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Chapter 50 – Mechanical Plating

Chapter 50 – Mechanical Plating

“No need, we two are already very happy with the current result, there is no need to continue.” Martial Aunt Zhong suddenly opened her mouth and said.

“Indeed, Cong Tian this child only won this match by a fluke. If he was against Jin Yu, the chances of victory are just too low.” Zhu Chu also realized the intentions of the other two and directly declined.

Even if the stakes were more weighted toward their side, if they couldn’t win, it would naturally be useless.

“If so, how about we add another fifty kilograms of Iron Essence?” After knitting his brows, Da Zhi unexpectedly raised the stakes again.

After this was said, Zhu Chi was stumped for words, and Martial Aunt Zhong’s expression froze.

“If I heard correctly, the two of you, for this final third of the Spirit Fruits, are actually willing to add on fifty kilograms of Iron Essence on top of the two-thirds of the Spirit Fruits. The price of fifty kilograms of Iron Essence is definitely not inferior to the price of all of these Spirit Fruits.” After breaking out of his daze, Zhu Chi replied in disbelief.

“The truth is, Fellow Zhu and Fellow Zhong, this time, these Spirit Fruits are a necessity to us. Either we take none of them or we take all of them. As for the reason, we cannot tell you. However, both rest assured, if your disciple loses today, we are willing to leave behind the fifty kilograms of Iron Essence as compensation.” The Da Shang replied solemnly.

Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong glanced at each other, both seeing the surprise in each other’s eyes.

“Please wait a moment, I need to discuss this with my junior before deciding.” Zhu Chi could only reply like this.

“This is natural, please do not hesitate to discuss, we two can wait.” The Da Shang naturally agreed without reservations.

“Cong Tian, Take this time and rest. It is very possible you will compete again in a while.” Martial Aunt Zhong did not disagree, and instead turned around to speak with extreme gravity to Liu Ming.


Liu Ming replied and sat down with legs crossed where he was standing. He then began circulating and recovering Fa Li without making a sound. However, he was still naturally bewildered in his heart, not knowing what the two Spirit Masters of Nine Enlightenment Mountain were thinking.

At this moment, Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong walked to the other side, yet their lips were moving but no sound was produced. It was the extremely mysterious Whisper Technique.

This technique could only be learned after reaching Late Spirit Apostle level. Therefore, this was also the first time Liu Ming had seen it. After looking at it, he couldn’t help but feel very curious.

Ever since Liu Ming won by accident, the expression of Yu Cheng and Xiao Feng both became complicated. Especially Xiao Feng, who felt extremely embarrassed.

He, who was a Nine Spiritual Pulse disciple, was not able to win a match. However, Liu Ming, who was a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple, could get a round under his belt. Also, as it seemed that he was going to compete again; this obviously made him feel unwilling at heart.

The gaze in which he used to look Liu Ming could not help but contain a hint of envy.

After no less than the time it takes to drink a cup of tea (10 minutes), Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong finish discussing, and walked over again.

After seeing this, Da Zhi and Da Shang roused their spirit, ready to hear their reply.

“Since the two of you have agreed to give fifty kilograms of Iron Essence whether we win or lose, the two of us naturally cannot refuse. However, we have one condition!” Zhu Chi spoke with no expression.

“What condition?” Da Zhi and Da Shang looked at each other as Da Shang hurriedly asked.

“This competition, if our disciple loses, the two of us will naturally say no more and immediately leave this place with the Iron Essence. All the Spirit Fruit belonging to the two fellows. However, if he wins, then you two fellows must tell us the real reason as to why you care so much about these Spirit Fruits.” Zhu Chi said without thinking any further.

“Tell you our reason? Sure, if we lose these Spirit Fruits, I naturally will have no need to continue hiding this information.” After hearing what he said, Da Zhi’s expression changed slightly but after thinking about it, he opened his mouth and agreed.

“Ok, then it is a deal.” Zhu Chi raised both brows and extended out a palm.

With three sounds of “pa” “pa” ”pa”, the white-haired elder and Zhu Chi hit their palms together. Afterward, the four Spirit Masters all walked out of the ring.

“Cong Tian, I don’t know if you still have other methods but feel free to use them all in the next round. As long as you can win against that kid called Jin Yu, I can make sure that the benefits you receive will be a tenth of all the rewards.” When Zhu Chi passed by Liu Ming, he suddenly turned serious and said a sentence.

“That is correct, as long as you win the match, I will definitely keep that promise.” Martial Aunt Zhong also seriously added a sentence.

“I understand and will definitely try my utmost.” Once he heard he could receive a tenth of all the rewards, Liu Ming’s heart could not help but suddenly jump and he hurriedly replied in a submissive manner.

At this time, Da Zhi and Da Shang were also instructing a few sentences seriously to Jin Yu before also leaving.

Jin Yu entered the ring with no expression on his face, shook his sleeve and threw out a green colored ball. Once again, the ball changed into a Green Light Praying Mantis puppet.

“Junior, how do you feel about Cong Tian’s chances of winning?” Zhu Chi, standing outside the ring, suddenly asked Martial Aunt Zhong.

“If it was before the previous match, I would only say that he had a five-percent chance. But since his Fireball Technique has already reached Initial Spell Mastery and moreover, he won the previous match effortlessly. He should still have other tricks up his sleeve that he has not used yet. But even if so, the chances of victory should only be at a maximum of thirty-percent. After all, Jin Yu’s talent of doing many things at the same time, combined with the Green Light Praying Mantis puppets, is extremely powerful.” Martial Aunt Zhong remained silent for a moment, before giving her reply.

