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Chapter 48 – Fighting With Spells (Second)

Chapter 48 – Fighting With Spells (Second)

“Master Nan’s favorite granddaughter?”

Hearing Da Zhi’s words, Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong revealed bitter smiles on their faces.

Liu Ming, who was standing to the side, was extremely curious as to who this “Master Nan” was and what kind of person he was.

When Yu Cheng saw that the girl was unscathed, he didn’t feel down. Instead, he started quickly chanting while raising both of his hands. A light green Wind Blade flew from each of his hands. Afterward, he clenched his fists and pounced toward the girl.

The girl on the opposite side saw this and decided not to use her puppet snake. Instead, she let out a “hmph” sound as the round, yellow bamboo shield and the blood red glyph in her hand disappeared in seconds. Replacing them were a couple of yellow glyphs. Casting them, six fireballs appeared in a line and shot out.

Seeing this, Yu Cheng became extremely surprised, it was too late for him to dodge.

The thick yellow dirt on him had made him much slower than before. The first two fireballs collided and dissipated with the two Wind Blades, while the third and fourth fireballs landed on him directly. With the two other blasts, Yu Cheng was forced back against his will.

However, when the fifth and sixth fireball arrived at almost the same time, Yu Cheng barely managed to take out a short blade from his sleeve in time to split open one of the fireballs. However, the other fireball landed harshly on him.

This time, Yu Cheng let out a blood curling scream as the thick dirt layer on him shattered into pieces under the blazing fire. Immediately, the fire enwrapped Yu Cheng within it.

“Ahem, this round, we have lost!”

A long sigh!

Zhu Chi who was outside the circle flashed and appeared by the side of the red-haired youth. Immediately, he waved his sleeve to generate some large winds, blowing out the fire.

Zhu Chi then looked deeply at the girl before turning around and leaving.

As for Yu Cheng, because of how timely Zhu Chi’s intervention was, he did not suffer any major damage. Only his hair was really burned and his skin was covered in a layer of ash. He was actually only slightly red. It was just a couple of burn blisters, nothing serious.

However, instead of showing pain, Yu Cheng hung his head low when he followed Zhu Chi out of the circle.

His defeat this time had been caused by the number of glyphs the Nan girl could take out and his own mistakes. He could have timely canceled the Ground Armor Technique, which made him extremely slow, and dodged many of the attacks. At the very least, he would have lost much slower.

It must be known that when Yu Cheng was practicing on the Nine Infant Mountain, he never used the Ground Armor Technique. He had originally wanted to use the technique as an ace up his sleeve but it actually became the reason for his defeat.

This made Zhu Chi a little annoyed at the red-haired youth.

For the second round of the competition, the Nine Enlightenment Mountain did not send a disciple out immediately. Obviously, they were waiting for the Nine Infant Mountain to send a disciple first before deciding who would go up.

“Chong Tian, you…”

“Wait, Junior! For this round, let Feng Er go up.”

Martial Aunt Zhong originally wanted to send Liu Ming up, but Zhu Chi suddenly interrupted.

“Senior’s meaning behind this is…?” Martial Aunt Zhong was slightly surprised by this decision.

“If we lose two in a row, the pressure on Feng Er might be too high. It seems that the other side wants to take all three rounds. Thus, if we send up Feng Er, they will send out the Jin Yu kid. Why don’t we go for it right now?” Zhu Chi said.

“What senior said does make sense. Feng Er, what do you think…?” Martial Aunt Zhong pondered for a moment before she nodded and turned around to as Xiao Feng.

“Martial Uncle, Martial Aunt, please be at ease. No matter what kind of puppet this Jin Yu person brings out, I won’t lose.” Xiao Feng said confidently.

“Yes, you have mastered that technique. You should have quite a high chance of winning. Why don’t you go up first.” The Martial Aunt Zhong finally agreed.

Securing approval, Xiao Feng smiled and walked up confidently.

Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong quickly shot their gazes to the Nine Enchantment Mountain group.

The disciples of Nine Enchantment Mountain parted and the youth called Jin Yu walked out.

Seeing this, the hearts of the two were raised involuntarily.

According to the reports, in the Opening Spirit Ceremony of the Nine Enchantment Mountain, this youth named Jin Yu only had the talent of a Six Spiritual Pulse disciple. However, his innate talent of doing multiple things at once made him more sought after than many Nine Spiritual Pulse disciples. After a huge fight, he was taken in by Da Shang and Da Zhi and was viewed as their successor.

Seeing the caring expression of the two Spirit Masters, Liu Ming smiled bitterly in his heart.

It looked like the two did not have high hopes for him winning his round and instead, put all their hopes onto Xiao Feng. Otherwise, they would have at least asked for his opinion.

