Demon’s Diary

Chapter 1384: Qi Yao’s Heart

Chapter 1384: Qi Yao’s Heart

“After so much effort, we finally made it to the ninth floor, but we can’t do anything?” Ouyang Ming examined the golden thunder enchantment in the center again, then he sighed and murmured to himself.

He was a little hot-headed just now. After being stopped by Liu Ming, he immediately calmed down. After feeling the destructive might of the enchantment, he was shocked.

If he really rushed over like this, he might be turned into ashes without even a second.

When Liu Ming heard what Ouyang Ming said, his expression was a little sad. Although he was far superior than the cultivators at the same level, he had many treasures, and his real strength was almost comparable to that of the Mystic Comprehending State; he could not do anything against this vast power that even the Mystic Comprehending State couldn’t resist. He seemed so insignificant now.

Zhao Qianying had already calmed down, but she didn’t seem to hear the conversation between Liu Ming and Ouyang Ming. She just looked at the black vortex behind the thunder enchantment.

“Don’t just look at this thunder enchantment. Look at what’s on your left.” At this moment, Mo Tian’s voice emerged in Liu Ming’s mind.

Liu Ming was startled, then he looked to the left. He was taken aback.

Because hundreds of meters away from the left side of the thunder enchantment, thick black tentacles of Shadowroot emerged from the ground and the top of the cave and entangled in layers in midair. They seemed to be wrapping something in it, forming a huge ball.

Through the gaps in the tentacles of Shadowroot, a dark red object was pounding while making a muffled sound of “dong dong“.

Liu Ming’s attention was fully focused on the thunder enchantment in front, and the crackling sounds from the enchantment covered this muffled sound.

Ouyang Ming and Zhao Qianying also noticed Liu Ming’s actions. They followed Liu Ming’s gaze and looked. They were taken aback too.

“What is this? It seems to be a heart?” Ouyang Ming said with wide eyes.

“It seems that it is really a heart, and it is still beating!” Zhao Qianying blurted out in disbelief when she heard this.

Liu Ming was surprised by the scene!

Because, when he looked at this heart, he actually had a faint sense of familiarity with the aura emanating from this object, which made him puzzled.

Just when the 3 were surprised, Mo Tian’s voice slowly sounded in their ears,

“You guys are right. There is indeed a heart in it. But this heart is not trivial. It is the heart of ancient demon Qi Yao. This person is the supreme commander of the ancient demon army that invaded the human realm in ancient times. He had even reached the Eternal State.”

“Eternal State!” The 3 of them were shocked when they heard this.

The Eternal State, that was an existence that completely surpassed the Mystic Comprehending State. It existed almost only in legends.

“After the defeat of the ancient demon army, the human race and beastkin race invaded the Demon Abyss. The army went straight to Shadowroot’s main body, and they were about to march into the Ancient Demon Realm. At the last moment, Qi Yao had no choice but to use the ancient demon mystic spiritual weapon, Heaven Earth Thunder Ring, to seal the entrance to the Ancient Demon Realm at the cost of shattering his. He used his remaining heart to fuse with Shadowroot to provide the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring with an endless supply of spiritual power.” Mo Tian paused slightly before continuing.

“That is to say, to get the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring, we need to stop this heart first?” Ouyang Ming asked with a slight frown.

“That’s right. In addition, Celestial Mirror is also in this heart.” Mo Tian did not deny this, but then he said something that left Liu Ming and others dumbfounded…

“It seems that in order to obtain the Heaven Earth Thunder Ring and Celestial Mirror, this heart must be destroyed.” Liu Ming said with a flash of eyes.

The 3 of them were not sure if they could destroy the heart of the Eternal State, not to mention there were so many Shadowroot tentacles around it.

“Since we’ve come here, we naturally can’t back down. Instead of waiting here, we should do it immediately.” Liu Ming said in a deep voice.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Qianying and the others immediately bowed to Liu Ming and said decisively, “Of course, we will act according to Mr. Liu’s command.”

“Then let’s try to cut off these Shadowroot tentacles on the heart first!” As Liu Ming just finished speaking, he tapped the sword pouch on his waist. A golden bead flashed out and turned into a small golden sword.

He made a sword gesture.

