Death Scripture

Chapter 16: Teaching Kung Fu

Chapter 16: Teaching Kung Fu

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Gu Shenwei was extremely restless about the lost white handkerchief, and was astounded to hear about its whereabouts from Slave Yao.

He immediately realized two things.

One: Slave Yao must have stolen the white handkerchief from Gu Shenwei when he fainted. Although Slave Yao was a distance away, he could have still snatched it because of his high "status" in the slave carriage.

And two: Slave Yao did not know martial arts. Otherwise, the first thing he would have done after entering Golden Roc Fort was to report Gu Shenwei, because Yin and Yang Strength was the unique skill from the Gu family of the Central Plains. Even though he had stolen the white handkerchief and even read the shortcut manual of Yin and Yang Strength, he did not know how to practice it.

Gu Shenwei quickly stood up. Although Slave Yao had been mentally prepared, he was startled, took a step back, and showed his new move.

"Hey, don't move. I've also learned Kung Fu. I'm not weaker than you."

Gu Shenwei knew him well after being around him for a while. He squatted down to mop the floor again and said, "If that's so, then what can I teach you? Keep the handkerchief."


"Hey, hey. You can't fool me. Who do you think I am? I've been living in deceit since I was a kid. You're still too naive."

Gu Shenwei washed the rag in the basin and wrung it, saying, "Believe it or not, Mama Xue's Kung Fu is 100 times better than mine. Anything she can't teach you, neither can I."


Slave Yao frowned and carefully observed Slave Huan, trying to read his mind.

"Mama Xue is indeed powerful, but she said she has no time to teach me her ultimate skill. If Yin and Yang Strength is really as powerful as is written on the cloth and can be acquired in a short amount of time, then I want to learn it."

"You really believe such casually written things? You know, I haven't been able to grasp it either."

"Hey, hey, you can't deceive me. You just haven't had time to practice it yet, otherwise, you wouldn't have been so nervous before. Let's get this straight. You teach me Yin and Yang Strength and help me become a killer. Only then will I give the white handkerchief back to you. Do we have a deal?"

The word "give" made Gu Shenwei furious. He suppressed his anger after thinking a bit. "If you give me the white handkerchief now, I can teach you a few moves."

Slave Yao shook his head. "I don't make bad bargains. You will get it back after I become a killer, or at least until I enter East Castle."

While Gu Shenwei was thinking up a response, Slave Ji came in and grouchily shooed Slave Yao away. Since Slave Yao followed Mama Xue to learn Kung Fu, Slave Ji had a terrible impression of Slave Yao. Even if Slave Ji treated him coldly, Slave Yao did not care because he had a stronger benefactor supporting him.

For the rest of the day, Gu Shenwei thought about how to reply to Slave Yao. He focused on two things he had to do—take back the white handkerchief and prevent Slave Yao from knowing the secret.

He could not trust Slave Yao to keep the secret just like he could not count on all his enemies dying of illness.

Slave Yao was a dirty dog that did not deserve any trust.

Gu Shenwei's thoughts wandered wildly. Suddenly, he thought of something. His only choice might be to murder Slave Yao.

"Murder Slave Yao?"

He had many reasons for making such a decision. Slave Yao was a disgusting, even hateful guy. He did not know what Yin and Yang Strength meant. Once he did, he would either divulge the secret or unintentionally do so. Then, Mama Xue and the experienced killers of Golden Roc Fort might know the origin of this Internal Strength set. If that happened, Gu Shenwei would without a doubt be killed.

Gu Shenwei did not want to die yet; he had to get his revenge. The Will of the Divine had supported him so far to get him where he was. Therefore, the Will of the Divine had to want Slave Yao, who got in his way, to die.

While having supper, Gu Shenwei made up his mind. He would tell Slave Yao that he accepted his proposal. He had yet to plan his murder, however.

He was not Slave Ji nor Mama Xue, so he did not have the power to order anyone to be murdered. He was also not a Peerless Ace, who could kill people imperceptibly.

That night, while everyone was getting ready to sleep, Slave Yao waved at Gu Shenwei. "Let's get started tonight."

"We can't go out now because of curfew orders."

"It's okay. I've asked Mama Xue to notify the watchmen in advance. I can go out to practice Kung Fu at night as long as I stay in the yard. You can be my lackey."

The word "lackey" provoked Gu Shenwei. However, after being in a dangerous situation, Gu Shenwei could substantially control his wrath. He gave Slave Yao a cool glance and stepped outside. The other teenagers were all surprised that he was so obedient.

In the courtyard, Slave Yao warmed up by stretching out his arms, kicking his legs, and letting out several shouts. Slave Ji, living in the opposite room, opened the door and yelled.

"It's midnight. Why are you shouting? If you want to practice Kung Fu, go to Ghost Cliff."

Although Slave Yao had received special permission, he still did not dare to disobey Slave Ji. "Okay," he replied with a smile and turned his head to look at the small western door. His face was turning green. Unless it was absolutely necessary, nobody would ever willingly go to Ghost Cliff during the day, let alone at night when it was totally dark.

Taking a deep breath, Slave Yao led the way to the western door.

After stepping outside, he stood against the wall of Golden Roc Fort and kept himself as far away from the cliff as possible. Slave Yao mentally calmed himself and spoke. "Let's get started."

"Give me the white handkerchief."

"Why? Did we not make a deal..."

"I have to read what is on the white handkerchief in order to teach you Yin and Yang Strength."

"Hey, that's not right. We made a deal. You can not mislead me again. I've read the white handkerchief carefully. It said that when learning the shortcut manual, it required at least mastering of the first level of Yin and Yang Strength. I want you to teach me the common Yin and Yang Strength. Regarding the shortcut manual, I can practice it by myself. Who needs you to teach me that?"

