Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1253: Hatred Avenger

Chapter 1253: Hatred Avenger

Unlike the Great Bright Sword Formation, which was extremely aggressive, the Heavenly Slaughter Formation was a large formation that integrated offense and defense, which was extremely profound.

Sosbach and Dillosro sensed the suppression of power at the same time, but in fact, with the power of the 2 Rulers, even if they had not fully recovered, they were far better than everyone in the Mountain Seckred formation. It would be very challenging to really suppress the opponent or buff themselves to reach the same level. The real mystery of Heavenly Slaughter Formation was not ‘suppression’ or ‘enhancement’, but ‘balance’.

Through the special kingdom power formed by the pentagram, the strength of Sosbach and Dillosro was transferred to Satan, Michael and Python, forming a delicate balance.

After all, the strength of the 2 Rulers was at the level of SSSS+++. This equilibrium would definitely not last for a long time, but with the power of ‘balance’, even if Chen Rui and Zola were not here, Satan and the other 2 could still have the same level of power to rival the 2 rulers during this period of time

The battlefield was everchanging. Maybe there was a hope of victory.

Sosbach was currently completely suppressed by Python. The half-elf body he originally chose was best at archery. With the Red Flame Bow in hand, he was even more powerful, but his melee combat ability was also not weak. He once used his fists to break the [Oracle Formation] that the 3 archangels teamed up with bare hands directly. However, now Sosbach felt very depressed. He had put away the Red Flame Bow, and he wanted to use his fists to deal with Python directly. However, the seemingly soft and peculiar attack patterns of by Python made him helpless. His powerful attack was as if hitting the cotton, there was nowhere to exert the force. Sometimes, the opponent would even retaliate with his power.

Python originally possessed the melee combat proficiency of Lamp Spirit Manlace, but the Saint Fighting Heart given by Gabriel saved her from dying. Her body and soul were also reshaped. After mastering the Saint Fighting Heart, she gained Gabriel’s special attribute of “full martial arts proficiency”. She could be called the first person in melee combat.

Her offensive was continuous like waves of water, which made Sosbach almost breathless.

Pa!” Python whipped Sosbach’s neck again with a flick of her hand. This blow combined with the power of Sosbach himself, leaving several eye-catching wounds. His collar was dyed green as if he was whipped by a powerful whip.

If Chen Rui was here, he would be surprised. The attack pattern of Python was his [Water Profound Mystery].

No, it was more refined and practical than [Water Profound Mystery], and perhaps closer to the ‘Tai Chi’ of another world. It was not the kind of self-cultivation or performance, but the real art of fighting and killing.

“Damn it!” Sosbach didn’t expect to be forced to such an extent by a mere Python. With a roar, he had already changed into the form of the Abyss. His power soared rapidly. An overwhelming fist force wrapped Python in it. Python suddenly felt the pressure increase, but the silver and red pupils remained calm as she fought with Sosbach with all her power.

Dillosro’s opponent was Michael. The Holy Cross Sword slashed at Hatred Lord with a dazzling light. Dillosro had already activated the Abyss form. He extended his hands and grabbed the Holy Cross Sword with his bare hands.

The sharp Holy Cross Sword couldn’t cut through Dillosro’s claws. When Dillosro’s claws tightened, the sword was held tight dilemma. Michael’s eyes were burning with golden light, and his sword was full of sharpness might, but he still couldn’t break free from Dillosro’s control.

Dillosro sneered, “This sword is the glorious artifact of Angels City back then. I’m surprised that it was not broken by Quilliana last time. Unfortunately, in this dark element environment, it can’t even activate half of its power…”

Before the words were finished, the golden light in Michael’s eyes suddenly turned colorful. When the Holy Cross Sword turned, Dillosro immediately felt the power in his hand was different, but it was too late to let go. There was a sharp pain. All his fingers that grabbed the sword were cut off.

“This is…” Dillosro was startled while looking at the longsword flowing with colorful light. He was about to attack again, and he suddenly sensed a blur. When his senses became clear, a section of the sword tip protruded from his chest again, a pitch-black sword tip.

Satan’s sword.

Satan, who had been on the side, seized the moment when Dillosro was distracted and launched a fatal strike.

Under the power of accelerated time, the ‘process’ was skipped and the ‘result’ appeared directly. Dillosro’s feeling was blocked by the acceleration of time. When the time returned normal, he wanted to instinctively defend or dodge, but he had already been stabbed in the vital point.

Satan had the power of speeding up and slowing down time at the same time. In terms of proficiency, he was even better than Chen Rui.

Dillosro quickly escaped from their pincer attack and appeared in the distance. He looked at the severed fingers and the bloody hole in his chest, and he sneered. The 2 serious injuries recovered quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Dillosro had an ‘immortal body’ similar to Raphael and Sariel. As long as he had enough strength, any injury could be healed infinitely and quickly.

“Go help Python, leave him to me.” Michael said. The original plan was to hold back the strongest Sosbach, work together to eliminate the weakest Dillosro, then they would deal with Fear Lord again.

However, judging from the battle just now, the power of the Heavenly Slaughter Formation couldn’t contain Dillosro’s immortality. If this continued, they might not be able to really kill Dillosro when the 2 rulers break free from the balancing power of the Heavenly Slaughter Formation. Therefore, Michael made a decisive decision and changed his strategy. He would hold back Dillosro himself, then Satan and Python would join forces to kill Sosbach before the Heavenly Slaughter Formation expired.

