Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1109: The Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law who Failed to Educate

Chapter 1109: The Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law who Failed to Educate

Auglas no longer hid his strength. A terrifying breath burst out, and the entire space appeared to be distorted.

The strength level of this woman should be the same as him, which was the early stage of the Pseudo-God, but the power of the body still faintly overshadowed the dragon who was known for this. What was more terrifying was that her combat experience and ability of melee combat far exceeded his imagination. As a result, he was restrained everywhere, so he had to go all out.

“I admit, you are very strong.” Auglas took a deep breath, “But you will be the one who loses.”

“This new body is really an unexpected surprise.” Python looked at her hands that were as clean as jade, “It’s proficient in melee combat, which is very suitable for my fighting style.”

Her self-conceited expression didn’t put Auglas in her eyes at all. Auglas snorted, and his eyes suddenly turned into vertical pupils. A black flame burned, faintly revealing a dark golden color. Waves of intense breaths radiated out.

Python narrowed her eyes and stopped, “Law artifact?”

Auglas didn’t answer, and the vertical pupil suddenly shone brightly. Faint dark golden stripes appeared around Python’s body, crisscrossing and wrapping Python in it like a special cage.

Those ‘stripes’ seemed to be alive, slowly interweaving. Python’s long fluttering hair was reduced to powder when the interwoven ‘stripes’ swept.

But the stripes didn’t immediately intertwine with Python’s body and stopped instead. Auglas’s voice sounded, “One last chance to apologize for what you said earlier. Otherwise, I wouldn’t hold back the slightest bit. “

“Although you have a law artifact, it’s still useless to me.” Python shook her head, “If you don’t believe me, you can try it.”

“Courting death!” A cold light flashed in Auglas’ eyes. The power of [Dragon God Eyes] burst out instantly. The dark golden color suddenly accelerated. Even if Python had reached the level of Pseudo-God, under this kind of power, she would be unable to resist it directly. There was only 1 end: being crushed to pieces.

The moment the dark golden light touched Python, it suddenly dimmed. When it swept across Python’s body, it was like a breeze, completely ineffective.

All because of a word from Python’s, [Deprivation].

As soon as this word came out, Auglas suddenly felt his soul tremble. Not only the ‘cage’ of [Dragon God Eyes], but the power of his whole body disappeared in an instant inexplicably.

Although he quickly gathered his strength again, before he generated new power, Python’s figure had passed through the cage that had not been reshaped, She appeared in front of Auglas in a flash and slashed with a palm knife.

Auglas’s heart sank. It was too late to dodge, so he could only use his strength to take the blow.

Before the palm knife hit, Auglas suddenly noticed that his hair and beard were starting to fall off; even his skin was quickly scorched. He was shocked: Poison?

I am a black dragon. Even in the face of the poisonous power of the poison dragon like Paglio, I have considerable immunity. Yet, my black dragon body can’t even resist the poison of this woman right now!

This woman’s might and ability to grasp the timing are too terrifying. She must be holding back previously! I shouldn’t give her this opportunity to seize the flaw!

It’s dangerous now!

At this moment, Auglas felt that the opponent’s movements suddenly slowed down, and he hurriedly dodged. However, not only Python, but even Auglas himself slowed down. The speed of breathing, the flow of power… Everything was strangely slowing down.

Auglas suddenly thought of the scene when he challenged Satan back then, and he suddenly understood: The flow of time has changed!

Time might!

How could this woman have the same might as Satan?

No! Not her!

Before Auglas could fully react, a figure shimmering in purple dazzlingly stood in front of him in an instant. The words ‘Slow… As… Forest’ could be heard faintly in his ears.

These 3 words should have been said long ago, because the speed far exceeded the sound, so he only heard it now.

The voice seemed a little familiar.

In the next second, the flow of time returned to normal, and the woman’s terrifying palm knife was gently held by the figure. The strange poison that was enough to corrode the Pseudo-God dragons did not seem to have any effect on the figure.

“Python, he is our people! Don’t do it!” Auglas heard the voice, and his eyes suddenly widened. It is really him!

Olypheus and Lalaria’s husband (Dragon Emperor added in his mind), Chen Rui!

