Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter ss-31: Side Story 31

Then, I had to prepare all the breakfasts before touching the crystal ball for video contact.

As soon as I sent the contact number, light poured out of the crystal ball.

“Let’s just do it a year later, why not?”

Calisto’s face, full of discontent, flashed into the air.

“Shall we?”

When I asked him indifferently, eating a little bread, he glared.

“Try it If you want to move the capital to Maltban.”

“Just kidding! I’m a day late, so please take a look, Your Majesty.”

“Right. If it were three days like last time, we would have been actually face-to-face right now. It must have been a good opportunity to greet the people of Maltban in a long time.”

He had already visited Maltban in person because of the delay in contact.

I turned my back in fear, shivering at the sight of a fellow who would do so at any moment.

“Did you have breakfast?”

“I couldn’t eat it. I was waiting for someone to call me, so I couldn’t tell if the food was going through my nose or mouth.”

“Let’s eat together. I called you in the morning because I wanted to eat with you.”

“I’m weak anyway… Ha.”

Still staring at me, he breathed a short sigh and ordered the servant to serve food.

While I didn’t eat breakfast well, I was heartbroken by his habit of catering just for me to eat alone.

“I heard there was another mana attack today.”

“Jean just reported? How fast he is…”

He seems to be jacking up while talking to Marienne.

I didn’t like it, but I didn’t add any more.

It was fortunate that he kept his mouth shut to the strange phenomenon that repeated every time the devil appeared.

“Penelope Ekart, you’ll regret it if you keep acting like that. Do I have to be the last person to know about my fiancee?”

Callisto was a nervous wrecked.

‘The nag, here we go again!’

Having barely endured the desire to close my ears, I replied with a cheek mensori, eating the soup of steam rising with a spoon.

“It was nothing. I’ve had no time to report it. How could I-… thump!”

It was then.

Suddenly, a disgusting smell came into my nose somewhere, and I couldn’t stop it, and this nausea soared.

“What is it?”

Callisto jumped out of his seat when I put the spoon down and shut my mouth.

At a glance, he poured out like a rapid fire with a stiff face.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick? Are you hurt?”


The nausea that had been violently upset subsided unexpectedly.

I answered with a rather confused mind, putting down my covering hand.

“No one got hurt. Suddenly, the smell of the soup felt bad…”

“Don’t eat it. Throw it away right now.”

“But I had a good meal just a while ago…”

“Why are you eating something that’s gone bad? Is there anything you can do to cook for the officials who took the Emperor’s edict? Chase.” (?)

Callisto sat in the chair again, kicking his tongue, and poking his eyes as if upset.

I felt a little unfair.

“No, Bobby from the lower village came and cooked it for me last night.”

In return for stopping the evil spirits, the villagers generously provided dragonflies and food.

The soup boiled with potatoes and mushrooms was made by Bobby because I liked it.

Despite his own appeals, Callisto still clasped his arms.

“Eating is not good enough either. I’ll send out some of the palace cooks sometime this week.”

“Okay, we’ll be done digging soon. What’s the use of adding more useless people?”

I remembered the first time I left the palace.

I was shocked by the fact that not only the cook but also the ladies and gentlemen were accompanying me.

I shook my head in a hurry and soothed him gently.

“I’ll throw it away right now, so make a face. It’s been two days since I called you. Why do you keep doing this?”

“I don’t like it.”

“You always don’t like everything in Maltban.”

“Huh! You know that? Then how long are you going to be stuck in that mountain technique?”

He burst out laughing and became nervous.

He didn’t like me wandering all over the area much, but after hearing the news of low-level mana pouring out, the quagmire got worse.

I understood to some extent his feelings of being briefed with every day’s trepidation, so I answered calmly.

“I’ll see you in a few days. I’ll make sure I’m not late this time.”

“Not that.”


“I’ve also worked as a professor. We’ve increased the number of related ministries and businesses, and isn’t it enough now?”

He shut his mouth for a moment and asked in a rather small voice.

“…Is it still not enough?”

I opened my eyes wide at his words.

In the last five years, he’s never told me to quit.

Of course, we met once a week, and every time we broke up, we showed off our dislike with our whole body.

For that, he gave me all kinds of support, so I thought he was still okay.

It often motivated me to work harder because I was grateful.

But today I see why….

He looked blunt, but I thought Callisto looked terribly tired.

“What if I’m still…. lacking?”

I stared at him and asked back.

I thought he would be angry if I said this, saying, “When are you going to kick that castle?” (?)

“What’s the big deal?”

But unlike before when he was serious, he quickly burst into a pick laugh as if it were a joke.

“I’ll work harder to strengthen the imperial power and take care of you. I’ll purge the ones who talked nonsense.”

“What nonsense?”

“It’s not a big deal. More than that, what are we going to do today?”

Callisto shrugged and turned the topic naturally.

