Demon’s Diary

Chapter 688: Gray Token

Chapter 688: Gray Token

Under the rumbling of the purple thunderclouds, countless purple arcs flashed into Liu Ming’s arms and disappeared without a trace.

As Liu Ming rubbed his hands and split them, a rumbling sound occurred as a thick silver lightning arc bounced out. It pierced through the giant wolf with just a flash.

With a whine, the wolf faded into thin air, turning into a pair of flying blades and a bead in the air.

The long-faced beastkin cultivator’s complexion suddenly became extremely ugly. He waved his sleeve and retrieved the 2 magic weapon prototypes, but after taking another deep breath, he suddenly raised his head with a long roar; his body was suddenly enlarged. After breaking the shirt, he turned into a monster with a horse head, a wolf body and 2 wings.

With just a flap of the 2 wings, he disappeared in front of Liu Ming.

Seeing this, Liu Ming suddenly threw a punch behind him.


When the horse head beastkin just appeared, he was punched right in the face. After he defended the blow with 2 claws, he staggered backward.

At this moment, Liu Ming flickered and rushed up with 3 phantasms.

Seeing this, the horse head beastkin was furious. Without waiting for his body to stand firm, he spouted a purple light beam at the 3 phantasms.

“Bang bang!“, 2 of the phantasm were instantly wiped out by the purple light. Only the 3rd phantasm suddenly twisted and avoided the purple light from an incredible angle, then he appeared ghostly in front of the opponent and launched a ferocious punch.

Before the fist wrapped in black and purple scales really hit the enemy, a black mist dragon had rushed out with tremendous force.

The horse head monster looked flustered, then he spat out a yellow bead while waving both claws at the opponent.

There was another loud noise.

After the black mist dragon and yellow bead collided, 1 collapsed on the spot and the other bounced away.

The purple fist, after turning blurred, directly tore apart the claw shadows, but it was blocked by the horse head beastkin once again with 2 claws.

This time, because the beastkin had prepared in advance, except for a shake of his figure, it was not blown away by the punch.

The beastkin immediately flapped its wings to prepare for a fierce counterattack.

At this moment, at the sleeve of the purple fist he blocked, a black gas blasted out. It condensed into a skull. It flicked and launched a giant green hair net at the beastkin.

It was Demon Flying Skull.

Liu Ming released Demon Flying Skull some time ago and hid it in his sleeve, then he suddenly released at this moment.

Such a strange move caught the horse head beastkin off guard. He could no longer dodge at such a close distance and was wrapped tightly.

The beastkin roared in shock. Purple gas rolled out from him, trying to break the hair net.

But how would Liu Ming, who was close at hand, give him another chance. After a sneer, layers of silver lightning arcs appeared on his fist. He shocked his arm, appeared behind the beastkin and launched a punch at the purple gas behind him.

“Bang“, the thick purple gas instantly collapsed, and there was a crisp sound of bone cracking.

Liu Ming’s strength at this time was so powerful that even a small mountain could be blown with 1 punch, not to mention a physical body.

Even though the horse head beastkin had a powerful body, he spouted a mouthful of blood mixed with the pieces of his internal organs. He then fell from the air heavily and caused a pit on the ground.

After the monster wailed, the purple gas dissipated, and he transformed back into the long-faced beastkin cultivator.

At this time, the long-faced beastkin cultivator not only had a torn purple robe on his body, but also his face was pale and bloodless. Even if he turned over and stood up from the pit, his spine was already broken from the impact and his ribs too. He seemed to be a little shaky.

With a whistling sound, a dozen of black silk blasted out abruptly from the ground nearby.

The long-faced beastkin cultivator was startled. As he was about to dodge, he suddenly felt soreness all over his body, which greatly slowed down his movements.

After those black silks disappeared in a flash, they all went into his lower leg.

The long-faced beastkin cultivator slammed the ground nearby furiously.


There was a splash of mud nearby, and a palm-sized silver Bone Scorpion was flying out. After a blur, it escaped more than a hundred meters away before turning around and staring at the beastkin cultivator.

The long-faced beastkin cultivator didn’t care about Bone Scorpion at all. He lowered his head and saw that there were more than a dozen black blood holes on his lower leg. The pitch-black poisonous blood gushed out. At the same time, a numbness spread from the wound to his other body parts.

