Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter ss-27: Side Story 27

Chapter ss-27: Side Story 27

On the coronation day, the weather was sunny from the morning.

It was a special day, and it was the same as the peasant, except that it was weathered from the morning of the puppet and was polished.

When I was overwhelmed with dismay, I protested dissatisfied with swollen eyes. "The main character is the owner of this palace, why should I..."

However, the maid-in-law was very stubborn as if she could never step back today.

"Oh my God, Crown Prince! You didn’t sleep well,did you? There’s a circle under your eyes? What are you doing? Get ready for a massage!"

"Yes! Madam!"

From a moment, I couldn’t stop the maid-in-law to call me Crown Princess.

Because, with her clapping of applause, the maids came rushing in and wrapped me around.

After I finished my makeup, I wore accessories that the prince gave me the other day, and my face glowed brightly.

When a small crown-shaped tiara was placed on the head, which had been twisted finely, the sharp feeling of the eyes opened and a noble feeling appeared.

'But there's always something worthwhile.'

After finishing the dressing, it was a long time when I was looking at my face in a glowing mirror with a satisfied gaze.


Cedric visited with a knock.

As a crown prince aide, he was also dressed up in splendor. "You are very beautiful today."

"Thanks for the compliments."

"I came to take you on behalf of the Majesty."

Unlike usual, he escorted me with a strangely hardened face.

Along with him leaving the palace of the Prince, a majestic wagon carved with a yellow dragon was placed at the mouth.

The crowning ceremony was held in the main hall of the restored Sun Palace.

Arriving in a wagon at the sun palace, many nobles were already sitting sorted by family. As is the only peacock, Eckhart was far ahead.

To the right of the duke, black hair like ebon and lovely pink hair were seen side by side. One empty seat next to it.

'You still have Eckart as your last name, so what can I do?' It was about time to walk along Cedric.

As if I was looking for someone, my eyes met with Rennald, who was struggling with his head. "Penello !"

He suddenly woke up and waved to me, waving his hand and shouting.

"The place of the Princess is here."

Cedric breaks the direction he walked quickly It was the opposite of Eckhart.

It must have been made by the Prince.

But when I saw my seat, it didn't feel so bad.

It reflects my personality, which dislikes attention, and sets aside for the most out of the ranks.

A passing glance was passed by Leonard and a bitter-looking duke who expressed dismay at the distant me.

In the meantime, fortunately or unfortunately, Derek never looked back at me. Shortly after being seated, the wide open door of main hall was closed.

Silence fell in the intestine.

Everyone's gaze was focused on the elevated stairs, overlaid on empty golden chairs, with crowns and orbs.

"Your Royal Highness the Crown Prince is Coming!"

At that time, the door reopened at the same time as the notification, and the prince quickly walked and walked.


With the sound of the chair being pushed, the aristocrats rose and bowed deeply. I also stood up and greeted. Then the moment I first met came to mind.

Unlike when he was dragging the assassins, his figure, who grew up with colorful gold embroidered clothes on a humble background, felt very low.

"Please raise your head."

In short, he stepped up to the stage under the stairs and ordered him briefly. Only then could he see his face right in front.

'I'm fine, but I'm fine.'

I was a little lean and my nose was frowning.

Ahead of the day, he was busy without a blind eye. It was a face that I barely saw in a few days. He said that all the nobles had risen

Without checking, the stairs were placed with a large stride, and the space climbed.

He climbed to the top at once, and without the permission of the man himself, crowned himself over the head and lifted the imperial orb.

And sitting in a golden chair, as if it was my seat, and slowly looking down and moving. "From today on, I declare that Callisto Regulus has become the Emperor of the Inca Empire." Tang, Tang, Tang-.

He hit the floor three times with the end of the orb he was holding. "Okay. To dismiss all."

The crowning ceremony was ridiculously over.

According to Cedric, the previous throne was a more complicated process.

However, because the emphasis was placed on the coronation process, which was directly conducted in front of the imperialists, all the troublesome things were omitted.

‘Well, there is no way to avoid the rumors about he killed his parents and brother to succed the throne.’ It's a bit sad, but people who only see one side didn't know.

How many adversities that Callisto had to stand there.

After the proclamation, he briefly shared the story with the attendants, and he immediately raised himself up the stairs.

I'm afraid he busy outside for the coronation I thought it would head to.


But it was me, not the door, where his steps reached. " Majesty."

Before he even raised his head, he stretched out his hand and held my cheeks and looked at me. Then he said,

"Beautiful." "what "

"More than I imagined." " "


It became a little strange for an unexpected tribute.

