Demon’s Diary

Chapter 1180: Essence Absolute Clan

Chapter 1180: Essence Absolute Clan

Looking up, there were 3 flagpoles more than 30 meters high erected on the building. The 3 wide flags were fluttering under the blowing of the sea wind, which looked very eye-catching.

Inscribed on the flag were the logos of Yuanmo Sect, Tianyue Sect, and Blood River Hall.

On the open square in front of the building, a 20 meters high platform was built. The casual cultivators around the platform were a few hundred.

Disciples dressed in the costumes of the 3 major sects were busy on the high platform at the moment. From time to time, casual cultivators went up the high platform as if they were signing up.

Liu Ming and his party also gradually walked near the high platform.

“I heard that this Immortal Ascension Conference is mainly about spell fighting. Casual cultivators who want to participate in the conference should sign up here with the 3 major sects, then they would be arranged to fight 1vs1 on the arena. Only after winning 3 rounds could they pass the screening, then the Condensation Period seniors of the 3 major sects would appraise the qualifications of the spiritual veins. If they passed, they would be able to enter these major sects.” The muscular man surnamed Yue said with a look of longing.

Liu Ming’s gaze landed on the 3 disciples on the high platform. All of them were disciples at the Spirit Apostle Stage, and the highest cultivation level was at the Spirit Apostle Stage later stage.

Then he looked at the tall building behind, where the cultivators at the Condensation Period were all there.

He frowned.

In his Divine Thought, a rather familiar person was among them.

In the building, a slender female cultivator in white stood by the window, looking at the crowd in the open space in front of her.

The female cultivator had a beautiful appearance, but her expression was very cold. She was about 26 years old. She carried a long white sword on her back, faintly exuding a trace of frost sword qi.

There was a series of footsteps. The female cultivator in white turned around. A young man came up the stairs.

“Greeting to Master’s Junior Zhang.” The young man bowed respectfully to the female cultivator.

“Okay, no need to be too polite. How are things going?” The female cultivator in white waved her hand and asked.

“As of today, more than 300 casual cultivators have signed up for the conference.” The young man said.

“Since the number has reached the target, let’s start screening as soon as possible. The Sea Creature Clan near the Dual Pincer Island seems to be edgy recently. We need to be quick to avoid more troubles.” The female cultivator in white nodded, then she walked downstairs as she instructed.

“Yes.” The young man followed behind. He hastily agreed, then he secretly glanced at the female cultivator in white with a look of awe in his eyes.

This female cultivator in white was not only the top person in charge of the Yunchuan Alliance in the Dual Pincer Island, but she was also a member of Yunchuan Alliance Three Saints and Six Scions. Her cultivation had reached the Condensation Period later stage perfect stage, and her sword skills were even more superb. She had beheaded countless Sea Creature Clan members. Her reputation had spread far. Due to her special psychic sword physique, she was favored by the Crystallization Period elders of the Yunchuan Alliance. She was the most promising Spirit Master to advance to the Crystallization Period.

“By the way, how is the situation of Mr. Xue Can?” The female cultivator suddenly turned her head and asked.

“I heard from the people of Blood River Hall that Master’s Junior Xue Can’s injuries have not recovered. He is still retreating to heal his injuries.” The young man hurriedly replied.

The female cultivator frowned, then she nodded without saying more.

They quickly walked out of the building and came to the high platform in front.

The female cultivator appeared. This caused the casual cultivators gathered around the high platform to start talking about it.

“This senior is carrying a long sword on his back. She should be the person in charge of this Immortal Ascension Conference, Tianyue Sect’s sword cultivator Zhang Xiuniang.” Near the high platform, the muscular man named Yue said to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming looked at the woman in white on the high platform with a dazed expression as if he had never heard of it.

The muscular man surnamed Yue gave Liu Ming a strange look, but he was tactful and didn’t ask any further questions. He turned around and began to discuss with a few of his subordinates about signing up.

Liu Ming finally withdrew his gaze with a strange look.

At the beginning, he had a relationship with Zhang Xiuniang for seven lifetimes in the illusion of enchanting dream voodoo, which made him always have a strange feeling about this woman.

Looking back now, it had been a hundred years. When he met her again here, he naturally felt lamented in his mind.

Speaking of which, among Tianyue Sect’s disciples, except for that little girl Qian Ruping, he only had some friendship with this woman.

However, the current situation was inconvenient to meet directly, so he planned to find another opportunity to meet this woman later.

On the high platform, Zhang Xiuniang didn’t notice Liu Ming. She just whispered a few words to the young man beside her.

The young man nodded, took a step forward, and said loudly to the audience, “As of today, more than 300 cultivators have signed up for the Ascension Immortal Conference. Registration for the conference will end here. The arena selection will start tomorrow. The details will be announced tomorrow. For those who signed up, please rest well and be prepared for tomorrow’s arena battle.”

As soon as these statements were made, the casual cultivators around the high platform immediately clamored and discussed.

“This friend from the Tianyue Sect, I have a few friends who also want to join the Immortal Ascension Conference, but they haven’t had time to get here yet. I wonder if we can delay the registration time for a few days?” The muscular man in gray under the high platform raised his voice and said.

