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Chapter 46 – Suppressing Serpent Dragon Island

Chapter 46 – Suppressing Serpent Dragon Island

Upon hearing this, Liu Ming and the other two couldn’t help but stare at the wooden boat in front of them.

This was their first time seeing a Totem, and an extremely rare Flying Totem at that!

Zhao Chi called out to them as he boarded the wooden boat with Martial Aunt Zhong.

This time, Gui Ru Quan was not coming with them, since he had to watch over Nine Infants Mountain.

Zhu Chi waited until Liu Ming and the other two disciples carefully boarded the wooden boat before forming a one handed sign. Immediately, a single layer of an aqua-colored light screen appeared, enveloping the entire boat.

Zhu Chi immediately continued shooting several different types of hand signs onto the boat’s exterior, making it slowly rise into the air.

After Zhu Chi said “Go,” the wooden boat immediately shot forward, making the three Spirit Apostles seated inside sway as they almost fell over.

Only when Liu Ming lowered his center of gravity did his body stand up straight again, thereafter he quickly looked out at the aqua-colored light screen.

The white clouds outside the boat quickly passed by at a speed observable with the naked eye. At the same time, the tall mountains beneath them became nothing more than small, black and green dots. It was simply impossible to see anything clearly at the speed which they were traveling.

This Flying Jade Spirit Boat was actually several tens of thousand feet high in the sky while traveling at an astonishing speed. It was as if it were shooting through the sky.

“Even with the Jade Spirit Boat, it will take a dozen or more days to get to our destination. During this period of time, other than when we temporarily land in a few places, you all should properly rest in the boat.” After saying this, Zhu Chi walked to the front deck of the boat and stood there without moving, wholeheartedly controlling the boat as it advanced.

After hearing that, Liu Ming and the two others sat down and crossed their legs in succession.

As for Martial Aunt Zhong, ever since she entered the wooden boat, she sat with her legs crossed in a corner at the back of the boat. Her eyes were slightly closed as she completely ignored the outside world.

Liu Ming wasn’t actually cultivating with the time. Instead he placed his hand on his knees, with lines of words and chants floating through his head. These words were the explanations on how to practice the Spirit Communication Technique.

Although Liu Ming did not have the Spirit Incense with him, a few days ago, he had managed to understand a large portion of the technique. All he needed now was to completely understand it, and then he could go find a suitable ghost and use the Spirit Communicate Technique to tame it.

This technique was the main combat technique used by Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples.

To his side, Yu Cheng had faintly closed eyes. His red hair slightly breezed about while at the same time there was a bit of a heat wave spreading outward.

This odd heat wave was likely not the result of an entrance Cultivation Method and instead seemed more like Yu Cheng was training at some type of secret technique.

As for Xiao Feng, his body was enveloped by a layer of faint green light, obviously cultivating his “Withering Wood Method” that was passed down to him by Spirit Master Gui.

Since Xiao Feng, like Liu Ming, had just became a Middle Spirit Apostle, he needed to do extra strengthening on his new level.

Time passed by bit by bit as the Flying Jade Spirit Boat carrying the five of them became a ball of green light, shooting through the sky and flying to the west.

During the journey, at nighttime, they would find an area of clear wilderness where they could stop and rest for a few hours. The rest of the time was spent aboard the Spirit Boat.

There were no problems during the trip and after a period of ten days, the flying boat finally arrived at a lake that stretched as far as the eye could see. Without hesitation, the boat flew toward the center of the lake.

At this time, the flying boat had already descended to an altitude of less than a thousand feet. The water ripples caused by the soft wind blowing on the lake could now clearly be seen by the people on the boat.

After the time is takes to drink a cup of tea (10 minutes), a green and black island could be faintly seen up ahead.

Ed Note: Is it just me or does the author really not want people who don’t drink tea know how long it takes for him to reach an area?

“Ok, we have finally arrived at Slaying Dragon Island. You all should prepare for landing.” Zhu Chi said as he stood up and looked at the island ahead.

After Liu Ming and the others gave an affirmation that they heard him, they stopped their training and stood up as well.

The Flying Jade Spirit Boat soon arrived in the sky above the island and stopped at the center of the island.

Liu Ming looked down and saw a pile of grayish-white rocks. The area directly under them also seemed to have about a dozen shadows.

The Flying Jade Spirit Boat quivered a bit and the light screen on the surface suddenly disappeared as it slowly started descending.

“Haha, Fellow Zhu, Fellow Zhong, you have finally arrived. We haven’t seen each other for such a long time, but after seeing you two today I see that the elegance and grace in the two of you is still the same as before.” The Flying Boat landed on the ground and from nearby, a white-haired elder immediately walked out among the dozen people waiting. He was amiable in appearance and greeted Zhu Chi and the Zhong Spirit Master with a smile.

Zhi Chi walked out of the wooden boat first and looking ahead, plainly said “Fellow Da Zhi also looks just as young as before, with no decrease in vigor. However, you brought quite a lot of disciples with you this time, is it possible that they all want to compete?”

“How is that possible? Since we have already decided that the competition will have three rounds, we will naturally only send three disciples to compete. The other disciples are just those who were originally left here, responsible for looking after the tree. They have stayed here for seven or eight years, even if they aren’t rewarded, they should still be recognized for their efforts.” A gray-haired elder wearing a wooden crown, not standing with the Nine Enlightenment Mountain group, spoke without expression.

