only realized that their first name came before their surname in this realm. He didn’t want to be called Rui. Chen, so he replied, “Just Chen Rui.”

Regardless, he didn’t want to give up the only sign that symbolized the family, feelings and other things he once had.

Shea didn’t go deeper into this issue because most people in the Demon Realm had only one name. Usually, only the family with a strong background could qualify for a surname or an honor given by the emperor being passed down.

“So, what about ‘Arthur’?” Shea’s voice became more fierce. There was a hint of coercion, “Answer!”

Chen Rui was nervous but after Paglio’s incident, he became bolder. He quickly regained his composure. He said, “This is the case, Your Highness. After I fell into the Demon Realm, I lost some memories. I could only remember that I was called Arthur. I seemed to be a nobleman. As for the surname and the rest, I can’t remember. Now I can’t return to the world above, and I am grateful for Master Aldas’s regards; so, I am determined to abandon my original identity and renamed myself as Chen Rui to live here as a part of Dark Moon City. Your Royal Highness, please approve.”

Chen Rui had prepared this answer for a long time. Not only he used Aldas as a protection, but also expressed his loyalty to the Dark Moon Estate; at the same time, he could fix the BUG of his original name. In fact, the memory of Arthur that he received was indeed incomplete, thus, the excuse for amnesia wasn’t made up.

“Gauss, what do you think?” Shea turned her sight to a white-haired senior at the side.

The old man, Gauss slowly nodded. “When this human being was captured, I participated in the interrogation. I did notice that he had amnesia. He could only say that his name was Arthur. His strength is extremely weak like trash. He shouldn’t be of any threats.”

Anyone would be unhappy if he or she was called trash, but being low-key was in line with the current situation of Chen Rui. The Super System and having the poison dragon as his ally were the assets that he could entrust on his future. What was needed the most now were the time for development and a relatively safe living environment.

Shea slightly nodded respectfully and told Chen Rui, “I heard some interesting stories from Master Aldas, but I don’t want to hear it again. I’m only asking once. Did you really get the inheritance of the ancient grand master? Don’t try to lie. You can’t afford the consequences.”

Chen Rui finally understood the reason that Shea summoned him so quickly. Yet, being honest would only die faster, so he replied without hesitation, “I can guarantee it with my life. I really got the inheritance of the grand master. Yet, the grand master wasn’t from the prehistorical age, but an era further and almost undocumented primeval age. The remnants power of the god-like power might be the reason I was teleported to the Demon Realm unknowingly. If Your Highness can give me an identity to live in the New Moon City, I am willing to contribute with my knowledge of the inheritance and work for Your Highness.”

Shea asked Aldas, “Master, what do you think about the credibility of this matter?”

Aldas rose slightly from his chair. The actual age of Princess Royal was only 23 years old. It was just the beginning based on the royal family’s lifespan. Yet, it didn’t affect the respect of the dark elf master toward her. He replied, “Your Royal Highness has seen Huarong Dao. This kind of deductive tool has never been recorded in history, and it doesn’t exist in the human world. Besides, the burr puzzle that was destroyed by Athena was a piece of ingenious craftsmanship. I have tried various kinds of poisons on him and none of them worked. Other than believing the reason that he got the inheritance of the grand master, I really can’t think of another reason.”

A piece of ingenious craftsmanship? It seemed that this realm shared similar phrases and idioms with the Earth, but I’m not sure which demon or human being was the source? After the affirmation of Aldas, Chen Rui felt a lot easier. From Athena, he knew that Shea’s current situation was unfavorable, and she needed talents and helps now. As long as he could present enough value, he could safely pass the test.

Shea pondered for a moment and finally nodded. She said to Chen Rui:, “You are a human being, originally the enemy of demons. If you didn’t get my approval, you wouldn’t live if you left the Dark Moon Estate. Since you are vowing your loyalty, I will not treat you badly; but there is a condition that your identity as the successor of the grand master can not be mentioned to anyone. On normal days, you will be the apprentice of Master Aldas. Once your inherited knowledge reaches a certain level, I will give you the courtesy of a master.

Princess Royal wasn’t simple. She first mentioned his dangerous situation and lured him with advantages. It seemed that Shea wanted to cultivate Chen Rui as her secret master to increase her odds against Regent Obsidian, which coincided with his original plan.

The shot hits the bird that pokes its head out. Being arrogant without strength is definitely a damn silly bird.

“Thank you, Princess Royal!” Chen Rui bowed again and expressed his excitement. He hesitated and said:, “But the thing about the grand master, apart from Princess Royal, the little princess, Athena, and the imp, Slee know too. Kia probably knows a little.”

“Athena and Kia know about it too? I will make sure they keep the secret…” Shea thought of the human’s absent-minded look just now and changed her tone. “I heard from Alice a few days ago that you seem to be interested in Kia. If you can truly make a considerable contribution to the Dark Moon, I can grant you Kia.”

An obvious honey trap! When Chen Rui thought of Kia’s charming look, his mouth became dry uncontrollably. Yet, he couldn’t afford to provoke an essence-sucking woman. If he couldn’t hold it, a kiss would make him dry.

“As for the imp, we’ll just kill it.”

The murderous intent in Shea’s words gave Chen Rui a chill and subsequently understood her warnings. It seemed that the Princess Royal’s mean was indeed unusual. He thought and said, “Princess Shea, I am going to learn pharmaceutics from Master Aldas, and I need an experimental subject. Can you please assign Slee to me?”

Chen Rui saved imp wasn’t for sympathy but he had his own plans.

Shea considered for a while and agreed to the request. When Aldas brought Chen Rui away from the palace, he said profoundly, “Princess Royal’s beauty isn’t something you can afford to covet. Put that aside and focus on working for the Dark Moon.”

Chen Rui smiled. Him being shocked by Shea’s beauty was merely a usual man’s response. He didn’t really have any covet thought. Yet, Shea promised to grant Kia was like treating him as a pervert.

Subsequently, the Leader of Imperial Guard, Kaguron read the instructions written by Princess Royal at the New Moon City Center. Since then, Chen Rui had officially become a member of the Dark Moon City. It was considered to achieve his first step of keeping his life in the Demon Realm.

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