The beastkin was suddenly frightened and angry. He hurriedly channeled his spiritual power to resist the poison temporarily.

At this moment, Liu Ming appeared like a ghost behind him. With a flick of his sleeve, a large black light shrouded the beastkin in it.

The long-faced beastkin cultivator found himself in a black space after a blur of his vision. As he wanted to react in shock, a dozen of black tentacles wrapped around his body tightly.


Liu Ming’s figure appeared silently from his side. A looming golden sword shadow pierced through the head of the beastkin cultivator at the same time.

“You…” The long-faced beastkin cultivator showed an unbelievable look. The next moment, a thumb-sized hole appeared on his forehead; blood gurgled out from it. His soul was eliminated by the sword qi before it escaped.

The beastkin cultivator glared at Liu Ming, but his eyes dimmed very quickly, and he collapsed to the ground.

Liu Ming looked at the beastkin cultivator in front of him, shook his head, and flicked his sleeve. The black light faded in an instant.

Speaking of it, the strength of this beastkin cultivator was obviously not comparable to the 2 Real Pellet State cultivators he had previously killed; he was maybe even better than the young man who used a whisk he met not long ago.

Since the other party may have a connection with Thunder Beastkin, and he tried to kill him at first sight, he of course wouldn’t hold back his power.

As Liu Ming was contemplating, he waved and took the 2 purple flying blades and the Wuqu Bead into his hand, and he stored them without taking a closer look. After that, he took out a storage bracelet from his waist and took a quick look. He couldn’t help being surprised as he took out a gray token from it.

He narrowed his eyes and immediately inspected the thing carefully.

This token was only the size of a fist and was filled with a trace of beastkin aura. It seemed to be a thing of the Beastkin Clan. It was engraved with a strange monster pattern on the front and a sketch on the back.

Liu Ming carefully calculated for a long time before finally realizing that it should be the approximate topographic map of the secret realm. There were only a few marks on it, and it was drawn with only a few strokes. He couldn’t understand it for a while.

After frowning, he tried to check it with mental power. After a flash of gray light on the surface of the token, it directly cut off his Divine Thought, making it impossible for him to detect the mystery of the token.

Liu Ming fell into deep thought while playing with this token.

It is no doubt that this thing should be a certain kind of token, and it is likely to have a lot to do with Thunder Beastkin. As for what it is, it is hard to say.

It may be an identity token or a key to some kind of enchantment······

Liu Ming thought for a while, and he finally shook his head and put the token away. After retrieving the 2 spiritual pets, he entered the cave, consumed a golden yuan pill and sat cross-legged to recover his spiritual power.

In order to deal with the previous powerful beastkin cultivator, he had spent a lot of spiritual power.

Half a day later, Liu Ming had restored most of his spiritual power. He immediately adjusted his clothes, walked out of the cave, and continued to move forward in a certain direction.

At this time, it was only about 20 days after his totem was drawn. As long as he had the power of the Che Huan Totem on his left shoulder, his cultivation could be hidden and his aura would be concealed. If he was a bit more careful, he wouldn’t be afraid of the sneak attack of those Real Pellet State cultivators.

What he had to do now was to find out the exit of the secret realm quickly, otherwise it would be too late when Thunder Beastkin really wanted to deal with the prisoners in the secret realm.

1 day later, when he flew past a black mountain in the secret realm, a yellow light flashed toward him.

Behind the yellow escape light, there was a green shadow in close pursuit, and it spurted green flames from time to time.

The yellow escape light suddenly stopped, revealing the figure of a female cultivator wearing a yellow skirt. After raising 1 hand, she launched a golden flame.

With a “boom“, the golden flame and green flame exploded after a collision in the void, pushing back the green shadow slightly.

Then the woman in yellow seemed to spot Liu Ming after looking around. She hurried toward the direction of Liu Ming.

Liu Ming frowned. He naturally didn’t intend to intervene, so he planned to leave right away.

At this moment, the green light from behind condensed into a giant green wolf. It roared furiously and opened its mouth.


A giant green wolf head the size of an acre appeared. It bit and swallowed both the woman in yellow and Liu Ming together.

TL: Will he team up with the woman now?

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