Demon Hunter

Chapter 11.3 - From the End to the Beginning

Chapter 11.3 - From the End to the Beginning

Under such a close distance, he had no chance to draw his gun. If they fought based on physical strength, for Su, who even dealt with Li, wouldn’t defeating him be too easy? Moreover, Fazir was still in Su’s hands. Li Gaolei definitely wouldn’t allow Fazir to be harmed.

“Close the door, remove your pistol, and then sit down,” Su instructed. Li Gaolei completed these tasks as he was told. Li Gaolei without a gun was like a rotting wolf without any fangs. However, there were no chairs in the bedroom, and Su did not have any intention of letting him leave, so Li Gaolei directly took a seat on the ground. When he saw Fazir’s badly mangled right hand, his eyelids involuntary twitched.

“It seems like all of the important individuals from Roxland Company are present. The only one left is Li.” When Li’s name was mentioned, Su’s voice was extremely calm. A glimmer of light faintly lit up within the depths of his eye.

However, even this minute detail was caught by Li Gaolei. His thick eyebrows locked together. He suddenly noticed that there was a bloody odor in this room, and that it was becoming richer and richer. Fazir was bleeding, but that shouldn’t produce that much of a bloody scent.

Su saw Li Gaolei’s confusion and pointed towards the wardrobe.

Li Gaolei slowly stood up and walked over to the wardrobe. He noticed that the carpet in front of the wardrobe was wet. Li Gaolei slowly gripped the handlebars, and then he fiercely pulled apart the wardrobe’s door.

Sure enough, there was a person hidden within. When the door was opened, the individual’s body helplessly slid out from the wardrobe. His eyes were completely round, and frozen on his face was the extreme fear he felt before his death. His broken glasses hung from his ear.

“Lawston!” Li Gaolei cried out in a low voice.

Fazir immediately understood why Su knew whether he was telling the truth or lying. Apart from the Black Dragonriders portion, Su had already learned about everything else from the laboratory director Lawston.

Seeing Lawston’s corpse, the sagging muscles on Fazir’s face jumped once again. Lawston was as short and small person who was vulgar, cowardly, and lecherous. There wasn’t a single good thing to his moral quality. However, apart from these shortcomings, he was truly a biochemistry genius that had the ability to create complete fourth level abilities on his own.

A hunter like Su who grew up in the wilderness wouldn’t understand Lawston’s value, while Fazir understood extremely clearly. It could even be said that Li and her five hundred soldiers added together wouldn’t be worth as much as this Lawston. The reason why Roxland invested so many resources in this desolate northern division was for the sake of making this their hidden biochemistry center in this region where they had relatively fewer enemies. Yet in the end, all of their hard work was easily wiped out like this by Su.

Fazir immediately erupted with rage and roared, “You are provoking the entire Roxland Company!”

With movements that Fazir couldn’t see clearly, Su gently shifted the wine glass and then crushed down. This time, Fazir’s cry sounded throughout this entire room!

Su had crushed Fazir’s right ring finger. Li Gaolei immediately rushed up, but under the ice cold expression of Su’s green eye he stiffly stopped his movements.

Fazir repeatedly howled in spitting anger and actually didn’t reveal the fear he showed before. He didn’t even go unconscious, which could be considered a miracle in itself.

Seeing Fazir’s reaction, the corner of Su’s mouth suddenly tilted up into a smile. His smile possessed a type of strangeness and charm.

“I’ve already provoked Roxland.” Su maintained his smiling expression and said, “I know how great the power behind Laiknar is. It is a power that I can’t provoke, but I still killed him. That’s why you shouldn’t use Roxland to threaten me. I’ve never received any intimidation, especially one as powerless as this.”

Li Gaolei moved slowly, and without drawing any misunderstandings, he brought out a jar of hemostatic spray. “Could we stop Fazir’s bleeding first? His age is great. If he continues to bleed, he might die!”

Su smiled and moved the wine glass. The glass was still full, with not much of its contents spilling out. Li Gaolei held Fazir’s trembling body and provided some simple analgesic, staunching, and bandaging measures. Any additional treatment would require surgery. The northern division didn’t possess those types of methods and conditions, so he had to return to central headquarters in order to receive such care. It seems like these fingers of Fazir’s couldn’t be saved.

The thick vein at Li Gaolei’s neck continuously throbbed. However, in the end, he gave up any thoughts violence. He slowed his voice down as much as possible and said, “What exactly do you want?”