This lack of attention to him was in part due to his acted performance in Nine Infant Mountain, but it still left a bad taste in his mouth.

“Do what you can. Otherwise, once I start getting serious, you won’t have a chance.” The moment Jin Yu walked into the circle, he spoke these words as if they were a fact.

“Hmph. That’s what I wanted to say to you.” Xiao Feng became enraged at these words and after a blur of his hands, a wind blade appeared in one of them.

“Alright, then I won’t be courteous.” Jin Yu didn’t change his expression at Xiao Feng’s provocation and instead waved his sleeves. A green round ball, the size of one’s fist, came rolling out. In an instant, it transformed into a three foot tall green Praying Mantis puppet.

The new puppet beast was slightly different from the black serpent puppet. Besides its two forearms looking extremely sharp, the rest of it’s body was covered in a light green glow. This made the puppet seem extremely agile.

“Green Light Mantis! You guys have actually given such a puppet to a new disciple. He probably won’t even be able to utilize it well.” Seeing the mantis puppet, Zhu Chi’s face changed drastically.

“Hehe, this Green Light Mantis is indeed a little hard to create, but it is still a tier two puppet beast. As for utilizing the puppet, Fellow Zhu does not need to worry about it. Jin Yu’s talent of doing multiple things at once will definitely surprise you two later.” Da Shang said happily.

“Really? Then we will wait and see. I want to see how strong this tier two puppet beast, which is the hardest one to master from your sect, really is.” Zhu Chi said with some contempt and stopped talking.

Xiao Feng saw the puppet beast of the other party and waved his arm. Immediately, the green Wind Blade flew toward Jin Yu. In an instant, many different hand signs were performed to build up the strength within Xiao Feng’s body and his skin became a bright emerald color.

“Peng peng”

The two forearms of the Green Light Mantis moved slightly and knocked away the Wind Blade attack.

In response to the attack, Xiao Feng shook his arm and took out a green bladed Practitioner Weapon that buzzed loudly. His face turned somewhat savage as he swung the blade at Jin Yu.

A surprising scene appeared.

After the swing of the green blade finished, it visibly dimmed. However, a bright light, a few feet in length, appeared and shot out.

At the same time, Xiao Feng threw away the dimmed Practitioner Weapon and started making a hand sign. Immediately, his body started seeming somewhat hazy. Afterward, he started running at a dizzying speed around Jin Yu.

Seeing this, Liu Ming narrowed his eyes.

However, he didn’t do that because he was impressed with Xiao Feng’s speed like the other disciples were, instead, he faintly saw some extremely tiny seeds fall out of Xiao Feng’s sleeve as he ran.


Jin Yu and his puppet only had to move slightly in order to dodge this seemingly powerful attack from Xiao Feng that left a large trench behind the puppet and puppeteer. After he looked at the running figure, he immediately laughed.

“Trying to compare speeds with me. Laughable. Green Light, go.”

Right as Jin Yu’s voice fell, the Green Light Mantis Puppet rubbed it’s two forearms together before turning into a green shadow and also shooting forward. It’s speed was even greater than Xiao Feng who was already sprinting.

Seeing this, Xiao Feng was quite surprised. Before he could even react, the Mantis Puppet had already closed the distance and was ready to strike.

The Mantis Puppet’s forearms flashed a dozen times in a matter of seconds as strike after strike rained down on Xiao Feng.

Even though Xiao Feng was extremely proud, his heart fell when he saw this attack. As he tried to dodge, he made a hasty hand sign.

From Xiao Feng’s sleeve came “sou, sou” noises as two green arrows came shooting out.

However, all the Mantis Puppet did was pull back its forearms and easily shredded through the two arrows.

Xiao Feng used this pause to create distance between him and the puppet. Immediately afterward, he changed his hand sign and started laughing wildly at Jin Yu,

“Kid, you are definitely dead now. Raining Thorn Technique!”

Right after Xiao Feng’s words fell, the places in which he had run past suddenly shined brightly. Hundreds of black thorns sprouted out of the ground and grew toward Jin Yu, who was surrounded by the thorns.

“If this is your ace, it’s funny.”

Seeing this, Jin Yu sighed and poked his forehead.

With a “sou” sound, the Green Light Mantis returned to Jin Yu’s side. Afterward, it spread its wings and started running circles around Jin Yu.

However, it was too late. The black thorns were already in position to penetrate through the makeshift defense and were making sharp air whistles with their speed.

Still, Jin Yu showed no emotions and stood as still as a rock. All he did was focus on his puppet beast.

Suddenly, all the thorns were stopped!

There were four Mantis Puppets surrounding Jin Yu and each of them defended the thorns in the direction they faced. With their forearms, they cut down all of the thorns that dared to try to get past them.

Xiao Feng’s gloating smile froze on his face.

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