Demon’s Diary

Chapter 796: Xie’er’s Power

Chapter 796: Xie’er’s Power

At this moment, the 6 purple-robed men who had been circling stopped one after another. The tower-like man who was in the middle suddenly yelled, and the 7 flying forks were lifted at the same time. A purple light beam was launched from each of the tips at the tower-like man.

Boom“, a huge light beam was shot from the tower-like man.

Seeing this, Murong Xueyue’s eyes flashed with sorrow. He grasped the handle of the black feather fan and waved forward.


A black flame rushed out from the fan, then it condensed into a black phoenix the size of a foot. It grew to the size of 100 meters as it charged toward the light beam.

After a dozen minutes, all the seven purple-robed men disappeared without a trace. Only a giant scorched mark of the black phoenix was left on the ground.

Black Phoenix Fairy looked at the scorched mark in the distance with an astounded face. Murang Xueyue lifted his arm, and wisps of gray mist were absorbed by his luck lock.

Now in the Tianmen Conference, as the cultivators of all factions had accumulated a lot of luck, the conflicts between each other had become more and more frequent. Correspondingly, there were more and more names faded out on the stone tablet outside. Only half of the names remained.

In the secret realm, in front of a giant ancient stone tower, on top of a white and flawless boulder, a large array was shrouded by layers of silver lights. There were 4 egg-sized grooves that were flickering around the array.

This was also the land of inheritance, but it didn’t look very big.

Around the boulder array, there were 2 masked men in green shirts which were imprinted with a giant red python pattern and 2 men with beastkin’s skin on their lower bodies. They were holding the silver fragments. Not far away from them, there were a dozen incomplete corpses. The bloody scene was horrible.

“Well, now that the obstacles have been removed, let’s quickly open the inheritance. There is not much time left.” The man in a python robe said in a deep voice.

“Remember to follow the agreements that our sects have agreed on. The rewards in the inheritance will be divided into 7 and 3. Our Sanlin Sect will get 7, and your Chimei Sect will get 3!” A barefoot muscular man said with a loud voice.

“I know, you can tell me after we get in!” A masked man on the other side was a little impatient.

Just as the 4 threw the fragments in their hands into the array, a blurry figure wrapped in red light suddenly appeared from behind a nearby tree. A red light also spread out from the blurry figure in all directions.

With a whistling sound, the red light quickly flashed through the 4 of them.

The 2 masked men and the other barefoot muscular man were caught off guard as their defensive aura was crushed in an instant. They collapsed to the ground with blood gurgled out from their severed throats.

The luck lock on their wrists even broke apart. A few gray mists rolled into the bloody light.

The barefoot muscular man barely moved his figure to dodge, but a deep wound was left on his face. He quickly channeled his spiritual power, forming a red shield, then he shouted furiously,

“Who dares to sneak attack…”

Before finishing the words, the red light rolled and swiped through the barefoot muscular man’s neck with twice the speed; the shield couldn’t stop the red light at all.


The muscular man had an unbelievable expression on his face. He opened his mouth and made a few inaudible voices from his throat, then he fell to the ground immediately.

At this time, a soft sigh came out of the red light. A young man with a handsome face slowly walked out from it.

“Sorry, although I have no grudge with all of you, for the sake of the future rise and fall of my family, I can only take your lives.” The handsome young man cupped his fist and said calmly.

At this time, the array that was inserted with 4 inheritance fragments shined in silver light. Wisp of silver silk rose up and condensed into a foot-size silver mist ball. After flickering a few times, it flew toward the stone tower and went into the gate.

The next moment, countless snake-like silver spirit patterns on the gate were instantly lit up. The gate was opened amidst a rumbling sound.

Seeing this, the handsome young man looted the belongings of the 4 with a red light, then he flashed into the gate.

Above a vast grassland, the sky was blue and filled with white clouds. The view was quite refreshing.

In a corner of this calm grassland, more than a dozen figures who were clearly divided into 2 factions stood facing each other; the atmosphere was extremely tense.

On one side were 6 savage tribe cultivators with feathers on their heads and leather robes; the other side was 10 beastkin cultivators with pressing beastkin aura.

Hey you, we have 10 people here, and you only have 6 people. The time at the Tianmen Conference is very precious. Do we really have to fight to the death?” On the Beastkin Clan’s cultivators side, a rat-faced and long-bearded beastkin said gloomily.