The strange feeling of tickling rose, forgetting the gaze of the surroundings. I hesitated and said carefully.

" You are also cool today."

"Ha It would be perfect if we had just gotten engaged."

He muttered like a sigh.

He didn't say,'What's his engagement ceremony in the yard where time is running out because of lack of time?'

For an intuition that you shouldn't do in this atmosphere for some reason. However, it was Calisto who broke the spear that came with the atmosphere I kept. "……I want to pull out the nobles’s eyes that observe your beauty."

Suddenly, he bowed his head and whispered small. "Don't worry about such creepy thoughts."

I replied frowningly on the unshakable tone.

Then I overlaid it to remove his hand holding his face. However, it was a point. "Please, I don't have a gap in my face."

He spoke quickly, narrowing his tail. "You have to go out right away." "I'm fine, so go ahead."

I nodded gently.

I was worried about his stiff face, but there was no such thing as sadness. The weight of the original tube is very heavy.

But what else is unsatisfactory? "Why are people so sympathetic?" He spit at me, looking fat at me. I was embarrassed and asked. "What else?"

"We're seeing in a week, you know? How have you never been there once?" "What should I do if you're busy?"

"Then I have to send you a letter. What's going on with that person? Then what? What are you going to do?

'You didn't send it!'

The voice of the ball came to the end of the neck.

However, his face was filled with sorrow, and it was difficult to spit out. " I missed you too."

I mumbled without a star.

"It's hard to get down and get me."

"Don't hate it. I actually didn't want to see anything." "Huh. I'm sorry to have to bring this forward and live." "what?"

I didn't know anything else, but I couldn't stand it. I was crying as I grasped the back of my clothes.

"Why do you take me with you? Because I watched your Majesty !"


It was then. The thin thing quickly stole my lips and went away. I blinked blankly, not knowing what had happened.

"Is it so difficult to kiss once before you go?" I saw a man who showed it and was smiling. I barely rolled my eyes and looked around.

Fortunately, it was in a corner, and it was so fast that it didn't seem like anyone else had seen him except Cedric with a rotten look on his back.

" Are you really crazy?"

"Hick it out, if the Emperor turns away from the first day of his reign." "Here's main hall. Highness. No, Your Majesty. Please keep your body."

"Is there anybody who doesn't know that you are my fiancee? Anyway, I have to publicize the other guys without black heart."

"Aren't you going fast?!"

Eventually, he couldn't stand it and smashed his shoulder with his fist. Exaggeratedly curl. Then.

" I will back."

Greeted with a warm smile.

That face you've always seen, one crown

It seemed somewhat different that I wrote it. I felt strange.

"……Look out."

As soon as I told him to fade, I held onto the hem of a cloak that I was not aware of. Callisto looked after me with a mysterious face.

"It's the first time that I'm officially outside the Imperial Palace. Someone might try to attack..." "Who are the guards camping everywhere?

"You could throw an egg or something from a distance. Or a stone..." In fact, I was most worried.

Maybe he's against the throne, or maybe he's going to ruin the coronation only once. So if you know that you've been upset at night, will you laugh?

"You know me very humanly." Callisto laughed at me.

Then, kiss, kiss, kiss.

"Anyway, who's your fiancee is pretty and will die, huh?" He hugs me, puts his head on my head and then kisses me. "Argh! Are you crazy? Stop it, I have got a brain net!"

After a fierce battle with his kiss attack for a while, it was time for him to finally get out of his arms. "Do not worry."

Callisto laughed cheerfully.

"My reputation for the imperials is not so bad as to worry about being stoned. The world is tolerant of war heroes who have gone through unfortunate childhood."

"Then I'm glad to hear that..." "I will be back."

He closed his eyes finely and extended his face to me.

I looked around and made sure I had no eyes to see and kissed'cup' quickly.

The prince took Cedric, who turned to earth with a dazzling smile, and fled the battle.

It was due to a proclamation that was short enough to be called an imperialism, and most of the nobles were left.

I was also standing up get out of the Sun Palace. '... !'

I inadvertently turn my head to the feeling Lida Saeparan faced a pair of eyes.

It was my own illusion that no one would have seen it because it was a nook. Beyond the empty space, Rennald was opening his mouth with an astonished face. Fortunately, there were no duke and derricks next to him.

The guy staring at me for a moment, then slowly raised his hand and pointed to the side of my head. And turned around.

'Are knocked your head?'

As soon as he noticed the murmuring words immediately, the face of the prince just flashed up as he recalled his previous behavior.

But that too.

When I quietly lifted my middle finger, I jumped to the door as he started to approach with his fists clenched.

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