The power breath radiated by the human ‘son-in-law’ had far surpassed him, the Dragon Emperor of the Pseudo-God. He was at least the strength of the intermediate stage Pseudo-God!

Is there a mistake?!

Let alone the Dead Sea, even if he defeated Lalaria in that martial battle competition, he should have just advanced to the Demi-God!

The gap between the early stage of the Demi-God and the intermediate stage Pseudo-God is the difference between heaven and earth. How many years have passed?

The first time I saw this kid, he hasn’t even reached the super-level!

“Our people? Hmph Hmph…” Python glanced at Auglas. That gloomy gaze made even the Royal Majesty Dragon Emperor horrified, “It would be great if sir came later. If I devoured his soul, even if I can’t recover to the intermediate stage Pseudo-God, I can also completely stabilize the current early stage realm, but unfortunately…”

When Python said the word ’unfortunately’, her figure faded and disappeared.

“Sorry, Sir Auglas.” Chen Rui deactivated the star armor and smiled at the Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law, “Long time no see.”

Duoduo wanted to drink black pomegranate juice just now, and she even asked daddy to drink it. Chen Ru would definitely not let down his daughter’s filial piety, so he didn’t keep up with the streaker to watch the fun. When he noticed something was wrong, Python had already fought with Auglas.

Pseudo-God’s combat speed and strength were extremely amazing. Fortunately, Chen Rui activated the [Pole Star Transformation] on the spot and activated the time might to stop Python’s blow. Otherwise, Auglas would have been severely injured.

Auglas lost this battle because of his carelessness and self-confidence. First of all, he underestimated Python at the beginning. The [Dragon God Eyes] did not directly kill her. Then Python took advantage of the unexpected opportunity to launch [Deprivation] on the might to get the best timing which was quite deadly. Combined with the poison, it was almost a 1-hit kill.

Now that Auglas had seen the terrifying might of Python, if the 2 of them had a fight, even if the Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law was not Python’s opponent, he would not be defeated so quickly.

Auglas’s facial expression was a bit unsightly. In any case, he almost suffered a big loss. He was even more furious when he glanced at Paglio who was naked with a barrel, “You bastard! Are all the women in this world dead? You just have to take a fancy on that kind of woman? You deserve to be trolled to death!”

Paglio was full of grievances, “Sir Auglas, that’s not Betty…”

“By the way, Krobelus… Betty?” Auglas seemed to remember something, and he scolded again, “You don’t want the woman Krobelus, but you’re going to provoke that woman named Betty? Betty… Uh, Krobelus is also my apprentice. Now, I’ll bring her back to Dragon Island this time to find a more suitable and reliable man for her!”

Paglio was speechless for a while. You have clearly noticed your mistake, but you are just stubborn…

“Still here? You’re a shame for dragons!” Auglas gave Paglio a stern look.

Master Poison Dragon didn’t dare to say more. He grabbed the barrel and ran away. In order to prevent that terrifying woman, Python, from causing more trouble, Master Poison Dragon simply continued to clear his throat and shouted.

Seeing the figure of the naked man disappearing in the wind while shouting. “Ms. Betty, I love you.”, Auglas covered his forehead and just shook his head, “This bastard…”

“Sir, don’t mind. In fact, this incident is just for entertainment. It can be regarded as a little lesson for a certain playboy guy.”

Hmph! The playboy guy? That guy is far inferior to you, right?” Chen Rui was speechless with the 1 sentence by the Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law, “What is actually going on with your strength?”

“It’s a long story, sir. Let’s go to the Dark Moon palace. Olypheus and Lalaria should be there.”

Speaking of his 2 daughters, Auglas’ facial expression finally eased, “Hmph! With your current strength, shouldn’t I call you sir?

Chen Rui said sincerely, “I have always remembered sir’s help in my mind. I have always regarded Olypheus as my dearest sister. No matter what level of strength I have, sir is an elder I will respect.”

The Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law nodded, but he was suddenly furious again, “What? I handed Olypheus to you for so long, and you only think of her as a sister? Are you a man? What about Lalaria?”

Uh, this, it seems that the differences between us are quite big. Let’s sit down and have a good talk…”

Soon after, at the Dark Moon Palace.

