Demon Hunter

Chapter 21.2 - Natives

Chapter 21.2 - Natives

While running, he unscrewed the lid of a tube of nutrient-filled food, practically swallowing the entire tube in one go. Then, he drank the remaining 200 grams of water.

Su wasn’t particularly hungry, so his gastrointestinal system was working extremely slowly. The nutrient-filled food and water were all stored there, but they were being used at an extremely slow speed, complementing his body’s expenditure. Like a lion or wolf, once Su ate, he could continue for an extremely long time without eating. This might be a skill that all those seeking survival in the wilderness possessed. In the following struggle, this nutrient-filled food and water would allow him to fight intensely for two hours.

At the other end of the forest, Mad Dog Robertson was crouching on top of a giant tree branch. He squinted his eyes as he stared at the enormous natives’ city underneath the distant cliffs. His eyes flickered with radiance, and it was unknown what he was thinking. He was a high level hunter who became an expert at mountain and forest combat twenty years ago. He didn’t attach that much importance to these natives. Even though his nickname was Mad Dog, that originated from the mad state he entered when dealing with his enemies. On the aspect of combat, Robertson was terrifyingly shrewd. He obviously knew that he couldn’t wipe out this city by himself. It might take one of the Black Dragonriders’ legendary strategic weapons to have a chance.

Robertson never took the captain’s orders seriously. Either way, the reason he entered this training camp under an alias was just to make a certain cadet become a Black Dragonrider. However, he never expected that the unfortunate Cook would be so easily killed by Su, turning his two hundred thousand yuan into thin air. Fortunately, Su had offended enough people, allowing himself to obtain a deal that would earn him a sum ten-fold that of Cook’s family.

Heavy footsteps drew closer. The captain emerged from the forest. Apart from those larger trees, the shrubs that tried to test the captain and reached out their branches to block the way were trampled apart by the captain.

Curtis stood below the tree Mad Dog was squatting on. He gave the distant natives’ city a look and asked, “What do you think?”

“Extremely spectacular. Truly astonishing.” Robertson replied.

“The first time I saw Alamagan, I also felt that feeling. In the blink of an eye, fifteen years have passed.” The captain seemed to be a bit moved as he said, “Fifteen years ago, I was still only a first lieutenant. Now, I’m already a captain.”

Robertson seemed to disapprove of the captain’s melancholy. Fifteen years, yet he managed to only reach rank of captain could only meant Curtis’ incompetence and limited talent. Of course, he had heard a bit about Captain Curtis’ past, and he also knew that the captain’s abilities weren’t limited to his insignificant rank. However, the Black Dragonriders had their own rules. Every level of rank corresponded with large great abilities and all types of resources. If one’s rank wasn’t high enough, then it wouldn’t be possible to obtain those mature, high level abilities. No matter how powerful Curtis was, his power was still limited.

The captain raised his hand and looked at Robertson who was crouching above. With a rather ill tone, he said, “Mad Dog, if you keep crouching above me, this old one will pierce your ass until it explodes!”

Robertson crawled down from the tree slowly. In fact, he quite enjoyed the feeling of standing in a place that was higher than the captain, so even when he came down, he didn’t rush to it. Moreover, through his observations these past few days and after even personally tasting several strikes from the captain, he decided that the captain was not as terrifying as the rumors said. Of course, this didn’t mean that he wanted to clash with the captain face-to-face. In the end, Curtis was still a captain of the Black Dragonriders. If he was killed, great troubles would arise. The Black Dragonriders definitely wouldn’t sit still after a captain was killed while training his cadets. If they truly investigated, all of Robertson’s methods of concealing his actions would be useless before the generals’ eyes. At that time, Robertson believed that no one would be able to protect him, nor would anyone come to save him. He still rather enjoyed his current lifestyle and didn’t want to wander the wilderness again.

“Mad Dog, I heard that in the past, you were quite a formidable fellow.” The captain spat out a clump of spittle and continued, “However, this place is my domain! My domain has my rules. Originally, I didn’t mind you earning a bit of money under my eyes, but the deal you accepted this time has crossed the line! I don’t like trouble, and I dislike people getting smart in front of my face even more! That’s why you have to die, and I won’t allow you to die easily either.”

Robertson never expected that what the captain wanted to say were actually these words. He soared into the air, and with a low snarl, he said, “You want to kill me just by yourself? Fine, Even though I have no interest in blacks, I still don’t mind cutting you a few more times… you!”

The captain pulled out two pistols from unknowingly where, two old-fashioned double-barreled pistols. From the complicated design and meticulous engravings, if it was purely looked at from an antique perspective, their price would definitely be invaluable. The problem rested in the fact that this was a forest filled with natives and man-eating shrubs, so how did the captain bring a gun?! This was as eye-catching as a torch in the middle of the night!