The little golden sword emitted a dazzling golden light. It enlarged and transfigured into layers of giant golden sword shadows, slashing toward Shadowroot’s tentacles around the heart.

The harsh clanging sounds could be heard endlessly!

The golden light dissipated, but Liu Ming was startled slightly.

The Shadowroot tentacles here seemed to be much harder than the ones encountered before. Void Sword Maru only left some shallow marks on these tentacles. Not only that, it even let out a few whimpers. Its spirituality seemed to be a little damaged.

After Liu Ming delivered this thunderous strike, Zhao Qianying and Ouyang Ming also made moves.

The black demonic imprint on Zhao Qianying’s forehead flickered non-stop. The purple-patterned short bow burst out dense purple arrows toward Shadowroot’s tentacles like a gust of wind. A series of tinkling sounds occurred endlessly.

Ouyang Ming leaped into the air with the ghost head blade and launched a series of black blade lights toward Shadowroot’s tentacles.

In the next moment, both the purple arrows and the pitch-black blade lights quickly shattered. There were only some white marks and cracks on the tentacles.

Before the three of them launched the second round of attack, those tentacles suddenly twisted like giant black pythons.

More than 20 tentacles ejected from the coiled heart toward the 3 of them.

They had been paying attention to those tentacles, so they hurriedly moved backward.

However, the black tentacles split into 3, chasing Liu Ming and the other 2 respectively.

“At this situation, there is no point reserving your means now. If this drags on, I’m afraid there will be many unpredictable variables.” Liu Ming turned into 4 phantasms and quickly avoided dozens of tentacles. At the same time, he sent sound transmissions to the other 2.

After saying that, a green light shot out from his hand and enlarged. It was the Green Demon Marrow Blade.

At the same time, a phantasm aspect wrapped in black air was formed behind him, holding the giant green blade.

The next moment, Liu Ming uttered an obscure incantation. The Green Demon Marrow Blade in the hands of the phantasm aspect flourished. It slashed left and right, casting 2 streams of 90 meter green lights that formed a cross.

With a crisp sound, the tentacle broke in half after only a second.

Liu Ming was overjoyed. Although using the Green Demon Marrow Blade with the phantasm aspect cost a high spiritual power, the power was much greater than usual.

Liu Ming’s move seemed to anger Shadowroot. Most of the tentacles that were besieging Ouyang Ming and Zhao Qianying suddenly turned around and formed a black net that flew toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming channeled the Three Shadowy Mirages to the extreme. Under such intensive attacks, he was still hit by several tentacles.

Fortunately, his body was agile, preventing him from getting caught by the tentacles directly. His wounds were healing quickly under the effect of the Sky Beastkin’s blood essence.

Zhao Qianying knew that it was impossible to cut off these tentacles with ordinary means. After dodging several attacks, she seemed to make a decision as she chanted. A purple aspect emerged behind her.

With a slight tap of her fingertips, a large purple cauldron appeared in front of the purple aspect. It tilted slightly and poured out purple light at the approaching tentacles.

Fortunately, Liu Ming lured away some tentacles, so she wasn’t under much pressure. The purple cauldron blocked all the tentacles.

Zhao Qianying was relieved. As she shouted, a purple broken blade appeared in the hand of the purple aspect. The broken blade exuded a palpitating purple glow. It was obviously not an ordinary weapon.

With a slight movement of the broken blade, a slender purple mark slashed toward the nearest tentacle.


The originally indestructible tentacles seemed vulnerable in front of the purple broken blade. It was easily slashed in half.

Zhao Qianying was overjoyed. The purple broken blade blurred again. After a few muffled sounds, another 2 tentacles were severed.

Liu Ming was shocked by her performance. He had underestimated this woman before.

Ouyang Ming on the other side was naturally not to be outdone. He cast the Worldly Demon Lord Aspect that was burning with black demonic flames.

The Worldly Demon Lord shrank in the black flames and transformed into a set of black flame armor on Ouyang Ming’s body.

Ouyang Ming let out a grunt. The armor released strands of black demonic flame to wrap the ghost head blade.

The ghost head blade shone brightly with a burst of ghost howl. Its power greatly increased. The black long blade blurred and struck a tentacle.

The black demonic flames immediately wrapped around the tentacle, then it broke apart with a ‘bang’.

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