Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 112 - Clones! The Powerful Barnacle

Chapter 112: Clones! The Powerful Barnacle

Barnacle already confirmed that he was caught in a well-designed scheme, and it was clear that the opposition’s scheme was successful. Now, the Scarlet Guards were wanted by the whole town.

Barnacle knew some things about the tight security in Luray Valley recently. There must be something very important in the valley, and now the thing was taken away by someone who disguised as him. Old Kander would definitely try to shirk his responsibilities, so Barnacle definitely couldn’t stay. Otherwise, he would just end up as a scapegoat. The only way was to lay low first, then he would think of a way to explain for himself.

The north of Town Leia was the territory of the Dark Shadow Empire. One would have to detour to get back to the Red Spirit. Departing from the south of Mountain Xilang and passing through the Dark Moon Estate to return to the Red Spirit was the best escape route. Although he had to detour a lot, it was much safer. The problem was that there were many guards pursuing him, and he was pushed to the north exit by these members, there was no way to turn back now.

The passageway of the north of Town Leia was ahead. There were many guards guarding it, but there was not anyone especially strong. These guards already had activated protective magic, but the defense forces such as the magic crystal cannon were placed at the junction of the southside and the Fallen Angel Empire, so the defensive power in the north was comparatively weaker.

The guards leader shouted, “I just received an urgent message. Barnacle and Rose colluded and seized the most important treasure of Town Leia. They also poisoned the mayor. We must hold this place! We cannot let them escape! Baoliu’s and Larks’ reinforcements are coming soon!” Kander was dead!? Barnacle was shocked, This time it’s really over! There was basically no chance of clarifying the truth now, because there was a new record added to his “glorious achievements”: colluding with guards leader, Captain Rose and successfully poisoning the mayor Kander.

Not only were the Scarlet Guards in trouble, but also the roots of Red Spirit territory in Town Leia. Even the long-term plan to control the west of Dark Moon Estate was most likely going to fail. Even if he could return to Red Spirit safely, he could not escape the heavy punishment.

The main force of the Scarlet Guards suffered huge casualties. Culia was dead, and the strengths of Sully and Yagus were not enough. There were only a number of “bandits” left at Mountain Xilang. If Princess Shea sent troops to attack, Sully and Yagus would not be able to defend. Now they even lost contact with Mountain Xilang, they could not even give any orders which was extremely worrying.

Barnacle still did not know that Sully and Yagus already had died in front of Culia, and the three Scarlet Guards leaders were killed by the same person. This person was none other than the mastermind behind the chaos in Town Leia today!

Just as the remaining forces of the Scarlet Guards were about to break through the magical defense of Town Leia’s north exit, the soldiers chasing them finally arrived.

It was Baoliu and Larks, the two greater Great Demon, the two were at their fastest speed. They had already caught up with the Scarlet Guards.

The situation already ended up like this. Futile explanations would only make him appear more guilty. Barnacle didn’t waste his time. He let the members attack the defense with all their power while he went forward to Baoliu and Larks.

Barnacle’s weapon was a long-handed scythe that Great Demons commonly use, but what was different about this scythe was that it had a common long, sharp blade on one end while the other end was inlaid with a purple crystal that had the size of two fists and it was carved into the shape of a skeleton. It was certainly not a useless ornament.

Larks’ body was robust and strong. At first glance, one could tell that he was the power type while Baoliu was a Great Demon who specialized in magic. The two were Old Kander’s strongest cronies. They fought together for many years, so they had a good understanding of each other.

Before Barnacle could get close, Baoliu had already finished his spell. With a wave of his hand, a bone-chillingly coolness came. Several Scarlet Guards around Barnacle suddenly slowed down and gradually solidified. The surface of their skin was covered with a thin layer of frost. It was clearly seen that their blood was frozen by the magic.

Barnacle shouted and his demonic fire blazed, battling with the coolness. In the split second he lost focus, Larks already teleported to Barnacle’s side. Two sawteeth slashed toward him in a cross like scissor, attempting to cut Barnacle into two pieces.

Although Barnacle had never fought with these two people before, he had heard the names of Old Kander’s favorite cronies before. He immediately teleported in front of the Baoliu, planning to get rid of the most troublesome wizard. The presence of a wizard made escaping five times more difficult.

If Baoliu was just an ordinary lich or necromancer, he definitely would have gotten caught off guard. However, Baoliu was also a Great Demon like him who also mastered the ability of teleportation. He was prepared for it; he pull away the distance by teleporting.

The battle between Great Demons was very special. Teleportation was a very important skill. Because teleportation had a cooldown, timing was very important. Others might see them fighting, then a few sudden flashes, and someone would have fallen to the ground.

Baoliu had previously channeled his next spell. After teleporting, he waved both his hands, and dozens of sharp, one-meter-long, cone-shaped icicles flew toward Barnacle. Barnacle swiftly swung the scythe in his hands, forming a sword ball. The icicles were flung away without a single drop of water.