I could easily guess what he meant, recalling the news I heard through Marienne a while ago.

It meant that the number of new empress candidates among the nobility was increasing day by day.

‘Well, the Emperor has been in mourning for five years, and he deserves it.’

It was a passing remark, but I could fully see that the pressure he was under had become quite strong.

I asked, feeling a little solemn.

“Should I go back to the capital now?”

“Kick it out, don’t think too much and just do what you’re doing.”

Actually, I was going to tell him that I was already thinking about it.

But to my question, he dismissed it lightly as if it were nonsense.

“Always carry around a scroll and carry a wizards with you. If I hear you’re hurt, I’m going to summon you.”

“That’s a little…”

“So be careful.”

His worried tone and eyes warmed my heart.


I answered obediently. Then, as if he liked the answer, he smiled this time with a straight face.

When I saw the figure, I was convinced once again.

Five years ago, when I chose to stay here, all the anxiety I felt was useless.

Just in case.

When I was drawing the future with the possibility that we might break up, my ridiculous Callisto remained the same.

When he looked at me with such lovely eyes that I was going crazy, my heart trembled helplessly.

And then you’ll have to say.

I’m glad I stayed here. I’m glad I chose him.

“Your Majesty.”


kikik 一

I pushed the soup bowl away and put my chin on the table.

Then I glanced sideways at him as he rose above the crystal ball, and said something else.

“……you’re more handsome today.”


“No, you were always handsome, really handsome.”

Callisto had a mute look on his face when I said something out of the blue.

I wasn’t confident of making eye contact with him, so I lowered my gaze and drew it straight on the table with my other hand.

“I didn’t tell you then because I was shy, but I actually liked your face, not your hair.”


“It was my taste.”

I won’t tell you when ‘then’ is.

But as if he understood it like a ghost, he opened his mouth blankly.

“At that time, just because you like blondes, I ordered all the guys in the Imperial Palace to be dye their hair…”

“Dye their hair?”

As he stuttered, he suddenly closed his mouth.

‘Now that I see it….’

No one had blond hair in the palace.

No matter how gold symbolizes the royal family, the imperialists often had brown hair as a godfather, so there were people with hair similar to blonde.

“No wonder. Cedric didn’t even have a white hair, but Marienne said she didn’t know why he was so eager to dye his hair.”

It was then. Callisto, who was listening to my murmur, asked, with his eyes glinting.

“Are you hiding something from me?”

“Yes? What am I hiding?”

I stammered in a fit of prick.

‘You fucking loser! By any chance, did you spill it all?’ (I’m not sure who or what she’s referring to)

Callisto gave me a shaky look.

Suddenly he murmured to himself.

“What should I do with this? Why are you acting so pretty today? I can’t stand it…”


“Should I come there right now?”

As if he were really going to run, he slowly lifted himself up.

I was somehow a little nervous by his voracious red gaze over the crystal ball.

As soon as I opened my mouth to swallow dryness and calm down.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry, but the inquiry time is up, so…”

Suddenly a familiar voice was heard over the crystal ball.

Callisto’s gleaming eyes turned to the side of the stroke.

“Shut up.”

As if his opponent was Cedric, he was literally furious.

“What kind of safety do you have? Do you want to die?”

“Y-your majesty…..”

“Damn it, this weasel! Where else did you hide the sword?”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!” (Penny)

In my words, Callisto managed to calm down and look back at me.

Because I left the palace, Cedric seemed to play a bloody treasure hunt with Callisto and swords every day.

I felt sorry for him, so I had no choice but to step up and tear him off.

“It’s okay, go ahead.”

“…Damn it, shall we just postpone the inquiry to the afternoon?”

“How do I postpone the inquiry to the afternoon? I don’t want to hear the sound of a crazy dog that grabs his Majesty’s head and shakes it, causing the affair to slam.” (Penny)

“What kind of jerk would dare to say such a thing?” (Callisto)

He turned from Cedric to me completely, and his eyes glanced at my words.

I replied with my arms crossed.

“Who would do that? If I marry you, your people will. My reputation depends on you. Do you understand?”

“Do you want to marry me?”

As soon as my words were finished, he asked back.

It was still a crooked voice, but he looked more relaxed.

In this case, the best thing to do was to pour it all out and then hang up.

“Yes, and I’ll see you soon. Depending on the time, If I can get there a day earlier, I’ll do it. So don’t complain and work hard, okay?”

“Yes, I think I’m going to be released…..”

“I have to go now. Stop it, and I love you.”


Lastly, I kissed the crystal ball, and I ended up losing communication, ignoring the words I was shouting.

Soon after, the house became quiet.

“……Phew, it was hard.”

I’ve been exhausted since morning.

But today, the tooth-willing was over, so I was a little relieved.

Knock knock-

Suddenly the door opened with a knock and the rain came in.

“Good morning, professor!”

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