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Chapter 36 – Ou Yang Xin

Chapter 36 – Ou Yang Xin

Liu Ming and the other people heard these conditions did not have any problems with them. And so the group used the Soaring Sky Technique to ride on clouds and flew out towards a particular direction.

Once they flew out of the borders of the sect, Liu Ming looked curiously at the tall and low mountains below.

It was only natural as this was the first time Liu Ming left the Barbarian Ghost Sect since he joined; so naturally he couldn’t help but be interested in everything outside.

The other four people grouped up into pairs and were chatting as they flew.

Among them, Senior Wu, Du Hai and Senior Mei did not even have the slightest bit of intention to interacting with Liu Ming; only Mu Xian Yun would turn her head to occasionally say one or two sentences to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming carried an expression telling that he did not care either way.

This time, his main goal of coming out was to increase his experience in completing Sect Contribution Points Missions. This way, he could test the grounds for taking missions alone in the future. As for the attitudes of the others, he did not care.

In a blink of an eye, the group had already flown for more than an hour. Suddenly there was a buzzing sound in front of them, followed by a gray cloud which was heading straight at them.

Mu Xian Yun and the others saw this and were slightly shocked.

However, when they clearly saw who the person flying towards them was, Du Hai’s expression turned dark, the expressions of Mu Xian Yun and the other disciples did not look too good either.

“Eh, isn’t it Senior Mu! Senior, where are you going? Do you need me to accompany you?” On the approaching gray cloud stood a youth wearing a white robe; he looked quite handsome, but when his pair of filthy eyes looked at Mu Xian Yun, they showed nothing but obscene thoughts.

Du Hai uncontrollably flew forward without waiting for Mu Xian Yun to speak and said with glaring eyes, “Hmph, Ou Yang Xin. Where we are going has nothing to do with you.”

“Du Hai, you are a Baleful Yin disciple. Since when could you start to interfere with the business of Dancing Ghost disciples? I am talking to Senior Mu, you don’t need to speak out of turn. Also, speaking of relationships, Senior Mu is my sister in law and being her brother in law, caring for her is a normal thing to do,” said the white-robed Ou Yang Xin with a cold laugh.

Once Du Hai heard these words, green veins popped out on his forehead, and he placed his hand onto the large blade tied to his back.

Mu Xian Yun also started frowning.

Senior Wu sighed and flew out before slowly talking to Ou Yang Xin. “Junior Ou Yang, Junior Mu and I are going to do this Sect Contribution Point Mission together. We already have enough people; even if we want to increase the number of people, junior you would have to go to the sect and take the mission first,”

“Heh heh, that’s alright. I don’t care about that small amount of Sect Contribution Points. That brat, looking at you, you’re a new disciple. Now I’m giving you a chance; you can return immediately and I will help you and complete this mission for you. At that time, the Contribution Points will naturally be added to your nameplate.” Ou Yang Xin arrogantly said while grinning, pointing at Liu Ming who was among the disciples.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s brow jumped. When he saw the pleading gaze from Mu Xian Yun, he suddenly understood how awkward his situation was.

Du Hai, Senior Wu and the other disciples also heard these words and looked at Liu Ming with different expressions!

In his heart, Liu MIng felt even more nervous.

He had literally had a huge problem fall onto him, despite not doing anything.

This Ou Yang Xin who dared to use this kind of tone to talk to Mu Xian Yun and the other disciples, was obviously a powerful disciple in the Sect. If Liu Ming did not accept Ou Yang Xin’s request, this man would definitely remember Liu Ming’s rejection. On the other hand, if he accepted, he would definitely be on the bad side of Mu Xian Yun and the others.

When Ou Yang Xin saw Liu Ming showing hesitation, his expression went dark and yelled:

“Brat, don’t you dare reject a good intention! You can go back and ask who I, Ou Yang Xin, am. I’m giving you face right now, are you sure you do not want it?”

When Liu Ming heard these words, he became angry; but he had made his decision and replied with a snort:

“Although this is the first time I have heard your name, but seeing as it is not among the martial uncles of the sect. If you really want to give any orders to me, wait until you are a Spirit Master!”

“What did you say!?” Ou Yang Xin became angry when he heard this and rushed forward.

But at this time, Du Hai moved and blocked the path, pressing his hand on the hilt of his blade and said with cold words:

“Looks like Junior Ou Yang has forgotten the rules of our Sect: disciples who start a fight without permission will be whipped or even have his or her Fa Li taken away. Do you need me to teach you a lesson about that?”

At this time, Senior Mei also flew out without saying anything and stood shoulder to shoulder with Du Hai.

“Good, very good. Fine. If Senior Mu won’t let me join, I will not be forceful. ”Ou Yang Xin hatefully said while examined the two men in front of him, quenched the anger in his chest.

Urging the gray cloud below him, he flew past the group.

However, when he passed Liu Ming, he deliberately used a low-pitch but still audible voice to fiercely say, “Brat, I’ll remember your face. Next time, don’t let me meet you on your own.”

When his voice stopped, he increased his speed several times and shot out into the distance.

When the others heard this, their expressions changed slightly; but Liu Ming just frowned and quickly regained his calm expression as if nothing had happened.