Without hesitation, Satan went to join Python. At this time, Python was fighting with Sosbach. Sosbach also had countless years of wisdom and experience. After adapting to Python’s attack patterns of borrowing on strength, Sosbach had quickly turned the tide of the previous passive situation and suppressed Python.

The arrival of Satan alerted Sosbach. Although Python’s attacks continued, Satan did not find the best opportunity to intervene for a while. Instead, he just stood on the sidelines, but it already made Sosbach feel the pressure.

“Are you sure you want to face me alone?” Dillosro showed a strange smile as he looked at Michael who was facing himself alone, “It’s a pity, my favorite is to fight less with more.”

Michael didn’t talk nonsense. The Holy Cross Sword drew countless colorful rainbows as it slashed toward Dillosro. Dillosro didn’t catch the sword this time. The figure continuously moved at high speed, dodging the flying rainbow, but the power of the flying rainbow was quite astonishing. Even if it just brushed past, it could cause a lot of damage.

“This damn formation!” Although Dillosro avoided the vital points, dozens of wounds appeared on his face and body. A hint of murderous intent spread as he waved his hands. Blood mist surged out, and countless Abyss monsters once again appeared.

These monsters were all leaders or elites. Their strength was stronger than ordinary levels. A considerable part of them were at the Demi-God level. They were Dillosro’s elite troops. They spread up, trying to find the breakthrough to destroy the formation.

The Heavenly Slaughter Formation was all controlled by Satan’s mind. The monsters were like outsiders in the pentagram formation. They had not been ‘balanced’, but they were constantly being devoured by the power of the formation.

When Dillosro saw that it was not going to work, he immediately changed his strategy. Those elite troops all rushed toward Michael while he waited for the opportunity to launch an attack.

Michael snorted and landed on the ground. The Holy Cross Sword plunged toward the ground, and piercing rays of light spread out. The Abyss monsters who approached solidified one after another, and their bodies quickly disintegrated and disappeared. During this process, Michael’s perception locked on Dillosro firmly. He didn’t give him a slight opportunity to sneak attack.

Suddenly, an abrupt change occurred.

1 of the many Abyss lords rushing toward Michael suddenly broke through the Holy Cross Sword’s attack, turned into a stream of bloody light, and rushed toward Michael’s back.

There was a strong warning in Michael’s mind. Years of fighting instincts made him react immediately. His left hand turned into a knife, and he slashed backward at the enemy.


The blow was unexpectedly withstood by the opponent, and Michael immediately felt that the strength displayed by the ‘Abyss lord’ was weaker than Dillosro’s, but it was not much different from him.

It’s not Dillosro! But someone else!

Due to the level of will, the Abyss had been unable to create Pseudo-God monsters except for the 3 Rulers, but now there was such an enemy!

At the same time, Dillosro also moved. He turned into a bloody light and rushed toward Michael. When Michael was attacked from the front and back, he shouted. The Holy Cross Sword in his hand was shining brightly as he hit Dillosro, forcing him to retreat, but he was no longer able to resist the subsequent move of the enemy. His back was pierced through by a sharp weapon. Waves of the Abyss power infiltrated and spread throughout his body.

As soon as Michael gritted his teeth, the elemental arm flashed again. A violet tremor erupted from his body, sending the monster behind him flying away. He finally understood that Dillosro released the elite troops not for the purpose of destroying Heavenly Slaughter Formation, but to release this enemy to sneak attack.

The change just now was instantaneous. Even Satan in the distance had no time to rescue him. In the blink of an eye, Michael had already been hit. Although Satan had activated the time might, when he shifted to Michael’s side, he couldn’t change the result.

Satan’s eyes were fixed on the Abyss creature who sneak attacked Michael. He said a name word by word, “A, bad, don!”

The hideous looking creature of the Abyss was actually the Demon Realm peak stage Pseudo-God Abaddon who besieged Python with Satan in the Dark Furnace and was defeated by Chen Rui!

“You have the breath of hatred on your body!” Satan gripped the black longsword tightly, “You actually turned to Quilliana!”

“Actually, I took the initiative to find Quilliana.” Abaddon’s bloodthirsty eyes glowed, and he looked at Satan, “I have only 1 condition to subdue her, and that is to destroy you and everything about you! After sensing the hatred in my mind, she gave me the true power of hatred!”

Abaddon was defeated by Chen Rui in the Dark Furnace. Later, out of interest, Satan planned to get rid of Abaddon. Abaddon was forced to blow up his Pseudo-Godhood. Finally, a trace of his soul escaped by chance. Compared with Chen Rui and Python, Abaddon hated his former ally Satan even more, so this time he appeared in the form of the Abyss monster for revenge.

If it was in a normal state, Satan would not be afraid of Abaddon. However, at this critical moment, the ‘reborn’ Abaddon stood on the side of the Abyss. The balance that was barely maintained was suddenly broken. If it was 3 vs 3, the coalition army was almost certain to lose.

The appearance of Abaddon was nothing less than a fatal variable, which was likely to affect the entire battle situation.

“I only said that Quilliana didn’t come, but I didn’t say that there isn’t anyone else.” Dillosro spread his claws, “Abaddon, although I really want to settle the old score with Satan for the main altar, I will leave him to you for the sake of hatred.”

Abaddon nodded, showing a grin, “Satan, with me here, your big formation can no longer completely suppress the power of the Abyss. A large number of the Abyss creatures have already poured out of the door between the 2 worlds. I’m looking forward to seeing you and the world you want to control to be destroyed all at once.”

TL: What a bad timing…

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