Currently, Gu Shenwei was completely certain that the shortcut manual was on the white handkerchief.

"I haven't read the white handkerchief. How would I have known that? If you want to learn Yin and Yang Strength, I'll teach you. Listen, if Yin and Yang were to combine, nothing could transcend it, no one could predict it, and no god nor ghost could respond..."

Although Gu Shenwei lacked in his studies and spent almost 10 years reaching only the first level of Yang Strength, he still had the family's Internal Strength manual in mind and was reciting those sentences one by one.

Slave Yao frowned in concentration while memorizing those words. After Slave Huan finished reciting the manual of the first level of Yang Strength, Slave Yao rolled his eyes and said, "Repeat them again. I don't remember."

Gu Shenwei recited it again. At times, Slave Yao told him to stop and explain the meaning of some words or phrases. Gu Shenwei finally finished teaching the manual after reciting the several hundred characters four or five times. Then he began to teach the footwork and posture of training. Yin and Yang Strength focused on strength practice. Without needing to practice meditation, Yin and Yang Strength was different from common Internal Strength.

"Don't look down on me even though I don't know Kung Fu. That's right, I'm still smart and can tell if you are lying. I'm not boasting. I'll become the strongest killer of Golden Roc Fort sooner or later and the Supreme King's right-hand man. Slave Huan, you're not an idiot. Don't follow the pair of brothers. They're vulgar, barbaric, and simple-minded wolf pups. Follow me! I'll find a way to help you enter East Castle and become a killer too."

Slave Yao appeared to be excited. He stretched out his right hand and waited for Slave Huan's response, as if he was already the famous killer of Golden Roc Fort, and was condescendingly trying to woo a loyal partner.

Gu Shenwei thought for a while. He left Slave Yao's hand hanging, but grasped Slave Yao's forearm.

He established relations with Slave Yao like a barbarian of the Western Region.

From that day on, they went to Ghost Cliff to practice Yin and Yang Strength every night. No one disturbed them there; the night watchman also did not patrol there.

The other teenagers were puzzled with Slave Yao and Slave Huan's relationship. Even the lofty Slave Huan was close to Slave Yao. Therefore, the others did not have any reason to keep their distance from Slave Yao. Slave Yao further enhanced his status because of this. A few teenagers who had previously followed Slave Ji began to flatter Slave Yao in their clumsy Central Plains Chinese. They wanted to have a backup plan and Slave Yao enjoyed the attention.

Slave Qi and Slave Xie behaved oppositely. They not only ignored Slave Yao but also treated Slave Huan coldly. Previously when they met, the brothers would nod at Slave Huan. Now, they ignored him on purpose.

Although Slave Yao liked to brag, he was actually very clever. On the third day after practicing Yin and Yang Strength, he felt feverishly warm in his Dantian. He pressed his belly like an excited pregnant woman."So this is Yin and Yang Strength? I can feel it."

"This is the first level of Yang Strength."

"Hah, I have Internal Strength! Heh, it's not easy to control."

"It's very normal. Yang is for the straightest, hardest, largest, and fiercest. The stronger the feeling, the better."

"You're absolutely right. I feel so much more powerful."

Slave Yao demonstrated a set of punching techniques that he had learned from Mama Xue. It looked impressive, vigorous like a tiger. Although he had not practiced well enough yet, it had an aggressive momentum.

It was easy to learn the foundation of Yin and Yang Strength. However, it was quite difficult to actually successfully apply it. Once it was mastered though, even the Supreme King could not be his opponent.

Gu Shenwei believed in his family's unique skill.

The next evening, after Slave Yao came back from Mama Xue's place, he cheerfully whispered to Slave Huan.

"Hey, Mama Xue praised me today. Yin and Yang Strength is really helpful."

Gu Shenwei was shocked because Mama Xue was a dangerous person. Albeit she belonged to the martial arts circles of the Western Region, it was possible that she had heard of Yin and Yang Strength. Gu Shenwei smiled and said, "You mentioned me to Mama Xue? Can you ask her to teach me Kung Fu sometime? We can enter East Castle together."


Slave Yao immediately stopped grinning and vigilantly said, "I will. Take it easy. It's not easy to enter East Castle. They only choose one person at a time. You can wait for the next chance."

Gu Shenwei slightly sighed with relief. For now, Slave Yao would not mention Yin and Yang Strength to Mama Xue.

That evening, Slave Yao was quieter than usual. When they were ready to go at midnight, he suddenly asked, "Slave Huan, what are your thoughts about me?"


Gu Shenwei was not expecting this question. He spoke frankly as he thought that at this point, it was okay to be honest and not disguise his feelings.

"You're very shameless."

"Yes, I am."

Slave Yao smiled. It was not a fake smirk but a sincere smile.

"Why do you think I'm shameless? This is a shameless world. If you want to survive here, you have to be shameless. If you want to succeed, you have to be even more so. If you want to be invincible, you have to take advantage of your opponent and become shameless even before they are. This is the only truth I have told. Think about it. This is as profound as your Yin and Yang Strength."

Gu Shenwei thought that what Slave Yao said made sense.

In this shameless world, one could only survive by becoming more shameless themselves. Therefore, he had to be more vicious than his enemies if he wanted his get revenge in the killers' fort.

He observed Slave Yao's pointy and thin face, the guilt in his heart gradually fading away.

This self-claimed "shameless" teenager, would suffer from Qigong Deviation in a few days because of his Kung Fu practice.

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