Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1119: Unforeseen Changes

Chapter 1119: Unforeseen Changes

Race: Fallen Angel

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: SSSS+

Physique:SSSS+, Strength: SSSS+, Spirit: SSSS+, Speed: ​​SSSS+.

Analysis: [Body of Moon Soul], power of doom, the Evil Pupil, confinement, seal contract.

Danger level: Extremely dangerous!

Seal contract? Chen Rui frowned secretly, but he showed an indifferent expression while bowing, “Sir Sariel, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m sorry, my strength is far inferior to sir, so in order to ensure the security of the exchange, I have to take some measures.”

Hmph!” Sariel’s eyes swept over Auglas and landed on Chen Rui. Although this man is not very strong, his methods are strange. It is not easy to eliminate him quickly. Maybe it will give him a chance to escape. The most troublesome is that the space door that excludes outsiders, and the Book of Destruction is hidden in the space door by this person. Who knows what is in it? In case of any mistake, it’s not worth the loss.

So, before I get the Book of Destruction, I can’t alert him.

“Then, Sir Sariel, please release my daughter first, then I will give you the Book of Destruction.” Chen Rui was not a fool. He also understood Sariel’s thoughts, but for Duoduo, he must take this risk, “Otherwise, I will forever exile the Book of Destruction in a special space. Even if you kill me, you can’t get it. Now I’m in the [Moon Kingdom] of sir, I may not have the confidence to escape, but I still have the confidence to kill myself before being captured.”

“Your gaze tells me you’re serious.” Sariel said lightly, “To be honest, I don’t like dealing with a lunatic like you.”

“I can take this as a compliment… Then, please, sir, release my daughter.”

“Your daughter?” Sariel clearly expressed disdain for this title. This person is nothing more than wanting to get the bloodline of God like me. Due to his lack of strength, the Book of Destruction is far less beneficial to this person than the bloodline of God. This guy’s courage and methods are indeed different. He may still have some cunning schemes too.

But this is my [Moon Kingdom]. Even if it is a real fair exchange, with the small characters at the intermediate stage and early stage of the Pseudo-God, I’m not afraid of them playing any tricks.

“Okay, I can give you that little girl.” Sariel thought about it. A blue light ball appeared beside him instantly. Inside was the sleeping Duoduo, which was exactly the same as the one he saw in the mirror image, “Now, give me the Book of Destruction!”

The voice had a might that stunned the soul, but Chen Rui was unmoved and shook his head, “Cancel the imprisonment first, then hand her over to me. I will give you the Book of Destruction.”

“I’m not interested in playing tricks with you.” When Sariel sneered, Chen Rui and Auglas felt a terrifying pressure in space at the same time. They might be annihilated at any time, “Hand over the Book of Destruction or this exchange shall end. You will also pay the price with your life!”

If there was no previous detection of the [Analytical Eyes], Chen Rui would definitely propose a way to sign a contract and use the Super System contract to restrict Sariel. Even if Sariel was stronger than him, he might not be able to violate the contract.

However, in Sariel’s attribute analysis, the power of ‘seal contract’ appeared. This power was likely to have an incalculable effect on the contract. The ability of the peak stage of the Pseudo-God should not be underestimated, and the power of linking was not omnipotent. With the lesson from Python that day, he should not rashly take risks now since Duoduo’s life was at stake.

Seeing the stalemate, Chen Rui took a step forward, “Sir Sariel will release my daughter first, then I will take out the Book of Destruction from space. When she returns to my side, I will hand over the Book of Destruction.”

Sariel thought for a moment, “Let’s do this. The dragon comes to the place between us. I hand the little girl to the dragon, then you take the Book of Destruction from space. While the dragon returns to your side, you give the Book of Destruction to me. Don’t try to play tricks or run away with the Book of Destruction ahead of time. Even if you have some kind of talent for space, I may not be able to kill you in an instant, but I’m absolutely sure that the dragon and little girl will be annihilated.”

Chen Rui thought quickly, and he exchanged an eye gesture with Auglas. They had already reached a tacit understanding.

Auglas had communicated with him before entering the Book Collection Hall. At that time, he was surprised for a while to know that the silver box of the Book of Destruction was actually in Chen Rui’s hands, but these were not the focus now. The most important thing was to rescue Duoduo, and the Tower of Glory that the Dragon Emperor gave to Chen Rui back then was the key to escape.

Chen Rui’s thoughts turned rapidly and he nodded, “Okay, but you have to cancel the space power that imprisoned her first. I want to confirm her authenticity and safety before exchanging.”

Sariel didn’t say more. He glanced at the light ball around Duoduo, and it gradually dimmed. After that kind of imprisoning space power disappeared, Duoduo’s attribute was immediately displayed in the [Analytical Eyes].

Race: ??