Hmph! If the luck we accumulated is low in this Tianmen Convention, our tribe will face a catastrophe. If this is the case, it is better to die grabbing more luck so that our tribe will last for hundreds of years.”

The savage tribe young man snorted coldly, then he patted his waist with 1 hand without hesitation. 3 gray lights rolled out from the waist, transforming into 3 gray jackals of 30 meters in size. They had exposed fangs and green eyes that stared at the opposite Beastkin Clan cultivator.

Seeing this, other savage tribe people also released their spiritual pets, including insects, snakes, tigers and leopards. There were as many as 40 of them. The momentum was very great.

Hehe, using spiritual pets against us, how ridiculous. Since you want to fight, then don’t blame me for not warning you. Brothers, let’s go!”

Seeing that the negotiation broke down, the rat-faced beastkin clan cultivator didn’t speak more nonsense. As a beastkin aura rolled, he changed into a 100 meters giant hamster and pounced forward with a ferocious bite.

Behind him, a burst of colorful beastkin aura surged one after another; the remaining 9 beastkin cultivators either changed into half-beastkin or their true form, charging straight at the 6 people.

All of a sudden, the calm sky above the vast grassland had all kinds of lights, deafening impact, fighting sound and painful screams.

Deep in the greenstone tunnel maze, it had been more than 2 hours since Liu Ming entered the maze.

At this time, Liu Ming still couldn’t find the exit of the maze, and he even had an impetuous feeling of getting more and more restless as time passed.

Speaking of which, the entire maze was normal at first. With his powerful mental power and fast escape speed, he forcibly remembered the fork of the tunnel in front of him and eliminated them one by one. It seemed that he had already cracked most of the maze.

But with the emergence of more and more greenstone tunnels, even with his powerful Divine Thought, it was overwhelming.

Now, he was standing still at the 3 forks in a tunnel. He looked a little unsightly.

According to the memory in his mind, there should be a winding 2 fork tunnel in front of him.

“Sure enough, this maze will change every once in a while.” Liu Ming muttered with a wry smile.

In front of the constantly changing maze, no matter how good his memory was, it was useless.

“Master, why don’t you let Xie’er try, maybe I can find the exit of this maze!”

Just as Liu Ming was hesitating, in a leather bag around his waist, a girl’s sweet and crisp sound suddenly came out.

Oh, Xie’er, what idea do you have?” Liu Ming’s eyes lit up upon hearing that.

“Master, you forgot that I now have the power to control the earth attribute force. Since this place is deep underground, my inspiration is far more sensitive than usual. Perhaps I can use this to find the exit. Xie’er couldn’t fully utilize this inspiration inside this bag.” Xie’er said with a soft laugh.

“Since you are so confident, let’s give it a try.” After Liu Ming thought for a while, he nodded, patted his waist, and a black mist rolled out. It condensed into a graceful girl in black tulle.

“Master, please wait a moment.”

After the graceful girl smiled at Liu Ming, she immediately sat down cross-legged with her eyes closed and started chanting.

After a while, a layer of light yellow flame appeared on the girl’s body. It was vague and calm, seeming gentle.

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows at the moment the yellow flame appeared.

He could faintly feel that in the seemingly inconspicuous yellow flames, waves of earth attribute spiritual power were spreading.

After a while, Xie’er opened her eyes, and the pale yellow flame on her condensed into a brown Bone Scorpion’s phantasm, which was 30 meters tall. It almost touched the top of the tunnel.

Liu Ming was slightly surprised. It was his first time seeing Bone Scorpion performing this skill. After a flicker of his figure, he appeared in front of the phantasm and touched it with a finger.

A finger went through the phantasm without touching anything, but a faint flow of warmth was felt at the fingertip.

After Xie’er condensed the brown scorpion phantasm, there was a trace of exhaustion on her face. She looked a little strenuous.

Seeing this, Liu Ming retracted his finger without thinking, then he launched a pure spiritual power into the girl’s body.

With Liu Ming’s help, Xie’er finally looked better. As she tapped her forehead, yellow light shone in her eyes.

The huge Bone Scorpion’s phantasm seemed to have received instructions as it rushed into a fork tunnel.

TL: Finally getting out of this maze? He should have relied more on his spiritual pets though…

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