Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 11 - Double Seal! Dragon Inscriptions and Wetland Treasures

Chapter 11: Double Seal! Dragon Inscriptions and Wetland Treasures

“You’re overestimating me. I don’t have such capability.” Chen Rui shook his head. I still need to acquire her mind and body? If she hacked with that greatsword, everything will be gone.

“Don’t underestimate your guile and vicious, my partner.” Paglio smiled. “Before that, I will use a small trick to prevent her from leaking our secret. However, from the performance of the woman just now, this trick won’t last long. So, you have to find a way to get her heart. Her strength and potential aren’t bad. She might be a good guarantee for your survival. You must know that our lives are connected, so I am also taking care of myself.”

Guile, vicious, are those compliments? Chen Rui was dumbfounded. He could only say, “Don’t worry, we are now two grasshoppers tied on the same string. I… will try my best.”

“Grasshopper? Is that a powerful creature in the primeval age?” The poison dragon expressed his curiosity, then he said immediately, “However, women are definitely hard to deal with. The one who is proficient in ancient runes was a woman that I offended.”

He abused her at first and ditched her in the end? Failed in attempt to rape? Chen Rui made use of his rich imagination maliciously as Paglio told his past experience.

Paglio was powerful, cunning and notorious. For the terrifying poison he possessed, he could cause widespread disasters. Even several empires dared not provoke him. As a dragon, the poison dragon inevitably had a common trait of an obsession of accumulating wealth. His greed for wealth possession was extremely strong.

In a battle for treasure, Paglio teamed up with the Fairy Dragon, Laura to kill their nemesis, Blue Dragon, Ranieri and recreated Ranieri’s ally, Crystal Dragon, Jacob. However, after defeating his nemesis, Paglio could not resist his powerful greed for the treasure, so he temporarily betrayed the agreement of joint research. He backstabbed Laura and stole the treasure.

The furious Laura began to chase the Poison Dragon madly. The Fairy Dragon was born to be a powerful magician and scholar. The hard-to-pronounce dragon language magic was as simple as yawning for them. Laura was one of the best. She even mastered ancient runes. The cunning Paglio knew that he couldn’t win. He was afraid that his treasure would be lost. Therefore, he hid it in a secret base in the Silent Night Wetland. He set up multiple traps and forged a series of illusions in another cave to puzzle the Fairy Dragon.

Paglio escaped the pursuit of Laura, but he ran into another terrifying man. The power and poison of the Poison Dragon were like a child’s play in front of the man, so he was quickly subdued. To the surprise of the poison dragon, the man’s objective was actually the treasure.

Paglio wasn’t someone who was foolhardy. He pretended to surrender, promised to hand over the treasure and brought the man to his “secret” cave. The inner cave was a mess with scattered gold coins and gems on the ground as if it was plundered by someone – the tricks to baffle Laura initially finally came into use.

After the man failed to find anything, he used the ancient runes to seal Paglio in the blue lake. Four hundred years ago, when the uninformed Lord of Midnight Sun led the army to attack the Dark Moon, he also cast the seal of <Lock of Light and Dark> to prevent waking the Poison Dragon that could affect the overall situation. There was a strange interaction between the two seals, which made Paglio woke up earlier. Currently, the Poison Dragon had two seals, <Lock of Light and Dark> and the ancient runes. The former made him unable to leave the blue lake’s area and the latter greatly suppressed the power of the poison dragon.

Chen Rui was shocked to hear that someone could easily capture and seal a strong individual like the poison dragon.

Without the ancient runes, the Poison Dragon could have slowly broken free from the seal of <Lock of Light and Dark> by its own strength but it was a double seal now. Thus, the situation was dire. What Paglio wanted Chen Rui to do was: First, go to the secret base at the Silent Night Wetland to find the treasure to dispel the <Lock of Light and Dark>; second, find the whereabouts of the Fairy Dragon Laura, and make a deal with her dispel the seal.

Paglio was particularly cautious about this. “You have to find two things in the Silent Night Wetland. The first one is a fist-sized crimson crystal. Its appearance is similar to an eye, called the Eye of Sauron. With my suppressed power, I have to rely on it to get rid of <Lock of Light and Dark> and leave this damn lake. The second thing is a silver box containing the treasure that was taken from Laura that year. In addition to these two, there are some treasures that you can use… I can give you a few.”

Chen Rui memorized in his heart. Looking at the Poison Dragon finished his last sentence with a bitter expression, Chen Rui smiled, “Don’t worry, Brother Poison Dragon, I will not take any of your treasures.”

This dragon still seemed to not understand the logic of give and take, he couldn’t ask someone to help without giving a reward. However, this guy was also extremely obsessed with wealth. He was really an epitome of wanting money over life, so he was being sealed as the result. Are all dragons so vigorous?

“Not take anything? I bet you want to take everything right! Don’t think that I can’t see your greed and deceit. Now, I doubt that you are a dragon in human form.” Paglio said with annoyance. “I can give you 20% of the treasure, but don’t be too happy. The Silent Night Wetland isn’t that easy to enter. With your current strength, I’m afraid that you will become the food of the demonic beasts before you could reach its surroundings. So, you should make Athena yours as soon as possible and let her accompany you. Not only that, you also need to learn the Dragon Inscription. As I set up countless inscription traps in the secret base, even if a giant dragon forcibly breaks in, it’ll only suffer. The traps will even destroy all the treasures inside.”