Regardless of how shocked Robertson was, the guns in the captain’s hands were a reality. He originally only felt that he was a bit stronger if he relied on his flesh and blades, but a dagger will never be comparable to a gun. The marksmanship of a captain in the Black Dragonriders definitely couldn’t be that poor.

Robertson released a strange shout and flipped around, leaping backwards. As long as he landed on the ground, he could immediately move behind a tree. However, the captain’s reaction speed and precision once again exceeded his expectations. Bang bang bang bang. The muffled and rough gunshots continuously sounded. A large number of lead pellets covered Robertson. Mad Dog released a cry before falling onto the ground with a loud sound. He struggled about and tried to get back up, but when he only propped up half his body, the captain’s reloaded gun already aimed at him. The muzzle flashed, and hundreds of lead pellets once again dug into Mad Dog’s body.

Mad Dog released a muffled groan before falling back onto the ground. He managed to roll over with difficulty and was about to crawl up again. However, another gunshot rang out, and several hundred more pellets entered his body!

The captain reloaded two more bullets. He squatted down with a malicious smile. The muzzle of the gun was pointed straight at Mad Dog’s buttocks.

“Don’t! Don’t kill me! The one that hired me is the Fabregas family’s people. After killing me, you will definitely suffer great trouble! The Fabregas family definitely won’t let you off!” Under the intense pain and with death imminent, Robertson’s willpower collapsed. He began to shout out in a somewhat incoherent manner. For several tens of years, it was always him torturing others. When had he ever even been in a situation where he himself was about to die? Moreover, he was completely helpless and knocked down to a point where he couldn’t even think properly anymore.

Perhaps the more of a freak one was and the more one loved to torture others to death, the more they would also fear death deep down. Robertson never felt that life was as important as it was at this moment, so important that he abandoned the little dignity he even had. He begged for pity like a dog while issuing threats.

Right now, no matter how much Robertson looked down on the old-fashioned double-barreled pistol’s power, under a distance of less than ten centimeters, this antique could completely blast his buttocks into mangled flesh. Moreover, it seemed like the captain was about to pull the trigger.

“Fabregas? The captain asked, seeming to hesitate for a bit.

“Yes, Fabregas!” Mad Dog finally grabbed onto the straw of life and furiously cried out. He wanted to add a layer of insurance for his buttocks. “If you kill me, they will definitely find you…”

Bang! A rough gunshot sounded.

Ahh! A mournful scream immediately echoed through the air!

This shot seemed to have turned everything between Robertson’s legs into mush. Moreover, over a hundred lead pellets with light levels of radiation turned everything inside into smashed up pulp.

“This shot was to leave you with lasting memory.” The captain laughed maliciously, revealing his shining white teeth. He added four bullets labelled ‘armor penetrating bullets’, and with a flick of his arms, the guns fired. Numerous small holes appeared on Robertson’s hands and knees. Even if he abandoned his arms and legs, even with the Black Dragonriders’ technology, there was no way to rescue him.

Mad Dog rolled back and forth as if he had gone crazy and screamed with everything he had, “Kill me! Kill me now! You son of a bitch, you’ve provoked Fabregas! In the future, you won’t have a good conclusion!”

The captain squatted down and said slowly, “These four bullets are for leaving Fabregas’ people with a longer lasting memory. Don’t think that just because their numbers are a bit larger, you can run into my domain and break my rules. The reason why I’m not killing you right now is to let Fabregas’ people see what will happen to those who dare to rebel against my rules. At worst, this old one will just fight it out against them. At that time, I want to see what is harder, my lead bullets or their balls!”

Robertson who was currently suffering from unspeakable pain couldn’t hear what the captain said too clearly. Within his consciousness, he could only see the pair of shining white teeth swaying back and forth.

The captain stood up, and after stretching his waist, he cursed, “Fucking shit!”

A thick clump of spittle shot out like a bullet, striking Robertson’s lower part, causing him to release a loud cry once again.

The way the captain dealt with Mad Dog with the pistol seemed one sided and lucky, but if one recalled the situation, it wasn’t that easy. Being able to move around in this forest with a gun was a strange thing in itself. Moreover, avoiding gunfire was fundamental training for Black Dragonriders, and Robertson was an even greater expert on this field. The leap he made backwards was done so with extreme speed and without any sign that he was going to do so. However, seemingly without even thinking about it, four shots fired as soon as he raised his hands, accurately striking its target. The power of these lead bullets was more powerful the less distance there was. Under the distance of ten meters, the amount of damage the lead pellets could do to Robertson was already insignificant. However, many small injuries formed a great injury.

Robertson was crippled, but he wouldn’t die. With his skills in survival, he should be able to crawl out of the forest and return to his employer.

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