“Where’s Paglio? We heard that he is famous now. We want to get him to sign his autograph.” The flat-chested loli took a notebook and said loudly on purpose, which made a celebrity hiding in a corner pound his chest again.

“Betty, I didn’t expect Paglio to be so infatuated with you.” Little succubus maid, who had not yet figured out the truth, said with a look of envy, “If only someone treated me like this.”

Chen Rui rolled his eyes and directly ignored Kia’s expectations – Anything else is fine, but don’t even think about this!

Haih, it’s a pity that no one wants to do this to us.” Isabella, the insider, sighed deliberately, “That’s the difference.”

What made Chen Rui mad was that Zola, another insider, sighed and nodded too.

Here, the Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law no longer looked furious. No matter who was holding a cute little girl like Duoduo, he couldn’t hold his poker face – Perhaps, except Python.

Python seemed to be in a good mood since she came back from the Ghastly Floating Land. She was now holding a glass of fruit wine, sipping it like no one else was around.

“Grandpa Auglas, eat this Lala Potato. It’s delicious.”

“This girl is so sweet.” The Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law burst into tears, “Lalaria would only eat all the delicious food when she was a child, and leave the leftovers for me…”

Cheh! Old man, what did you say?!” The flat-chested loli said disdainfully, “Isn’t this what you taught, ‘If a dragon does think for her own sake, she would die’, ‘Everything good must be kept for oneself’ and so on. “

“A bad early education will harm a child’s life.” Joanna came to a conclusion. As a former education theorist, she was not afraid of Auglas’s strength.

The flat-chested loli shook her head helplessly, “Who ask us to have such a bad dad?”

Auglas, “…”

Chen Rui was also secretly guilty. It was because of his ‘education’ that Duoduo was still very aggressive toward pig head things, which made the braised pig head and other related industries popular with the residents of the Dark Moon disappeared for a while. He was also criticized mercilessly by the harem troupe.

“Mommy said, don’t be selfish about good things. We should share them with those close to you.” Duoduo nodded earnestly, then she took out another fruit and handed it to Auglas, “Grandpa Auglas, eat this. This is the devil pomeg that daddy gave me. It is very fragrant.”

The little girl didn’t know that she was rubbing it in on grandpa. Auglas burst into tears again.

Olypheus frowned and muttered, “Mommy said, you have to eat first if there is good food?”

Auglas regained his senses, kissed Duoduo’s little face, and deliberately said loudly, “If only you and Lalaria or Olypheus’ children were as cute and docile in the future.”

Chen Rui just pretended not to hear the hint of the Old Dragon Emperor Father-in-law. Auglas gave him a sideways glance. He and looked at Olypheus. After he thought about it, he moved his eyes to Lalaria.

Because Olypheus was too naive in this regard. She is definitely good in counting money, but to get her married, she usually only asked strange questions such as ‘can I eat it’. Lalaria is more reliable.

Before Auglas could speak, the flat-chested loli cut off the topic, “Old man, don’t think we don’t know what you’re thinking. Put away those unrealistic nasty ideas!”

“Where’s your mustache?” Auglas asked.

Hmph, knowingly asking! I lost the bet to this human!”

“Why don’t you call yourself ‘master’?”

“It’s all because this guy saved Mas… I, so I promised him.”

Auglas slapped his palm, “Yes, look, you and him…”

“Old man, he and I don’t match up like you and him. I think you 2 are a match made in heaven.” The flat-chested loli showed a strange smile, “We are also old friends, so let’s divide equally. This man belongs to you, and his wives belong to me?”

Auglas attacked Lalaria.

Lalaria dodged.

Lalaria fought back.

Auglas got hit! 20 HP loss (80/100).

Chen Rui was completely speechless. Auglas pointed at this weirdo daughter, and he was speechless for a while.

“Old man, you don’t need to explain anymore. In fact, I am the most open-minded and understand you very well. If you want help, just say it. I can help you hold his feet if necessary.”

Lalaria shrugged smugly, giving Father Dragon Emperor an unruly back, and added a series of signature weird smiles, “Oh Hohoho…”

Lalaria unleashed a critical strike.

Auglas lost (0/100).

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