Demon Hunter

Book 6 Chapter 41.6

Book 6 Chapter 41.6 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

Meanwhile, on the peak of a tall mountain, Su’s consciousness gradually awakened from the darkness. The very first streak of light he saw originated from a Bisindle divine language symbol that continuously revolved in the void. This was the voice of origin, carrying awakening, enlightenment, and guidance meanings. Su could feel its warmth and power, even more so hearing the countless cries from within the divine language, and as such, he involuntarily drited towards the voice of origin. The instant he approached, the voice of origin suddenly released an indescribably powerful light, illuminating every corner of the cosmos! When the light receded, every streak of light it released condensed into various Bisindle divine characters of varying sizes. As hundreds of millions of years passed, countless species, civilizations, even the wisdom and the experiences of countless creatures were condensed into Bisindle language characters. As long as one had them, then it was equivalent to having the world.

Su was also captivated.

Right when he reached out his hand to touch a Bisindle character, he suddenly felt as if he had overlooked something, and then he woke up! As a result, all of the radiance already disappeared, countless Bisindle characters revealing their illusory nature. They gathered together like falling stars, ultimately constructing a clear scene. This was a certain place in the wilderness, in the distance a human city’s ruins, while the nearby scenery was a construct similar to a damaged concrete monument. The monument had long become incredibly tattered, densely packed patterns could vaguely be seen carved on its surface, but it was impossible to distinguish what the words were. This monument was a bit similar to the olden era humans’ so-called modernist art, no one able to understand it.

The Bisindle language was all illusory, they only had outer forms, within them no information at all. However, the scenes they produced were incredibly realistic, the instant he saw them, Su knew that this was some place in the northern continent, moreover, he had walked past this monument blankly when he was very small. Moreover, he could now tell that this monument had a life force that belonged to himself, not rock, but rather some type of biological solvent! As for the patterns on the monument, it was true Bisindle language, describing the use of the monument.

That wasn’t a monument, but rather a spatial transmission and warp device. In other words, it was a gate for altering one’s fate.

Su reached out his hand again to touch this spatial gate, but then everything before his eyes suddenly darkened, all images completely disappearing. As such, he understood that he was still asleep, everything he just saw nothing more than a dream. However, when he carefully thought about it, the spatial gate was definitely not an illusory dream, it was real. Then, two questions surfaced:

Why would a transport gate appear on this planet? Moreover, it was clearly related to the Bisindle civilization. The other thing he was confused about, was who sent this information regarding the transport gates to Su’s consciousness, or was it that he unknowingly completed his dust-covered memories?

Su’s consciousness gradually cleared, and as such, he struggled to awaken. At the limits of the darkness, he saw a hazy radiance, and as such, he frantically swam towards that bit of light. The light speck became larger and larger, in the end finally becoming clear. In the radiance was an extremely familiar beautiful face, currently deeply concerned as she looked at himself.

This was… Madeline? Su struggled to think. Then, he jumped with all his strength, and then his consciousness finally leapt out of the dark and weary abyss!

As such, Su discovered that he was laying in Madeline’s embrace, while the young lady’s head was lowered, eyes not blinking at all as they stared at him. The two faces were shockingly close, if the young lady moved even a bit closer, the two’s lips would touch. Su’s eyes were originally slightly opened, only, the green jade-like pupils didn’t release any ripples. Meanwhile, right now, there was suddenly divine brilliance fluctuating, this change leaving Madeline momentarily stunned! Only a moment later did the young lady discover that Su already awakened, and as such, she released a low cry, her body immediately straightening. At the same time, her arms reached out, separating Su’s body far from her own. Then, her gaze shifted to the air above Su, who knew where the focal point was.

The young lady’s heart didn’t jump, her chest even more so not pounding, but the energy flowing from the nucleus still temporarily stopped! All of her functions stopped, as if time froze.

Bits of life force emerged from Su’s body, moreover gradually extending. As such, Su moved his neck with difficulty, and only then did he see the young lady’s face. The young lady’s body was already completely ice-cold, hard like steel, simply more inorganic than the current Su. All of her body tissues were pulled taut, blood not flowing at all. However, under Su’s gaze, two flushes of redness quietly reached the young lady’s cheeks, moreover becoming more and more clear; she couldn’t hide them no matter what she did.

Right when the young lady’s little face was red to the point where blood seemed like it would trickle out, Su finally woke up. He retracted his gaze, coughed, and then said with difficulty, “Where is this? How did I end up returning again?”

Madeline’s expression was blank, her voice machine-like as she replied, “Mountaintop. I do not know.”

Even though Su’s current consciousness still wasn’t that clear, the young lady’s response that was even more clumsy than the most basic artificial intelligence still left him shocked, to the extent where he even worried if she was also injured. However, in his perception, the young lady was still quite fine, with only some small injuries that would quickly heal. Su struggled to a seated position, but his body was still stiff. Life was always like this, destruction was easy, recovery difficult.

However, he still wanted to see what exactly was up with the young lady, and as such, he said, “Help me up.”

This time, the young lady didn’t react at all. Su repeated himself a few times, and only then did she seem like she woke up from a dream, her entire body shaking, actually throwing Su out. However, this time, her reaction was still a bit faster, immediately grabbing Su. However, right when she was about to hug Su, the young lady’s eyes passed over Su who was currently calmly looking at her, and as such, her body went rigid again!

With a bang sound, Su fell heavily onto the ground. Then, with another bang sound, the young lady’s rigid body also fell onto the ground.

Su breathed heavily, suddenly laughing loudly. Under the clear and bright laughter sound, the young lady was first stunned, and then she became embarrassed. In the end, she also revealed a faint smile, her rigid body slowly softening.

The wind was extremely strong, the clouds of radiation even more so surging like horses, rushing south. Su and Madeline stood on the mountain peak side by side, overlooking this great earth filled with suffering. Beside them, was a broken monument, precisely the spatial transport gate that appeared in Su’s memories before his revival. The transport gate had long petrified. There were clear signs of it being battered by energy, and as such, the Bisindle symbols carved on its surface had all long become incomplete. The contents Su could make out wasn’t much, moreover, the divine symbols in his memories clearly carried quite a bit more information than what was before his eyes. The current Su already knew what happened after that battle, and as such, he understood this bit of extra information, some of it came from the perfect body Helen gave him, and the other came from Madeline’s genetic code. The Bisindle characters on the monument were still damaged, but he could already roughly piece together its meaning:

“From here on, it will lead to the Lord’s country…”

Then,there was a sea of spatial coordinate information. However, what was really frustrating was that the coordinates were also damaged, thus making the spatial transport gate impossible to use.

The moment he saw the damaged characters, Su knew that the damaged portions should be in the gene code of the other apostles. Moreover, his instincts continuously urged him to complete the transport gate’s symbols, moreover activate it, and then enter the Lord’s country.

Su gently caressed the monument, the monument’s material giving him an incredibly familiar feeling. A moment later, Su left the monument, narrowed his eyes slightly, and then gazed westward, asking, “Have you really thought things through?”

“Of course.” Madeline replied calmly. Right now, she recovered her usual beautiful, ice-cold, and ruthless decisiveness. The heavy sword dragged behind her was even more so steady like a mountain, not shaking in the slightest.

Su nodded, his voice gradually becoming ice-cold. “Then that’s good! We will collect the three apostles that remain. This world doesn’t need them, and they should have the information I need. Now is the time for them to pay the price for everything they’ve done!”

Madeline nodded, silently following Su westward.

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