“Thirty-percent. This is enough for us to gamble. Looking at the manner of Da Zhi and Da Shang, if we don’t compete in this last round, perhaps they will not let us leave here easily.” Zhu Chi replied with a cold laugh.

“En, I am actually more curious about why the two of them are so attached to these Spirit Fruits.” The Martial Aunt instead replied unhurriedly.

“Hehe, if Cong Tian wins, we will naturally be able to know. But if it does not happen, taking back fifty kilograms of Iron Essence can also be considered as returning from a rewarding journey.” Zhu Chi replied with a small chuckle.

“Indeed, all we can do now is patiently wait for the results.” The Martial Aunt nodded slightly.

At this time, Liu Ming had already stood up and wisps of black smoke started escaping from his body. He then formed a sign with one hand.The bronze bracelet on his wrist lit up, and quickly Liu Ming hit a hand sign into his own body.

At this, the bronze bracelet produced a “weng, weng” sound, and a round light shield which tightly stuck to his arm appeared.

“So this is your Practitioner weapon, doesn’t seem like much!” Jin Yu glanced at Liu Ming’s Bronze Bracelet and coldly said.

“Whether it is powerful or not, you will know after trying it personally.” Liu Ming stared at his opponent and spoke plainly.

“Oh really, then I will try it.” An ominous glint flashed in Jin Yu’s eyes, immediately pointing a finger toward his forehead.

The Green Light Praying Mantis immediately knocked its two forelimbs together. Then, it suddenly opened up both its wings and lunged forward toward Liu Ming with a speed that left afterimages.

After Liu Ming saw this, he quickly chanted a technique and brought both of his hands together in front of his chest. This immediately caused waves of aqua light to flash past and one by one, thin, aqua-colored blades appeared in Liu Ming’s hands at lightning speed. Then, Liu Ming flicked his wrists.

“Sou” “Sou” “Sou” Sounds echoed!

Three wind blades practically formed a straight light as they shot forward. The speed at which they were traveling was much faster than Liu Ming’s Fireball Technique from before; it was even about the same as the speed of the Green Light Praying Mantis Puppet.

After seeing this, Jin Yu became slightly alarmed and hurriedly controlled the puppet beast.

In between three sounds of “dang” “dang” “dang”, the forelimbs of the praying mantis danced at lightning speed. Although it deflected the three wind blades, it also couldn’t help but consecutively take several steps back.

Jin Yu’s expression became heavy, with his empty hand, he suddenly formed a hand sign and pointed toward the praying mantis in the air.

The puppet immediately rushed forward again. However, this time, it started trembling its wings at the same time and turned into four blurry shadows, which were indistinguishable between each other as they all rushed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s pupils shrank but his chanting of his technique became even more hurried, again raising both hands.

A deafening sound could be heard!

Again, four wind blades shot out and destroyed three praying mantis shadows in a flash. The final mantis moved its forelimb, knocking the wind blade away but its midair body was affected by the power of the wind blade and helplessly flew backward.

Right at this time, Liu Ming suddenly raised his sleeve into the air, with a flash of black, a black rope flew straight toward the praying mantis puppet like a poisonous snake.


Right when the unsuspecting praying mantis was about to get caught in the black rope, the puppet beast suddenly flapped its wing and shot to the side at an oblique angle.

The black rope immediately missed its target.

Taking advantage of the moment when Jin Yu was distracted, Liu Ming, who was on the other side, raised both hands. With another deafening sound, he shot forward another two wind blades, but not with the praying mantis puppet as the target now. Instead, after the shot forward with a flash, the wind blades were like ghosts as they appeared before Jin Yu.

When Liu Ming fought previously, he impressively did not use his full power.

With his pure Fa Li and his Complete Spell Mastering in the Wind Blade Technique, the speed of Liu Ming’s wind blades would be thirty or forty percent faster than before if he were to give it his all.

Even though Jin Yu had a coarse and wild personality, after seeing this situation he couldn’t help but be frightened. However, he had no time to dodge even if he wanted to.

“Peng, peng”.

The wind blades landed solidly on the Jin Yu’s front chest, but only caused a yellow flash and dull thud, as if they landed on dead wood.

“Mechanical Battle Armor. Da Zhi and Da Zhang, you two actually gave this treasure to him, this round of competition cannot be counted!” Zhu Chi, who was originally so happy that he could jump around, immediately yelled to the other two Spirit Master while feeling alarmed and angry at this scene.

After Martial Aunt Zhong saw this situation, her expression also became unnatural and ugly.

“Hmph, look carefully. Yu Er’s Mechanical item, is not our Mechanical Battle Armor from before, but instead Mechanical Plating that was created by him.”

TL: Yu Er is an affectionate name for Jin Yu

Da Shang replied with a difficult smile and a white face, obviously the scene that just occured also gave him a great fright.

“Mechanical Plating.”

After hearing this, Zhu Chi was slightly stumped for words.

At this time, after snorting coldly, Jin Yu suddenly tore off his clothes, revealing a set of tight, white color clothes underneath. However, in front and behind these new clothes, there was a round, mirror-like wooden piece tightly protecting his chest and back.

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