Hehe, you don’t have to worry. This time, our Yunchuan Alliance will recruit more than the 300 people who signed up at this moment. The Immortal Ascension Conference will continue to be held. Those who can’t catch up with this round can still register in the future.” The young man said with a smile.

Hearing this, everyone in the audience immediately felt at ease.

“One more thing. I think you all know that the Sea Creature Clan is now aggressively expanding its power, hunting and killing human cultivators everywhere. The senior management of the Yunchuan Alliance decided to establish a stronghold here on Dual Pincer Island. Any human cultivator, as long as your identity is clear, can stay here as a foreign affairs disciple of my Yunchuan Alliance to jointly resist the invasion of the Sea Creature Clan. Rewards will be given accordingly.” The young man paused and continued to speak loudly.

The expressions of the casual cultivators around the high platform changed when they heard the words. Only a small number of them showed excitement and applauded loudly, but most of the casual cultivators seemed to chicken out.

Seeing the expressions of the people around him, the young man frowned. When he was about to say a few more words, a long laughter came from afar.

“My friends, it’s all right for you to borrow a place to recruit some disciples, but now you are blatantly expanding your power to the Dual Pincer Island. Are you looking down on us!” Somewhere on the east side of the high platform, a group of men in black robes came over aggressively, and the leader said sinisterly.

Most of these people in black robes were thin and tall. They had white skin and strange blue eyes. The leader was unusually tall, and his black robe was embroidered with gold borders. Obviously, his status was much higher than other people.

When the casual cultivators near the high platform saw them approaching, they hurriedly made way for them.

“It’s the people of the Essence Absolute Clan!” The muscular man surnamed Yue was shocked when he saw the people coming, and he hurriedly backed off 2 steps with his subordinates.

“Essence Absolute Clan?” Liu Ming asked.

“They are the aborigines of the Dual Pincer Island. They can be regarded as a very powerful alien race force on the island. There are several Condensation Period masters in the clan.” The muscular man surnamed Yue said in a low voice.

Liu Ming nodded slowly when he heard the words, and he turned his eyes to look at the people in black robes. There were a few people there whose aura was completely different from the others.

“It turns out to be the patriarch of the Essence Absolute Clan. Zhang Xiuniang, a pleasure to meet you.” The Essence Absolute Clan people walked near the high platform. Zhang Xiuniang waved her hand to make the young man in a silver robe retreat and said slowly.

“Miss Zhang is polite.” Although the man in the gold-edged black robe spoke arrogantly just now, he still seemed a little afraid in the face of Zhang Xiuniang as he said unnaturally.

“The patriarch seems to have some complaints about our Yunchuan Alliance coming here?” Zhang Xiuniang said word by word with a cold light in her eyes.

Hmph, we, Essence Absolute Clan, don’t care about the battle between your human race and the Sea Creature Clan. It’s fine for you to recruit some disciples here, but if you want to establish a station here, it is absolutely impossible.” The Essence Absolute Clan patriarch said in a strong tone.

Oh, we humans don’t intend to have a feud against your clan. We establish a stronghold here just to resist the Sea Creature Clan.” Zhang Xiuniang said lightly with her eyes flashing.

Hehe, you human really speaks nicely, but once the Sea Creature Clan knows what you’re doing here, they will definitely send people to attack. It’s hard to guarantee that we, the aborigines of the Dual Pincer Island, won’t be involved.” The Essence Absolute Clan patriarch said coldly.

“Oh, then what does patriarch want now?” Zhang Xiuniang seemed to have a look of anger on her face, but it quickly subsided. She said in a deep voice.

To establish a stronghold on Dual Pincer Island, the human cultivators might need to unite with other forces on the island to resist the Sea Creature Clan, so it was ideal to have conflicts with the Essence Absolute Clan.

“It’s simple. I heard that the Yunchuan Alliance sent 3 Spirit Masters this time. They are all elites of the major sects of the Yunchuan Continent. Miss Zhang is even a sword cultivator. Your strength must be astonishing. Our clan also has some people who want to have a practice match with you 3. Let’s have 3 vs 3. If you guys win, whether you want to recruit disciples or establish a stronghold here, we will never question it. However, if you lose, hehe, the human cultivators will never be allowed to set foot on the Dual Pincer Island again.” The Essence Absolute Clan patriarch said coldly with a smile.

Zhang Xiuniang’s eyes flashed, and she looked up and down at the Jingjue patriarch in front of her.

Although the Jingjue family has some strength on Dual Pincer Island, its strength is at best similar to that of a large immortal cultivating family like the Yunchuan Continent. Now they dare to openly confront the Yunchuan Alliance directly, which is really beyond her expectations.

The surrounding casual cultivators also showed dissatisfaction on their faces when they heard the words, and they made a lot of noise.

“What, you want to stop all human cultivators from entering the Dual Pincer Island? You Essence Absolute Clan is too much!”

“That’s right. This is not the territory of your Essence Absolute Clan.”

“Besides, we are just casual cultivators, not members of the Yunchuan Alliance.”

Among the crowd, Liu Ming sneered slightly.

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