Demon Hunter

Chapter 2.3 - Night Assault

Chapter 2.3 - Night Assault

The young lady was fully confident in her appearance and physique, evident from the strong smell of alcohol spreading from her body. She seemed to be full of energy and excessive vitality. It was obvious that she drank too much, to the point where her mind was focused excessively on stimulation and excitement. The amount of importance she currently attached to fear was far from enough.

Even though there was a pistol stuck to her chin that could blow her head off at any moment, the alcohol had made her lose her depth perception. Her eyes were focused on Su’s fascinating left eye and the hand holding the gun. His hand was not currently bound by bandages. Regardless of whether it was the strips of his skin, they made the young lady want to compare them with her own arms.

A flash of killing intent ran through Su’s eyes. He had already seen the metal silk on the ground. This girl could break through his alarm traps even in such a drunken state?

The thin and long finger on the trigger tightened slightly. If he pulled it back another millimeter or so, then it would immediately fire. The young lady seemed to finally notice this detail, and her eyes sobered up quite a bit. They were now full of fear. Su continued this pressure and used the pistol to make her stand up!

If Su’s finger trembled in even the slightest manner, that beautiful face would immediately be turned into mincemeat!

The pistol pressed against her until she stood completely on her toes before stopping. On top of the young lady’s face and necks were beads of sweat created from her incredibly nervous state. She had to keep herself in this ‘ballet’ position as much as she could, because the slightest movement would trigger the pistol’s firing.

However, it was at this moment that Su began to roam about her body.

Su’s right hand first moved aside her hair and then her ears. After lightly pinching her neck, he even placed his fingers into her small mouth that was still gasping for air!

She truly wanted to bite down and break those two icy and soft fingers, but she didn’t dare.

Su’s hand then undid the two buttons on her short leather jacket, completely exposing her body that wasn’t covered in the slightest by any undergarments. He then ran his hand over everything carefully and precisely, inch by inch. They weren’t large, but her breasts were quite perky. They obviously received quite a bit of attention, with the tips being repeatedly squeezed a few times.

Su’s right hand was similarly bare without any bandages wrapped around it. His fingers carried a cold and slippery sensation as if they were wriggling snakes, but they were also like the tongue tip of an intimate lover.

The lower body came next. Su undid the button on her jeans without any qualms and crudely pulled it down to her knees. He then began to roam towards the crucial area. Somewhat unexpectedly, Su’s hand suddenly became drenched in fluids, but this did not stop his third area of probing in the slightest. In this generation that was full of variations and mutated genes, the body of a woman could be hiding fatal weapons or biological factors within any concavement or protrusion. Living alone within the wilderness, Su had seen just too many similar situations.

“Ow!” The young lady creased her brows and uttered a hoarse and painful cry. The body search finally came to an end.

Su took a step back and retracted the pistol. Her body did not contain any equipment, and her intoxication didn’t seem to be faked either. She didn’t seem to possess any evil intentions.

“Who are you? What did you come for?” Su asked in a quiet voice.

Her eyes were burning fiercely. “I’m called Lizzy. I heard you were new and ruthless, so I came here to take a look! Oh, right, my field of expertise is lock picking.”

Su knew that this type of occupation was quite common. In this era filled with violence, their physiques being naturally weaker made them inherently inferior. As a result, their status were lower as well. Many women could only depend on their bodies to exchange for the food and water needed for survival. Meanwhile, those that lived within Base N11 were all doing things like this, and the cost of living here was quite high. However, with her youth and pretty appearance, it was still doable. If she wanted to live relatively well, then it would be far from enough. They had to possess technical ability at a high enough skill level to provide the base with substantial contributions.

As both a mercenary and a hunter, Su was not unfamiliar at all with money, violence, woman, or business. Right now, he did not see a particularly good opportunity, as it did not match completely with his principles.

“I don’t any any more money.” Su currently did not even have five yuan on him right now. What he had left had long went towards ammunition and lodging. This young lady was worth far more than that.

