Demon’s Diary

Chapter 39 – Returning Spring Pavilion

Chapter 39 – Returning Spring Pavilion

“It was nothing. I just ran into an elder chasing after a monster to kill it. Unfortunately, I was caught up in the exchange and warped to a far away place. The elder ended up killing it and as soon as she left, I hurried back.” Liu Ming didn’t hide everything but gave a simple account of his experience.

“Chasing a monster! So that’s why I thought that I saw a green glob. However, for this elder to have made such a ruckus, she must not be any regular Spirit Master. Junior Bai, did she tell you her name?” Mu Yun Xian looked back at the collapsed Rock Tuo Mountain with fear in her eyes.

“Yes, the elder seemed to be called ‘Ye Tian Mei’. She also did not seem to be someone of our sect. Has Senior ever heard of that name?” Liu Ming asked hopefully.

“Ye Tian Mei… I really have not heard that name. Senior Wu, you have travelled outside of the sect, do you know any sect that has an elder by that name?” After shaking her head, Mu Xian Yun turned towards Senior Wu.

“I have never heard that name before either. However, that’s not strange. There are countless strong people in Da Xuan Country. However, for us to still be alive and not hurt despite the dangers, this turn of events has really been quite lucky for us.” Senior Wu was quiet for a while before she replied.

“That is true.” Mu Xian Yun sighed.

The other people did not grill Liu Ming anymore, probably thinking that a person of such power would not interact with Liu Ming who was a mere Spirit Apostle.

“Oh right, after I left, have Senior Du and Senior Mei found enough Blood Wire Fruits?” Liu Ming remembered the real reason why he was here and asked.

“After Rock Tuo Mountain collapsed, a lot of the Blood Wire Fruit in the mountain was buried under a thick layer of rubble. All we could find were eighty Blood Wire Fruits. Junior Bai, before you left, you also picked some Blood Wire Fruits right?” Du Hai slowly said.

“I have a little over twenty fruits. That should be enough to complete the mission.” Liu Ming smiled as he replied.

“Great! If that’s the case then we really haven’t wasted time. Let’s go back to the sect to return our mission.” Mu Xian Yun smiled as she suggested it.

The other people heard this and agreed.

After exchanging a few more sentences, the entire group summoned grey clouds to help them fly towards the direction of the Barbarian Ghost sect.


After a couple of hours, Liu Ming parted ways with the group, flush with five new Contribution points and twenty Spirit Stones.

These five Contribution Points were enough for Liu Ming to go the Heavenly Intelligence Pavilion to listen to a Spirit Master’s teaching or enter into the Soul Swamp for two whole hours.

However, Liu Ming was not in a rush to do these things. Instead, he hurried towards a particular location in the sect.

After the time it took to drink a cup of tea*, Liu Ming landed within a forest of purple and red trees. Before him was a small and delicate white wood building. The entire building was built of wood and not a single stone could be seen.

*TL: 5-10 minutes

At the top of the door to the building was a green plaque engraved with characters that read: “Returning Spring Pavilion”.

Although the door to the pavilion was shut tight, near the door was a wooden rack that was as tall as a person. Under the rack was a light silver bell with a similar colored hammer nearby.

Liu Ming walked towards the door and after a slight bit of hesitation, he picked up the hammer and lightly tapped it against the bell.

The bell made a clear “dang” sound.

The originally shut door suddenly opened without a sound.

After taking a deep breath, Liu Ming walked into the building. However, the moment he entered and looked around, he was taken aback.

In the spacious hall, there was only a light red wood table and behind the table was a girl dressed in green and sitting on a bamboo chair.

At this time, the girl was absorbed in her thin book and didn’t even raise her head when Liu Ming entered.

“If you want to heal sickness or wounds, go to the second floor. If you want to cure poisons or curses, go to the third floor.”

“Thank you senior for your advice.” Liu Ming unconsciously nodded his head and walked towards the empty staircase. However, when he was halfway across the room, he suddenly remembered something. Turning he asked:

“Could I ask if… you are Senior Jia Lan?”

Hearing this, the girl trembled and raised her head, revealing a delicate and simple face to Liu Ming.

The girl was Jia Lan who had the Aphrodite’s Body.

For some reason, this girl was present here of all places.

“You are….” There was confusion on the face of the girl as she did not remember a junior that looked like Liu Ming.

“I am your junior, Bai Chong Tian and became a Spirit Apostle with senior. However, didn’t Senior Jia Lan join the Baleful Yin faction? Why would you be here in the Returning Spring Pavilion?” Liu Min smiled and answered.

The Aphrodite’s body of this girl in front of him had given him quite the scare before. Now that he had found her again, he naturally wanted to ask some questions.

“Oh so it’s Junior Bai. This Returning Spring Pavilion is managed by one of my Martial Uncles. Thus, it is not strange for me to be here. Alright, why don’t you go tend your own business. I still need to read.” The green-clothed girl finally remembered Liu Ming and after emotionlessly explaining her situation, she went back to reading her book.

