Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter ss-6: Side Story 6

Chapter ss-6: Side Story 6

I returned to my room alone, leaving the Crown Prince who standing firm with a shocked expression on his face.

When I entered the quiet room, I shouted my anger. "What? Why would you do such an annoying thing?" No matter how much I thought about it, I felt bad.

My wedding will be held on the day of coronation. During my weeks in the Imperial Palace, it was news that I had never heard of.

In addition.

"-Who are you going to marry if you don't marry me?"

It sound like I don't have anyone else to marry except him.

"Ha! Who's going to marry you? I didn't have the slightest intention of marrying you, you crazy golden- headed bastard!"

I shouted, pointing as if Calisto were standing in front of me.

"Even you beg me to get married with you on your knees! I'll never listen and do everything I want, you son of a bitch!"

Does this mean that you don't feed the fish you caught?

I quickly exhausted as I wandered around the room without hesitation. So much has happened since this morning.

Lying on the bed helplessly, I sighed in frustration. "Haaa"

How did this happen?

Ever since Callisto opened his eyes, he never act like that.

Perhaps that's why the servants came as soon as possible, but I didn't feel too comfortable. "In the end, what Marienne said was true"

I stared blankly at the ceiling with useless thoughts.

In fact, it's not like I didn't plan the future with Callisto.

I loved him, so I chose to stay here, and I thought that I would definitely do it with him if I had a marriage.

'But it's not like this.'

I don't know if it's an engagement, but I thought marriage was still far in the future. Now that I'm completely out of the game, I have a whole life.

Just like Calisto who had a dream of being a 'flawless emperor', I had a dream too. To be honest, I felt sorry for my grades and major I left behind in my past life.

Now that my goal of living safely and going back home has disappeared, I wanted to achieve my original dream here.

Fortunately, now I don't have to study all night in a moldy semi-basement room after working part-time all week like before.

However, I was considerate of the prince who was busy everyday without any rest, so I could not even say that I wanted to start studying.

'I still don't know what's going on in this world. And what Marriage? Empress? I don't even know who's the aristocrat?'

It was unfair and irritated.

But at the same time, Calisto's last face who frozen looks so pale, came to my mind. 'was it too much?'

He was not recover yet.

Moreover, the deputy was standing in front of him, and regretful thoughts came late, as if I should be more patient.

'No, it's weird to say yes to a guy who doesn't propose to you!'

As I was struggling with my mixed emotions, I soon gave up thinking. "Oh. I don't know! Why should I be worrying about him?"

The worries that I'm worried about were all useless emotional who made me exhausted. "That's why that crazy guy doesn't even talk about it, and plan it on his own"

I came to a calm conclusion after muttering dissatisfiedly.

When Calisto comes back in the evening, we'll have a rational conversation.

I acted emotionally like I was out of my mind with him. Lasted only the cold war between us. 'Don't get angry, cool-headed. You just have to talk about my position and plan and tell him well.' "-I'll make it all happen. Whether it's magic or archaeology. Everything you want to do"

"-3o¸ can't you just stay hereAnd not go back?"

I thought he would keep his promise, a word that he had said himself. But.

"Unfortunately, he said he's going to be late because of work today." It was Cedric, not Calisto, who came to my room before dinner.

I stared at him and asked.

"It's not because he is upset, isn't he?" "Ho, how could it be?"

Cedric shook his head, avoiding my gaze.

"It's true that he was busy. The meeting broke down and he skipped dinner. But he managed to get a checkup to keep his promise with you Princess."


I turned my head with a snort.

'Childish guy. This is how it comes out, right?' I didn't have any regrets.

Once the project of checking Vinter Vernandi's life or death condition, there wasn't any reason to stay at Imperial Palace.

Around that time I planned to ask the Duke for help.

"Princess, I don't know if I can say thisBut you must have been very shocked."

Cedric carefully opened his mouth. I asked back as if I didn't know.

"What kind of shock?"

"You were rejected at the dinning room." "Ha, what kind of rejection is that?"

I laughed as if I was shocked.

"Rejection is used when you ask for something. I have never heard of such words." "Haha... Your Highness is a little slow-witted."

It wasn't that I didn't notice, but the words that I had lost were all over my neck. But instead, I opened wide of my eyes and questioned Cedric.

"You did that for a reason, didn't you?" "Yeah? What"

"You often asked me about the situation or foreign affairs. Didn't you mean to test me if I could be the empress or not?"

"What? Oh, it's not like that!"

When I asked almost half confidence, Cedric jumped and waved his hand.

"I, I'm dare to test someoneDon't say that, Princess!I want to live for a long time! "

"Then why did you do that?" "Well, you know"

Cedric who hesitated to answer, soon closed his eyes and told the truth.

"Your Highness the Crown Prince have nailed some of the issues that have been resolved to be the Crown Princess's opinion."


Unknowingly, I forgot my dignity and screamed.

It is sounded like the words that I had told to Cedric without much thought were actually executed under my name.

'He knew it! And still wrote it down like crazy!'

I almost shouted with a deep desire to grab Cedric's back.

"No, crazyDoes that make sense? If the duke's crazy dog, who doesn't even know a 'piece' of politics,

has solved it, then would everyone believe it?"

"However, he need to do such a thing in advance so he can marry princess without any objection."

My notoriety was heard in this country, but Cedric just smiled awkwardly and confided in Prince's idea. He added with a quite voice.

"You know, the princess's past nicknames are a bit scary. hahaha"

My head was hurt. I sighed and thought of people, who would be furious by now. "What did my father say?"

"Huh? If it's you father"

"Duke Eckart, my father! Haven't he said anything in the meantime?"

Somehow the duke that should have come running right away was quiet. It makes me more anxious . "Oh, the Duke of Eckart"

Cedric, who thought for a moment whether he had forgotten that I still had a family out there, explained the Duke's reaction.

"Duke seemed to be reluctant, he said that he didn't know if princess had a dream, but he seemed satisfied that Princess's status was getting higher day by day."

I'm relieved to hear that for a moment. Because I was ready to accept the next bomb right away. "FatherDid he know about the coronation?"

"Oh, yes..... as of this morning"

Cedric answered with a regret expression. 'That's why.'

The realization came. A subordinate who came in a hurry even though the meal was not finished.

"-I'm afraid the coronation will break my bones."

"-Everything old people say¸ 'It's shouldn't be like this¸ It's shouldn't be like that'." A crown prince who frowned and complained.

Only then the puzzle fit perfectly.

"My father must have been in a hurry to find me."

As I muttered to myself, Cedric replied with a determined look.

"Your Highness the Crown Prince has forebidden outsiders from entering the palace in advance." "That's a good thing"

In the midst of the thrill, I felt relieved that the emergency was avoided. "Ha"

I grabbed my head thinking this crazy situation. Cedric glanced at me. "PriPrincess"

"I was the only one who didn't know anything." "Yes?"

"The rumor between us, and the fact that my wedding was being arranged without my knowledge." I felt like a fool. When I burst into a broken laugh, Cedric who was restless, suddenly made a voice. "Princess, please take a look."


'That's what you're going to say to me before I open my eyes and nose?' When I looked at him with my eyes wide open, he shut his mouth.

But soon, he spoke in a solemn voice, as if he had made up his mind. "Your Highness seems to be very anxious."


"You know Princess You may leave this place at any time if you wants to."

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