Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1107: The Sorrowful Poison Dragon

Chapter 1107: The Sorrowful Poison Dragon

Seeing that the dead dog-like Master Poison Dragon was thrown to Ms. Betty by Python, Chen Rui remembered that at that time, Paglio took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Python. They seemed to have established a betting agreement.

With a 1-month period, those with low strength have to promise to do one thing.

Now it seems that the lusty Master Poison Dragon finally understands what terrifying existence he is hooking up with. This is clearly a typical case of no zuo no die.

However, Chen Rui didn’t know that Zola and Isabella teamed up to cheat Paglio again. Zola used the bait to help Paglio advance to Demi-God as soon as possible, and she received all the private money of the poison dragon as a reward with Isabella as the notary. In fact, Zola did help Paglio break through to Demi-God. He also formed a real kingdom rudiment with Blue Lake as the main construct.

When the poison dragon broke through to the Demi-God, Python was only at the peak stage of the Kingdom level. There were 18 days before the deadline for the betting agreement.

This betting agreement had a sequence. Within the specified time, if the realm was equal, whoever reached the realm first shall prevail.

Just when Paglio thought he was winning, Python finally ‘breakthrough’ to Demi-God on the 15th day.

Soon, Paglio couldn’t laugh, because on the 20th day, Python ‘breakthrough’ to the intermediate stage of the Demi-God. Then, she took 5 days to ‘breakthrough’ to the peak stage of the Demi-God.

The poison dragon couldn’t believe his eyes. In less than 30 days, she rose steadily from the peak stage of the Kingdom level to the peak stage of the Demi-God? Even that cunning human is nothing more than that!

Then, blackhearted Ms. Fairy Dragon ‘accidentally’ revealed a news – This beautiful and alluring Ms. ‘Sally’ was the peak stage Pseudo-God Python who was once at the same level as Satan, Sariel and others. Now she was just recovering her own strength after merging with the maroon lamp spirit.

Master Poison Dragon, who had lost money or woman, was dumbfounded. Peak stage Pseudo-God? I actually flirted with a peak stage of the Pseudo-God? This is an unprecedented feat for dragons…

Based on the principle that whoever had the bigger fist was the master, after being beaten up, when Master Poison Dragon later saw Python, he was like a mouse seeing a cat. He was always selected as a demonstration ‘volunteer’ every time she gave a lecture.

This was not the condition that the 2 bet on. That condition was ‘anything’. Chen Rui could foresee the tragic encounter of a certain dragon.

Under Isabella’s persuasion, Ms. Betty also hardened her heart and did not plead with Python – Teach that guy a memorable lesson, and he will at least be much more honest when it comes to messing around with ladies in the future.

Python stepped forward, “Sir, I think it’s time for these people’s training to come to an end in the Ghastly Floating Land, especially Paglio who has just advanced. Before they comprehend sir’s 2-star enhancement, the real kingdom must be built first. Training can’t be too hasty, and it should have a degree of relaxation. The pressure here is more suitable for actual combat, not for comprehension. After the comprehension reaches a certain level, they will proceed to the second stage of actual combat training.”

“The second stage? Isn’t the density of this training a little too high? You seem to be training them as some kind of combat machine.”

“Everything is for the strength of sir. With the special power connection between sir and them, the stronger they are, the stronger the sir will be. If they can comprehend the 2-star enhancement and become the God of sub-worlds like Zola and Catherine, then they can become the true source of sir’s power.”


“There is no but.” Roman grinned, “Sir Uncle, don’t think about getting rid of us and enjoying alone.”

“Same as above; keep the formation behind.” Delia was rarely humorous.

“Same as above; keep the formation behind.” Mistress Medilu naturally followed in the footsteps of elder sister legitimate wife.

“Same as above; keep the formation behind.” Master Poison Dragon, who had just woken up and was still a little dizzy, also joined in. Suddenly, he realized that no one was following behind. Roman looked at him strangely, “You also call him Sir Uncle ?”

“…” At this moment, Master Poison Dragon wished he could faint again.

Chen Rui was moved when he looked at the firm gaze of everyone (Except for the confused corpse necromancer and the slime who would only be truly firm when he heard food and treasure). He nodded slowly, “Well, since that’s the case… I have something to tell all of you. The real test has been brought forward, not 10 years but 3 years.”

“3 years?” Python frowned, “Could it be that Satan breaches the contract? With your special contract power, it shouldn’t be possible.”

“Not Satan…” Chen Rui shook his head, “You should know Gabriel, right?”

Hmph!” Python seemed to have a bad impression of Gabriel, and she gave him a deep look, “You met that woman who likes to close her eyes and pretend to be profound?”

Like to close her eyes and pretend to be profound? Well, no doubt she is her old acquaintance. This sentence is harsh enough.

Chen Rui thought Python’s gaze was a bit strange, but he didn’t delve into it. “3 years later, I will go to the Holy Light Mountain. At that time, I will not only face Gabriel, but also Michael and Raphael.”

“You’re crazy! Each of them is similar in strength to Satan.” Python said emotionally, “With your current strength, you don’t have the slightest chance of winning against 1, let alone 3!”

