Demon Hunter

Chapter 12.2 - Patience

Chapter 12.2 - Patience

When Justin snapped back to reality, his body was immediately thrown towards the lower floors. Then, without any distinct movements, his body suddenly moved five meters through the air, allowing him to gently return to the edge of the great building.

“Where is he?” Luthor asked.

Justin pointed towards the afterglow in the horizon and said, “He is in that direction. Moreover, he is continuously advancing.”

Like the other dragonriders, Luthor looked at the electronic tactical map in his hands. From what they knew, Su had once passed Roxland Company’s northern division and even seized a set of equipment from them. Not only was Pendulum City marked on Luthor’s electronic tactical map, following his finger’s movements, the list of equipment that Su took with him was revealed.

Luthor carefully reviewed this list even though he had already read this list earlier. After reviewing the list, Luthor’s eyebrows locked together for the tenth time. He didn’t know if this Su didn’t understand enough, or if he understood too much. Instead of choosing the RF300A that held overwhelming superiority, he chose the Barrett. Even though the weapon was simpler in design and its smaller frame improved its performance by a bit, a Barrett was still a Barrett. No matter how you modified it, it would still only be a Barrett.

Luthor sighed inwardly and closed his electronic map. Its functions were a bit lacking, and its composition was simple without any additional electronic devices installed. In addition, all of the equipment Su brought with him was like this, with all of them being old style firearms. There wasn’t the slightest bit of electronic system installed on anything.

On the other hand, a smart sniper rifle like the RF300A paired with a shooter equipped with a sighting device could easily eliminate a similar level marksman using a Barrett. The only deficiency of the RF300A lied in its intelligent system. If its detection instrument was activated at any time, the device the Black Dragonriders brought along with them this time could easily detect electronic signals sent out by the RF300A in a five kilometer radius and accurately pinpoint the shooter’s position. This set of position detection equipment’s value, together with its similarly expensive system and maintenance costs were undoubtedly too extravagant for a hunter surviving in the wilderness.

Luthor’s expression was serious. He asked Justin, “What level of certainty do we have this time?”

Justin laughed in a reserved manner. While stroking his brightly-colored lips, he said, “About 80%.”

“That high?” Luthor frowned. It was clear that he was doubtful.

Justin laughed arrogantly. Even though he held this fifty year old lieutenant in contempt, due to the Black Dragonriders’ creed, he still seriously replied. “There’s nothing that can be done about it. That fellow is too beautiful. This type feeling that can shake one to the depths of their soul simply can’t be covered up!”

Even though Luthor knew Justin for many years now, this was the first time he saw this kind of expression from Justin, as if he was overdosed on drugs. He immediately made the prompt decision to assign a dragonrider to bring his subordinate to look over Roxland Company. The remaining people all mounted their vehicles and advanced towards the direction Justin pointed!

There were no objections towards Luthor’s decision. If it was based solely on level of ability, second lieutenant Justin would be the leader of these six dragonriders despite his rather mediocre fighting ability. This was because Justin’s sole high level ability was six levels in the Mysterious Fields, Mystery Perception. Since they were able to obtain 80% odds of success, then it was worth staking everything they had.

After travelling a distance of who knows how far, on the other end of where Justin’s brightly-colored fingernail pointed at, Su was still tirelessly advancing. A cold feeling suddenly crept over his body, as if a poisonous snake had crawled past. This type of strange feeling continuously tangled around him, and only after several seconds passed did it reluctantly disappear.

Su shivered. He stopped his footsteps and looked into the distance. At the end of his line of sight, apart from from the boundless darkness, there didn’t seem to be anything. However, Su had a type of intuition, and that intuition was that he was locked on by someone. Last time, the one that locked onto him was a group of wolves; however, this time, it seemed to be a group of tyrannosaurus rex, all of which could single-handedly tear him to shreds. However, after being locked on by the group of tyrannosaurus rex, the amount of danger he felt from his intuition was a lot less than what he felt from the group of wolves.

From this, Su knew that a calamity, not trouble, was about to descend.

The cause of the calamity this time should still be Roxland.

Su knew that after he left, the Black Dragonriders were definitely going to investigate Roxland, moreover, they would definitely find some clues, no matter how careful he was. Regardless of whether it was out of consideration for his own safety, for the sake of delaying the Black Dragonriders’ movements a bit, or to punish Roxland’s greed, Su should have completely massacred Fazir, Li Gaolei, and all of their high level figures and completely blown up Roxland’s northern division headquarters building.

However, he didn’t do such a thing. Originally, Li who had obtained a specimen from his pistol, Li Gaolei who guided the Black Dragonriders, and Fazir who worked behind the scenes wouldn’t have escaped death.

Only, on that day when he saw Li whose movements were crazy to the point of being suicidal and Li Gaolei who was willing to use his own body to shield Li’s body, did Su silently erase their names from his list. He himself obviously wouldn’t admit this point. In his memory, he simply decided that the time he took to prepare the two shots was a bit longer, and as a result, they only struck a wooden stick and a pistol. Either way, those that died under his hands were too many to count, and so he didn’t care much about these two shots.

As for Fazir, this old man’s appearance for some reason caused a piece of Su’s memory that had been buried for a long time to resurface.

Su still remembered how during the hard years when he was on the verge of despair, the one called Hans allowed him to work, allowing him and the girl to survive during their weakest period of time. Back then, that conceited old man who was like a king often wore this insignia, and on top of the insignia was Roxland’s mark.

Looking back, Old Hans should be one of Roxland’s many agents. After all these years, Su didn’t know if his life in the ruins had already ended, or if he moved on to another place to continue living his life. However, from the first time he came into contact with Roxland Company, Su had never asked about Hans’ matters. Considering the current situation, he had to bury this matter even further within his mind. Otherwise, his conflict with Roxland would be enough to send the old man straight to the underworld, if he wasn’t there already.

On Su’s map, the area ahead had long become an expanse of white; he did not have any information at all. However, he believed that the Black Dragonriders definitely had a detailed map of the terrain in front of him. On the aspect of information and intelligence, a single person could never match that of an enormous organization like the Black Dragonriders. Not even a small company like Grace Company could compare.

Currently, the only aspect where Su held the advantage was that he had about two or three days of a head start. As for how much time he had, that depended on the enemy’s speed. Moreover, that strange and ice cold sensation turned Su’s vigilance to the max. There were too many abilities on Laiknar and O’Brien’s bodies that Su didn’t understand at all, so it might be that this cold and sticky sensation was also an ability. When that cold stickiness landed on his body Su felt his own body’s Mysterious Field Domain ability begin to stir, as if it was resonating back.

Su observed the surrounding topography. He then turned directions and increased his speed as he proceeded along an abandoned highway. The road definitely lead to a city or town. A small town might have become an inhabited region, while the ruins of larger cities were extremely dangerous. However, there were large amounts of raw materials that could be collected in city ruins, and as a result, there was a large possibility of inhabited lands appearing in the vicinity as well.

Right now, he needed information. When he couldn’t rely on electronic equipment, the only source of information was people.

The highway twisted and winded left and right, continuously passing through many ruins. Regardless of whether it was the peeling mailbox, gardens that were full of wild grass, or the discarded cars along the curb, it all silently reminded everyone that this was once a peaceful and warm little town.

Su continued to investigate the surrounding terrain, doing what he usually did for every small town or village. Each village had a chance of becoming the chosen battlefield, as time didn’t allow him to escape too far. As such, exploring the surrounding terrain and circumstances were the most important preparations to be made before a battle.

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