Demon Hunter

Chapter 5.3 - Welcome to the Jungle!

Chapter 5.3 - Welcome to the Jungle!

As she had anticipated, sure enough, a building a hundred meters out gave off a unique feeling. However, contrary to what she expected, a flash of light appeared from deep within a window. The enormous gunshot immediately sounded, startling a nest of birds that were preparing to rest.

The scorching winds blew through Li’s short maroon hair. The bullet flew right past her head, and it shattered a branch that was the thickness of a human thigh.

Li stood in place without moving with an ashen expression. She had originally thought that with Su’s intelligence, he would have chosen to accept her game. If he was going to use firearms, then she could only call Li Gaolei in.

However, at the location where the branch broke, not only did wooden fragments fly out, but also a repulsive liquid. Li took a step to the side to avoid the smelly downpour. She reached out to collect a drop of the foul-smelling liquid and too sniff. Outside of the odor, she could also detect the bitter and astringent smell of neurotoxin. The exposure to air had already oxidized the poison, weakening the concentration of the poison by quite a bit. However, from what remained of it, it was clear that the poison possessed an extremely high level of potency.

Soon after, she saw a creature that she had never seen before. Its body did not have a head, and it seemed like it was entirely made of muscle. It moved by squirming about, and it seemed to possess a high level of mimicry ability. From its palm-sized body’s muscle fiber-like composition, the small creature seemed like it could move at a fast and nimble speed when necessary, to a point where it could shoot itself out like an arrow. Meanwhile, the fatal neurotoxin that could kill within seconds was its weapon.

Li’s expression became a bit unpleasant. After searching about stealthily for several hours in a row, her physical strength and vigilance had declined drastically. If that little creature’s attack had been successful, she would have probably turned into a corpse that didn’t rot and be slowly absorbed as food.

It seemed like Su’s shot did not break the rules that she had set. More importantly, this shot revealed his location. Li’s eyes flashed with an excited and merciless light. Like a black leopard, she sped in the direction Su fired from.

“When I catch him in a bit, I should still give him some face…” As Li thought this, the fire in her eyes burned more and more fiercely.

In under a minute, Li already stood within the location Su was hiding at. She silently looked at the rifle on the ground, the pistol, and a pile of bullets. Su was already no longer here.

She scanned the room’s condition, and suddenly, she jumped out the window. As soon as the front part of her body left the window, she grabbed the ledge of the window and with its support, she shot upwards. Following a tap of her leather boots on the fourth floor window ledge, Li already reached the roof.

There was no one on the roof.

Li instinctively shot towards the flight of stairs at the corner. With a single kick, she opened the locked door and rushed downwards on the fire escape path. The instead she rushed past two floors, Li suddenly raised her right leg and stepped into the wall on the other side, abruptly stopping her movement. Her upper body curved backwards until it was completely parallel with the ground, and the movement was so ridiculous that it was enough to make one wonder whether there were any bones in her body.

Li gazed into the second floor corridor, and she was just in time to see a figure disappear from the other end.

Li laughed coldly and retracted her right leg. She followed the second floor corridor all the way. As her heels pounded down on the ground full of dust, it sounded like the drumbeat of a chasing soul.

When Li’s body had just left the corridor, a tungsten dagger quietly hacked towards her ribs. The small dagger in Li’s right hand shifted at an unimaginable speed over to her left hand and parried the incoming attack. Her right hand reached out to grab towards Su’s throat!

Su’s tungsten dagger and the small dagger intertwined at an extreme speed. Both weapons wanted to shove the other out of the way to continue in their trajectory. In that instant, the two daggers shoved back and forth and engaged in over ten exchanges. It was clear that both individuals possessed similarly astonishing dagger skills.

Both sides’ other hand did not stay idle. Su’s left arm pushed aside Li’s right hand and instead grabbed Li’s arm. However, with a shake of her body, she shook off Su’s arm. Then, she sent a fist towards Su’s chest.

Su used his left arm to defend himself, and at the same time, he raised his right leg to block Li’s leg that had quietly kicked over. He suddenly saw the sneer in Li’s eyes, causing him to immediately become more vigilant!

Li’s right hand stopped in midair, and her feet suddenly changed from a kick to a heavy stamp towards Su’s right leg! From her boots, four levels of strengthened power surged, sending Su flying with the kick. The door behind him was smashed apart and he fell inside the room.

Li took her time walking into the room. Now that she had locked onto Su’s tracks, it wouldn’t be easy for him to escape. Moreover, the unexpected kick contained a thousand kilograms of weight, so it most likely created fractures in his leg. In their last encounter, Li had assessed the strength of Su’s body, so she was extremely clear about what his body was capable of withstanding.

When Li walked into the room, she noticed that this room was rather large. There was an office table and several chairs with their metal frames remaining. Su stood in the corner and had already taken off his jacket. He began to untie the bandages around his body loop after loop. At this moment, he was already at the final loop around his waist, so his entire upper body was revealed. Su was still barefooted. Before, he was wearing the military boots, but now, it was placed in an orderly manner next to his jacket and unwrapped bandages.

Su’s upper body was full of perfect muscles and power, but it didn’t make anyone feel excessively robust. In particular, his skin was a soft, ivory white and sparkled like a fine jade artifact.

Li’s eyes immediately brightened, and her eyebrows jumped as well. She whistled towards Su. Following an unbridled laugh, she continued and said, “It seems like you are rather tactful. You actually already began to take off your clothes! However, you should still struggle a bit more. Waiting like this will make it better!”

At this moment, other than the camouflage pants and the bandages that wrapped around half of his face, there wasn’t a single piece of clothing on him. He seemed rather compliant, for right after hearing Li’s words, he actually rushed forward!

RIght at that moment, the sky completely darkened, and even the last bit of light vanished. The originally gloomy ruins entered a state of darkness. Only a few glowing creatures emitted some radiance, enticing insects to recklessly throw themselves into their traps.

The room Su and Li were in entered an even greater darkness. For Su, who possessed Glimmer Sight, this level of darkness was already enough.

Li laughed coldly. From the glimmer that seeped in from the window, she already saw Su’s figure throw itself over. Li did not move out of the way and instead used her abdomen to take on Su’s fist. Then, she kicked out with her leg, hacking out with powerful force! Even though Su quickly dodged, he was still struck by the side of her leg, causing him to stagger back a few steps. Su’s fist that flew out just now was extremely heavy and landed cleanly on Li’s abs, but Li only felt a sharp wave of pain. Afterwards, it was as if nothing happened.

After that punch, Su understood that Li’s body had at least two levels of defense strengthening.

Su suddenly sucked in a breath of air. When he inhaled, it was rough and wild, and when he exhaled, it was similarly long and hoarse. A wave of heat seemed to sweep through this room, and this wind carried extremely danger.

The fine hair on the back of Li’s neck stood up one after another. She suddenly developed a strange perception, she felt that within the darkness was an ancient tyrannosaurus rex. However, just the head of T. rex should be able to fill this room. Right now, this T. rex was watching her in this darkness.

Within the darkness, Su pounced forward again. If he was described as cold and fierce like a leopard before, then right now, he was ferocious and berserk like a vicious bear!

Li’s arms covered her head and her right leg was brought up in a defensive position. Following that, pu pu sounds continuously sounded within the room. Over ten punches rained down on her body! Eventually, a knee strike struck her lower back, destroying her body’s balance and sending her tumbling forward. Then, in the instant her body lost its balance, Li also kicked at Su’s chest, blowing him back!

Without waiting for Li to climb up, a wave of heat swept outwards. Su rushed up and knocked her down!

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