Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1127: Academic Conference that Grasps the Future

Chapter 1127: Academic Conference that Grasps the Future

The alchemist master academic conf erence was held at the Fallen Angel Capital as scheduled. This academic event was definitely a grand event that would go down in history.

The academic conference had received the attention and support of Shea, the great empress of the Fallen Angel Empire. She specially arranged a VIP post house and a large hall for the masters who participated in the conference. She even dispatched an elite legion to provide protection.

Almost all the famous people in the alchemy world of the Demon Realm attended the meeting, including mechanic masters, potion masters, and even several emerging scroll art masters. The initiator of the meeting was the Demon Realm-recognized top grand master, potion great grand master and mechanical grand master, ‘Aguile’.

‘Aguile’ was unquestionably the most influential man in the Demon Realm, as he was not only the duo-specialized grand master, but also the only prince consort of the 3 empires’ empresses. In a sense, he was the Demon Realm’s true controller.

In addition to these honors, status and power, he was also a super powerhouse with outstanding strength. His legendary deeds in the first battle of the Bloody Empire the Demon Realm were still talked about today.

It was not ‘Aguile’ who presided over the academic conference, but the teacher of ‘Aguile’, Tetenis, who was also a duo-specialized grand master of mechanics and potion. He was 1 of the only 2 masters of the Demon Realm, second only to Aguile’s top existence, admired by all alchemists.

The academic exchange of the conference was divided into 2 venues: 1 was the mechanics venue and the other was the pharmaceutics venue. ‘Aguile’, Tetenis, the presidents of the 3 empires’ Alchemist Association and the well-known masters all came to the stage to give speeches and share some valuable experiences. They also organized discussions and exchanges afterward. The atmosphere was very active.

As the saying goes, there is something to learn from everyone. This kind of open communication was completely different from closed-door self-study. Even ordinary associations did not have such an atmosphere. Many masters felt that they had benefited a lot. Some even became enlightened.

In the final stage of the conference, there was no further division of mechanics and potion. All the masters were gathered in 1 hall to discuss a topic together.

Magic thermal weapon.

The Demon Realm’s thermal weapons were divided into 2 categories: Heavy weapons and light weapons. Simply put, heavy weapons were mainly magic crystal cannons and light weapons were magic guns.

The focus of this discussion was the magic gun.

A man wearing a cloak and a mask took the stage first. He introduced the concept and structure of the magic gun under the demonstration on the big screen of magic television. The man’s attire was similar to ‘Aguile’, but he was not Aguile.

This mysterious man was no stranger to mechanical masters. In the mechanics exchange meeting a few days ago, this person was 1 of the main speakers. The level shown was almost not below Tetenis, which meant that this mysterious person was probably also a mechanic grand master!

Not only this person, but also a short mysterious person who also showed the level of grand master!

It seemed that there were many hidden talents in the Demon Realm. There were actually 4 grand masters! Not including Saman who was defeated by ‘Aguile’ in the potioneer contest!

Judging from the details of the exchanges between ‘Aguile’ and the 2 mysterious grand masters, they should be very familiar friends. It seemed that the connections of this great grand master were still beyond imagination.

The most easily associated keyword for weapons was war. For an empire, it was the biggest military secret and must not be revealed. Now the Demon Realm’s 3 empires had concluded a solid alliance. At least, there would be no war for a considerable period of time, and the alchemist masters of the 3 empires had been given the permission by the 3 empresses before they came, so they could unreservedly discuss all topics.

It wasn’t until this last issue that many people understood why the 3 rulers gave such an order and attached great importance to it.

In a sense, war, as a double-edged sword, was not only an impediment to and destroying the development of civilization, but it was also a driving force for social and technological development. Now that there would be no more wars between the 3 empires, the enemies this developed weapon would deal with…

The crowd couldn’t help but cheer up.

In over 100 years, the portal between the human world and the Demon Realm will open!

At that time…

Chen Rui vaguely guessed what these people were thinking. Of course, he wouldn’t explain it. He just said something silently in his heart. You only guessed the beginning, but you can’t guess the ending…

In fact, after the magic gun emerged in the last military exercise of the Fallen Angel Empire, many mechanics from the Bloody Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire started to study this new type of weapon. So, they also had some experience.

The masters in the seats listened and recorded. This kind of explanation of the source power of the magic gun from creativity and conception was much better than racking their brains to study and crack them. After the mysterious grand master introduced the relevant principles of the magic gun in detail, he asked, “If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask them?”

Several masters raised their own questions one after another, and the mysterious grand master answered them accordingly.

At this time, a somewhat familiar voice from Chen Rui sounded, “Sir grand master, can I say a few words.”

Chen Rui saw that it was Master Turia, the president of the Bloody Empire Mechanic Association. In order to get the Fertile Yuan Soil that Moore needed back then, Chen Rui sneaked into the Book Collection Hall to explore the whereabouts of the Mountain Seckred. Later, under the lure of the ‘top mechanic master’ Nate, he betrayed his teacher, but he used fake death to expose Nate’s ugly face and the wicked deeds of framing Master Fonsaq and others. Finally, Nate, who induced public anger, was arrested and imprisoned by Raizen. Consequently. Then, Turia took over as president.