After the icicles, Larks’ attacked at the right time. The two had impeccable teamwork. Larks had great strength and his attacks were fierce. Baoliu had a special talent; he was proficient in the water magic and fire magic, and he could cast magic extremely fast. His role was mainly supporting and crowd controlling, especially with his debuff magic to slow enemies. Barnacle found it hard to deal with them at the same time.

Barnacle had very high defensive skills. Baoliu and Larks used all their power to attack, but they missed.

At that moment, the soldiers following them already arrived at the gate. The Scarlet Guards were sandwiched from the front and the back, suffering from heavy losses. Only a very small number of members could flee. At the same time, the battle of the three Higher Demons had reached the climax.

“Dark Ray!” The moment Barnacle finished teleporting, Lark shouted. He held his scythe with his fists emitting a faint glow, then he struck toward Barnacle.

Barnacle had tasted that move just now. It was a strange force that looked peaceful, but it continued to explode in the body. Behind Larks, Baoliu was also brewing <Freezing Ice Explosion>, a type of high-level magic. He was ready to launch after Barnacle used <Dark Ray> when his power was weakest.

At this moment, the skeleton crystal on the tail of Barnacle’s scythe suddenly flashed. In a split second, maybe even Larks and Baoliu did not even notice, but the person hiding in the shadows surely noted it.

Right after, Barnacle’s body became blurred in an instant. In a blink of an eye, he divided into two, both holding the scythe.

One Barnacle held the scythe horizontally and forcefully intercepted “Dark Ray”. The other one jumped high in the air and struck toward Baoliu.

Baoliu and Larks were both surprised. Larks did not hesitate and launched the <Dark Ray> at the Barnacle who was in front of him. That Barnacle’s body trembled, and he stumbled a few steps back. The ground was cracking beneath the pressure. He was more disconcerted now compared to when he blocked the previous Dark Ray.

Baoliu decided that since the Barnacle in front of Larks was the real body, the one in the air must be an illusion. The <Freezing Ice Explosion> was not ready yet. Just in case, Baoliu very cautiously teleported to dodge the illusion.

Over there, Larks felt that Barnacle’s power seemed to be weakened a lot. He had to take this advantage. He slashed off Barnacle’s arm with his sawtooth knife. He could not help but feel overjoyed.

However, Larks’ joy only lasted for a few seconds. When Baoliu finished teleporting from the other side to the opposite side, the “illusion” falling from the sky suddenly disappeared. Baoliu who had just landed on his feet had a strong sense of danger grew in his heart. Before he had the time to react, a bloody blade sprouted from his chest!

Baoliu looked incredulously at the blade sticking out of his chest. He finally realized that these two Barnacles were not illusions, and that they could even teleport! In other words, two clones had two teleportations!

Baoliu was unwilling to just die like that. As he was about to strike back before he died, the blade in the chest slashed as fast as lighting and Baoliu’s body was cut in half. Fresh blood sprayed over a few meters. Before the brewed magic could be used, it disappeared along with his life.

Larks was shocked. Barnacle, who killed Baoliu, was already heading towards him. Larks suddenly understood the feeling of one versus two that held Barnacle back just now. He lost focus slightly and got stabbed a few times consecutively. A knife stabbed straight through his abdomen, almost killing him. Larks obviously did not dare to continue fighting. He desperately teleported to escape.

Barnacle’s clone did not seem to last long. He immediately recombined into one person, the skeleton crystal once again glowing faintly. The hand that broke off also disappeared. Both arms were still intact. Only his reddish face appeared very pale, showing how energy consuming this skill was. However, the two top Higher Demons, one was dead and the other was severely injured. Such combat achievements were certainly worthy of being proud of.

Although Barnacle won, the injuries he suffered were not light, and a lot of energy was consumed. The current situation was critical; he could not spare time to hunt Larks. He hurriedly broke through the gate, heading north. Coincidentally, a centaur of the Scarlet Guards shouted, “Master Barnacle! Come here!” Barnacle saw that the centaur stole two gale horses. He was overjoyed immediately. He rushed forward to ride the gale horse. In the blink of an eye, he rushed past the gate of Town Leia and frantically escaped.

How could Larks easily let the two men escape? He ordered his subordinates to pursue them. Of course, he would not be stupid enough to catch the enemy when he was injured. He drank a bottle of healing potion to relieve the severe injury in the abdomen.

Barnacle and the centaur rode the gale horse and fled. After half a day, they finally got rid of the pursuers and stopped in front of a forest.

The centaur got off the gale horse, lying on the ground with exhaustion and gasping incessantly. Barnacle felt exerted too, but fortunately, he wasn’t hurt much. Thankfully there was this centaur this time. Otherwise, even if he could escape, it would not be as easy as this.

“What is your name?” The centaur wanted to get up to salute, but he did not have the strength. He said as he gasped, “Master… My name is… Yach.”

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