Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter ss-10: Side Story 10

Chapter ss-10: Side Story 10

I finally knew it.

The reason 'Mirror of Truth' showed Yvonne's past to me.

I put down the hand that was covering Yvonne's ear, and moved it calmly. "I don't know if this is can comforting you."


"I've never had a good time for replacing you."

I couldn't say it because I didn't take anything away.

Unlike Yvonne, whose soul was trapped here after her death, Penelope was still alive until he was reset.

"Don't lie!"

But Yvonne exclaimed, she don't believe what I said.

"You took my father and all my brothers! My house! And my place!"

I got embarrassed. No matter how much I grow older, I didn't have the talent to comfort a crying child. After a while, I gave up with a sigh.

"Look at me, Yvonne."


"Why do you think your family brought me as a duke's daughter?"

I didn't know how to explain to a child's level. I just say whatever I want. ""

Yvonne did not answer immediately. I was wondering why she was so curious, but I looked at her while she was snorted at me and found the answer.

After a long time, the child opened her mouth. "I don't know."

"Because I look like you." "Huh?"

"They want to imagine you alive through me. So they won't forget you." I calmly told the truth.

Perhaps that's an unexpected answer, the watery blue eyes opened wide. "Which part are you similar to me?"

Yvonne asked while looking at me over an over again. "Your color hair and your color eye are all different." "That's right."

I replied with a short smile.

"Your family didn't even care about me because the more I grew up, the more different I'm from you. And he just left me unattended and abused."


"So I die miserable every time. Just like you've been trapped here all the time." ""

"Is it comforting now?"

Yvonne looked shocked at my words. But I didn't mean to dismiss it as a joke.

Yvonne's past was truly unfortunate, but that doesn't mean Penelope's death. No.....

I can't say that the countless deaths in my past life never happened. "Tha, Thats lies.... My father and my brothers can't do that. No way"

Yvonne cryout as if my words were unbelievable.

It seemed that her family who was so sweet, would never do such a cruel thing.

It didn't matter whether she believed it or not. I shrugged my shoulders and waited silently for Yvonne's shock to subside.

After a while, Yvonne asked as if she was a little confused.

"But why are you here? Are you dead and trapped like me?"

"No, I'm still alive." "Then"

"I'm here to pick up Vinter Verdandi. You too, because I can get out of here." "Vinter?"

My words shook her blue eyes. I didn't miss it, asked quickly. "You know where he is, don't you?"

"I, I'm not going to tell you!"

However, the child turned his head with a painful expression.

"How can I believe in you? He said he was going to die because of you!" ""

"Well, to be exact, if you don't succeed, he will die"

I stare her without a reply, Yvonne first figured it out and said the truth. Then suddenly she tilted her head.

"But what is not successful?"

I managed to swallow her question and pressed my laughter. 'You have a same temperament like Renald.'

I was got goose bumps at the thought of being siblings. I turned my head away from Yvonne who was annoying. "You don't tell me either, why should I tell you?" "That's"

"Oh, I don't know. If you can't believe it, you can come and see how he will died like you." Come to think of it, it was unfair.

I was the only one who suffers from watching other people's death, and I was not good enough to

comfort this child.

I lay down in desperation.

When the conversation stopped, I was naturally worried. 'Is Calisto already return?'

Perhaps he was already come back.

I couldn't figure out how time already passed in here, but it was already late when I left the palace. I'm already tired at the thought of Calisto, who will make a fuss about my disappearance.

But now I don't expect everything to be solved if I find Yvonne who stole the mirror. There was nothing I could do right now.

It was when I was keep my eyes closed and quietly organizing my thoughts. "Unfair."

Suddenly, Yvonne who was restless next to me who lying quietly, murmured with a small voice. "I'm dead, why are you still alive?"

I'm opened my eyes and looked to the side.

"Mee too, I miss my father. Derick brother and Rennald brother"

Maybe the child was a child, and Yvonne pouting her mouth and about to burst into tears. "Don't cry."

My voice was filled with words that I didn't want to heard so much. But. "Once you get out of here, won't you be given a chance to see them, too?" "How can I get out?"

"Well. I don't know. First of all, we'll have to stop Vinter who keep turning back time." ""

Fortunately, Yvonne did not burst into tears, as if the idea of stimulating the child was a good thing. I closed my eyes again. It was time to get my thoughts straight.

It was then. A cool touch wrapped my right hand around me. "Come on."

When I opened my eyes and turned my head, I saw a child slowly grabbed my hand with a sullen face. I rose from my place without saying a word.

When I was dragged by Yvonne's hand and walked through the black space for a moment, suddenly a white door similar to the one I encountered was created.

Yvonne let go of my hand and went in there without hesitation. For a moment I hesitated in front of door.

It was because I was afraid that the helpless situation would be repeated like before. "What are you doing? Come on!"

However, I was encouraged by the words I heard inside the white light. I closed my eyes and walked forward.

And when I opened my eyes again, a familiar place greeted me.

The vast space with huge pillars and floors under the stairs full of skeletons was Leila's tomb.

I turned my head and looked back.

I could see the "mirror of truth" in a good shape. It seemed that the door along Yvonne connected to it. "Over there."

Yvonne, who had led the way first, ran to me and grabbed my dress, stared behind me and waved. Only then I come to my senses and look at Yvonne's direction.

Not far away I could see someone's figure lying down. 'Vinter!'

I finally found him. I walked fast towards him.

The huge magic circle I had seen before still embroidered the floor of the altar clearly. Lucky or not, it was no longer burning.

And there was Vinter in the middle of it. "Marquis!"

I ran across the Magic Circle to Vinter's place quickly.

Whether he was burn alive or not, his face was dried up and it's hard to recognize him. 'Don't tell meIs he dead?'

My heart sank when I saw him not answering my call. "Marquis, wake up!"

Regardless of how the magic circle burned across the middle of his chest, I reached out and shook him. But Vinter only shook helplessly and did not open his eyes.

Normally I would have checked his breath with my hands under his nose, but I lost my reason because I thought he might be dead.

Tak-! "Marquis!"

I slapped his cheek recklessly. "Marquis, please wake up! Marquis!" "U, ugh"

Fortunately, his eyelids trembled a couple times as if he had come to his senses. I was truly relieved that he was not dead.

At the same time, the child who find him passed through and gone for a while like a illusion. I couldn't stop my hand until Vinter completely came to his senses.

Plak! Plak, Plak-!

"Marquis! Get a hold of yourself! Marquis!" "I've come to my senses"

Yvonne's words from the sidelines were negligently ignored. It was then. "UghLady?"

"Marquis, are you awake?"

I dropped my hands in a hurry. As he blinked his eyes, he asked.

"Am I.... dead already? Maybe the world was destroyed, and we all came to heaven together"

"You can't. I guess you'll have to get a few more hits to get yourself together." "No!"

Only then Vinter raise his upper body.

And he looked at me one after another to see if it was unbelievable. It seemed to measure whether it was a dream or not.

"Lady, how did you get here"

Then suddenly, he stammered and touched his body as if something was wrong. "The magic circleIts stopped working."

The ash fluttered along with his movements.

Looking at it with a shocked face, Vinter finally raised his trembling blue eyes and looked at me. "Don't tell meDid you succeed?"

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