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: S++

Physique: S++, Strength: S+, Spirit: S++, Speed: ​​S+

Attribute: Fire attribute, phoenix body, Nirvana power, Seal of Divine Blessing.

The question mark of race has existed before. It should be due to the mixed-race of human and demon, but the attribute ‘Seal of Divine Blessing’ is a new one. Could it be that this is… the bloodline of God’s descendant?

Chen Rui felt that the term was a little familiar, and he suddenly remembered that he had seen this attribute on another person – Satan!

Satan is actually a God’s descendant!

Chen Rui finally understood why Satan would disdain Chen Rui for comparing him to Michael.

“Your biggest mistake is comparing Michael to me!”

As a God’s descendant, Satan has a sense of superiority far beyond Michael’s; perhaps more than just a sense of superiority. The plan of the Dark Divinity Temple is probably that he has realized the power of the bloodline of God to a certain extent, and he wants to use the huge faith to further improve or break through.

Whether intentional or not, Satan’s plans are ultimately halted because of me, and in 10 years it will be completely over.

These thinking changes were completed in an instant. When Chen Rui glanced at Auglas, Auglas understood. He flew to the middle of the 2 sides.

Duoduo slowly floated toward Auglas and was picked up by the Dragon Emperor. The little girl’s heartbeat and breathing were normal, but she was not awake. There were also 2 small wings behind her.

“She’s fine. She just accepted my kingdom power. Her bloodline is about to fully awake. She will wake up naturally.” Sariel’s voice sounded.

Auglas felt uneasy, so he sensed for a while and found no abnormality. He nodded to Chen Rui, but he didn’t dare to act rashly, because Sariel’s spirit power had already locked him firmly.

The [Star Gate] appeared in front of Chen Rui. His figure flickered, disappeared and reappeared with a silver box in his hand.

Sariel’s eyes were fixed on the box. Although he could see that this box was the previous silver box, he needed to finalize it.

“Open it.”

Chen Rui opened it slightly, and Sariel immediately felt the strong destructive power leaking out. Indeed! It is the Book of Destruction. His eyes suddenly lit up.

“I will count to 3. The moment the dragon starts shifting, you throw the box over. If the silver box has not left your control after the dragon shifts, I will attack immediately. Then, the little girl and the dragon will be annihilated together!”

Auglas and Chen Rui exchanged quick glances and nodded.

At this moment, all of Chen Rui’s coping strengths were on stand-by – Even if Sariel attacked directly when Auglas teleported, he could use the time might and protective power to resist. It would only take a split second to keep Auglas and Duoduo in the Tower of Glory and leave with the [Star Gate].

“1, 2…” Sariel’s eyes flashed with brilliance, “3!”

The next second, the light flashed and alternated rapidly, then the entire [Moon Kingdom] vibrated with a violent frequency, mixed with Sariel’s proud laughter.

The tremor in the space gradually calmed down. Sariel held the silver box in his hand while Chen Rui was next to Auglas, who was holding Duoduo in his arms. They suspended in mid-air. At this time, Duoduo’s closed eyes had opened. Her pupils had turned dull blue, and most of Auglas and Duoduo’s body had turned into blue crystals that were spreading rapidly. Soon after, the 2 turned into crystals.

Chen Rui was breathing heavily at this time, the star armor on his body was cracked. His raging eyes behind the visor were staring at Sariel.

Just now, within the split second, several turning points and changes occurred – Auglas’ body immediately solidified into crystals after shifting. This crystal contained powerful energy, which made Chen Rui unable to keep them into the Tower of Glory that had been activated. Sariel seized this momentary opportunity, attacked Chen Rui, and took the silver box that had already been released.

Sariel laughed wildly, “Hahaha! After so many years, I finally got it! Stupid guy, how dare you bargain with me!”

“Sariel!” Chen Rui tried several times, but he couldn’t keep the frozen Auglas and Duoduo. He roared, and the destructive light of [True Red Extinction] shot straight toward Sariel.

Sariel glanced at the red light. The red light immediately stopped as if bound by something, then it disintegrated in an instant.

“If we are at the intermediate stage of the Pseudo-God, this blow may be a little threatening, but in the realm of Pseudo-God, the gap in strength between the peak stage and the intermediate stage is farther than the ordinary big realm. Let alone this is even in my kingdom!” Sariel opened the silver box, “Looks like you’re doing me a favor by presenting the Book of Destruction today. I’ll give you 1 last chance…”

Sariel’s words came to an abrupt end, because he felt that his power was being suddenly drained by something, and the source of this ‘thing’ was… the silver box that had just been opened!

The Book of Destruction?

No, it’s that special power lurking in the destruction origin!

This eerie feeling was no stranger to Sariel, who exclaimed, “Deprivation!”

TL: Isn’t Python still at the early stage of the Kingdom Level? Can this attack work?

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