Demons Beside You

Chapter 578 - He Has Met All The Requirements To Become An Asshole

Chapter 578: He Has Met All The Requirements To Become An Asshole

“Remember what you said…”


Before Chen Zhao could finish, he was already hit in the back of his head by a stick.

Chen Zhao rubbed the back of his head. “It hurts.”

Sharan facepalmed.

How could it not hurt? It was a baseball bat. Chen Zhao was lucky to not have his skull fractured.

Just then, the gangster lifted the bat again and struck at Chen Zhao’s face.


Chen Zhao would clearly not allow the disfigurement strike to land on his face.

He immediately broke the gangster’s wrist with one hand and punched his stomach with his right fist.

The gangster covered his stomach, after which he knelt on the ground, his body twitching lightly.

The next moment, Chen Zhao raised his foot and kicked the gangster out.

Sharan lifted her eyebrows in surprise. Chen Zhao was not huge, but his kick was pretty strong. He had actually managed to send someone three meters away.

It seemed like he was not that weak.


Just as Sharan was still thinking, Chen Zhao suddenly swept out his arm.

A gangster was almost split into two together with his bat.

When Sharan saw the gangster being hit by Chen Zhao’s hand, she thought she was watching a slow-motion scene.

The gangster’s expression became painful, his body became distorted, and he eventually flew backward.

“Ah… It’s been so long since I last hit someone. What an amazing feeling.”

Chen Zhao stretched his arms, exercising his shoulder bones.

Tiger had just beaten someone up today in the ring.

He also felt great.

However, after seeing what Chen Zhao had just done, Tiger thought that he would never train with Chen Zhao again.

“Go, what are you waiting for? Kill them! Especially that Asian!” Ben Freud roared.


A gangster was sent into the air by Chen Zhao’s punch.

Sharan watched the fight at the side. She had learned how to fight before.

She knew that the strength needed to send a person vertically upward was completely different from what Tiger had done in the ring.

In addition, the two punches also had different powers. It was easy for Tiger to use all his strength in the right hook.

On the other hand, Chen Zhao could use at most half of his strength in the vertical uppercut.

But he still managed to send the gangster two meters into the air with the blow.

“Has he always been so strong?” Sharan asked in disbelief.

She had originally thought that Chen Zhao did not know how to fight.

When Chen Zhao fought, she thought that he was a mere novice.

However, from the look of it, Chen Zhao was in fact a skilled fighter.

“One time, he broke both arms of a top professional boxer in one punch. That person’s quit professional boxing now,” Tiger said. “I’m Mr. Chen’s student.”

Sharan found Tiger’s words more unbelievable.

That asshole is actually so powerful.

But he actually watched me fight just now.

I was hit so many times…

He has met all the requirements to become an asshole!

Suddenly, Chen Zhao’s Eye of Shadow Vision opened.

Danger! Instinctively, Chen Zhao dodged to the side.


Blood erupted from the chest of the gangster before him.

Ben Freud was pointing a gun at Chen Zhao.

Unfortunately, Chen Zhao was too fast. He could not lock onto Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao covered his body with Qingyi Armor at once.

He had never used Qingyi Armor to block bullets, so he did not know how effective it would be.

Anyhow, Qingyi Armor could block some damage from the bullet.

Chen Zhao dodged left and right. Ben Freud fired three times but did not hit Chen Zhao at all.

However, Chen Zhao had already charged before him.

Ben lowered the muzzle and pointed at Chen Zhao.

Locked! Ben was about to shoot.

The next instant, he saw his arm flying in the air.

Sharan and Tiger watched in horror.

They saw Chen Zhao suddenly grab Ben’s arm and shoulder, and then simply pulled it.

Immediately, Ben’s arm made a perfect trajectory in the air.

Tiger paled as he recalled the past.

He suddenly realized how lucky he was.

He had actually challenged Chen Zhao in the past.

It was good to be alive!

Sharan was similarly dumbfounded.

Little did she expect Chen Zhao, who would bullshit with her every time after receiving a ticket, to have such a terrifying side.

“My arm… Argh… I’m gonna kill you… I’m gonna kill you…”

Chen Zhao grabbed Ben’s right shoulder with one hand.


He crushed Ben’s right shoulder directly.


“Say sorry,” Chen Zhao said.


Chen Zhao twisted Ben’s ear. “If you can’t hear me, you won’t need your ears anymore.”

“Sorry… Sorry… Sorry…”

Ben obviously did not expect Chen Zhao to be so frightening.

“That’s better.” Chen Zhao let go of his ear but instead grabbed his chin. “But your pronunciation is worse than a foreigner like me. Let me correct it for you.”

Sharan covered her eyes. She saw Chen Zhao kill Ben.

No, he didn’t kill him directly. Perhaps Ben could still survive.

But his chin was totally crushed.

Chen Zhao looked at the rest, after which he rubbed the blood on his hands.

Everyone shivered uncontrollably.

There was no way he was human.

How could he do such a cruel thing?

“Ms. Sharan, can I kill all of them?”

Sharan’s face darkened.

Even though Chen Zhao was acting in self-defense, if he continued killing, it would become murder, or more accurately, massacre.

The gangsters lowered their bats.

They did not dare to fight Chen Zhao anymore.

It was horrifying to see Chen Zhao fight.

Those who had been hit by him were either dead or disabled.

“Who wants to die? If you don’t want to die, drop your bats now!” Sharan shouted. Meanwhile, she grabbed her phone to call her colleagues. “A fight has just happened in the parking lot outside LA Memorial Coliseum. There are casualties. Call the ambulance.”

“Are any of you still unhappy? You can fight him now.”

The gangsters bullied the weak but feared the strong. Nevertheless, Chen Zhao was heavily outnumbered, so they were somewhat reluctant.

Just then, Chen Zhao punched the hood of the car beside him. With a loud bang, the hood was completely distorted, depressed in the center and raised at the sides.

“Do it quickly if you want to. I don’t mind breaking all of your bones.”

Thud, thud—

Finally, the first gangster dropped his bat, and then the second and the third…

“You need to pay for deliberate damage to the car.” Sharan looked at the car that Chen Zhao had destroyed. “I’ll include it in the report.”

Chen Zhao was annoyed at this very serious policewoman. “How about I kill you too?”

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