After Martial Aunt Zhong heard what was said, she instead snorted and said “Hmph, why do I remember that originally, Senior Gui also wanted to leave a few disciples to guard this place as well. However, the two of you brought out plenty of excuses to make sure that your disciples would be the ones to train near the Spirit Tree. Training close to the Spirit Tree helps increase one’s training speed, even more so than consuming common Spirit Rice. One’s Fa Li would also get somewhat naturally purified. Seeing how energetic all your disciples look, they must all have greatly increased their Fa Li.”

She was currently leading Liu Ming and the other two as they flew off the flying boat.

“What Fellow Zhong said is incorrect. If it was like what you said, why would we split the Spirit Fruit with you two? Back in the days, the cave where the Suppressing Serpent Dragon Master once lived was discovered by the two of us, and we also helped, in large part, with breaking the seal afterward. Oh well, why are we even mentioning the past? It can be said that we have been friends for many years, so we cannot get mad over some Spirit Fruit. Also, Fellow Zhu has already accepted that the Spirit Fruit shall be split through battle, which shows that he should have some confidence. I also heard that brother Gui has accepted a new Nine Spirit Pulse disciple, I do wonder who it is.” The white-haired elder did not seem aggravated at all and instead casually explained. His gaze then swept over the three disciples.

TL: Serpent Dragon will be Dragon from now on. Note that it isn’t an actual dragon but a lesser serpent dragon

“What Fellow Da Zhi said is correct, there is no benefit to mentioning the past. Xiao Feng, come and greet the two elders, Da Shang and Da Zhi.” After thinking for a short while, Zhu Chi did not bother to say any more and waved behind him.

“I greet the two elders!” Xiao Feng did not dare be neglectful as he hurriedly walked forward and bowed.

“Eh, already a Middle Spirit Apostle, he really is a genius.” The Da Shang and Da Zhi looked and analyzed Xiao Feng, they could not help but say a few words of praise.

Zhu Chi waved his hand, allowing Xiao Feng to return and became more serious as he asked.

“I have also heard that the two of you have also acquired a very talented disciple after your last Spirit Awakening Ceremony. I heard that this new disciple has the talent of being able to do multiple things at the same time. I wonder if you will allow me to see him.”

“Doing multiple things at the same time?” After hearing this, Liu Ming’s heart suddenly quivered.

“Oh, Fellow Zhu must be talking about Yu Er. Yu Er, come meet your two elders of Nine Infants Mountain.” After hearing what Zhu Chi said, the white-haired elder Da Zhi laughed a bit, and also waved behind him at the group of disciples in the same manner.

A youth wearing a blue robe, who also looked slightly gloomy, walked forward a few steps. Without showing any expression he gave a greeting in the direction of the two Spirit Masters of Nine Infant Mountain from quite far away. Then, without saying anything, he returned to the group of disciples.

This all made Zhu Chi and the other people slightly startled.

“Fellow Zhu, Fellow Zhong, please do not be offended. Jin Yu, this child grew up by himself in the mountains, after that he devoted all of his energy to training, so he doesn’t really understand matters about human interaction. He definitely did not mean any disrespect to the two of you.” The white-haired elder hurriedly explained but the manner in which he spoiled Jin Yu was obvious to everyone.

After hearing this, Zhu Chi knit his brows. After a long while did he finally force a smile and said.

“It seems like the child’s talent of doing multiple things at once is really important to the two of you, otherwise you two would not say words like these. Whatever, junior and I became Spirit Masters long time ago, we will not lower ourselves to argue with a new disciple. How about we first go have a look at the Spirit Tree, then decide the specific matters regarding the competition?”

“If you want to see the Spirit Tree, that is naturally not a problem. Ye Feng, you will be leading the way.” Da Zhi replied without the slightest hesitation and immediately gave out orders.

A youth around the age of twenty immediately stood out and replied, turned around and walked toward a tall, large pile of rocks.

Seeing this, Zhu Chi took out a faint yellow glyph and after waving it toward the Flying Jade Spirit Boat, a white light shone out of the glyph.

The Flying Jade Spirit Boat started to blur and then disappeared under the white light.

Only after this did Zhu Chi collect and store the glyph. He then brought Liu Ming and the others to follow behind the Nine Enchantment Mountain disciple in no hurry.

When the group of people approached the giant rock pile that seemed to be at least a hundred feet high, the youth leading the way raised a hand, formed a hand sign and hit it onto the rock pile.

After a series of peculiar tremors, the rock pile in front of them disappeared without a trace. Replacing it was a huge stone house that seemed extremely old and weathered.

To the side of the stone house, there were a few tall, big, old, badly damaged stone pillars. These pillars were slightly yellow in color, with a few blurred, unclear patterns, seemed to existed for a long time.

“Who would have thought, that after a few years of not visiting, this place would still be the same as when we first broke the seal.” When Zhu Chi saw the wooden house, he softly coughed before speaking.

“That is natural, after all, it was the two of us who especially ordered the disciples guarding this place to not destroy anything here.” Da Zhi replied with a beaming smile.

“Hmph, it seems that you still haven’t given up on that thing.” Martial Aunt Zhong coldly replied after she heard what was said.

“According to the investigation results from before, this place should be the last secret dwelling of the Suppressing Dragon Master. It is reasonable to say that ‘that’ thing should be hidden here.” This time, the white-haired elder hesitated a bit, before speaking with some regret.

“Hehe, this cannot be said so easily. Although the last time we came here, the gains were not small, the remains of the Suppressing Dragon Master have never been found. Perhaps this place is only a slightly more important dwelling of his. Also, after all these years, it is unknown to us how many times the two of you have searched this place. If it really still had any treasures, how could you two not have found them?” Zhu Chi said coldly.

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