Faced with the cold treatment, Liu Ming pulled at his mouth and after cuffing his fists, he went upstairs.

The second floor of the pavilion was composed of a single room that was emmating with pill fragrances. However, a white cloth was placed at the doorway of the room and made the contents of the room indiscernible.

After a slight pause, Liu Ming went towards the third floor.

The moment Liu Ming set foot on the third floor and before he could see anything, a cold feminine voice sounded by his ear:

“What kind of strange poison did you get exposed to? Why did you not go to your faction’s elders and instead came here.”

The moment the woman’s voice fell, Liu Ming felt a white tornado fall towards him. Liu Ming made a spin uncontrollably and was pulled towards a spot with a great force.

When he came to his senses in shock, he suddenly realized that he was standing in front of a woman covered in a green cloak.

Even though there was a cloak between the two of them, Liu Ming could still feel her bright pair of eyes on him, as if interested by Liu Ming’s arrival.

The room in the third floor was extremely well decorated. Not only were there multiple chairs and a bed, there were even a couple mysterious flower trees in a corner.

“Martial Aunt, I don’t think that I have been poisoned. Instead I think that I have attracted some kind of evil spirit, which is why I am here.” Liu Ming said respectfully.

The Returning Spring Pavilion was something that Liu Ming had learned about through a conversation. It was said that a Spirit Master that had great medical skills presided over the pavilion and was extremely effective in curing strange poisons and curses.

And Liu Ming had felt extremely shaken by the wisp of cold air that he felt enter his body. Fearing that it was the evil spirit of the dead Rat Demon, Liu Ming rushed to the Returning Spring Pavilion as soon as he parted ways with his group.

He really didn’t want anything foreign in his body.

“Evil Spirit! That’s quite interesting, I don’t see that too often. Let me check.” The cloaked woman paused before her eyes glittered with even more vigor.

Immediately, she made a hand sign in one hand while her other arm extended out a finger to point on Liu Ming’s forehand.

Liu Ming was a little shocked with this treatment. However, when he wanted to struggle free, he realized that no matter what he did, he was couldn’t avoid the simple poke.

“Relax your mind. Do not resist. Let me check if you truly have an evil spirit within you.” The cloaked woman coldly ordered.

Liu Ming quickly obeyed her orders and relaxed his mind.

Instantly, he felt a foreign energy enter his body from his forehead. The foreign energy quickly started scanning through his body, not leaving behind a single inch of Liu Ming’s body unsearched.

“Strange, there are no unusual places. Is it an evil spirit that has an extremely high concealment ability?” After muttering, the woman retrieved her finger and took out a delicate bronze mirror from her sleeve.

“This is a Warding Evil Magic Mirror. If you are hit with a curse or have attracted something undesirable, the mirror will reveal it. However, the process is a little painful. Just bear with it.” The cloaked woman said offhandedly.

“What? Painful?” Liu Ming was expecting for the Spirit Master to explain what kind of pain he would feel when suddenly she pointed the bronze mirror at him. Immediately, a cloudy white light bar shot from the mirror and into Liu Ming’s body.

When the light entered Liu Ming’s body, Liu Ming felt as if the blood within had started boiling. In addition, a wave of pain that felt like a million bugs biting surfaced on the spot where the white light fell.

Even though Liu Ming had a high pain tolerance, he painfully screamed in shock.

“Be quiet. I will be done soon.” The cloaked woman ignored Liu Ming scream and instead waved her hand to both bind and silence Liu Ming.

Then, the white started moving around over Liu Ming.

With the intense pain, Liu Ming had cold sweat over his hand and felt as if he was being dissected with a thousand cuts. The pain was even more intense than the pain that he felt during the Opening Spirit Ceremony.

“How dare you lie to me. You have no evil spirit in your body.” Suddenly, the woman returned the bronze mirror and yelled at Liu Ming with some anger.

“What? How did that not find it? Martial Aunt, could you try another method!” Even though Liu Ming gained control of his body and the searing pain had also left, his heart dropped when he heard the Martial Aunt’s words.

“Hmph. I have never failed to detect anything with the Warding Evil Magic Mirror. Are you questioning my capabilities! Leave!” The cloaked woman flew into a rage at Liu Ming’s words.

“I don’t dare to think such a thing!” When the Martial Aunt started letting her aura seep out, Liu Ming quickly realized how foolish he was. He could only back away slowly while saying “sorry.”

He was afraid that if he didn’t leave soon enough, the Martial Aunt might really give him a thrashing.

“Wait. Leave twenty Spirit Stones. Do you think that my time can be wasted so easily?!” A glint flashed through the cloaked woman’s eyes.

Hearing this, Liu Ming quickly took out the twenty Spirit Stones that he had just earned and left the third floor.

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