“Junior Liu, I am quite sorry for bringing you into our conflict.” Mu Xian Yun said with gratitude.

“I didn’t think Junior Bai was a man with such courage. Junior Mu really has great judgement. If junior has time in the future, feel free to come sit at my dwelling.” Senior Wu smiled as she said.

Even though Du Hai and Senior Mei did not speak, their gazes changed to be more peaceful and accepting towards Liu Ming.

“It’s nothing. To be honest, I was seriously thinking of accepting his offer for a second there since I would be able to gain Contribution Points without actually doing anything. However, the words that he spoke later were much too harsh. Even though I do not want to offend anyone, I’m also not someone that can be easily pushed around.” Liu Ming replied with a smile.

“That’s right! For us cultivators, we have to go against hardship. If we cannot even hold on to our values, we will never go anywhere, even if we have great talent.” Du Hai nodded as he praised Liu Ming’s words.

At the same time, Du Hai sent a message that could not be heard by anyone else to Liu Ming:

“Junior Bai, this time, I owe you a favor. I will definitely repay this favor in the future.”

Liu Ming paused before he smiled towards the serious youth.

Afterwards, the group kept on flying towards their destination.

Another four hours passed and a large mountain, full of scatter rocks appeared in the mountain range.

Not only was this mountain over tens of thousands feet tall, the rocks on the mountain were all of a green-grey color and were strangely shaped compared to normal mountain stones.

“This is the Rock Tuo Mountain. Let’s all descend nearby first and then walk there in order to prevent Black Cloud Butterflies from finding us.” Mu Xian Yun said.

The others heard these words and naturally agreed; they urged their grey clouds and descended into the forest below them one by one.

“Senior Wu, this is a bottle of Spirit Attraction Dust. Could you and Junior Mei go first and attract the Black Cloud Butterflies away from the mountain for an hour? Since the Blood Wire Fruit is found in sheltered areas where not much sunlight shines, if the time is too little, then we might not be able to get enough fruits to complete the mission. Junior Liu, this is the Blood Wire Fruit. Once the Black Cloud Butterflies leave, me, Senior Du and you will have to collect the Blood Wire Fruit in the mountain with as much speed as possible. If we can find extra Blood Wire Fruit, that would be the best. These fruits are rare alchemist ingredients and we can sell the extras for Spirit Stones.” Mu Xian Yun orderly gave out instructions as she flipped her wrist to reveal a bright red fruit the size of a bean and a pitch black bottle.

“Got it. Junior Mei and I have brought Godspeed Glyphs with us and should be able to distract the butterflies for at least an hour.” Senior Wu said with a smile.

Liu Ming stared at the red fruit for a couple of seconds before nodding his head to confirm that he had memorized the shape and color of the fruit.

Immediately, the group started to act.

Senior Wu and Senior Mei started to fly towards the mountain.

Right when the two were about to reach the mountain, Senior Wu, who was in front, flicked her wrist and a small black bottle appeared. However, it’s lid was missing.

With a “pu” sound, a wiff of white smoke flew out from the bottle and spread with the wind.

At the same time, an extremely spicy scent began to spread.

Immediately, the silent mountain became abuzz with sound. Countless butterflies the size of one’s palm began to fly out from behind the strange looking rocks and formed a black cloud as they chased after the two.

Seeing this, the two didn’t immediately run from the mountain. Instead, they each placed a glyph on themselves. After a flash of green light, the grey clouds below them suddenly sped up immensely. Satisfied with their speed, the two started to circle the mountain in hope of attracting more butterflies out of the mountain.

When the two had circled the mountain seven or eight times, the black butterflies chasing behind them had formed a huge black cloud that was fifty to sixty feet in length!

The destruction that the cloud of black butterflies could bring was extremely frightening!

At this time, Senior Wu called out to Senior Mei and the both of them shot out towards a direction away from the mountain.

With an intense buzzing sound, the black cloud followed after the two.

“Alright, let’s go.” Seeing the cloud of butterflies gone, Mu Xian Yun decisively ordered.

Quickly, the three of them rose into the air and flew towards the mountain.

After a short couple of seconds, the three landed at different places on the mountain and started flipping through the strange stones in search of the Blood Wire Fruit.

Time flew by, before they knew it, the time it took to eat a meal had gone by!

TL: 15-30 minutes

With a “peng” sound, a black chain pulled apart a strange rock that was about half the height of a person and revealed two stalks of green vines that were only inches long. Each of the stalks had a blood red fruit at the end of it.

Smiling, Liu Ming bent down to pick the two red fruits. Afterwards, he took out a green colored wood case to place them in.

After doing all of that, Liu Ming stretched his waist lazily.

The two fruits that he had just found made the total number of fruit that he found to rise to 24. The speed at which the other two were picking Blood Wire Fruit should have been around the same and thus, accomplishing the mission wasn’t going to be that hard.

Right as Liu Ming was thinking about their chances to finish the mission, the strange rocks under his feet visibly shook. Immediately after, a violent trembling wave was emitted from the bottom of the mountain. At the same time, roaring sounds sounded at the peak of the mountain as countless stones started to rain downwards.

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