Later, when Tiffany entered the Book Collection Hall to become the ‘key’, Turia was affected by the strange power and almost died. When Chen Rui went to the Book Collection Hall to accept the power of Sariel’s Evil Pupil to bring back Tiffany, he also rescued Turia.

“I have some superficial research insights on the magic array circuit mentioned by sir grand master just now, please take a look at it.” Turia took out a blueprint.

The mysterious grand master took over the blueprint and looked at it, then he blurted out, “Wonderful—! These circuits are quite ingenious — It seems that master’s talent in magic array can be called… but these magic array accomplishments… En, master, please excuse my rudeness. Are you the author of this blueprint?”

“As expected of sir grand master.” Turia was not flustered, “You noticed the magic array problem at a glance. To be honest, this is the work of my daughter, Beluan. She has only been in touch with magic array knowledge for less than 3 years. Some designs do seem childish.”

Beluan? A pretty girl with glasses appeared in Chen Rui’s mind. He had some interactions with this girl back then, but that ‘Richard’ died in Nate’s incident. Even the later meeting at the Bloody Empire was also a meeting without knowing each other.

Chen Rui glanced at the blueprint, and he immediately saw the mystery in it – I didn’t expect Beluan to have such a talent; it is worth cultivating.

“Is this Ms. Beluan present at this venue?”

Seeing that the mysterious grand master acknowledged his daughter’s creation, Turia was secretly delighted, “She has not yet reached the realm of a master, so she is naturally ineligible to participate in this conference, but in order to increase her knowledge, I specially brought her from the Bloody Empire to the Fallen Angel Capital this time.”

The mysterious grand master nodded, “Very well, if there is a chance after the conference, I hope to meet this genius of magic array.”

Turia was overjoyed and hurriedly agreed.

The masters cast envious glances one after another. To get the public praise of the grand master at this kind of conference, no matter what the level of this Beluan, at least in the mechanic industry, she already had a bright future.

So everyone started a more lively discussion and put forward various creative opinions in various aspects such as magic array circuit and modeling design.

However, after listening to it for a while, Chen Rui on the side stood up, and a voice containing power sounded in the venue, overshadowing all the discussions, “To be honest, I’m very disappointed. In a crude sentence, guns should not be played the way you all did.”

These words carried an undisguised derogatory connotation. Everyone could not help but be surprised, only to hear ‘Aguile’ sigh, “Whether it is mechanics, pharmaceutics, scroll art or other mechanics, whether it is an apprentice, an alchemist, a master or a grand master, there is 1 word that is always the most important- ‘Creation’. The essence of creation lies in endless imagination. What my mysterious friend said is indeed quite an amazing creation, and I did not deny Ms. Beluan’s magic array circuit idea and some suggestions from you, but it should be noted that your focus is still too narrow!”

Narrow? The masters looked at each other. Even Tetenis and the 2 mysterious grand masters set their sights on Chen Rui.

“Once the thinking is fixed by a certain framework, it is equivalent to killing the real imagination. Let’s switch to the user perspective. If the person who uses magic now is a warrior who fights the enemy head-on. He has to face a large number of ​​enemies, then the magic gun he wants should be a ferocious burst gun that can carry out rapid range attacks; if it is an assassin who wants to assassinate the leader of the enemy, then the need is a kind of long-range accurate magic gun for sniping which has high requirements for range and accuracy… There are many other ideas like this. Everyone can imagine and create by brainstorming.”

The eyes of the mechanical masters, who were still a little unconvinced before, lit up. Indeed, the perspective proposed by ‘Aguile’ was something that no one had thought of before.

“Let’s take another example with a more jumpy way of thinking. Why does the magic gun have to kill or destroy? If a partner is seriously injured in a battle and his life is at stake, due to the limitations of various conditions such as distance, magic power or speed, it is impossible to rescue. In this case, can we consider using a specific magic gun to fire some kind of bullet containing healing magic and first aid medicine to rescue our companions as quickly as possible?”

As soon as Chen Rui mentioned his idea, the 3 grand masters nodded at the same time while the masters showed their admiration and expressions one after another. Take first aid firearms as an example, it is completely feasible and practical, and the scope of knowledge involved is no longer just mechanics. No wonder that potioneers, scroll art masters, and so on will be called to participate in the discussion of this topic.

It was not a fluke that everyone could reach the master level. When reminded by Chen Rui’s remarks, the original thinking restrictions were suddenly broken, and many wonderful ideas popped up immediately. Some theories were not limited to firearms, but more kinds of thermal weapons. Although it was not realistic enough, it was enough to find a new way.

Seeing this scene, Chen Rui’s face behind the mask showed a smile. Maybe it was just a matter of time, but today, the fire was lit by his own hands.

I don’t know if this is the legendary Pandora’s box in my past life, but since I have decided to open it, I will not regret it anymore. In any case, at least it can let people grasp a little more of the future, even if only a little.

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