No wonder Paglio repeatedly stressed for Chen Rui to court Athena, it turned out that he actually had such plans.

The Dragon Inscriptions was a unique skill of the dragon. It was similar to the magic circle but with higher difficulty and power. Paglio was quite proficient in this.

“Dragon Inscription?” Chen Rui was already nervous for English in college. Now he knew it was another foreign language, he couldn’t help but say, “Don’t have to be so troublesome. You just need to tell me where the traps are, then I’ll just go around them.”

“That’s the key.” Paglio’s face was red. “Because my memory isn’t that good, especially now I just woke up. I can’t remember a lot of things clearly, including the inscriptions traps at the Silent Night Wetland…”

You have bad memory but you still set up so many traps, and there is even a self-destruction program! Chen Rui rolled his eyes after listening. Fortune fell from the sky was indeed difficult to get. It seemed that he had to learn this foreign language reluctantly… However, since the risk increased, the distribution of the treasures should be altered.

Athena saw Chen Rui and Paglio shook their heads and argued intensely. As she couldn’t hear anything, she guessed that the despicable Poison Dragon was compelling the brave human to accept certain harsh conditions.

After a long time, Paglio and Chen Rui stopped arguing.

“You’ll get 40% and I’ll get 60%. That’s it!” After Paglio said that sentence, he immediately removed the soundproof and deliberately making a fierce tone: “It’s decided. Don’t challenge my patience anymore!” ”

Athena immediately ran toward them. Chen Rui secretly cursed this cunning fucker as he wanted to divide evenly initially.

Paglio waved his hand, removed the toxins in Athena and sneered, “Hateful human, although you deceived Master Paglio to sign an equal contract, it does not mean that I completely trust you, especially these female demons! These 3 women are all under my most powerful slow poison. This poison is tasteless and odorless, even the most outstanding potion master cannot cure. Every 7 days from now, you must return to this place with enough barbecue in exchange for an antidote, otherwise, their entire body will rot and their bones will turn to ashes!”

Athena had witnessed the greatsword being easily destroyed by Paglio’s venom. She wouldn’t dare to suspect the truthfulness. She was scared and afraid, It’s okay if it’s just Kia and I, but Alice is the little princess of the Fallen Angel Empire, how can she suffer from this horrifying danger?

At this moment, Athena felt deeply remorseful that she shouldn’t violate the orders of Princess Royal and bring Alice to the blue lake.

Chen Rui then realized that was Paglio’s temporary “trick”: the slow poison most probably was just bluffing them, but the barbecue was definitely added deliberately. He immediately gave the Poison Dragon a contemptuous look, clenched his teeth and said: “I promise! After the seal is lifted, you must help Athena and the others to completely cure the poison!”

“I guarantee that with the honor of a dragon!” Paglio pointed to Athena. “You and I signed an equal contract but she did not. I cast poison just in case. If she cannot keep the secret, then all consequences are at her own risk! Quickly leave now. Master Paglio is going to study about this Peg’s Solitaire.”

After that, he ignored Chen Rui and started playing with the masterpiece of the Master Wukong with great interest.

Chen Rui signed Athena with his eyes and said, “Let’s go first.”

Athena was flustered, and she had completely lost her mind. She immediately picked up Kia and Alice after Chen Rui’s cue. She went to the tri-horned rhinos that had already recovered and put the 2 girls on their backs. The tamed tri-horned rhinos were very gentle. The leader tri-horned rhino, under the control of Athena, led the other three to slowly march. It was completely the opposite of the wild and fierce run before.

Previously, Chen Rui had specifically requested the Poison Dragon to release his strongest venom toward him. However, the Super System could not increase anymore once the system booting process reached 90%. It was obvious that the repeated poisons had reached its limit. It couldn’t be converted as the booting energy for the Super System, failing Chen Rui’s expectations.

Actually, his gain today was enough. Not only he acquired a strong ally and a long life, but also increased the Super System’s booting progress tremendously. After this, as long as he made reasonable use of resources in Aldas’s lab, it could officially start. It seemed it was necessary to follow the enthusiastic master to study pharmaceutics.

“Athena,” Chen Rui organized a sentence in his heart and said, “Don’t tell little princess and Kia about the poison, lest they can’t bear it. Also, Paglio’s news must not be leaked because our lives are in his hands. You can rest assured that I will find a way to remove the Poison Dragon’s seal and get rid of his control of you as soon as possible.”

Athena wasn’t someone who had no sense of priorities. She nodded and said, “Thanks to you today, otherwise we may not be able to come back. I’ll take back my discourtesies previously, you are a… brave human.”

Chen Rui was amazed at Athena’s praise. Under his impression, the heroine was picky. She didn’t even look straight at General Alan. He probed, “Previously… the Poison Dragon misunderstood our relationship… hope you won’t mind.”

“I know,” Athena replied in a low voice and her face slightly red. Fortunately, her skin was not as pale as Kia’s, so the difference couldn’t be told.

Chen Rui took a sigh of relief. The violent bimbo was definitely easier to deal with as compared to the blackhearted little loli. If it was Alice, she wouldn’t be brushed off so easily.

However, the task of pursuing a girl was too difficult. Chen Rui himself had only one failed relationship. Do I really need to pursue Athena?

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