Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter ss-16: Side Story 16

Chapter ss-16: Side Story 16

"Oh my God, there was such a thing"

When I was contemplating with a serious face, she nodded as if she understood. Then she talked with a dissatisfied face.

"But it's so unfair to force you to give up to what you wants to do!" "WellThat's right."

I agreed with a helpless voice.

Anyway, I had to find a way and make a decision in the near future. No matter which direction it is.

"Don't be too burdened to go together with me, Princess." She was read my complicated feelings.

Marienne relieved the burden of my mind with a warm voice.

"You know, it's not like you have to be locked up like in academy for 3 years, it's literally a gathering exploration? we'll gather, study together, and do some research together, and when the times come we'll go our separate ways."

It was a light comfort, but surprisingly, it was comfort me so much. I smiled and nodded this time.

"Thanks for the offer, Marienne. I'll think about it seriously."

"I'd be grateful if you would! I won't be leaving until after the coronation, so think hard about it."

I was puzzled by what she said, throwing her off the earth and acting like she would leave right away. "WhyAfter the coronation?"

I wonder if the prince's crazy plan to celebrate the wedding along coronation ceremony in the same day had already spread.

"I'm now unemployed and going to back home, aren't I? My father said he would burn my research materials if I didn't attend the coronation, Hahahaha!"

But fortunately it didn't seem like that.

"I'm the only daughter of the Count Terrosi. I'm gonna give you the right chance and we'll gonna run away when you're at ease."


I had no idea Marienne was Count's daughter, so I just laughed awkwardly. 'I've never seen him, but Count Terossi must be pretty upset'

If he knew his only daughter, who finally came home, was planning to run away with such a naive attitude, he would be collapse.

At the same time as that thought, the plans came to my mind. The reason was unknown.

"Then think about it and tell me. Princess."

Marienne, who had finished her business, rose from the seat. "Wait, Marienne."

When I was about to see her off, I thought of something I was forgetting and rushed to catch her. "I'm sorry, but I have a favor to ask."

"Yes? What kind of favor?" "Wait your ears."

I whispered in a small whisper, conscious of the crown prince's watchmen who might be listening secretly from somewhere.

"It's about time the inquiry was finished. I want you to go to the conference room and tell Duke Eckart"

Fortunately, Marienne understood my intentions at once with glistening eyes. "You can do it, right?"

"Yes, Of course. Trust me, princess!"

With a trustworthy pledge, Marienne left the Crown Prince's palace.


I was upset with Callisto who was imprisoned me, but I was hungry. 'You must eat well to escape.'

I was eating my late lunch that was served in a much richer way than usual. Then I sat at the crown prince's desk on one side of the bedroom.

Unknown documents were piled up on the book as if he was carrying the unfinished work from the office to the bedroom.

The grumpy me touch them and knocked them down.

Not only that, the documents whose scattered on the desk were mixed recklessly by hand. 'Please give him some trouble.'

Of course, Cedric will take over for this trouble.

It was time when I was looking at his desk with satisfaction because I felt a little refreshed. "Princess, if you were free would you like to read a book you were reading again?"

Recognizing my great discomfort, a head maid quickly brought me the book I was reading in my room. I dare to go through the book in reckless attitude and raising my feet on the royal desk.

I was enjoying reading it until yesterday, but now I couldn't read it at all because I was so nervous. 'Did Marienne deliver it well? Duke'

While I was thinking about it whit my shaking legs, I suddenly laughed because the situation was ridiculous.

It's not even the dreaded rail, I'm just trying to fight my boyfriend and go back to my house. 'What a spectacular thing to do'

Callisto interfered so they could not meet again, but I had to meet the Duke again at least once. Now, I prayed to be released by the duke, and I also had something to deliver.

When I was thinking about this and that.

"Princess, Marianne said she would return the book she borrowed last time." Marianne delivered it well, the maid handed me a book.

"Really? I was just in time to read it, and that's great. Go outside."

Answered calmly, when I hear the sound of closing the door, I hurriedly opened the book. Sraakrak-. It was about the middle of the book that was handed over.