“She holds the Phantom Ice Spring for repairing the water elemental heart, and it takes 3 years to solidify. This item is a must for repairing the Water Elemental Kingelemental heart. I must get it, and I will definitely get it.”

Chen Rui’s gaze showed undeniable firmness. Python stared at him for a moment, then she looked away, “This body has more potential than I thought. 3 years is enough to recover to the peak stage state. If I integrate with the power of the world that you give, hmph, it is not impossible to turn the Holy Light Mountain upside down.”

Chen Rui nodded and suddenly heard a voice in his head, “Daddy, where are you?”

It turned out that Duoduo woke up.

Although it was not the first time she was in the Tower of Glory space, the little girl still shouted Chen Rui eagerly, even ignoring the toys and snacks around her.

Chen Rui knew that his daughter was very close to him, and sometimes even surpassed Catherine. Since the assembly place was safe at the moment, he immediately released his daughter from the Tower of Glory to not make Duoduo worry.

“Daddy!” Duoduo sensed the position of the [Fire Phoenix Stigmata] as soon as she came out, and she threw himself directly into Chen Rui’s arms.

The little girl was pleasantly surprised to find many familiar faces, “Aunt Zola! Aunt Yini! Aunt Delia…”

Haha, it turns out that our darling is here! Long time no see. Aunty misses you so much!” Isabella walked up happily and hugged Duoduo, “Quick, give aunty a kiss.”

The little girl immediately kissed Isabella’s face. When she saw Ms. Fairy Dragon pointing at her face, she ‘smooched’ her as well. The atmosphere immediately became lively.

Chen Rui looked at his daughter, who was obviously more popular than him, and laughed heartily. Duoduo suddenly flew over, huddled in his arms, and looked vigilantly in 1 direction. Python’s eyes were fixed on the little girl’s body, and a strange luster was swirling in her pupils. Her eyes seemed to see through the soul. A child’s mind was the most sensitive, especially a talented little girl like Duoduo, so she immediately hid in daddy’s arms.

The little girl leaned into Chen Rui’s ear and said softly, “Daddy, that aunty is a little scary.”

The people present were all people with excellent hearing. When they heard Duoduo’s words, many hostile eyes were set on Python – Duoduo is such a cute little girl. What kind of gaze are you showing?

Python didn’t realize it, and she was still staring at Duoduo, “Is this your daughter? Your biological daughter?”

Chen Rui frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“Paglio!” Python looked back at Paglio, “Tell me, is this little girl…”

“She is Chen Rui’s biological daughter of course! Her mother is Catherine!”

Not to mention Duoduo, even Master Poison Dragon was inevitably frightened by the gaze of Python. However, since he was already ‘half-dead’, he simply said, “Everyone in the Demon Realm knows this! If you have any delusions, forget about it!”

Everyone agreed. Just when Master Poison Dragon was on high alert, Python didn’t take action, but she laughed, really laughing.

In Master Poison Dragon’s memory, this terrifying woman had never been so happy.

“Okay, thank you.”

Thank you? Paglio for a moment: Did you take the wrong medicine?

“My mood suddenly improves. Paglio, that’s a good thing for you.”

Good thing your ass! Master Poison Dragon said in his mind with a smile on his face, “So, that condition…”

“You will know after we go out. I can guarantee that the condition is very simple and won’t hurt a strand of your hair in any way.”

It was a simply a pleasant surprise. Master Poison Dragon was refreshed, “You said so!”

A few hours later.

Dark Moon Estate’s Dark Moon City.

“Do I have to do this? Elder Sister Python, let’s do it another way?” Paglio smiled apologetically, and that smile was uglier than crying.

Both Chen Rui and Roman’s bodies were shaking – It was too hard to hold back a laugh.

At this moment, Paglio was naked, except for a bottomed wooden barrel around his waist, covering his vital part.

“Admit defeat willingly.” Python said coldly, “If you still complain, you can’t even have a wooden barrel.”

Master Poison Dragon shuddered, and Roman’s gloating voice came from behind, “Don’t worry, Master Paglio, I’ll give you a ‘mosaic’ later. Is that the word, dear leader?”

Chen Rui smirked, “You can also let him be an infantry without a mosaic.”

“Infantry? Although I don’t understand it, it seems to be very powerful…” Roman laughed even more maliciously, “Ms. Python is a credible person indeed. This condition did not hurt a single hair of Paglio.”

Hurt your whole family! Master Poison Dragon scolded the 2 bad friends over and over in his mind. He felt 2 sharp sword-like eyes shot from behind him, and Python’s cold voice sounded, “Are you running? Would you like me to help you?”

Paglio was really about to cry, but in the Ghastly Floating Land, he already knew how powerful Python was. If he really got thrown to the street without the wooden barrel…

Python’s cold voice sounded in Paglio’s ears, “Remember, be louder, or it won’t count.”

Damn, I’ll go all in! Master Poison Dragon gritted his teeth, held the barrel with both hands, and rushed to the street. In the eyes of everyone in surprise, he shouted, “Ms. Betty, I love you!”

The 2 friends behind them couldn’t hold back any longer, and they burst into laughter. Isabella and the girls, who had been covering Duoduo’s eyes and telling bedtime stories, also burst into laughter.

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