The young lady’s eyes began to burn even more ferociously. She suddenly threw herself over like a female panther and directly pushed Su down with great strength. She breathed heavily while tearing apart the bandages covering Su. What came out of her mouth was muddled, and in a low and hoarse voice, she said, “I don’t need money this time! Just now, you searched so hatefully. Hurry up and give it to me, right now!”

Her direct actions directly produced the desired result. She could feel that burning, hard, and enormous thing which was about to enter her body. However, she had no choice but to stand up, separated from the position that could immediately extinguish the desires from her body.

That pistol was once again pressed against her chin, forcing her up.

“I am going out for a mission tomorrow and need to save my energy.” Just now, Su was like a raging flame, yet now, he was like a block of ice.

The young lady seemed to have gone mad after going from a heated situation to this cold result, but she had no choice but to leave under this gun. Her nearly nude body hugged her clothes while helplessly staring at the heavy metal door in front. With a loud bang sound, it was slammed shut.

Su sat completely upright on the bed with the pistol flat across his knees. A hysterical and extremely angry voice threatened from outside the door, “Su! There will be a day when I will have my way with you!” He merely laughed indifferently when he heard this.

This girl named Lizzy was without a doubt top quality stuff. Even though her skin had become a bit rough due to showering in water contaminated with radiation, it was still clean, which was rarely seen. Moreover, her skin possessed a shocking amount of elasticity and suppleness. This type of woman definitely possessed a great amount of sex appeal. However, Su felt that there was some type of energy within her that greatly contrasted with him as soon as she entered. Even though he didn’t know what it was or whether this energy even existed, Su always had great faith in his intuition.

His intuition had never failed him, and his luck had always been above average.

As a result of the encounter, Su no longer had faith in the door lock or the mechanism he put in place himself. He quietly sat while facing the door until daybreak.

Base N11’s strategic infrastructure was composed of a seven member committee with Chairman Anthony leading it. Turner was in charge of the twenty men army and police. The other members were made up of Tony, chief of medical affairs, head of research and others.

For the sake of safety as well as a certain level of stability, the base even maintained a marriage system. There was no one man, one woman restriction here; the only requirement was that the man could afford the costs and wedding taxes. The wedding would then be safeguarded by the committee. To a certain degree, this ‘safeguard’ was extremely weak, but at the very least, it possessed an absolute authority within this base. Turner and his group of twenty or so soldiers and police were the cornerstone of this authority.

What was amazing was that no matter what grade of water it was, the price it was sold at here would be cheaper than outside by at least half. The base was so extravagant that one could shower with water that had been processed on the basis that they could pay the cost. This drinking water became Base N11’s greatest asset in exchange with the outside world. Food, medicine, weapons, ammunition, and other goods were all exchanged for with water. This meant that the base possessed a hidden and abundant water source, and on top of that, some type of highly efficient water purifying system. Only then would there be enough for the base to use and enough left over for sale.

By having a stable supply of water, even though it wasn’t equivalent to having everything, it was still not too far off from it. Within a scope of a hundred thousand kilometers, Base N11 was without a doubt the richest and most powerful location. With fifteen genetically enhanced soldiers, a small but faultless logistics center, standardized army equipment, and even a laboratory that could manufacture gene enhancing medicine, this base was armed to the teeth with things necessary to survive in this world. Meanwhile, the surrounding bandits and mobs, no matter how large their numbers, were not even comparable to rotting wolves in the base’s eyes. They were at most just biting rabbits.

While on a mission, Turner had once suffered an ambush from a mob consisting of over fifty armed men. After their small squadron relocated to a hill, a battle broke out between automatic rifles, old-fashioned pistols and rifles. The armed mob even had grenades, but none of them dared to brave the storm of bullets raining down from a hundred meters away. The casualty count at the end was zero to thirty-five. From that day forth, no mobs or bandits dared to set their eyes on Base N11.

Within the central conference room, Su was sitting alone on a metal chair. In front of him was a semi-circular aluminum conference table, and seven committee members were sitting behind it. This type of arrangement was quite similar to the interrogations of the olden days, not those in a court of law, but rather those that happened at police stations. Luckily, both Turner and Tony were here, so the atmosphere in this conference room was still somewhat relaxed.

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