Tak-. Something fell between the pages of the book.

It was a thin token and a note with an unknown pattern and jewel. "Amulet?"

After I recognized it, I opened up a folded note.

[ The wizard who manage the barier in the imperial palace will be replaced at 3 p.m. Then grabbed the Amulet and shout out 'Biratio Eckart !' ]

After looking at the contents of the note, I know that Marienne delivered my story well, and Duke made a move.

"But why it is Biratio?"

I muttered dissatisfiedly, staring at the note where the spell words were written. The game is over, but why I'm still not free from this crazy spell.

However there was no way to get out of here. Time went by as scheduled and finally,


The clock in the crown prince's bedroom rang at 3 p.m.

I grabbed my cardigan tightly and took what I needed to take, and immediately held Amulet in my hand and shouted.

"Biratio Eckart."

My eyes were turned white.

When the blinding vision comes back. "Penelope!"

The first thing I saw was the face of a pensive Duke. When I was glance around, I was in Duke's office. "Father."

It was a moment when I thought, 'I must have arrived.' "Oh my God!"

Unconsciously, the Duke hugged me as if he was unbelieving.

"Do you know how surprised this father was? Confinement! How dare he was to detain my daughter!" I was very embarrassed because I never expected such a violent reunion.

'I didn't mean to say confinement, but Marienne, what the hell did you tell him?'

"No! Tomorrow, I'll withdraw my support for the Crown Prince, and I'll replace him before the coronation!"

In the midst of parenting, I was distracted by the words of extreme duke. "Father, father! Calm down!"

I hurried to dissuade the duke from holding me tightly in his arms. "I'm fine. 'I've been doing well in the palace."

"Doing fine! You've been locked up and you can't be fine! Did you hurt? He didn't beat you, did he?"

Only then I could face the duke who took me out from his arms.

He have been bumping into the Crown Prince. And the Duke's face was pretty shabby in a few weeks. "Your face!"

On the other hand, my face reflected in his furious blue eyes was too clear. "My face"


"You've gotten a lot better, Hheumm!"

The Duke must have been ashamed of himself, so he lowered his hands and coughed loudly. The Imperial Palace people were very attentive.

If I had eaten better and had been doing well than I was here, I could not have been worse. I felt strange when look at duke who had such worries.

"I'm fine."

Once more I calmly answered, the Duke offered me a seat saying that I should sit down for now. As soon as the maid got out of the office, he inquired straight away.

"This is all so strange. Do you know how surprised I was to hear from Lady Terossi?" "Thank you for your help right away. I've had some trouble."

"Is it because of the coronation? Every day of my life I oppose him ascending to the throne. Maybe he's under a lot of pressure, too. Is that why he's scared? "

When I heard Duke's constant stream of words, I suddenly burst into laughter.

"- Your father-like demons¸ he won't let me go."

I thought I would call the duke a demon if I was overly frustrated, but today I wouldn't say that. "It's not like that, Father. Don't do that because of that."

"Then how on earth will you explain what happened today? And! How can a man who has separated his father and his daughter for weeks be a benevolent monarch!"

The Duke poured out the mind to see if his failure to meet me due to the prince's interference. But it wasn't just Callisto's hindrance.

I also didn't find a reason to meet, so we didn't have a chance to meet. Of course, I didn't expect the Duke to react so violently because of it.

Yvonne. No, by killing Leila who took Yvonne's body, I thought our 'family role play' was over.

"So tell me the truth. Have you ever been imprisoned in the Prince's Palace, so you can't show up your in the house once?"

"Father, I inevitably asked you today"

The Duke asked me if the imprisonement was true, but because it was true, I turned my back. "I have something to tell my father."

Fortunately, I managed to divert the Duke's attention. He stopped talking and looked at me in wonder.

'Is this really right?'

I couldn't get a word out of my mouth when I came to say it. But I have to say it. Because I already made a promise.

"I, I met Yvonne." "What are you"

"Not Leila."

Looking at the slowly growing blue eyes, I spoke out calmly.

"It's the real Yvonne that my older brothers lost when they were young."

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