Su didn’t directly answer his question and instead laughed. “For most hunters in the wilderness, a single person is just a single person. There wouldn’t be much difference between the relationships one has with another. However, I understand that people like you feel differently. For the soldiers outside, one person is just one person. Meanwhile, when you all look at yourselves, or when you all look at those of similar levels as yourself, a single person is equal to a hundred, or maybe a thousand. The actual number is something only you all know yourselves. That is why even if I kill a hundred or a thousand soldiers outside, you all wouldn’t feel much. In order to make you all feel pain and understand that a price had to be paid, killing those cannon fodder soldiers wouldn’t do anything. I’ve stayed here for a few days and felt that in the entire northern division, the most valuable person should be the fellow in the cabinet, so I killed him. Of course, before finishing the task, I already found out everything that I needed to know.”

As Fazir and Li Gaolei listened, they suddenly felt as if their clothes were sticky, wet, and cold as they stuck to their bodies. There were many hunters that took action as fiercely as Su, but there were almost none that were able to think like this.

“As for you, Mister Fazir,” Su’s voice was soft and pleasant to listen to. His voice was also pure without any harsh sounds. “I could tell that your status is truly high, and that your life is extremely valuable. I’ve heard that not many people in the olden era could live like you do. For example, when I was small, an entire day’s worth of work could only be exchanged for a bottle of water that you use to bathe. That is is why I won’t kill you, because you will definitely remember today’s pain. From here on out, when you do anything that is related to me, you will always deeply reflect before making a decision. This is better than exchanging you for someone who won’t remember the suffering I inflicted. Remember, I don’t like trouble.”

“You yourself are the origin of the trouble.” Fazir’s face was frighteningly pale, but his words still hit the key point.

Su laughed and didn’t deny this point. He looked at Li Gaolei and asked, “Where is Li?”

Li Gaolei was immediately frightened and said, “She is still a child! Don’t harm her!”

“There are many that have died at that child’s hands.” Su’s voice was extremely calm, but there was a type of tone that could not be disobeyed.

Li Gaolei glowered at Su, but after a moment, he suddenly sighed and said in a decrepit voice, “Whatever you want, just say it. However, don’t harm Li. You should know… that there isn’t much connecting you two.”

Fazir’s gaze continuously flickered as he began to think carefully. At this time, chaotic footsteps sounded from the corridor. It seemed like Fazir’s miserable cry just now finally startled the patrolling soldiers.

“Mister Fazir, are you okay?!” The voices of the guards outside the room sounded. Before given the confirmation, they didn’t dare enter Fazir’s room.

“There is nothing wrong here! All of you, return! Without my instructions, you all are not allowed to leave your respective posts!” Li Gaolei’s voice loudly sounded.

After hearing the soldiers back off, Su finally made a decision. “Let me take a look at a set of military equipment you all have in reserve.”

This time, Li Gaolei called over a military officer and instructed him to finish this task. He himself continued to remain within three meters of Su. If he left this distance, Li Gaolei couldn’t be sure if Su would immediately take action.

Meanwhile, the military officer was extremely cool-headed. Upon seeing the circumstances in the room, he didn’t make any excessive movements and left to carry out the order.

The northern division’s equipment reserves, regardless of whether it was in quality or quantity, were both frightening. It was clear that Roxland had invested quite a bit here. After carefully inspecting everything, he did not choose the famous new era RF300A sniper rifle and instead took out an olden age improved model Barrett anti-material sniper rifle. After modifications, apart from its great power, it was inferior in every aspect to the RF300A. They could almost be said to be two completely different generations of sniper rifles. However, the Barrett’s composition was much simpler, making it easier to maintain and obtain ammunition for. It could even be said that it was easier to modify. After all, every bullet of the RF300A costed 100 yuan, and it couldn’t be purchased from an inhabited area or small company. After choosing two composite sheets of armor, a set of fine instruments, two second level ability medicines, and a pistol with its corresponding bullets, Su expressed his satisfaction.

That night, Roxland’s general headquarters was thrown in complete chaos. Over a hundred fully armed soldiers guarded every corner, ready at any moment to rescue Fazir and Li Gaolei. There were a few individuals who were in charge of Su’s equipment that wanted to drag out some time. However, when the designated time had passed, Fazir’s miserable cry and Li Gaolei’s furious roar sounded, and as a result, Su’s items were immediately delivered.

In all of headquarters, only the intoxicated Li slept soundly.

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